Cover-ups: The A Team

As you know by now, Scotland Yard issued their “report” on Benazir Bhutto’s death.

The SO15 team was led by a Detective Superintendent Senior Investigating Officer, and comprised two forensic experts, an expert in analysing and assessing video media and an experienced investigating officer. The team arrived in Pakistan on 4th January 2008 and spent two and a half weeks conducting extensive enquiries. During the course of their work, the team were joined by other specialists from the United Kingdom.

The UK team were given extensive support and co-operation by the Pakistani authorities, Ms Bhutto’s family, and senior officials from Ms Bhutto’s party.

The task of establishing exactly what happened was complicated by the lack of an extended and detailed search of the crime scene, the absence of an autopsy, and the absence of recognised body recovery and victim identification processes. Nevertheless, the evidence that is available is sufficient for reliable conclusions to be drawn.

That all sounds so very official, doesn’t it? The report goes on to describe the mysterious head wound that killed Benazir Bhutto and draws conclusions, which of course can’t be totally certain due to the incredibly sloppy way the crime scene was handled. (And a big thank you to the Pakistani Police for making this cover-up possible!) All the same, the report is full of official-sounding language to leave one with the impression that an actual investigation took place.

Ms Bhutto’s injury is entirely consistent with her head impacting upon the lip of the escape hatch. Detailed analysis of the media footage provides supporting evidence. Ms Bhutto’s head did not completely disappear from view until 0.6 seconds before the blast. She can be seen moving forward and to the right as she ducked down into the vehicle. Whilst her exact head position at the time of the detonation can never be ascertained, the overwhelming conclusion must be that she did not succeed in getting her head entirely below the lip of the escape hatch when the explosion occurred.

So they say. Blah blah blah.

This is a cover-up. It’s what they “do”. They take the incredibly valuable reputation of Scotland Yard, and they use that reputation to slip some cockamamie bullshit by you. It’s marketing more than anything else. Honest people that have worked at Scotland Yard in days gone by, you know, actually protecting the public, must be rolling in their graves.

If by some chance you find this hard to believe, please watch this video via Winter Patriot.

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