Guantanamo is closer than it appears

A very disturbing video has made its way into the public sphere. You can watch it here. I encourage you to watch it and to imagine yourself or your loved one being treated this way.

Ask yourself what possible justification these officers had for their actions.

This is my response to the video.

To Timothy Swanson, Stark County Sherrif:

I just viewed the video of your officers strip searching a woman for no good reason. It’s quite obvious that your officers indulged in a gratuitous abuse of power, for even if they had a reason to consider this woman a threat, which they did not, it would not require stripping her naked against your own department’s policies.

This country moves closer and closer to a fascist police state with every passing week. Do you really think you are protecting people with this kind of behavior? When people need to be protected from the police, we have ceased to become America.

Will you turn messages like mine over to even higher authorities like the FBI? Is that the next step in this wet-dream of bringing about a police state? Are your officers making up arrest lists based on the people who still pay attention and witness their crimes against our democracy and our Constitution and our fellow citizens? Will you need those lists in the next national drill?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you did. All those FEMA camps will be filled with somebody some day, will they not? Who better to fill them than the citizens who pay attention to corruption and speak out against it? The evidence is all around that police across the country are merely playing small parts in grander plans.

You look like a nice man. Don’t forget that your children, too, will inherit the country our leaders are currently destroying. Why are you helping them dismantle our civil rights? Do you think your ancestors would be proud? Will you children thank you when they live in a police state? Are you absolutely sure the power will never be used against innocent people? How could you be? It just happened in your own jail.

Your website has a lot of noble words about serving and protecting the citizens of Stark County. I’m just curious. When did gratuitous violence toward citizens become an acceptable form of “public service”? Your officers have turned the very concept of public service on its head, shackled it, shaken it down and left it lying naked in a locked room.

All who hold the military and police in higher esteem than the citizens paying their salaries, the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect, make a mockery of their own oaths, values and professions.

We condemn or redeem ourselves with our own actions. This is true for every person.

So many people in this country boast of their Godly Patriotism as they hurry to deny civil rights to their fellow human beings. I trust they think from time to time about standing before God and defending their righteousness on that day. He may not be so understanding. God is not an American, and he’s not a cop or a soldier either. Having made everybody, one cannot assume any special privileges with God just because one carries a gun for a living. On the contrary, a person wielding such power in this life might reasonably expect to be held to a higher standard in the next. May you not condemn yourself.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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