Then and Now

Here you can see photographs of Palestinians before the state of Israel was 'declared'. I see dignified people. I see peace.

This photojournalist brings us a view of Gaza today. I hope you will look around his site.

In towns across America, the news of somebody's seriously sick child or the sudden death of a young parent spreads quickly. It's a tragedy, we all agree, and then we do something to help.

Imagine living in Gaza, or the West Bank, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or many other places throughout the world. These people had lives once, and futures. They eat tragedy, they breathe it, and they sleep it. Day after day, year after year. But who here says it's a tragedy? Who rushes to help? I think you would if you could see, so please look. I want you to see what I see.

It's a terrible mistake and an immeasurable injustice to think that other people's suffering is somehow less than our own. Do you really think people in other lands love their children less than you love yours? Do you really think that little children far away love their parents less than your children love you? On what basis can anyone believe that? Where is the proof?

There is no proof. It's just a delusion we tell ourselves to justify sacrificing their futures for ours. But there is no future for people who can justify such sacrifice. If you want a future, you must want a future for everybody and live your life accordingly.

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