Beyond Sick

Today I watched a video from Brasscheck TV.

In the Western world, people get blood tests to confirm whether or not they have AIDS. In Africa, all you need is the following four symptoms: persistent cough, high fever, loose stools for 30 days, and a 10% loss of body weight over a two month period. Those four symptoms together equal an AIDS diagnosis. Is that unbelievable or what?

What would you tell your doctor if you had those four symptoms and he or she diagnosed you with AIDS. Would you demand a blood test? You bet your ass you would.

But with an AIDS diagnosis in Africa, you go home to die, cut off from your extended family, isolated and hopeless. It's a death sentence based on four common symptoms, symptoms easily caused by any number of ailments, diseases and parasites which run rampant in poverty stricken areas.

Sanitation, food, clean water, shelter and basic health care would go a long way toward relieving the common diseases which plague poor people the world over. So do the rich nations help Africans by tackling these basic problems. No, but we are helping them with AIDS.

They don't need help with AIDS. Once again, we're seeing a manufactured crisis. We have been told that there is an AIDS epidemic in Africa, and we are sending lots of money to provide AIDS drugs to the poor Africans. And since most Africans cannot afford the drugs, the drug companies will collect payment from us. And since many of the Africans taking the drugs don't actually have AIDS, the drugs will not help and may even hurt them. Many will die from their untreated illnesses, but the drug companies will still make a profit. Babies will die. But George Bush can give himself a big pat on the back for 'helping' the poor people of Africa.

When it comes to killing innocent people and making profits off the backs of unsuspecting US taxpayers, the cynicism of Bush and his corporate fascist henchmen knows no bounds.

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