driving a wedge

Is the area of conflict in Central Asia a wedge with the base in Balochistan and the point at Manas? Wedges split things. The area of conflict divides China and India from Iran. It also has at the center a massive drug operation. If this wedge can be fully controlled by some unspecified parties, anything can flow freely from a northeast / southwest direction. There's a big airplane distribution center at the top and a busy shipping area at the bottom.


"There are three main pillars of the ‘Final Solution’: 1. Cut the western half of Balochistan from the rest of Pakistan and declare it ‘international strategic corridor’; 2. Topple the sitting government in Iran; and 3. Create an Ismaili state [Shia Muslim - ed.], joining the Gorno-Badakhshan oblast of Tajikistan, Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan." [near the top of the wedge - ed.] ~ News Central Asia

Le Monde Diplomatiq map via IntelliBriefs
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"After the mock operation in Helmand, the US forces are now planning a bigger offensive in Kandahar, an area that is billed ad nauseam as the spiritual capital of the Taliban. Based solely on the media hype and DoD-CIA statements, one gets the impression that not even a mosquito can fly in Kandahar without the consent of Taliban. The actual fact is that the Kandahar airport is the busiest single-runway airport in the world. More than 700 American and NATO flights land or take off every day at Kandahar airfield. Had Taliban been in control of the whole of Kandahar, it would not have been possible for so many American and NATO warplanes to land and take off in that province. Also, there are two American bases in Kandahar. Therefore, the impression that Helmand and Kandahar were, or are, out of bounds for Americans and NATO is based on manufactured ‘truth.’" (Final Solution Frenzy, Part IV)

Look at the maps. The maps tell the story.


Near the top of the wedge, Tajikistan:

In July 2009, Turkish Weekly reported the arrest of international drug traffickers in Tajikistan.

According to rapid search data, it was established that one of the main channels for smuggling drugs from Afghanistan was through the territory of Darvoz, Tavildara, Rasht and Jirgatol districts to Kyrgyzstan.
Those districts are right in the narrow center of Tajikistan, on a direct route to Osh (Bakiev's home town). Trafficking was linked to the "international terrorist organization Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan."

See: aangirfan: German Fascist Links to Islamists

On 25 September 2009, The Telegraph (UK) reported that Pakistan has discovered a 'village' of white German al-Qaeda insurgents

According to this article:

Pakistan has discovered a group of White German jihadis in a village in Waziristan, a part of Pakistan where the Taliban is strong.

The village is run by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Abu Adam is the public face, in Germany, of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

A German foreign ministry spokesman told The Daily Telegraph they were negotiating with Pakistani authorities for the release of six Germans, including "Adrian M", a white Muslim convert.

They are being held in Peshawar after their arrest in May 2009.

"Abu Adam" may be of Turkish descent.

Adam received weapons training from the German army as part of his national service.

He later spent three years training at the Federal Office of Statistics.
According to an article at Wkipedia (CIA activities in Uzbekistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), the CIA promoted the Muslim religion in Uzbekistan (Coll,Steve (2005). Ghost Wars. Penguin. pp. pp. 104–105.)

It seems that some of those arrested in Tajikistan recently escaped from jail? Click through to see their names and faces. Do these people work with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan?

One of them has been caught.

Allegedly, Mr. Nasreddinov was one of the main organizers of mass escape from pre-trial detention center under national security committee in the night of August 23. According to Justice Ministry, few years ago he was placed to Guantanamo base, accused of supporting links with Al Qaeda, Taliban and being trained in terrorist camps of Pakistan. In 2007 he was extradited back to Tajikistan and sentenced to 23 years of jail....Meanwhile, ITAR-TASS said that the search of escaped prisoners producers rumors, indicating that the escape was well-organized and involved foreign special service. On the other hand, local mass media sharply criticized the local special service for poor job. 

A stunning catch for the new Deputy Head of State Committee for National Security then? What a star.

Major General Saimumin Yatimov was born in 1955 in the Khatlon Oblast of Tajikistan. In 1976 he graduated from State teachers college, majoring in Tajik language and literature. In 2003 Mr. Yatimov finished Tajik state national university majoring in Law. He is PhD in political science, fluent in English, Russian and Farsi. He worked many years in local authorities, foreign ministry and security agencies of Tajikistan. In the last 3 years he was the Ambassador in Belgium and the representative of Tajikistan in European countries. Since May, 2010 he has been the deputy head of SCNS.
It was convenient that they caught that one guy, and that he was in Guantanamo, and is linked to Al Qaeda, Taliban and Pakistan. It is convenient that the rest got away.

Tajikistan’s president has removed the country’s top security official, after 25 Islamic militants escaped from prison last month. Emomali Rakhmon said Thursday he has asked the State Committee for National Security’s top officer, Khayridin Abdurahimov, to step down from his post. At least two of the security committee’s deputy chairmen were also relieved of their positions. Inmates seized weapons and killed five security guards as they escaped from a prison in the capital city of Dushanbe on August 23 . Officials say the militants belong to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. Only one of the inmates has since been caught.
Officials fear the escapees fled toward the country’s porous, 1,300-kilometer border with Afghanistan. Abdurahimov served as the top official in Tajikistan’s former KGB security force for more than a decade. Officials have replaced Abdurahimov with former diplomat Saimumin Yatimov.
Blame the Muslims, get a promotion, justify additional conflict. Win win win.

US bases, click to enlarge (source)
Iran is surrounded. Kyrgystan and Turkey are at strategic points.

Near the bottom of the wedge, Quetta and Balochistan:
“We are thinking how we can increase our presence here,” she said, adding “I have come here to talk with authorities about opening of a small consulate in Quetta to supervise the development activities under USAID.” She said that the main focus of the US in Balochistan was irrigation, energy and education. Patterson flatly rejected reports of pressure being applied by the US on Pakistan for launching military operations in North Waziristan.

Note the location of Quetta on the map.
"This will mean Goodbye to Balochistan (both Iranian Balochistan and Pakistani Balochistan)..Remember Iran captured Abdulmalik Rigi the plane travelling from Afghanistan he claimed to be funded by USA. Both Jandullah and BLA operates from Afghanistan under the nose of USA." (comment)

"Here we go .. I smell something fishy, call me a conspiracy theorist but this is the same America who shuts down Karachi embassy for YEARS because of security risk and it suddenly thinks Baluchistan is safe for an embassy with the BLA treason going on and everything else.. I better get my self mentally prepared for another 1971." (comment)
Another 1971 refers to the annexation of East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh.
The separation of East Pakistan was a great setback to Pakistan. By 1970, sentiments for national unity had weakened in East Pakistan to the extent that constant conflict between the two Wings dramatically erupted into mass civil disorder. This tragically resulted in the brutal and violent amputation of Pakistan's Eastern Wing. (page 1)

There lived in East Pakistan about 15 million Hindus who, with the help of their fellow West Bengali Indians from across the border, were able to exploit East-West differences that emerged as a result of these mistakes. Grievances were exaggerated to foster anti-West Pakistani feelings that eventually created Bengali Nationalism and separatist tendencies. Bengali political leaders went around depicting the Central Government and West Pakistan as hostile exploiters. However, no effective efforts were made by the Government to check these anti-national trends. (page 2)

The 1970 elections were postponed from October to December due to heavy floods that caused immense destruction and havoc in East Pakistan. The sheer enormity of the disaster attracted worldwide attention. This gave Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman a golden opportunity to have an international audience for his anti-West Pakistan feelings, which he accused of brutal callousness. The Awami League gained much sympathy and benefit out of this suffering, and Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman and his people were portrayed on the international scene as victims of West Pakistan's indifference. (page 3)
Is it me, or is that a REMARKABLE COINCIDENCE?

QUETTA, 23 August 2010 (IRIN) - The southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan is struggling to cope with an influx of flood displaced people from neighbouring Sindh Province, despite a growing number of camps. “Figures with new assessments are coming in but at the moment in Balochistan half a million people are affected,” Arianne Rummery, a spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), told IRIN. “The numbers have grown following the influx of people from Sindh and added to the strain on resources.” Many of the newly displaced in Balochistan are from the Jacobabad and Shahdadkot districts of Sindh Province. Shahdadkot city, with a population of 500,000, was evacuated on 21 June, and most people simply crossed into Balochistan.

The rest of the story in 1971:
Unfortunately, on March 23, the Republic Day of Pakistan, the Awami League declared "Resistance Day" and Bangladesh flags flew all over the Province. There was a great massacre. East Pakistan had reached a point of no return. To quash the armed rebellion of Awami League militants, the Pakistan Army struck its first blow on March 27, 1971. Yahya Khan chose to use force to bring law and order in the country.  (page 4)

In the meantime, India exploited Pakistan's dilemma to the full. It sought to wring full propaganda and strategic value for itself out of the Bengali suffering and misery. India launched an attack on East Pakistan on November 22, 1971. The use of modern Soviet missiles, geographical separation by a thousand miles lying across the hostile Indian territory, and the collusion of Mukti Bahini and the Indian Army, made Pakistan's military defeat in the East almost certain. (page 5)

What will be the rest of the story in 2010?


veritas6464 said...

Hey Campo,…Nice shootin’, having been to that region I am totally convinced the Balochistan ‘project’ is fundamental to the zio-agenda: I believe that the zio-nazis don’t want control over greater Iran just to create an autonomous region that they can control through a puppet regime – that whole threat of war with Iran is just too stupid to contemplate, however a localized rebellion that manifests a ‘diplomatic’ solution; vis a vis: Un monitored demilitarized zone under an interim Supreme National Islamic council would expedite adequate confusion and thus show foreign investment in infrastructure as a positive pro-stability development – Oil & Gas pipelines? The entire corridor depends on the Iran/Balochustan ‘project’:

Covert Support to Balochistan Separatists

“The stated purpose of US counter-terrorism is to provide covert support as well as training to "Liberation Armies" ultimately with a view to destabilizing sovereign governments. In Kosovo, the training of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the 1990s had been entrusted to a private mercenary company, Military Professional Resources Inc (MPRI), on contract to the Pentagon."

"The BLA bears a canny resemblance to Kosovo's KLA, which was financed by the drug trade and supported by the CIA and Germany's Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (BND)."

"The BLA emerged shortly after the 1999 military coup. It has no tangible links to the Baloch resistance movement, which developed since the late 1940s. An aura of mystery surrounds the leadership of the BLA."

"Washington favors the creation of a "Greater Balochistan" which would integrate the Baloch areas of Pakistan with those of Iran and possibly the Southern tip of Afghanistan, thereby leading to a process of political fracturing in both Iran and Pakistan."

"The US is using Balochi nationalism for staging an insurgency inside Iran's Sistan-Balochistan province. The 'war on terror' in Afghanistan gives a useful political backdrop for the ascendancy of Balochi militancy" (See Global Research, 6 March 2007).

Military scholar Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters writing in the June 2006 issue of The Armed Forces Journal, suggests, in no uncertain terms that Pakistan should be broken up, leading to the formation of a separate country: "Greater Balochistan" or "Free Balochistan". “The latter would incorporate the Pakistani and Iranian Baloch provinces into a single political entity.” [a SINGLE political entity]

Check out this site; what’s with the right-wing solidarity, it’s ‘spook’y huh?




A. Peasant said...

V, yes that all sounds about right to me. i'm glad it's making sense to someone else. sometimes i look at this and i can't tell if it's all very obvious or completely obscure.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Campo,..."In plain sight." The confusing aspect is the stonewall logic of it all - people have a tendancy to look for the hidden messages, there is no hidden message only a hidden agenda: The tribe needs to control EVERYTHING period! "As above so below".

The following may seem off topic or tangential, however, it is germane: In order to achieve their religious goals, the zionazis need to prop up muppets like obomba, clinton and kharzai, et al; it's a case of useful idiots and shabaz goyim. You see, for the luciferian zionazis it is a religious mission. They happen to worship the bad guy, behind closed doors by quite disgusting ritual, this is not a good look and no amount of media spin can sugar so unpalatable a pill.

Contrary to their own beliefs; they affect a muted alternative religious position in the public media not because they don’t believe in ‘A’ god; they just don’t believe in the christian or muslim god. You will never hear any israhelli politicians talk about their religion, ever. They will never be asked either. At best they will use terms like 'historical Israel' a muted reference to the Old testament.

The destruction of the christian family unit is the direct result of ‘progressive’ policy sold through the zio-media. Due to the inherent strengths of islamic communities, that which they cannot achieve with media bullshit, they achieve with bombs. They no longer need WW1s or WW2s to defeat the christian communities anymore, they’re completely controlled by the media. Why don’t they target hinduism or buddhism? These religions are no threat – hinduism is an ancient satanic sex/death cult and buddhism is a nihilistic death cult. Perpetual ‘worldly’ resurrection requires perpetual death and sexual procreation/rebirth into the ‘world’; so they are one and the same really; passive anti-christian.

Do the zionazis need more Oil and Gas? Hell no, they just can't help themselves; they are satan's kleptomaniacs and vile assassins. The tendency to contemporize the adjectives is where the confusion begins – they are not corporate crooks they are satan’s kleptomaniacs – programming. They are not just brutal murderers – they are satan’s assassins: their blood lust programming is to target christians and muslims because their beliefs are anathema to satan’s plan to perpetuate the material ‘world’ and prevent the spiritual advancement of the goyim.

love, light & peace…


A. Peasant said...

very insightful comments V. i agree the oil and gas are a handle for moving about the chessboard whilst killing and controlling people.

it really is all about control. these are the biggest control freaks ever, and by extension, the most insecure people on the planet.

Penny said...

heyap, kicking ass as usual?!

did a quick scan over and will come back for an indepth read,

will we become more familiar with Balochistan?

and the struggle of a people just wanting "independance"??
we shall see...

I will definitely be paying attention.

thanks veritas for the link.

I will be paying attention,

Penny said...

oh, now I am getting all cryptic and repeating myself,

lack of caffeine!


A. Peasant said...

doh! indeed. haha, pay attention will ya? :D

Anonymous said...

Highly useful. Excellent research. Bangladesh and then Balochistan.

- Aangirfan.

A. Peasant said...

thank you Aan. i was very surprised to see the flood event.

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