Actions have consequences

Egypt and Iran have been warming up to each other despite all the heated rhetoric from Bush & Co. Or, perhaps because of all the heated rhetoric. That’s the thing about these bastards. They stun us with their undying commitment to evil, but they cannot seem to grasp all of the consequences they provoke. Of all people, the evil suffer the most from a failure of imagination. They cannot comprehend what kinds of things people will do out of a sense of solidarity with one another.

This is just a development to note:

CAIRO, Feb 12 (IPS) - In recent months, Washington has tried hard to convince Arab leaders of the threat to the Middle East posed by Iranian regional ambitions. Nevertheless, several recent visits to Egypt by top-level Iranian officials suggest that Cairo, despite U.S. objections, may be close to restoring diplomatic ties — severed for almost 30 years — with Tehran.

…Notably, signs of budding Arab-Iranian rapprochement have not been limited to Egypt.

According to Kandil, the notable shift in Arab attitudes towards Iran can be attributed chiefly to Washington’s massive policy failures in Iraq.

“For years, Washington’s Arab allies in the region have kept Iran at arm’s length to appease the U.S.,” he said. “But in the wake of the debacle in Iraq, many of them are reconsidering this policy.”

The article clearly notes that none of this is written on stone tablets, but all the same, it has become increasingly clear that the US does not exercise a vise-like grip on the Middle Eastern nations anymore. The Middle Eastern countries seem to be discovering a new solidarity among themselves.

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