The Building

Either you can see that there is an entire real world outside of and all around the Corporate Media fantasy world, or you can’t.

Our democracy has been hollowed out, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie-set facade. It may look like a sturdy brick building with Democracy carved into the lintel, but as soon as you look around the sides, you will see that it’s actually a one-dimensional structure propped up with a wooden scaffolding of two by fours. It’s not even a building, really. It just looks like one if you sit in front of it. And as long as you don’t poke around you can continue to admire the lovely and impressive building from the outside. Should you need to use it, however, you will find out as soon as you walk through the door that it’s useless. It cannot provide shelter. Even a simple lean-to or straw hut would be more useful and safe in a storm than a heavy, brick facade propped up by wooden scaffolding.

Many Americans refuse to peek around the sides of our democracy. They insist on sitting in front of the facade, which they accomplish by parking their butts in front of the tv, and admiring the great building as seen through the tv. They cast vicious aspersions at the people standing off to the sides complaining that the building is gone. What are these crazy people talking about, they say to each other. It’s outrageous. It’s scandalous how these unpatriotic Americans accuse our government of being a hollow shell. If only they would sit in front of the building like we do, they would see that it’s just perfect. There’s nothing to worry about.

The people who sit in front of the building haven’t ever tried to go inside. They don’t actually use the building, you see, but they insist that they admire it more than anyone else.

Everybody needs to start peeking around the sides of the building, and that means looking at alternative news. Even five minutes a day scanning headlines would help. I ask you people sitting out front, can you give five minutes a day to inspect this important building? Can you come a little closer? Will you walk through the door? Will you go around back?

You still have a choice. If enough Americans actually care about our democracy, we will take a good look around. We will make a little effort to investigate what those people standing off to the sides have been complaining about.

Please, get off your ass and look before the storm blows this thing over and it crushes us all to death. Clouds gather on the horizon. Maybe together we can do something before it’s too late.

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