One-way ticket to hell

That would be a McCain-Lieberman ticket. Now that the Republicans have consolidated around a presumptive nominee, they have to squeeze him into some kind of package that makes the key constituents happy. The Republicans have to turn out the voters on election day, so they seem to be approaching the problem by 1) dramatically embellishing the frightening specter of a Democrat in the White House, and 2) cutting deals to appease various pieces of the base.

Tactic #1 can be seen in Romney’s hyperbolic exit from the race as well as McCain’s eliminationist rhetoric.

Tactic #2 can be seen in the floating of Lieberman as a running mate.

Somehow he has to keep the moderates who think he’s a moderate while gaining the support of the Doubting Wingnuts. Fortunately, by having Lieberman send out the super secret dog whistle signals, he might be able to bring the wingnuts over without too much trouble. Lieberman, of course, is only too willing to help.

Senator Joe Lieberman is playing a role here. The staunchest Jewish supporter McCain has, Lieberman can promise both Jews and Evangelical voters that McCain is the candidate who will not abandon Israel (no wonder some people still think Lieberman is McCain’s top pick for Vice President).

Lieberman also says that McCain understands how significant the establishment of the state of Israel was. He is an avid reader of history and also has “a sense of history.” He is familiar with the story of the country. He will not do anything that will “compromise Israel’s security.” Lieberman has real confidence in McCain, a “total comfort level” because “I know this man.”

“In his potential outreach to evangelical Christians, Lieberman could trade on a relationship rooted in a shared concern for the safety of Israel, as well the respect many evangelicals have for Lieberman’s Orthodox Jewish background and for his activism on values issues like violence in the media”, wrote Jennifer Siegel of the Forward, and rightly so.

I don’t know about you, but the very thought of this ticket makes me recoil in horror. Whiny, petulant Joe Lieberman? Ugh. The tv mute button will continue to get a workout, as it has with the language-mangling liar GW Bush.

Anyway, notice where McCain comes in in these Haaretz rankings, second only to Giuliani, and therefore now first. Also, please notice here the level of detailed attention and analysis the Israelis pay to our elections. Don’t you think that’s a little strange? WHY do they care so much, and more importantly, WHY do our political parties bend to accommodate Israeli public opinion? What’s next? A Star of David on the American flag?

As we have done before, the panelists who supported Clinton over McCain in our previous analysis are in blue, those who want McCain in red. As you can see, even two of the four “Clinton blue” panelists - and we are talking about experts who clearly don’t have a problem with a Democrat in the White House - trust McCain on a nuclear Iran better than they trust Obama.

It comes down to Iran. It’s all about Iran, and who is willing to start WW III, if necessary, on behalf of Israel. Isn’t that nice? If a US presidential candidate is not willing to kill people, perhaps lots and lots of people for the sake of Israel, he or she can step aside.

This is what we get for bypassing the will of other nations to impose governments that we prefer. Now it’s being done to us, with potentially devastating consequences for everyone.

Does anyone like these apples? Personally, I think they suck. Pardon my negativity. It’s just that I want my country back. This situation is so out-of-hand.

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