Total Unreality

Here's a little spin for you.

Six major powers are to meet Monday in Washington for fresh talks on how to make Iran give up its contested uranium enrichment activities, a top US diplomat official said Friday.

The State Department's number three Nicholas Burns said foreign ministry officials of the six -- the five UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany -- would review a proposed third UN sanctions resolution against Iran.

"We will review our strategy (launched at the United Nations) in New York, the pace of the resolution," Burns told reporters.

The six powers want Iran to stop enriching uranium, a process which they suspect Tehran aims to use to develop nuclear weapons. Iran insists it is only seeking nuclear power for civilian purposes.

Britain's and France's ambassadors to the UN on Thursday formally submitted to the Security Council members the text of a resolution for new sanctions, which they hope to see passed as soon as possible.

The poposed sanctions include economic and trade restrictions and a travel ban against officials involved in the nuclear program.

The five permanent council members are Britain, the United States, France, China and Russia.

The UN's nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, complained in a recent report that the Islamic Republic had supplied only patchy details of its activities to its inspectors.

Is that right? Because it seems to me that just two days ago ElBaradei said he would release a clean report on Iran which would 'rule out the possibility' that Iran is pursuing a nuclear arms program.

So where is this little IAEA 'complaining' episode about 'patchy details'? Which 'recent report' did that come from, or did somebody just pull this spinning turd out of his arse to bolster the evidentially-impaired case against Iran?

Here in Reality, the six powers can 'suspect' all day long, but they've got nothing.

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