Truth is Radical

Here's a petition in opposition to HR 1955 and S 1959, aka the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This act would take any citizen doing their due diligence by reading alternative news, following current events, understanding that our government is lying and committing horrific crimes in our names and with our tax dollars, getting outraged and talking about it, etc. etc. etc., and magically turn such a concerned citizen patriot into a 'homegrown terrorist'. Viola!

You see, the truth is radical, meaning it is really, really fucked up to the extent that most people will feel like their head is going to explode and their chests will cave in as they comprehend the monstrous lies we've been fed and the horrific crimes we committed against innocent people as a result of the lies. In reality our American lives, past present and future, are a horror show. Therefore, if/when you learn the truth, you will become radicalized. Once you get over the shock, you will be pissed off like you've never been pissed off before. You will realize that you, your children, and your grandchildren have had your futures destroyed, intentionally, by insanely greedy psychopaths. I am not exaggerating. And to make matters worse, you will understand that you have participated and supported the destruction of millions of innocent people around the world. All this very bad news will not make you happy. Indeed, you will want some people held accountable. You will demand accountability.

Now of course, the people who told you all these lies know this, and your unpleasant reaction to the truth poses a little problem for them. So you see, this HR 1955 act will prevent all that dreadful ugliness by quickly labeling you a terrorist and facilitating your speedy removal to some kind of detention facility at the next opportunity (aka pre-scheduled terrorist attack).

(brushing hands together) There! Problem solved! That was easy!

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