The Silent Coup

My colleague in Truthology, Liza Persson, has written an important piece describing how we have unwittingly allowed Bush and Cheney to fulfill their megalomaniacal dreams of a Unitary Executive.

There's just one point I would like to stress, and that is the role played by the corporate media. Without a willing press, none of this could have been accomplished. The press has not exactly played the 'unwitting' role in all of this. On the contrary. They who have been trained to know better have abandoned their responsibilities to US in exchange for fame and fortune. Bob Somerby has been documenting the fall of our pampered press corps for years. As he has said many times, they have made a joke of our democracy. Bush and Cheney can thank the press for demurely looking away while they dismantled the Constitution.

Today the crucial watchdog function of our democracy, what's left of it, resides in the alternative media and the blogosphere. The job should not have fallen largely to citizen journalists and bloggers, but it has. We are not looking away, we are looking right at these bastards. We are watching what they're doing and writing it down. Maybe they'll take us away someday. It wouldn't surprise me. So please support those who spend their time and effort, in most cases without compensation, to find out what's going on and who bring the word to you. To follow current events and attempt to make sense of it all is a labor of love. Love for you, people.

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