Some big news happened this week. The Federal Government conceded a vaccine-autism case. This interests me a great deal because one of my children had an unexplained and major neurological setback around 18 months of age, and I have had an ongoing disagreement with our pediatrician about this ever since.

Here's the link to a piece by David Kirby, in which he explains the whole pail of worms pretty succinctly. I don't have too much time to write about it, but I will just share my anecdotal experiences.

My daughter was progressing normally, and by age two it became very clear that something was wrong. She received a lot of help (early intervention, preschool, ABA therapy, etc.) for what they diagnosed as a severe receptive language disorder. It was as if she did not understand English, and unless she looked directly at me when I spoke to her and used a lot of hand signals, she was unlikely to comprehend much of what I said. Fortunately she responded very well to the intensive help, and her problems diminished into what they called a "learning style" by the time she was in second grade. But the whole thing was very disturbing, and at first she seemed so impaired that some teachers suggested I might learn American Sign Language. Others told me, in confidence, to look into the MMR vaccine. That's when I found out that the drug companies don't take nearly the care that we assume they do with the vaccines. But you have to vaccinate your children to send them to school, and my pediatrician insisted that I was being paranoid. From that point on I only let them give my children one vaccine at a time, which required many extra visits to the office. It was only later that I heard about Thimerosal.

To this day our pediatrician has never admitted any doubt about this entire vaccine business. He never misses an opportunity to tell me if he's read an article in one of his medical journals dismissing the vaccine-autism study researchers as quacks. I suppose he doesn't consider that the Federal Government and the drug companies have made him and his colleagues complicit in this enormous crime. Of course the medical journals will cast aspersions on these studies! It goes without saying. The very last thing they want to admit is that the pediatricians have injected millions of babies with poison. Oops. Sorry about wrecking your children's brains.

For the Federal Government to concede this case opens a Pandora's Box of legal liabilities.

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