You Are Here

At least, I'm pretty sure I am here. I am a Target Head.

Because, you see, I do a lot of reading and a lot of thinking and quite a bit of writing, and all that probably makes me Very Dangerous in some people's eyes. I could be a (ahem) 'Thought Criminal'.

Now you probably wouldn't find me very dangerous in person. I'm not very big. I'm a mom. I suppose I can wield a frying pan for a weapon...that's about it. Nonetheless...

Our government has been collecting names of people, and compiling databases, and spying on us to protect us from us, or them from us, or us from 'them' (meaning the 'terrorists') or something like that. Actually, it's to protect them, the government, from us, the active and engaged citizens. Anyone just zipping along on autopilot watching FOX News and American Idol probably has nothing to worry about. But you never can tell because nobody knows if they're on the list or not, or how to get on the list, or what might happen to the people on the list if something happens to us as a nation. It's all very secret.

So if you're already thinking to yourself, "What the hell is she talking about?", then it's time to go read this and find out.

I saw this via Cryptogon, who has additional links for your reading enjoyment.

And so far it looks like 8 million names are on this secret list, or roughly three Americans in one hundred. So if you live in a town of 15,000 people, roughly 450 people in your town may be at risk for anything from heightened surveillance to detention should some sort of terrorist attack happen again.

That's quite a lot of people. I would be really happy if that many people in my town knew what was going on, but personally, I find that number impossibly optimistic. Just in terms of having good information about what is currently happening, I would estimate maybe three people in 1000 have begun to limn out the reality. That's just a totally wild-assed guess based on my own observations. So basically what I'm trying to say here is that I think this list is total bullshit. It's very seriously doubtful whether anyone on this list poses any threat whatsoever to national security, unless of course you define national security as 'whatever George W Bush prefers'. Now if you do that, sure, it would be pretty easy to rustle up 8 million people who think that ass-clown should go. But that still doesn't make them dangerous. Seriously.

Do you see what we're dealing with here? Do you see why it's so important to prevent some new bogus war? Do you see where this is all going? This country can change overnight. All they have to do is flip the switch, and we'll be living in a police state.

Now I just want to say that if I ever get detained for thinking and writing about the psychopaths who have taken over our country and are itching to create a police state, let it be known that some of us saw them walking over to that switch. We see them raising their hands, and we are screaming at you people to LOOK. For the love of God and country, look at what they are doing. They are going to plunge us into darkness.

That's what makes us 'dangerous'. And that's it. So remember that someday.

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