This should be a newsy week

The corporate media is going to hand off the baton from the Olympics to the Democratic Convention. Gotta keep those Americans distracted from the real news. Let's hope they drop the damned thing and some truth breaks through.

The other day we saw the first signs of Israel squirming a little on the hot seat because of the Georgia fiasco.
Russia has condemned both Israel and the US for their role in arming the Georgian military with sophisticated weapons.

Israel claims it has not directly equipped or trained the Georgian military, and private Israeli firms - with the defense ministry's approval- are responsible for such dealings.
How Eddie Haskel-ish.

On the same day (8/20/08), a Lebanon paper reported that Olmert warned Israelis about the 'next war' hitting Israeli cities.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Tuesday that the next war with Lebanon would involve attacks on Israel's cities, and threatened that the Jewish state would hit back "harder than before." In 2006 Hizbullah fired almost 4,000 rockets at northern Israel during a month long war, reaching cities as far south as Haifa and Tiberias. Olmert warned that now that Hizbullah is the "dominant" force in Lebanon, Israel will hit back "harder than before." Olmert added that the Jewish state did not use all means to respond in 2006, but "if Lebanon becomes a Hizbullah state, then we won't have any restrictions in this regard." He did not elaborate.
And just a few days later, Israeli troops briefly entered Lebanon. You get the impression that they want another war with Lebanon, which Olmert predicts will cause the destruction of Israeli cities. But hey!
Eight Israeli soldiers entered the south Lebanon area of Mais al-Jabal, but pulled out after 15 minutes, a Lebanese daily reported. Lebanon's al-Safir newspaper said on Saturday that Israeli forces came only 100 meters into Mais al-Jabal in Marjayoun province before pulling back. A Lebanese army patrol and UN peacekeeping force headed to the area to monitor their movement and the Israelis turned back after some 15 minutes. Israeli threats against Hezbollah have escalated in the past week. An Israeli prime minister spokesman threatened to hit the whole of Lebanon if Hezbollah took over control in Lebanon. Meanwhile Lebanon plans to lodge a complaint with the United Nations about Israeli threats of pursuing Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory. The Zionist regime prime minister Ehud Olmert said recently that Israel would not consider itself bound by any restrictions if Hezbollah came to power in Lebanon.
So there's always crazy Israel to watch, because you never know what shit-storm they will kick up, all the while blaming it on someone else.

And this continued warmongering is necessary because the plan with Georgia, according to this source (also here & here), was for Israel to use Georgia as a launching point for an airstrike against Iran.
The air strike was to be aimed at Iranian government buildings with one Israeli group striking where top Iranian officials were known to be working, at housing for the top leadership, at any identified laboratory where nuclear work was being carried on and a second flight was to strike at Iranian oil wells, pipelines and Persian Gulf oil terminals. Once the dual strike was completed, the aircraft would head towards Israel and then were slated to be refueled in mid-air by an American tanker aircraft. That Putin was aware of the pending Georgian attack on South Ossetia is certain and the strong probability is that someone connected with the CIA’s Russia desk gave sensitive material on this subject to the Russians and an Israeli IDF member is positively known to have given very specific information to the Russian GRU.
Obviously, that plan is now defunct and people on the inside may be actively working against the neocons (oh please, God, may it be true). Is the 'next war' with Lebanon Plan B? I don't know, but events like the Olympics and the Democratic Convention give great cover for starting brush-wars that can race out of control given the right circumstances. So that's something to watch.

Of course, there's one thing that would take the pressure off the neocons, and that would be assurance that the next US president will continue the current policies, thereby resetting the clock. The Voice of the White House had this tidbit:
Washington, D.C., August 21, 2008: “Such heart-warming news! High level Republican associates here are talking about the latest ploy on the part of the State of Israel to gain complete control of the United States government. Their idea is to offer the diseased McCain unlimited support from their papers and television stations in return for his putting Joe Lieberman on the ticket as vice president. As McCain is known to be seriously ill and will soon be unable to function, the plan will be for him to retire “for reasons of health” and then Joe Lieberman, loud and persistent Israeli supporter, will step into the Oval Office and America will have her first (unelected) Jewish president. And a firmly dedicated Zionist at that! Many GOP people say putting Lieberman on the ticket will ruin any chance McCain has at the White House. Why? His obvious mental confusion? No, the American public is becoming seriously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel and if McCain attempts to support a universal draft (as he is dead set on doing) and has a rabid Zionist as a running mate, his fall will be great and he will drag the shattered remnants of the Republican Party with him. Thank God!”
Well, let's see how the media shills play the Mighty Wurlitzer this week. I barely have this ridiculous presidential race on my radar, but it defies belief that McCain should have any traction whatsoever regardless of Obama's qualifications or lack thereof. The credibility of the Republican Party is negative five billion percent thanks to GWB. But when I heard a talking head the other day describe some statistics about women supporters of Obama as 'ominous,' I thought that was an extremely loaded word, and I notice the persistent news about these Clinton supporters who supposedly can't seem to accept her defeat. If you recall Bush v Gore, you may remember that the right had a field day berating the Dems for refusing to accept the (managed) outcome. Sore losers...that was the narrative as I recall. From my position of not paying attention to the details of this particular circus, I must say the whiff of this old script wafts above the news of Clinton and her supporters like elephant dung and makes it to my nostrils. Is she going to be the spoiler like Nader, who splits the Dems and hands the victory to McCain, who is as big or bigger a joke as Bush ever was? I dunno, but this week we may begin to see the endgame of all sorts of plans coming into focus.

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