NLP: way past the expiration date

I highly recommend James' latest string of posts up over at WPC that lay out brilliantly the geopolitical forces at work and the role of Russia, and of Vladimir Putin.


Here at TB the post Putin and Berlusconi hangs around at the top of the most popular list. After watching the videos that James posted, we understand much more clearly that Putin rescued Russia against tremendous odds after Yeltsin and the oligarchs plundered the country's industry and infrastructure. If he were truly woven into the dialectic and meant to succeed in reviving Russia, it seems to us the odds would not have been stacked so high against him.

Watch him holding people accountable.


Putin has the ability and the will to hold people accountable. He doesn't pretend to lead; he leads. It shouldn't be so stunning, but it is, because over here we have actors -- politicians skilled at emotional manipulation and role-playing -- who pretend to lead but only ever accomplish the goals of powerful special interests.

Obama creates a trance-state among his followers with his peculiar speaking ability. He uses a lot of hand signals, head nods, repetitive phrases, and long pauses. This ability helped him greatly during his first campaign, but it seems less and less useful as time goes by.


The patterns Obama uses when public speaking are known as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). People can debate whether NLP really works or not, if it is quack science, magick or whatever; but we can say for sure that Obama uses these weird orating techniques. And many people were carried away with Obama in the beginning, when the power to suggest the future under an Obama administration was greatest.

Others say NLP is good, a tool for self-improvement.
Certain themes are common to all effective systems of magick. These core elements have also been recognized in one of magick’s postmodern descendants—Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. NLP has been described as ‘an attitude and methodology which leaves behind it a trail of techniques’. It is the techniques that NLP is best known for; the ’10 Minute Phobia Cure’, and the Pacing and Leading techniques that are taught to salespeople are (in)famous, and tend to give the impression that all NLP is is a set of techniques for doing a few tricks with the mind. This is not the case: NLP is essentially about finding out how people who are exceptionally good at something actually do it, including the parts that they may not have conscious access too. In other words, the practitioner finds a precise role-model for the skill he or she wants.
That's great for someone to select a role-model -- using his or her own free will and rational mind -- and to use modeling techniques to learn from the role model. We don't have a problem with positive thinking and modeling good behavior. Knock yourself out. We agree our minds are powerful and connect us to the divine, and we should understand and direct our own minds as much as possible. And we should protect and defend our own free will.

When we let other people understand and direct our minds, and we don't even know we're letting them do that, but they DO know, well… we consider that a big problem. A bigger problem is that some of us don't even care. So much of the control scheme revolves around sucking people's will away.

Our powerful minds have been under constant attack by unscrupulous and evil people who want to control everyone and everything. They want our minds weak and feeble, paralyzed by fear and obsessed with sex, money and distractions. People emerge from the brain fog only with great effort, and many people simply don't want to wake up. They have no will to think clearly. They suspect the truth is Just Too Hard to deal with.

In practice, we have people like Obama (and many others) using NLP primarily but not only through television to suggest role-models (such as themselves) for people to follow, surreptitiously bypassing free will and the rational minds of the unsuspecting. It's not just Obama. Many teevee personalities use these techniques. Tune into Sean Hannity for the "news" (note the hapless Barrett pushing the controlled demolition limited hangout), and then switch over to Ellen to feel better. Here Ellen "unknowingly leads Meryl Streep to demonstrate the content-process distinction." http://dailynlp.com/content-process-distinction/ Yes it's funny, but we seriously doubt anything Ellen does is "unknowing." Ellen is an NLP PRO. That's why she makes the big bucks. She just plays a different role in the system.

We have written before about the amygdala and the limbic system, how they regulate our emotional states and ability to process information, and the ways these bodily systems can be changed without our consent or knowledge. We are subjected to multi-pronged attacks (economic instability, terrorism and other emotional suffering, poisons in the food, air and water, pharmaceuticals, ELF waves, etc.) meant to keep us vulnerable to illness, lies and manipulations. While NLP may have applications for self-improvement, the fact remains that psychopaths use it on unsuspecting people, in combination with other abuses, for purely selfish and political ends; which is EVIL.

Go here for a comprehensive unpacking of how Obama used NLP in his campaign speeches.

Topics explained include:
-  Trance Inductions 
-  Hypnotic Anchoring
-  Pacing and Leading 
-  Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
-  Critical Factor Bypass
-  Stacking Language Patterns
-  Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
-  Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
-  Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions
-  Emotion Transfer
-  Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

The origins of “covert hypnosis” and “conversational hypnosis” aka “black ops” hypnosis
Dr. Milton H. Erickson, also known as the father of modern hypnosis method, was the single greatest practitioner of hypnosis, having dramatically advanced the field15. Dr. Erickson is internationally acclaimed as the leading practitioner in the field of hypnosis16 for his understanding of the science of both inducing and utilizing hypnotic states17.  Dr. Erickson discovered, while working as a therapist, that he could hide therapeutic hypnosis within the normal content of an inconspicuous conversation with the patient, and avoid much of the patient’s conscious resistance that normally accompanied hypnotherapy18.  Dr. Erickson realized the subconscious mind was always listening, and understood better than anyone before how to access it and implant suggestions into it.  What Dr. Erickson did was figure out how to put people into trance and hypnotize them and implant suggestions with seemingly normal conversation. He discovered that people could achieve this heightened state of hyper-suggestibility without the traditional difficultly-induced coma-like state traditionally associated with hypnosis. Through his pioneering understanding, he was able to do the same and much more often with simple plays on words and embedded meanings in a single sentence.     
The entire field of “covert hypnosis” or “conversational hypnosis” is based on Dr. Erickson’s techniques and is now primarily used by hypnotists and psychiatrists19. Conversational hypnosis is often referred to as Ericksonian hypnosis. The word “hypnosis” is never mentioned and there is nothing overt to give away that hypnosis is being used.  It is impossible to detect unless you know precisely what to look for. Hack versions of these techniques are unfortunately taught to be used as persuasion tools for salespersons and even for men looking to enhance their success picking up and seducing women. The reason this is so unfortunate, is because covert hypnosis is designed to sideline rational judgment. That is fundamental to how it works; to bypass the dominant hemisphere and critical factor. It essentially tricks the subconscious mind into accepting commands as absolute truths which include not only those approved by the conscious mind, but outside commands from a hypnotist who can implant any suggestion he wishes. Dr. Erickson was adamant that only doctors be allowed to practice his techniques because of how strongly he felt about how dangerous such science could be in the wrong hands. Subconscious suggestions are more powerful than even what the subject believes consciously – as such suggestions become parts of their deepest psyche.  Because covert hypnosis is hidden in ordinary speech, and the subject is not aware that it is being used, it is even more powerful than ordinary hypnosis. Since the conscious mind is not even aware of the messages being sent, conscious scrutiny and resistance is eliminated20. The subject cannot even question the messages being sent – they are simply implanted by the hypnotist as the subject’s most fundamental beliefs. Then, even the subject’s own rational mind cannot overpower them.

NLP history goes well beyond the somewhat sanitary "Ericksonian hypnosis" background. NLP connects directly into the seedy world of mind control.


The NLP pedigree reaches back through the military, psychiatry, MK ULTRA, CIA, and Satanism.
In 1975, John Grinder and Richard Bandler founded NLP. Grinder was a professor of linguistics at the University of Santa Cruz, and a former U.S. Army Green Beret. [Grinder then studied linguistics and joined the CIA.-ed.] Bandler had been Grinder’s student....
Richard Bandler had been a puppet of Dr. Robert Leopold Spitzer, President of the American Psychiatric Association; and Brit Dr. Gregory Bateson. Dr. Spitzer was directly responsible for making inner city children’s behavior problems become mental illnesses under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Dr. Bateson was one of the most notorious godfathers of CIA/MK ULTRA...


Grinder and Bandler were students and “initiates” of Dr. Bateson. During the 1950’s, Dr. Bateson was also involved in early cybernetics projects sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, a CIA mind control research funding front. ....
Dr. Bateson was the intellectual foundation of NLP. NLP is the stepchild of CIA/MK ULTRA human cybernetics research and development. Dr. Bateson was an apostil of fellow Brit Dr. Aldous Huxley. Huxley was a founding godfather of MK ULTRA under CIA Director Allen Dulles. Among other secret and classified things, Dr. Huxley mastered developing mass population mind control agendas for the NWO.

The Godfather of Modern Satanism, Aleister Crowley, The Great BEAST,” as well as “the wickedest man in the world” was the tutor of Dr. Aldous Huxley.....

In the early years and before mass commercialization of NLP, Grinder and Bandler trained corporate powers, U.S. Army, military intelligence, CIA, FBI and government personnel. They were involved in military intelligence projects on post-Vietnam stress syndrome, marksmanship, removing foreign accents from speech. They also were involved in some highly sensitive work for the CIA training potential hostages to withstand torture and interrogation. (source) ...
Professor Rashky, a critic of the trend [New Age/Self Help/Positive Thinking etc. - ed], describes it as a "most powerful social force in the country today. I think its as much a political movement as a religious movement," he says, "and its spreading into Business Management Theory and a lot of other areas. If you look at it carefully you see it represents a complete rejection of judeo-christian and bedrock American values." (source: NYT, 11/29/86, Spiritual Concepts Drawing a Different Breed of Adherents)
Surprise surprise. Where on earth do these ideas keep coming from?? And naturally, many people have made a lot of money off of books and seminars in the decades since. Take Richard Bandler.

I first heard of Bandler in 2002, when a former US special forces soldier told me he'd watched him, two decades earlier, bring a tiny girl into special forces and reprogram her in seconds to be a world-class sniper. Intrigued, I tried to learn more. This is when I heard about the good times, how Bandler's theories were greeted with high praise in the 70s and 80s, how Al Gore and Bill Clinton and practically every Fortune 500 corporate chief declared themselves fans. And then there was the descent into the dark side - reportedly, during the 80s, a coked-up Bandler had a habit of telling people he could dial a number and have them killed just like that. Then came the murder trial: in 1988, Bandler was tried and acquitted of murdering a prostitute, Corine Christensen. She'd been found slumped over a dining table, a bullet in her head. Her blood was found sprayed on Bandler's shirt. And then there was the renaissance in the form of Bandler's unexpected partnership with the TV hypnotist Paul McKenna, and the fact that they were going to be teaching a course together this week at the Ibis hotel. (original source: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2006/may/20/weekend.jonronson1)

Or take  someone like Ross Jeffreys, who teaches men how to seduce women. You can google that if you like. Or take this other guy Robert Anton Wilson, the pope of discordianism (a "religion" of chaos). Or see the life coach industry. See The Secret. People want to know how to make good things happen in their lives, and other people realize they can make money by providing a Solution to the Problem.

Obama is simply the political figurehead of an entire national discourse modeled on conversational hypnosis techniques -- magick -- and delivered primarily through teevee. And it's getting old.

br />

Rather than compare Obama with other equally skeevy American politicians or other personalities, we now have a monumental speech by Vladimir Putin with which to compare. If you watch Putin's speech, you'll notice that he doesn't wave his hands around much or make a lot of provocative pauses. He simply speaks at a normal pace. His remarks do not come off as though a speech writer prepared them for maximum emotional manipulation. He gives a history lesson. It does not appear that Putin spent a lot of time rehearsing the speech, nor would he have had a lot of time given the speed of events. We also know that Putin does a three to four hour question and answer session each year with the Russian public, which requires no special preparation, because he studies the issues facing his country all year long. Basically, there is nothing Vladimir Putin does that Barack Obama could even pretend to pull off without a staff of dozens, a month's preparation, and a seance.

Was it boring? Not at all. You can observe the crowd listening to Putin remain very quiet and respectful. They show a quality of attention rarely seen and completely different from the common hypnotic groupie trance commanded by the NLP masters.

The truth is so sweet, even the birds hush their singing.



the reality-of-fakery last ditch effort

So I had to stop blogging and step back for a variety of reasons. I used the time gained to investigate some other corners of the internet, and some other issues, including 9/11. I had never devoted enough time to 9/11.

There is an opportunity cost to everything we do and pay attention to. Understanding is a process, a journey. We make mistakes, take detours, add data, then modify or firm up opinion as needed. One has to take risks to add value and move the personal and collective understanding closer to the TRUTH, which is the goal.

When a person who is honestly mistaken is confronted by the truth, that person either stops being mistaken or stops being honest. 911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

The perpetrators of 9/11 have a different goal: to prevent discovery of the truth. They employ an army of minions to this end. They have many ways to encumber people. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it is not. One can suspect but not be sure. It really comes down to seeing patterns over time. 

In order to be good at Disinformation Recognition, it is very helpful to be good at Pattern Recognition, and necessary to be able to look at things differently.  911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

By diverting our attention and wasting our time, they obscure the truth about 9/11.


Let's resurrect this old comment from Blammo:

Blammo said...
I'll only mention this because it is related to AP's post about cognitive infiltration. Lawson's videos are excellent, but as I recall, his position on 9/11 is that without a 'smoking gun' we cannot say that Israel did it, or was involved, and that said smoking gun does not exist. I can imagine his motives for this are not necessarily sinister, but I cannot say for certain either way. There are lines people are mentally unprepared to cross for whatever reason.
What if the smoking gun does exist and has been found? We suppose that would Change Everything, and important people could get on with the exceedingly important work of holding the perpetrators accountable.

Or would they? Maybe, if they were compromised, they would fail to notice the smoking gun. Maybe things would just get really weird.

The truth about 9/11 is stunningly clear.

The smoking gun does exist.

You can also read about it here, at Don Fox's blog.

From 911U

Having first recognized the vast energy surplus accompanying the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and having then connected the dots on the evidence that points to widespread molecular dissociation at ""Ground Zero"", we now consider the possibility of the simplest and thus most likely potential source of the form of energy capable of accomplishing that feat: fissionless fusion energy, released from multiple very-low-yield thermonuclear devices.

That was a pyroclastic cloud of superfine particles -- molecules that had been blown apart by extreme temperatures. The superfine dust covering NYC contained the following elements: barium, strontium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, yytrium, chromium, tritium -- signatures of a nuclear event.

Read the full explanation at those links. It's all there.

Shorter: NYC attacked with dozens of tactical nuclear weapons. Perps lead investigation.

911U website has been sitting there calmly for FIVE YEARS, answering questions. Don Fox will answer your questions also. This is where trolls go to die.

A brief synopsis of the past twelve years of 9/11 research:

1. The Official Conspiracy Theory -- 19 Islamic hijackers wielding box cutters did it with planes and jet fuel.  Theory falls apart like spit and toilet paper.

2. Nanothermite. See comment at 3:22 on 11/10/08
"Thermate did it" is a pathetic limited-hangout disinfo campaign; chemical reactions/explosions cannot account for the widespread (evidence of) molecular dissociation at ""Ground Zero"". That evidence points to the [brief] presence of temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun, and chemical-reaction-based weaponry, such as thermate, just can't do that.

3. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) - Judy Wood says no bombs involved. But Judy fails to prove existence of mystery weapon.

4. Video / photo evidence challenge! Due to the reality-of-fakery, you can't prove shit. Hah! [Additional evidence for the reality-of-fakery generously provided by the Citizens of Sandy Hook, Boston, and many others.]

The EVIDENCE shows the towers were destroyed with tactical nuclear weapons. Everything else is disinformation and cover.

Step 2 is to figure out who would have the means, motive and opportunity to rig these buildings with dozens of mini-nukes. Actually, people already compiled that list. And people have compiled the military drills. The problem, if we recall correctly, was that we didn't have a smoking gun. There were too many discrepancies. As long as there's no smoking gun, we don't move on to holding people accountable.

That's why the smoking gun does not exist. 


Last time I blogged, I was analyzing photos and videos of Boston Bombing and poring over time stamps, getting confused, etc. Yes there are agendas in play, and a lot has been written about those agendas (gun control, mental health, terrorism, etc.). But even that did not really add up to me. If it was only about the agenda, the attacks would have been more straightforward, more Gladio style. They could have simply killed people and started in with the agenda through their controlled media.

The complexity is there for a reason: ongoing distraction, but on their turf of course: teevee & internet -- the places where they can most easily control the inputs: videos & photos. Garbage in, garbage out. Even the agendas are secondary and in service to the primary goal: distraction, especially because they create fear, which helps to shut down the frontal cortex.

Dutiful Citizen Researcher's Mission, should you choose to accept it: Examine the garbage. Sift through every piece. Take Your Time There's Plenty Of It and, importantly, It Never Ends.

There is a problem here specifically with the ongoing nature of the distraction. There is an opportunity cost to looking at this stuff, and that's the point.

The exercise continues as long as people spend valuable time analyzing these psyops --- frequently past the point where the cost / benefit analysis makes sense.

The perps who run these psyops and leave the clues around (and feed more in?) obviously benefit from this ongoing investigatory dynamic, otherwise they would suppress information as they clearly do when necessary. Why? Because all these discrepancies create space for their operatives to work among the researchers and buy more time for 9/11.  

It stands to reason that, if the smoking gun of 9/11 has been found and has been slowly emerging despite all efforts to suppress it, eventually the perps would be maniacally FEEDING psyops into the wood chipper to provide other bloody distractions, using multiple gatekeepers and operatives at critical gathering spots to keep it all looping around and AWAY from the smoking gun.

Maybe things would just get really weird? Yes. Check.

They will do this as long as they can, until they are ready for Plan B -- the next 9/11.


Of course, given that time is a finite resource, and the way everything tends to distract from everything else, every minute spent thinking about football, or sex, or food is another minute during which the monstrous lies of 9/11 remain safe from discovery by whomever is thinking those other thoughts. 911U

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Therefore, we would expect to find gatekeepers and trolls steering productive 9/11 discussions to 1) red herring theories of 9/11, or alternatively to 2) Sandy Hook and other topics centered on FAKERY, which again, is the perps' home turf. The gatekeepers would be mingling about with all the dedicated researchers.

We learned a new and fascinating concept called inoculation while studying the Sergei Magnitsky case. You can read a short description of inoculation from this book Psychology and Law: An Empirical Perspective.

"Inoculation involves giving targets a weak version of the opponent's argument, so that they will be easily able to construct counterarguments. The hope is that the targets will build up a bank of such ripostes, so that by the time that the opposition introduces his or her arguments, targets will be prepared to counter them."
It's a weak case that you want to lose. Since we all know so much about vaccines, I found the inoculation concept helpful in understanding it. 

Let's assume the perpetrators of 9/11 use inoculation. How would that look? As the research community gets near to an important piece of the truth, the perps advance a weak version and push it hard with select operatives, drawing people in. The idea and the operative may even become joined. When the idea gathers enough attention, the whole thing goes into a ditch, operative and all.

Think Ed Chiarini. He was perhaps the first guy to point out actors and drills (Giffords shooting). He made sense until he totally didn't, for instance claiming Kevin Costner is Jerry Sandusky. Why Ed, why? Poor Ed went off the deep end? Or, Ed was working. The weak version of the truth was discredited. Later, when the truth comes out about crisis actors, people remember Ed Chiarini and proceed with caution.

Notice that the perps need time for inoculation to work, and if successful, inoculation buys them time on the other side of exposure. The weak version of the truth must be introduced early enough so that the targets (researchers) can deconstruct and discard it. Notice that using inoculation assumes that the truth will eventually surface or already has somewhere, which the perps would know from their TIA surveillance. But they would still hold off starting inoculation on each detail until absolutely necessary, since it could backfire when people do their research and find... the TRUTH.

Manipulating the search engines would really help a lot.

We believe the TRUTH about 9/11 is that highly unconventional weapons ("tactical nuclear weapons") were used; and no planes were needed to destroy the towers. Planes, no planes... the planes debate has no bearing on molecular dissociation, pyroclastic flows, and signatures of a nuclear event (tritium, etc.).

I suggest these two very important truths were the subject of inoculation. Weak versions were rolled out  beginning around 2006 and gained more widespread traction around 2011 with the intention of being eventually discredited.

The 911U site started around the end of 2008. By 2011 Judy Wood gained prominence with her DEW theory, and around that time we also had more talk of "no planers." Ridicule ensued. If you go near these topics of exotic weapons or no planes today, you will meet resistance. Guaranteed. That is inoculation. You were supposed to reject these ideas. They were designed to be weak. The operatives pushing them were obnoxious, and all the more satisfying to reject.

But they're still out there. Still operating. Some of them even got promotions for the good work they did. Yes indeed. And if you see any other half-baked explanations for 9/11 that are so obvious no one could even recognize them for twelve years, like for instance det cord...? Heads up. That bears a remarkable resemblance to an inoculation for the problematic heat-of-the-sun temperatures that caused molecular dissociation on 9/11, but it does nothing to explain lingering pools of molten steel and signature elements of nuclear reactions. Not to burst anyone's bubble or anything.

Tactical decisions about when, where and how to conduct disinfo are presumably made using game theory algorithms. This may be one of the main reasons the NSA sends all our "metadata" to Israel, the world experts in game theory -- to plug into the algorithms. Just guessing.
"Israeli strategists rely on game theory models to ensure the intended response to staged provocations and manipulated crises. With the use of game theory algorithms, those responses become predictable, even foreseeable—within an acceptable range of probabilities. The waging of war “by way of deception” is now a mathematical discipline...The displacement of facts with beliefs lies at heart of how Israel, the world’s leading authority in game theory, induces other nations to wage their wars." http://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2009/08/28/how-israel-wages-game-theory-warfare/

Obviously, the people who supplied and installed the mini-nukes on 9/11 would be the ones directing the inoculation schedule so they can get away with it as long as possible -- preferably forever if that can be arranged somehow.


As it turned out, during my blogging hiatus I listened to a lot of radio podcasts. I listened to dozens and dozens of shows by James Fetzer and also Webster Tarpley. I invested my time. I found Don Fox via Fetzer. I also read lots of things at Veterans Today. I was trying to suss out what is going on in the faction world, the shadow government, the great battle behind the curtain. So I went right to the intelligentsia, knowing what they are, and listened to what their best and brightest had to say; and of course, to what they didn't have to say.

Along the way of listening to Fetzer and generally enjoying his shows, I eventually wandered into the comments one day last month, on one of these 9/11 discussions. Oh dear. Cue the giant hookah-smoking caterpillar on a mushroom.

"Who ARE you?"

There arose around this mini-nukes theory the (heated) issue of Simon Shack and the September Clues videos, and the related Clues Forum, where the "expertise" is all about video and photo analysis. And sure enough, the conversation about the [smoking gun] mini-nuke theory could not proceed because -- if I grok the reasoning correctly -- the presence of faked videos and photos in the 9/11 anthology meant somehow that all the evidence was tainted, and therefore, REGRETTABLY, you just could not solve the riddle about what happened on 9/11. 

Sorry kids, but due to the reality-of-fakery, we can't see no smoking gun!


Really? From the first comments, people began pointing out the problem: Perhaps this is a waste of time, this fakery detour? In light of all the stunning evidence about molecular dissociation and elevated levels of tritium, etc., why do we have to obsessively focus on the video discrepancies, twelve years later?

No matter. 200+ comments ensued, which looked like something out of Twenty-Five Ways to Suppress Truth, The Rules of Disinformation, by H. Michael Sweeney

12. Enigmas have no solution.  Drawing upon the overall umbrella of events surrounding the crime and the multitude of players and events, paint the entire affair as too complex to solve....
19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs. This is perhaps a variant of the 'play dumb' rule.  Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, claim the material irrelevant  and demand proof that is impossible for the opponent to come by (it may exist, but not be at his disposal, or it may be something which is known to be safely destroyed or withheld, such as a murder weapon.) In order to completely avoid discussing issues, it may be required that you to categorically deny and be critical of media or books as valid sources, deny that witnesses are acceptable, or even deny that statements made by government or other authorities have any meaning or relevance.
20. False evidence. Whenever possible, introduce new facts or clues designed and manufactured to conflict with opponent presentations -- as useful tools to neutralize sensitive issues or impede resolution. This works best when the crime was designed with contingencies for the purpose, and the facts cannot be easily separated from the fabrications. 

Et Cetera. The mother lode. I could do a whole expose on the chicanery and pettifoggery of the operatives in those threads, and speculate on why it's allowed, but that's another subject.

And of course, this all applies to Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, as well as other psyops. Were the crimes designed with contingencies, so the facts cannot be easily separated from the fabrications? Yes. So all these discussions start to become linked together, and it's really easy for topics to jump around from one psyop to another. It becomes really easy to change the subject -- great turf for gatekeepers. Bearing in mind, all this cross-checking complexity about videos and photos wastes a lot of time better used to analyze other things, and my friends, that is the point. Opportunity cost.

They are stalling. The last three years especially, since 2011, has been their last ditch attempt to throw up a giant pyroclastic cloud of HOT AIR, reality-of-fakery bullshit discussions that never end and never get anywhere. Anything to keep the smoking gun of 9/11 obscured for One More Day.

All this time they've gained, all this distance from the crime of 9/11, what have they done with it? No doubt they have prepared the next 9/11, and they can start the whole thing up again from scratch.

Remember, Rumsfeld fessed up that the Pentagon had "lost" $2.3 trillion. But of course, he knew it wouldn't matter the next day. The next day was 9/11.

Your time and your attention are extremely valuable. Believe it. Use them wisely.


more stupid questions

UPDATE: 4/26/13
Living very near Boston, we have heard and read many things over the past few days. Things which do not add up. News from people we know about people in the hospital with serious injuries. And yet, we cannot find any videos or photos from the incident -- thus far -- to indicate where these other people were located at the time of the explosions.

Given that the goal of the social engineers is to divide society, we see their hand at work. We understand they don't care about killing and maiming people, as obviously they do that all the time. But dividing society is another issue. They really want to divide the people in America. That's where the social engineers have had to get extra creative. Just killing Americans with Muslim terrorist brothers is more of a uniting thing for many Americans, and they don't want us united. In order to make it a Win Win Divide Bonanza, they have to do something a little different. Maybe throw in some fake perps, shopped photos, real photos, fake victims, real victims, the first bomb, the second bomb... and so on. Mix it all together. Hide things that would clear up confusion. Make it so everyone can see whatever they want to see. Make it chaos.

It is quite diabolical. It allows for half truths, and mistakes, and instances of human error, both genuine and phony, to come into play. It facilitates a lot of disagreements and diversions about technical issues, and moral issues, and logic.

Does it matter if people died and were maimed, or not? How could it not matter? To our mind, it makes all the difference in the world. For one thing it's the difference between life and death -- always important. For another thing it's the difference between truth and lies -- also always important. We don't like being lied to. So it matters to us.

To anyone who thinks it doesn't matter whether people died or not, we suggest you go ahead into the next barroom and announce that you think it was all fake, and see what happens. You'll see that it matters very much to people, and that you are now a social outcast, and probably dangerous and crazy as well.

We understand the nuance that the social engineers don't personally give a shit whether people die or not, but everything they do is to manipulate the audience. It's not important what they think, because we already know what they think. It's more important to understand what they want us to think. And they understand that we are already divided, which they worked very hard at, and now they want to drive the final wedge in there and break off the dangerous piece and send us off to die like a polar bear trapped on a chunk of ice in a global warming sea of doom. And that is why, instead of simply killing people straight out, they make everything lately into an extra-complicated mindfuck, followed in a few days by a fresh one.

So is it worth reviewing the "performance" to tease apart the real from the fake? Well it certainly is not easy, and it may be a waste of time in the end, but yes of course it is worth doing. The truth is always worth pursuing.

We appreciate all the comments to this post, especially from my dear friend James, who has never failed to support me in trying to understand the events around us.

Comments are closed.

~ Peasant


UPDATE: My comment on the latest discoveries in comments:
Homeland Preparedness / Medical Reserve Corp is part of DHS. (The people with the white Adidas jackets.)

The NY Daily News admits to doctoring photos.

There are remarkably only a handful of photos of a few of the victims for everyone to analyze, causing no end to the chaos. Remarkably, there are no photos of the dozens of other victims. Remarkably, photographers are perched on the walkway above the finish line, with excellent cameras, and can be seen after the explosions standing there.


A guy who looks exactly like steven spielberg now turns up in a picture. (with white Adidas coat)


The same guy is also seen in the hahatango photostream DSC03171, please look before it disappears:


Hmm. Occam's Razor. Maybe the guy who looks exactly like spielberg is, you know, spielberg. Maybe, if they were trying to do something really risky, like pull a big stunt off live, kind of like one of those flash mob things, maybe the big boss himself would say, Hey guys, don't worry I will be there myself to direct.??

It's risky yeah but don't worry, because if even if people SEE ME, or take pictures of me, they won't believe their own eyes.

I mean he could have just been there watching the marathon with a white Adidas jacket on hours after the winners finished, right? Or he could be just some guy who looks exactly like spielberg, right? Or it could be photoshopped in for some unknown inexplicable reason, like a trap for conspiracy theorists? Except he does show up in the group pics. Or... what is the explanation? How many flaming hulahoops can we jump through to explain this?

Or, alternatively, he was there doing his job.


This is an interesting photo stream.


We see a few people on the ground immediately after the blast. Eventually many people are swarmed around the area. Lots of empty wheelchairs are being pushed around.

Where are the victims being removed from the scene, in this photo stream? We are talking about reconciling the "iconic" images we have all seen to this photo stream.

We missed the part where the guy in the cowboy hat, for instance, lifts Jeff Bauman into a wheelchair and runs off down the street with him.

Image DSC03186 shows dozens of people at the scene. Two frames later... everyone is gone.


More here...


Also here, an excellent unpacking. h/t Kenny

If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, youre dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what's called arterial spurtting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the "tourniquet"...
More great info, h/t A13:



confusion factor 2

Sorry for the confusion. We did put a post up yesterday but took it down after an hour or so, because no sooner had we posted than we had doubts and did not want to make for more confusion. [forehead slap] This is what comes from rushing and using someone else's laptop and not having enough time to do things properly.

The gist of our post was that one of the bombs may have been inside the building at 699 Boylston, based on our view that the Lenscrafter windows were blown out not in. But then, it could be that the bomb was on the sidewalk and the blast was directed more sideways along the face of the building. We just don't know. This is the kind of analysis that others are better qualified to make, and as more pictures come out showing where the injured were standing, perhaps that will become clearer. However it would still bear looking into who owns the building and we did happen to note that the location there at 699 Boylston has appeared on city documents looking to redo the storefronts and lobby entrance. The owner is One Exeter Plaza, LLC. 


More recent:


More information here (page 3). Evidently this building is informally called the "darth vader" building. Charming.

January 2012, the building sold for $112M, purchased by AEW Capital Management, LP.

One Exeter Plaza at Boylston and Exeter streets is 85 percent leased and its tenants include Cornerstone Research, Riverside Partners, International Data Group, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Bank of America and Morton’s Restaurant.

Does it mean anything? We don't know. Just curious. Just looking around. Looking at pics, looking. We do think there is plenty of confusion created by having two bombs, as it will become very easy for people to make innocent mistakes which then allows other people to browbeat them. It also allows people to throw out red herrings which are then used to disparage people honestly engaged in trying to figure out what happened.

We know all people of goodwill want the perpetrators to be caught. However if the EVIDENCE points to the perpetrators being People In Position Of Authority, this puts some people of good will into a State of Cognitive Dissonance, and then they turn on the people pointing out the Unfortunate Evidence. And then the perpetrators get away with it and laugh into their palms. We have seen this movie a few times.

So we are here but mainly watching and reading with you, dear friends. Watching the gatekeepers also. And hoping that this time, for once, things will unfold just so, and the evil and their minions will accidentally impale themselves on the city of Boston. There would be a lot of justice in that sequence.

The resistance begins in your mind.


the booby prize

What to make of the pope resigning?

First some background and review.

In the post gorilla vs king kong, we noted that in August 2010, Alfred Lambremont Webre, a globalist, gave an interview to Press TV in which he linked the Catholic Church to Satanic Ritual Abuse.

"Suppose Cardinal Ratzinger, the current pope, was actually running a sexual abuse ring for “satanic worshipers” using Satanism and using sexual abuse. They were actually encouraging sexual abuse by priests on children around the world as part of a “Satanic Ritual.” That's what this looks like to me as a lawyer, as a war crimes lawyer." ~ Webre

We noted that Webre is deeply linked to the alien agenda. He advises the Exopolitics Institute, and is the congressional coordinator for the Disclosure Project. The alien agenda could come into play with the destruction of the church, the loss of faith for perhaps billions of people, and the spiritual vacuum that would be created under those circumstances.


But even if the alien agenda does not come into play, it would seem that the wide exposure of Satanic Ritual Abuse being linked to the Catholic Church, at the highest levels, would be enough to take down the Catholic Church.


The thing is, the Catholic Church is not the only institution involved with SRA. So if some people wish to send the church off like a SCAPEGOAT, to carry all the blame for the horrific suffering, and then close the case and call it a day... well, they would have to have a pretty amazing firewall. Because once that fire gets lit, there's no telling how it will spread. Organized crime has been likened to an octopus because the tentacles spread all over the world. Tentacles, or fuses. Intertwined. This has been organized crime's advantage, and we predict it will be organized crime's downfall.


Deeper background:

Going back to September 2010:

Currently, the biggest corruption scandals in the world *being reported at this time* are in the Catholic Church. We think there may be a couple of corruption scandals even bigger than the Catholic Church, or in fact related to the Catholic Church corruption scandals, but we don't know how those would come out given the controlled media. We notice, however, that there is not too much difficulty getting corruption stories about the Catholic Church out over the news lately. We noticed yesterday morning CNN's Kyra Phillips hammering home the point that the CC has dealt with one scandal after another. One. After. Another. As though the media has nothing to do with that state of affairs, as she hammered home the point.

... These are the sorts of claims -- Satanic Ritual Abuse -- that would forever ruin the Catholic Church's credibility, if they were widely exposed and believed. But it is also very risky to expose the church, because the accusations would have to be limited to the Catholic Church. And based on our research, we consider there is zero chance that the Catholic Church is the only powerful entity involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

...We know the One World Order plans have both a financial and religious component.

"What are the New World Order plans? They plan the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible, who worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity to achieve this plan. ...The New World Order will change nations' laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols - like the cross for instance - will be come unlawful. Only Easter and Christmas for instance will be replaced by New Age festivities around the world. The New World Order plans also the abolishment of all currencies and the transfer to electronic cash through the super highway -- what we call also, the electronic highway." The Greatest Hoax, Serge Monast
We know that the financial system might collapse at any time, and we see the church on the ropes. If/when these events happen, something would have to replace the financial system, and something would have to replace the church.

In this post, we explored further the clash of civilizations angle (with Islam and the Catholic Church representing twin pillars, and two scapegoats), satanists in the church, the media's role in focusing on some flavors of corruption over others, etc. This is probably the most important post linking into what we are seeing unfold now. In The Genesis of Genocide (a post by James at Winter Patriot Community), we learn about the use of scapegoats.

One method to atone for these sins was the use of scapegoats. In each ceremony, two goats were used; one was sacrificed through being slaughtered to appease God's desire for death and the other 'set free' by being sent into the wilderness to carry their sins and guilt and blame away from the Jews and thus redeem themselves at the cost to two 'beasts'. One bears the punishment; the other bears the blame.
We think these concepts bear keeping in mind as we observe current events.

It seems the last near miss for the criminals in the church happened in 1978, with Pope John Paul I, who died suddenly after being pope for just 33 days. Except that time, we don't think the takedown was planned; and so, it ended.


SEE: The Murder of Pope John Paul I

The author of this piece reviews a book by David Yallop, In God's Name, in which he claims that Pope John Paul I was murdered, poisoned, in a masonic manner, by people belonging to P2. On page 2 is a discussion of the Lateran Treaty of 1929, and how that established the Vatican as a sovereign state, and a lot of money passed hands as Mussolini compensated the Vatican for territory, so the Vatican had a huge influx of cash to manage. This led to various gangsters being employed by the Vatican over the years, to manage the money, avoid taxes and so forth. The gangsters moved the Vatican's money around the globe. It was Pope John Paul I who wanted to clean house, and he confronted some of the gangsters. Suddenly, he died, and the crime scene was scrubbed clean. "Sensible" people say it is a "conspiracy theory" that Pope John Paul I was murdered, because the book is not sourced, and anyway, there's "no evidence," conveniently overlooking all the evidence.



Fast forward to today. Let's hop over to Michael Hoffman's blog for an explanation of how Albino Luciano (John Paul I) may have been elected pope in the first place. 

Sodano, Mahony and a rogues' gallery of molestation facilitators and usurers will choose the next pope of post-Renaissance Rome in the "conclave." According to a conversation this writer had in Rochester, New York with the Judaic-Irish double-agent Malachi Martin (a former peritus to Cardinal Augustin Bea and Paul VI), in the 1978 conclave to elect Pope John Paul I (who was likely assassinated), Cardinal Giovanni Benelli of Florence employed blackmail to exclude any votes for Cardinal Eduardo Piornio of Argentina, who was said to be the papal candidate favored by the Cryptocracy. Malachi Martin claimed that during the conclave, Benelli put dossiers on the desks of some of the cardinals who favored Pironio. Martin alleged that those dossiers contained files and photographs of the cardinals' girlfriends, boyfriends and masonic membership papers. If Martin’s allegation is true, this would explain how a thorn in the side of the Cryptocracy, Cardinal Albino Luciani, was elected on the fourth ballot, becoming Pope John Paul I, who reigned for only 33 days.
Ratzinger (L), Giovanni Benelli (C) - 1977

Hoffman goes on to discuss the sudden timing of Benedict's announcement.

Was Benedict about to make a radical move against his Zionist masters, or reveal a secret devastating to the Cryptocracy? Did the Cryptocracy then tempt him by "making him an offer he couldn't refuse" -- his silence in exchange for a guarantee of a life lived in peaceful seclusion, instead of a poisoning made to look like heart failure or some other seemingly natural geriatric fatality?
Well, that looks like it to us.

Meanwhile, Benedict has named a German aristocrat, Ernest von Freyberg, to head the Vatican Bank, as reported by the NYT. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/16/world/europe/pope-names-von-freyberg-to-head-vatican-bank.html?_r=0 Von Freyberg belongs to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. We know that Italy is spectacularly corrupt, and that Silvio Berlusconi (who is buds with Vlad Putin), gave private tours of the Vatican to the world's richest Jews in December 2009 (the link still works, read it while you can.)

Read the gloating remarks.

On three days' stay in Rome, the largest Jewish philanthropists portal IzRus told a representative of the Keren Ha-Yesod, "in Russia Ronny Vinnikov.  He said that the commemorations have begun in a symbolic location - near the Arch of Titus, which depicts the victory of the Romans over the Jews and the imposition of the menorah from the Temple of Jerusalem (AD 70). Former Chief Rabbi of Israel Yisrael Meir Lau asked the guests: "Where are those Romans and where are we? the language of the Emperor Titus long been told of his empire was nothing left, and Jews have preserved their language, have created their own state, and revived their culture."
Then, Jewish philanthropists, accompanied by a government escort motorcyclists have visited the palaces of the president and prime minister of Italy, met with Speaker of Italian Parliament, the Mayor of Rome and the chief rabbi of the country. In one of the palaces of Italy's best opera singers sang "Hatikva".  At the Villa Madama, the official residence of the Prime Minister for receiving heads of state, the Jewish oligarchs met at a top level - with a solemn guard, saluting each guest as a leader of a foreign power. By the way, the ball to Jewish patrons of the palace came from Berlusconi and the Ambassador Russia to Italy Alexei Meshkov.

"The joy of Jewish organizations and beneficiaries, the ranks of the world of philanthropy is increasingly supplemented by people of the" Russian "origin - those who live in the CIS, Europe, USA, Canada and Israel. The arrival of these people to charity - this revolutionary moment," - said Ronnie Vinnikov. He expressed the hope that the leaders of world Jewry "open the door to benefactors of the CIS could go with the right foot to the leading position in the Jewish world." According to Vinnikov, vote-rich Russian Jews should be equally heard on all matters of collection and distribution of funds from donations.
Putin and Berlusconi

The tentacles of this corruption reach into Central Asia, Kyrgystan, the US Military, Manas Air Force Base, the US State Department, etc. It seemed to us at the time, and it still does, that Berlusconi is in tight with the Russian Jewish Mafia, which forms one of the forces at work against the other two, the church and the aristocracy. The aristocracy is represented by QEII. These are power centers jostling against each other, and they are intertwined. They cannot be neatly teased apart. As explained by Michael Hoffman, Benedict does the bidding of his Talmudic masters, but he also has a billion Catholics that he needs to remain credible to. So the charade goes on.

A couple of additional items to fill out the picture (thanks to James for the links).

1. The pope seeks immunity from prosecution and will remain inside the Vatican. The pope would be "defenseless" if he leaves the Vatican.

From The Examiner, a source linked squarely to Alfred Lambremont Webre.


2. The ICTTS identifies the Vatican and the Crown of England, (ie: Pope and QEII, ie: the opposition to the Jewish Money Power in the titanic power struggle,) as the prime targets in crimes against humanity.

Two of the main practitioners of this genocide of the innocent – the Vatican and the Crown of England – are effectively immune from prosecution under existing laws and customs. It is therefore incumbent upon all citizens to take action to safeguard their children in the face of the refusal of courts and governments to bring to justice those who threaten public safety and wellbeing.
On this basis, our Tribunal has been established to enforce common law and try and convict the institutions and their officers responsible for such historic and ongoing crimes against humanity. We therefore constitute a de jure Court under common law, with full power of arrest, conviction and enforcement.
We agree. BUT, let us keep in mind Cui Bono. The Jewish Money Power would surely be very pleased at this development, IF they can keep the damage limited to the church.

3. The ICTTS has sued the Vatican and claims this is why Benedict resigned. Click through for the whole thing:

The historically unprecedented resignation of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope this week was compelled by an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.
The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is compelled by Pope Benedict's sudden abdication to disclose the following details:
1. On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (itccs.org), our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.
Who is the unnamed European nation???

3. Queen Elizabeth will travel to Italy on March 6-7, but is now NOT expected to meet with Benedict. She has always met the pope on previous visits to Rome.

Has the suspected alliance between the church and the crown been broken? 


Looks like somebunny will be left holding the bag here for lots of bad things, and it look like Benny. And as a consolation prize for taking the hit, he gets to stay safe in the Vatican. ?

What kind of justice is that for the people of the world?

A booby prize.

Let all the murderers be held accountable.

All of them. Especially those who finance war.

A short inspirational video from There Are No Sunglasses.

The second anniversary of Bahrain’s popular uprising was marked by renewed violence, resulting in the death of a 16-year old boy. In the video, filmed right after the teenager’s death, a desperate protester can be seen risking his life to stand up to the police. The victim’s name was Hussein al-Jaziri. According to opposition websites, the teenager was killed by fragmentary bullets. Overwhelmed by this death, which he had just witnessed, a protester walked up to police and screamed at them. The policemen tried to intimidate him, but seemed thrown off balance by the protester’s daring. “You criminals! You murderers! You hope to escape God’s wrath? God will avenge us! Go on, shoot me! Shoot me if you dare, I won’t leave!” the man in the video says.


zombie meme has four legs

From comments in the last post, the discussion has turned to the zombie meme, rabies, and things of that nature. See the last few comments for links. We are about halfway through this video and it's worth a listen if you have time. Having followed rabies on the google newsplex, we are aware that they do indeed drop rabies baits from the sky by the tens of thousands every year.




Thanks for the loads of great comments at the last couple of posts. Special thanks to rubyblue for the wealth of great comments and links about the Sandy Hook incident. This particular item is most interesting.

Unfortunately or not, we don't really have much to say. The social engineers desire division, hatred, poisoning people against each other. We have been feeling it very strongly. When the time comes for them to make the final blows, they will rely on the hatred coming out now over this Sandy Hook thing. That is what the demonization language is about. The people who question have "gone too far," and so, when the time comes, they -- we -- will be fingered as the enemy within. Or at least that is what they will try to do. We doubt they can pull it off, but surely they will make a big mess trying.

That's all we really want to say about it, and the rest is just an open thread.

Great video here, check it out while you can.

legal mumbo jumbo

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