Mukasey Lied

I hardly know where to start today. Let's just begin with Michael Mukasey, who refuses to open an investigation into the CIA's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques".

He also refuses to let Congress see the memo prepared by the Justice Department which concluded that these "enhanced interrogation techniques" were legal.

They were legal at the time. That's all we need to know. Talk about your retroactive immunity.

Speaking of which, Mukasey also urged Congress to re-up FISA, including, of course, retroactive immunity for the telecoms. Gotta have that too.

You may recall that back in November 2007, Mukasey was being vetted to replace Gonzales as AG. Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer decided to support him, and Schumer expressed his reservations.

This is an extremely difficult decision. When an administration, so political, so out of touch with the realities of governing and so contemptuous of the rule of law is in charge, we are never left with an ideal choice. Judge Mukasey is not my ideal choice. However, Judge Mukasey, whose integrity and independence is respected even by those who oppose him, is far better than anyone could expect from this administration. He is recommended by and reminds me of Jim Comey, another Bush nominee who—while he didn’t agree with us on the issues—showed the kind of independence and integrity this department needs.

I would also like to say something about torture, particularly waterboarding. I deeply oppose it. I supported Senator Kennedy’s amendment in 2006 and am a co-sponsor of his bill in this congress. Unfortunately, this nominee, indeed any proposed by President Bush will not agree with this. I am, however, confident that this nominee would enforce a law that bans waterboarding as I hope it will.
OK. Well. That didn't work out so good.

But it shouldn't be surprising. Mukasey started showing his true colors by his second day on the job. Even though he claimed he couldn't possibly make a complete assessment of FISA or torture during the confirmation hearings, he somehow had it all figured out just as soon as he got in the AG office and shut the door.


malcontent said...

Mukasey just green-lighted the Congressional Kabuki Theatre of Democratic Impotence.

Dems can proceed with their subpeonas now that they know they won't be enforced. Dems will appear to oppose the president and the Executive branch continues unmolested like petulant royalty.

A. Peasant said...

Good point.

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