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China and India have been battling for influence over the Maldives for at least the past decade. Who would the globalists want to have more influence over the Maldives? China, the new economic engine for the world economy? Or India, the strategically located ally in Southern Asia?

Then again, does it really matter? The more we look at these situations, the more it seems that whatever happens, the globalists find a way to benefit. They benefit from war and chaos and fighting and division. Will the Maldives be torn in pieces? Do the globalists really care as long as they can continue to vacation at some of the most beautiful, exclusive, resorts in the world, on private atolls far from the capital?

Have mega-yacht, will travel...

As reported in December 2011: China opens an embassy in the capital, Male.

With fewer than 400,000 people, the Maldives ranks just 179th in the world for GDP. But the Chinese love it. For a variety of reasons.The Chinese now makeup the biggest segment of tourists in the Maldives, where almost 30% of the economy depends on tourism. But the country’s beautiful beaches aren’t the only draw for the Chinese.”
The opening of the Chinese Embassy came just two days before the Maldives hosted a gathering of the eight South Asian leaders last month.
For the next year, Nasheed will head SAARC – short for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

...India wants to create a buffer against rising Chinese influence in the region.

...Prime Minister Singh promised a $ 100 million line of credit. The two countries also signed a security pact. It’s a possible dig at other countries in the region, like Pakistan and Sri Lanka, which have taken significant Chinese loans, especially for the building of new ports.
Saravanamuttu said India suspects China of investing their way into the region in an attempt to envelop India, economically and maybe more.
“The worst Indian fears are the Chinese are trying to establish a military presence in South Asia and using these ports as military ports in all of the countries which will constitute a string of pearls to contain India. So it is a new balance of power emerging with India and the U.S. on one side and china on the other.”
Two sides then? That always keeps things interesting.

The globalists have their tentacles in both India and China, so any setting up of sides is -- AS USUAL -- a construct that allows for conflict and chaos. No matter what happens, the globalists win. Any collateral damage is "regrettable."

The Maldives has long been an elite tourist destination, for 30 years under the control of Gayoom until 2008, when Nasheed was elected to great expectations. Now Nasheed has been overturned in a coup, and Gayoom is reportedly pleased with the results.

Gayoom, former dictator, has powerful friends. Gayoom was acceptable, for 30 years, right up until he wasn't. Gaddafi was acceptable, for 40 years, right up until he wasn't. Mubarak was acceptable, for 30 years, right up until he wasn't. And Nasheed was acceptable, for 4 years, right up until he wasn't.

See Aangirfan: US coup in the Maldives?


Nasheed, who came into power with the help of USAID and NGOs also has powerful friends.

Nasheed took on as his close adviser and communications assistant Paul Roberts, a British national. In what alienated his Salafist supporters, Nasheed also opened diplomatic relations with Israel, invited Israeli surgeons to Maldives amid fears they would begin harvesting human organs for Israeli clients, met with Israeli government officials, agreed to allow direct air links between Israel and Maldives, invited Israeli trainers into Maldives to advise Maldivian security forces, and failed to ensure that Maldives voted for Palestine’s full admission to the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) during the organization’s general assembly meeting in Paris on October 31, 2011. Maldives was absent from the vote.
 ...Faced with the opposition and police/military uprising, Nasheed resigned the presidency on February 7. Later, Nasheed and his British adviser Roberts claimed that Nasheed was ousted in a coup d’etat. The U.S. State Department demanded that Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan, who assumed the presidency and opposed the arrest order of the Chief Justice, form a government of national unity with Nasheed’s supporters. Hassan refused and India, which, in the past, has intervened militarily in Maldives to put down attempted coups, remained silent. The Soros/NED global glitterati, including the Soros-funded “Democracy Now” program hosted by Amy Goodman and partly-funded by Soros, featured Roberts on an interview in which Gayoom was described as a thug and who was trying to re-assume power. Of course, the Soros propaganda program made no mention of Nasheed’s repeated violations of the Maldivian constitution.
As with the destabilization of Iraq, Egypt, and Libya, the first target for alleged Islamist radicals after the ouster of Nasheed was the destruction of priceless museum artifacts. Unknown men broke into the Chinese-built Maldives National Museum in Male, the capital, and smashed the delicate coral and limestone pre--Islamic Maldivian Buddhist statues on display.  [The Washington Post reported that a "mob of suspected religious extremists" smashed 35 exhibits of pre-Islamic culture housed in the Maldives national museum. Ninety-nine percent of the museum's pre-Islamic artifacts were destroyed by the "mob of suspected Muslim extremists," and while investigations continue, no one has been arrested. (source) - Ed.]

The rise of Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood adherents in the new Maldivian government parallels what occurred in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia after their themed revolutions.
The Maldives were destabilized by the West at the same time that the Egyptian government charged 43 CIA-linked NGO personnel, including Americans, Britons, Serbs, and others working for IRI, NDI, and NED, with possessing a secret plan, including maps, to divide Egypt into an Israeli-dominated Sinai state, a Coptic state extending from Alexandria in the north to Asyut in the South, a Berber-dominated Islamic state based in Cairo, and a black African Nubian state in the south. 
There now may be an attempt by the West to split up Maldives. In 1957, the British established the Gan airbase on the southernmost atoll of Addu and insisted on 100-year base rights on Seenu Atoll. After Maldives Prime Minister and President Ibrahim Nasir adopted a nationalist foreign policy, the British backed a secessionist movement in the southern atolls where the British bases were located that declared the short-lived United Suvadive Republic in 1959. After the collapse of the secessionist republic in 1965, the British bought the southernmost atoll in the Chagos-Laccadive chain of atolls from Mauritius and established the British Indian Ocean Territory. The inhabitants of the Chagos Archipelago island of Diego Garcia were forcibly removed to Mauritius and other Chagos islands and the United States established its strategic military base on the island of Diego Garcia. Maldives never recognized Mauritian claims over the Chagos atolls or the British Indian Ocean Territory. With neo-con interference in Maldives now coming to fruition, secessionist movements in the southern atolls may, once again, gain ground to ensure unfettered U.S. and British control over Diego Garcia and expansion of U.S. and British military facilities to the Addu atoll and, perhaps, further north in the Maldives chain.

Nasheed, the globalist, now blames wealthy resort owners for orchestrating the coup, because he was being too hard on them.

Mohamed Nasheed said some owners of beach resorts on the Maldives financed the coup because they resented competition for contracts and fixed direct taxes.
He claimed that his own intelligence officers confirmed their involvement in the coup in a marriage of convenience with Muslim extremists.
The Islamists led street protests against the government's decision to allow massage and health spas to proliferate.
Since he came to power in 2008, advised by a team of Conservative Party campaigners, Mr Nasheed has privatised the country's main airport, introduced compulsory private health insurance, and imposed a tax system to make the country self – reliant.
"The coup was financed by resort owners … not just one but many," he said.

...He disclosed that an intervention by William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, had been crucial in turning international opinion in his party's favour after he was forced to resign on Tuesday.
"William Hague's statement in Parliament was the first to signal there was a coup here," he said.
A court order for Mr Nasheed's arrest appears to have been quietly shelved after international protests led by Britain. Mr Nasheed and his party have long-standing relationships with David Cameron, Mr Hague and other senior Tory figures.
The MDP was formed under the tutelage of the Conservatives through the Westminster Foundation for Democracy....Salafists, Islamic fundamentalists who share al – Qaeda's philosophy, had dominated the street protests against his government because they opposed the rise of spas and massage services, he said.
So it's the wealthy and corrupt resort owners opposed to Nasheed, in cahoots with the Salafists (CIA + Mossad stooges) VERSUS the wealthy and corrupt Zionists who support Nasheed?

Win win win.

See Aangirfan: US coup in the Maldives?

Is Nasheed supported or opposed by the USA?

Are his 'Islamic' opponents supported or opposed by the USA?
...Usually, both the Islamists, and their opponents, work for the CIA and Mossad.

Mubarak was said to be a friend of Israel and the USA, but he got toppled by the CIA and Mossad.

And so it goes.



China: base strategy: China acquires a base in the Maldives against India with some help from Pakistan, MAY 2005

We learn:

1. The Maldives are of strategic relevance to India due to the sea lanes.
2. Gayoom agreed to let the Chinese establish a base on Marao, 40km south of Male, in 2001, after two years of negotiations.
3. In this deal, allowing the Chinese leased access to Marao for 25 years, nuclear submarines were to be deployed on Marao.
4. High level Indian military personnel also had extensive negotiations with the Maldives around the same time, but no agreements were finalized.
5. At the time of publication, the Marao based was expected to be operational by 2010.
"But once Marao comes up, China's power projection in the Indian Ocean will stabilise. It will also set China on the course followed in the earlier superpower, Cold War rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union. Both states built a series of naval bases throughout the world for emergency counter-offensive measures. China is embarked on doing the same."
6. These developments concerned the US and drew the US and India closer to try to contain China.
"While the US base in Diego Garcia can launch surprise offensives, the US wants to restrict Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean because of its strategic value.

According to one survey, some $260 billion worth of oil and gas will be shipped through the Indian Ocean by year 2004. The oil route stretching from the Strait of Malacca to the Strait of Hormuz will be at the mercy of any power that dominates the sealanes. A Chinese base in Marao islands puts it in a direct position to influence oil commerce. It is a prospect that daunts India, scares Southeast Asia, and alarms the US."
7. China engaged two US companies and three European companies to survey Marao under the pretext of monitoring the weather and magnetic response of the seabed.

WHO are these companies, we wonder? Profiting from aiding the enemy, harming our national security? SURELY the authorities would know who is on the short list, because these companies would be known to the Pentagon? And yet, is anything done to stop this? We seriously doubt it. It is all part of the dialectic to build up both sides of the conflict. A good sturdy China threat keeps India nice and compliant to the globalist wishes, and whether the threat is real or not, constant references keep everyone on edge.

Maldives, tiny islands, big intrigue, April 2006 - Asia Times
China's naval strategy, implications for India, March 2009 - IPCS
China-India rivalry in the Maldives, June 2011 - Jakarta Post
China moves in Maldives worry India, October 2011 - Economic Times
China and India jockey for influence in the Maldives, December 2011 - Public Radio International

China VS India in the Maldives? Yes. That's the point, over and over again. 

It's no accident.

Bad China (wink wink)....?

(Many thanks to James for the links.)

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mollusk said...

Maybe they want a "safe" place to hide when they kick off world war three to cull the useless eaters who get in the way of their global playground.

A. Peasant said...

yes, well, it's not like some of the other places they've torn apart such as iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, pakistan. they actually hang out on the maldives.

freethinker said...

Oh, my brain hurts!
There are so many angles to this.

Actually you don't have to be a millionaire to holiday in the Maldives http://www.maldivesholidayoffers.com/
Maybe the new management will keep the hoy-polloi out.

A. Peasant said...

anonymous left this comment but i can't publish it for some reason:

Patagonia was a place I heard that would be the hideout. I guess the smartest people in the history of the world don't know about the lifespan of radioactive isotopes which is in the thousands of years. Hope we are all around to see them go down in flames. Sorry this some weird new browser and it won't let me choose a nickname. Carry on hacking away at that root AP! P.S. have you seen this new please prove you're not a robot captcha it is freakin' ponderous. If your comments are down in volume this may be a reason.

yes i have seen the catchpa and i just wonder, why now? what possessed them to make commenting harder now. it's for our safety of course mm hmm....

i don't know what booger did with your comment either.

as for Patagonia, i think there are a lot of spooky people down there already.

A. Peasant said...

freethinker, agreed there are many angles. i was wondering also if Nasheed was expanding tourism too much, bringing too many riffraff in from all over the place, and this could possibly have put a crimp in some other activities that require privacy. ? thus he had to go... ?

freethinker said...

Yes I was thinking that, also his global warming escapades have become something of a joke and possibly harmful to the cause. I doubt they (the PTB) ever do anything for just one reason so all the geopolitical stuff is still important. The more reasons, seemingly at divergence, the better to hide the motivation.

Ah Patagonia - haven't heard anything on that front lately.

kikz said...

hey a pea.. et al...

too many angles. ..but on the downside.. the muzziez have effectively shut down the spa/massage aspect of the maldives.. so i've heard...

gee, i guess if you can afford to get there..on your own yacht.. i guess you'd bring your own masseuse?


where was it in SA the bush's have their waterworld one of the guay'...s para or uru? which backs up nicely to a UNESCO buffer/barrier zone that guards some utter pristine wilderness that no one is allowed on anymore???

and yes.. the damn captcha craps are getting ridiculous......:/

A. Peasant said...

yes i heard that too about the "masseuses". i have not made much progress looking into the human trafficking / sex slavery dimension of it but common sense tells me this had to be a hub for a lot of things. location location. and you're correct, the luxury mega-yachts probably do come with staff but perhaps certain people are picked up close to the destination. disposable people.

Maldives as marketplace.

here's a post i did on the water issue in Paraguay:


"The Guarani Aquifer, the planet's largest supply of fresh drinking water, is adjacent to the Chaco and directly under the Tri-Border Area."

tba being a so-called hub of terror for teh Hezbollahniks and, also, spooks from all over the world. it is my theory that if some false flag goes down affecting the USA, it will be immediately linked to hezbollah in South America and then over through West Africa and to Lebanon, etc., as this narrative has been established for something like 20 years, going back to the bombings of jewish targets in Argentina, which have never been solved because the actual evidence shows that the bombs were inside the jewish controlled buildings. so that was buried and this hezbollah narrative was set up instead. these argentina bombings are used over and over again as "evidence" for hezbollah in south america and particularly the TBA.

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