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We rearranged the blogroll to have one list. If we missed moving anyone it was unintentional. Please speak up.

And Suraci is back.

uh... not our pub


buelahman said...

I would be highly honored if we could share links.

A. Peasant said...

your wish is my command B.

A. Peasant said...

please forgive me for not doing it sooner. i must get on the staff to be better at keeping up... :D

dublinmick said...

I thought I was the only one having that problem. I have had to let a couple of mine go lately and I told the rest of them if they don't pick it up I will have to find somebody who can.

Davo said...

Um, erk, looks like am still over there on the righthand side. Dunno why, am half sinister (left) .. and too old (i.e; comfortable and complacent) to get terribly agitated about most stuff, but still enjoy reading yours. Will keep TB on "external passions", for a while .. heh.

A. Peasant said...

yes of course you are still over there. sinister?! haha, sorry i don't get that quality from you mate. those are the guys covered at russian mafia...

Davo said...

Ah, was being lightly and unnecessarily pedantic - not quite sure of the origins just now but sinister is a word (greek? latin?) meaning 'lefthand side' - dexter is the other 'righthand' side.

Davo said...

Aaand, while we are in 'the pub' - have been having a discussion with a local who HAS taken a motor vehicle on USA roads, and we can't work out why you drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. Consider this. Most of the ancient 'knights' carried their swords on the lefthand side. Would pass others and keep other horses to their righthand side. Much easier and quicker to draw swords from left to right. Think about it.

Davo said...

...and yep, one of the reasons why 'ambidextrous' people are viewed with a great deal of caution.

buelahman said...

Thank you!

chuckyman said...

Cool. Excellent to see all the great company and thanks for the invite A.P. Save me a chair near the fireplace (grin)

A. Peasant said...

C, will do. you know it.

B, you are welcome of course.

Davo, ok i'm watching out for you ambidextrous types. and i'm not volunteering to convince everyone here that we're on the wrong side of the road. but i don't disagree at all with the reasoning.

Davo said...

AP, am an Aussie .. the only 'arms' that i carry into pub are the L/R ones that was born with - and remain hanging from my shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Hi there A.peasant and Davo, i too am an aussie and have read your waffles from time to time.
Just back from a major pc malfuction of the most torrid kind (motherboard FUBAR) and trying to get my head around this egyptian scene, as well as our own here in Aus...which is getting mighty weird, as i've only had MSM on the TV and radio as my guide(?
So this is my first stop, as usual.
Thanks AP for the enlightenment and decluttering of the synapses and the ridding of the MSM propaganda that i've had to face for 2 weeks..god i've missed you guys..and especially suraci.(who is not back now)Thanks for all this great work.

A. Peasant said...

hey A13, welcome back. i've had to replace the mother board too once... and the hard drive once or twice... i know the frustration. and of course the timing also, sheesh.

we are happy to be here for you! :D

if you can put your finger on it, please tell us what is the biggest lie you've had paraded before you about Egypt while you couldn't read the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi A.P
well were do i start??
The MSM propaganda machine is in 6th gear here.
Our media is controlled by chosen types and more so since last year, especially since previous PM Rudd got outsted..even the colour combo's of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) changed to that lovely Blue and white motiff.
OK...bent, bent and more head fubaring..
1:language describing mubarak(which changes daily and get harsher), now the same as describing the "regimes" in Iran and Tunisia, basically alluding to the "fact" that there is a domino effect in the ME.
Attributed to "People Power" that word gets repeated alot.
2: The BEST lie i saw was on the screen running narrative,you know the bottom of the TV screen as news is on, saying "egypt has been in 30 years of state of emergency"..that was a beauty!!
3: the people that are interviewed to give their opinion of the "uprisings" are usually from elite Universities here, think tanks and "The friends of Egypt" and usually have chosen names and faces, if you know what i mean, they have "just popped up"..
4: What i have specifically noticed from the visuals on the MSM news was that there were "victims" of the violence there with VERY fresh bandages on but NO notable physical trauma, IE swollen faces, bruises or blood stains on the bandages and i'm sure most people would know that head injuies bleed and swell a hell of a lot.
5: Very high quality "posters" of the dead and injured being carried around by certain protestors that would take alot of money and preperation to produce..my Husband is in the print industry and noticed this straight away...

So that's really the tip of the ice berg..of what i have been exposed to down here.

Please keep up the wonderfull work.
Cheer A13

A. Peasant said...

thanks for putting that up A13. so typical of their dramatic flourishes how they take information and then pimp it up to make it seem more important.

I understand and wish to continue said...

thanks for that, glad to be of assistance, and what really made me realise that the blogs you all write are so important to the sphere of(real) human information was the fact that the MSM are totally in the hands of those pimping for disaster and attricion.
I have started a blog today and I'm on my "L" plates, any advice welcome.


Cheers A13

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