how far is heaven, part 4

It's a bit difficult to know where to begin again. We sort of decided to take an intermission. It wasn't really planned; it just had to happen. We hope to get back now but it's not so simple. The overwhelming nature of events creates a large disincentive to keep nattering on.


Many things going on require a lot of effort to stay informed about. If you want to remain healthy, for instance, you need to be informed about the food supply, big pharma, vaccines, chemicals and pollutants assaulting your health virtually at every breath, as well as invisible electromagnetic energy. And you need to know about radiation.


If you want to know about politics and wars and global chessboards, you need to do a lot of reading from news sources around the world, plus blogs, and sift through a lot of information that could conceivably take you all morning, every day, just to have a rough idea of what's really going on. That's presuming you've already been at it for a few years and have looked at the 'about us' pages of those expert opinions, and recognize the various factions and how they array themselves across think tanks, academia and the media, making allowances for their extravagantly funded biases. And even with that effort, you still wouldn't know anything much for certain because of the disinfo mixed in, and all the black ops.


We could certainly spend a couple of hours ripping apart and posting on "news" every day. Trust us we could have written a hundred posts in the past two months, if we had wanted to take the time away from other pursuits. It wasn't for lack of material. But we no longer have the time or inclination to follow things closely. We still think there are things to be said, points to be connected. Truths to be driven home. We will try to contribute something at this late stage, because things can change. But we don't know about spending a dozen hours or so per post. Things might seem a little more 'seat-of-the pants' from here on out, but everything rests on the foundation of work that has already been laid.

For those just starting to pay attention, good luck you really do need it. We all do but especially those who are just twigging onto the greatest shit show on earth.


In the end, the problem we all face is the invisible nature of the threats to our well being, and the effort required to apprehend them. So much is hidden, so much is invisible. So much is misdirection. At some point, you just have to go with your gut instincts, because the barriers to knowing things with certainty are so high as to be practically impossible. However, once you have a framework of understanding, it's just a lot faster to trust your instincts and connect to that directly, and to let instinct be your guide. Unfortunately, we can't exactly give you a link to our instincts. Everyone is on his or her own.


You can't see radiation. Well you could see that explosion of Fukushima reactor 3, but after that, invisible problems. Anyone remember the neutron beam that was spotted 13 times at the very beginning of the Fukushima meltdown? "This is not a dangerous level of radiation." No of course not. Down the memory hole, more or less. Nor can you see the heavy metals sprayed out of airplanes, coming out of the sky and into your food supply, which has been happening for a couple of decades. Well you can, but it's only a contrail, you paranoid freak --those stripes are water vapor spreading across the blue sky. Sure.

You can't see the things happening at the molecular level, at the cellular level, in your own body, from the shots you've received over the years and from whatever else you may have ingested, etc. But the radiation is there. The heavy metals are there. The cellular damage is there. You really don't need a lab in your house to prove it, do you? You probably don't have a lab at home, right? We don't either. But it does not stop us from having an opinion that a big explosion, followed by 13 neutron beams, followed by all the rest of the things that they *admitted* happened, means we have a very serious radiation problem from Fukushima, even as we acknowledge that we don't know the half of it, and we have much disinfo to sort through *if* we want to attempt to know anything at all. We know enough to know we don't know the half of it. What more do we need to know, as a private citizen with no more access to information than any other citizen? Imagine the worst, just from a basic management perspective. Best case worst case most likely case scenario. Business school 101. Similarly, if you accept that 911 did not go down the way of the official story, if you have spent any time at all looking into it in the past eleven years, and you realize the official story has been proven impossible, do you really need to know how it went down exactly? Does not that one disproof alone -- that it could not possibly have gone down as officially recorded -- give you a wealth of information about our government and media?

You must use your common sense and your gut instincts to suss it out. Science is the veil that they hide behind. All these invisible things that you can't see and you can't measure -- they tell us these things are nothing to worry about because they are so tiny. And actually, that is precisely what makes it all so diabolical. The things are invisible to the naked eye. That's the point. You have to use a different way of seeing, of knowing, because you don't have a lab to verify, and you can't trust anything they tell you. Not to state the obvious, but EVIDENTLY it still isn't obvious to a lot of people. Not that those people would ever read here, because they are too busy watching teevee; so again, what kind of a freaking waste of time is this? Do the spooks laugh themselves silly as they watch the cute little bloggers uselessly pecking away at our keyboards? Do they take our research and use it to fine tune their mind-fuckery? Are we just working for them in the end, in the giant social engineering experiment, giving them all sorts of valuable opinions and free critiques so that they do it better next time?


You smell what we're stepping on?

On top of that, you have the time-delay problem. We've talked about this many times before here -- the slow kill method. A huge gap exists between the time you may take the deadly ingredient into your body, via breathing it, swallowing it, being bitten by it, believing it, or via syringe, and the onset of your misery.

Sam Vaknin, a self-described psychopath, describes the way psychopaths work: like a slow-acting poison.

"They are not dramatic. They are pernicious. Most psychopaths are subtle. They are more like poison than a knife, and they are more like slow-working poison than cyanide." ~ Sam Vaknin
"So what bullies usually do, they start and stop, start and stop. That achieves the maximal stress syndrome, and this is the great secret of bullying. Never overdo it. Small doses. The victim will do the rest." ~ Sam Vaknin

The evil are patient. Evil people in positions of power have many tools at their disposal to murder people. But they still have to do lots of planning and be patient in order to get away with it.

You can be outside watching your child run around on a baseball field, and you may inhale a single plutonium particle that drifted on the jet stream across the pacific ocean from Fukushima, after reactor 3 exploded a year ago, and the particle may embed in your lung and maybe a year after that you will develop a chronic cough and maybe another several months go by before you get a chest x-ray (more radiation) and then more tests, and then the diagnosis of lung cancer so shocking to you who never smoked a day in your life. Will you ever know why? No you will not. But there's a reason. There was a day when it all went down, invisibly, with that one invisible particle that came from some evil man-made contraption which regrettably exploded months or years before, maybe even decades, since the 1950s...?


Maybe the particle wasn't from Fukushima. Maybe it was from Chernobyl or any of the many nuclear tests that were done in the past sixty years. Who knows. You have no way of knowing, and it is completely deniable in any case. Plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years. There's plenty of it around and in terms of being able to kill us, even the oldest particles are still brand new. It's not like some executive from TEPCO, or the military, or Mikhail Gorbachev himself, will take responsibility and say sorry and pay for your children's education, because you died prematurely from the stray plutonium particle that regrettably blew out of their nuclear device. You just had bad luck. Fate. You poor slob. There but for the grace of God go I blah blah blah. As if God has his certain special people that he specially looks out for. As if he steers the plutonium only to the blade of grass that a bonafide confirmed lifetime psychopathic asshole will stretch out on for a picnic martini. Seems to us that is not how it happens. Your child has just as much chance of breathing it in as you. After all, it's invisible. And it's only one of the invisible problems.


This is what we mean. This is a nightmare, and we all live inside it.

The point is, you have no way of knowing for certain what comes at you each day, and you have no defenses. The link between cause and effect has been effectively broken by two important things: 1) the nano-scale of the deadly poisons, and 2) the time lag between you ingesting an invisible poison and the onset of your misery.

In this way, many people have suffered and died, and those responsible have gotten away with murder. There was no link back to the cause. There was no apology, no reparations, no nothing. We expect that technologies exist to prevent, substitute for, and clean up most of these problems, but we expect they are held in secret.

So you can educate yourself and take some reasonable precautions, but you still have to get out there and live your life. Thus, even when you grasp something of the scale of the nano-assaults, and the scale of the lies we all face every day, the scale of the injustice, and how long they've been working the knobs... when you realize there's really no escaping it, what have you really gained? Nothing except that you have glimpsed the truth, and you see that it is hideous. Hard to believe that represents improvement, but we think it does.


And then you take it one step further. It wasn't Mother Nature or the Angry God who engineered and bio-engineered and experimented and plotted and planned and built and exploded and flew all these things into our environment, and who lied about it and continue to lie every day, who get away with murder. It was people. And what sorts of people make their life's work the creation of poisons and death and destruction and lies? Terrorists, or smart, prestigious people working in world-class facilities, in think tanks, and in the media? What exactly is the distinction? They are one and the same. These people have been around since the beginning and probably they will always be around. It's the experts you have to worry about, the ones in the labs and paneled boardrooms, the ones on teevee, the ones in the military, the ones with special lineage, the ones telling you what to worry about, and defining beauty for you, and defining the enemy for you. And it is the daffy people who listen to them, who take them so seriously, honor them and worship them and encourage you to do the same, that will follow their orders with all sincerity.

We live in a horrifying shit show of the most spectacular proportions. We feel that it is unsustainable, but remarkably, it keeps going. And we suppose we all have to keep going too.

End intermission.


as I walk the hills and by the river
or maybe on a wide city street
lined with cherry trees
I breathe deeply to savor the moment
and in that moment the breath will define what I am to become

I'm fading now, my own end of time
only recalling a single movie line that seems to say it all
the shooter, the jerk
"random son of a bitch"
Poem by Kenny.


kenny said...

Great post pez,

'seat-of-the pants' will always be welcome coming from you. Sometimes that's all it takes.


As I walk the hills and by the river

Or maybe on a wide city street
lined with cherry trees

I breathe deeply to savor the moment

And in that moment the breath will define what I am to become

I'm fading now, my own end of time

Only recalling a single movie line that seems to say it all

the shooter, the jerk

"random son of a bitch"

A. Peasant said...

great poem Kenny. i think i'm going to append that at the end. you capture exactly what i'm trying to say.

kenny said...

I'm blushing.

It was just a 'seat-of-the pants' thing.

A. Peasant said...

haha, well like you say, sometimes that's all it takes.

thanks for all you do. you were the first blogger who saw me when i had 3 readers, and put me on your blogroll. and i will forever be grateful. and i promise i will try to continue to be useful in this shitstorm. ha.

BuelahMan said...

This is exactly what I was referencing when I said I suspect something bad is coming. Sure, there may be more economic fallout and internment camps, whatever.

But they all pale in comparison to the poisons we are being given in virtually every form, especially Fukushima's.

And really, what else can be done at this point?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Pez is back!

I was just having a conversation with a co-worker today regarding a similar subject. He had stated that he "couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that drugs are illegal".

I tried conveying the idea that in much the same way that small organizations are structured, then medium companies, then large, then multi-nationals...one has to look at the entire planet, in one sense, as being an all-encompassing corporate-like organization. Those with power (which has recently been found to affect the brain in much the same way that cocaine does)are running the show FOR THEIR BENEFIT. Drug legalization does not benefit them. A population buying pills, does.

I don't think this is the most optimal way for humanity to operate, but until that day when people are able to break free from the programming...until that time when they are, one way or another, forced to care about humanity again, this is the way it's going to go.

I recommended my co-worker watch the mini-doc "The Story of Your Enslavement" by Peter Molyeneau, for an examination of what we've evolved from, and devolved back into. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A

Anyhoo...I'm hearing of interesting that some interesting things may go down next week. But isn't that kinda of a given nowadays? The year is almost half over...lots to get done, I would suppose, before the "2012" end-of-days meme wears off.

Hope you've had a nice spring AP, and welcome back! :-)


Anonymous said...

There I was talking to Edo and we both agreed that you were our favourite blogger. He said to say hi. So! I've saved to desktop and will enjoy reading when I've a spare moment. Three cheers for the marvellous AP!

Mind you, that Kenny is good isn't he? Frankly I think he should ditch his bushel and let rip good and proper. Kenny, flex those writing muscles. You might surprise yourself. Not me of course, I already know you can do it.

Anyway, AP. Lovely Lovely.

A. Peasant said...

b-man, you know you have seen the big picture when you can say, 'internment camps... whatever...'

i mean that's where it's at with the nano-pollution. it's a terrible thing to be aware of, but, you can't unsee it and you're better off knowing it, so it all basically sucks to the nth degree.

hi swits, good to see you man. who the heck told you about next week??? i was thinking today being 5/5, cinco de mayo, that this would be a handy day for them. looks like we got through it ok... ?

on the other hand, totally agreed that if something is going to happen there are not years left in the countdown. we are talking months, weeks, days. each day that goes by makes it harder for them to control the narrative, so the pressure is on hugely i would think, to act sooner than later.

at the same time, it's horrible to anticipate such a thing. it's evil. i don't want the thing to happen. and yet, i think they will do it, they must because it's the only chance they have to keep the narrative going. and if they are going to, i want them to get it over with. so it's an awful thing to think about all the way around.

A. Peasant said...

my dear nobs, i would recognize your voice anywhere. hello to you and edo. your comment went into spam. i unspammed it but then it disappeared. got to love the booger. so i don't know what wormhole it went into but hi and i miss you, and i'm sorry your comment is mia. please try again if you wish.

A. Peasant said...

ha, i take it back nobs. there is you comment it is just out of order, in my pea brain. duh. nevermind! i guess i am rusty after, you know, working so hard for money all this time....

Anonymous said...

This is not a dangerous level of radiation. I Lul'd did you. Gulf shrimp is tasty and very good for you. Don't forget to think evil. You have a conscience? Well the fading ptb have no such attachments. They think of us as tax paying cattle who will always go along to get along. Turning a country or people into a pile of ash means not a thing to them as long as they get a pot of gold. Eye am too lazy turn off no script and it won't let me pick nickname.

-Captain Sweetie from the Internet-

Anonymous said...

Nobs? Nobody here by that name. Ha!

Otherwise, (on topic now) the world is hell but what are you going to do? Everything was always more awful than you ever imagined - when the Buddha said life is suffering he was well aware of the endlessness of the scale inherent in the sentiment - and the only question is, 'How do I wish to feel?' Me, I can't see the point in unhappiness and so I refuse. Instead I shall be as precisely idiotic and delirious as no one wishes. Apart from me, ha ha.

This in no way of course precludes compassion or any other thing. Rather it's just me refusing to conform to some arsehole's game theory. Fuck 'em - I reject the proposition. Thus I shall embody the world as I wish it to be. And that's all I was ever going to be able to do if you think about it.

Okay, fine, let's do it.

A. Peasant said...

hello captain sweetie...

and hello nobs. you need to have another handle then, so how about you think of one? otherwise you blend in with all the other anonymouses and it's very difficult for everyone else to keep it all straight.

i like how you put it. there is nothing else we can do except keep going, live as though you won't get whacked by the invisible. it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

The inherent human fear of death.
Once that's let go of...just what is possible?

A. Peasant said...

very astute swits.

people are afraid of the truth. it could ruin everything. the longer they deny it the more it would ruin their lives to face it. so it starts there, with people denying 911 for instance. for most adults walking around in the states today, that's the litmus test. we know MANY people like this, who just don't go there. and we understand why they don't go there. because it's too scary. they are too afraid of what it means, and of how long they have been supporting the wrong team. it's the fear of death, the death of the illusion of what their life has been all this time (40, 50, 60, 70 years of worshiping the military, democrats, republicans, etc., you name it), that keeps them from looking. so instead, the people who have looked at the evidence, are redefined "crazy." that is so much easier.

the "crazy" people, of course, have to overcome the fear of being considered "crazy," and the loss of their illusions, which is very painful and depressing. we went through that years ago. that's for starters, not getting into the consequences of speaking the truth, with jobs for instance. then of course the threat of being targeted in various ways. look at all the people who comment anonymously. fear. fear of being linked to their opinions in the "real" world, where the consequences can happen. i guess what i'm saying is that once you start going down the path of looking at the truth, you pretty quickly have to overcome your fear of death, because it's just one of the bad things that can happen.

Anon said...

The world seems much more strange now than it did in times past.

But I suppose that what has changed is that 9 11 actually woke some people up.

People began to take a look at things like Operation Gladio and Operation Mockingbird.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

hi Aan. yes 911 did wake some people up. the awake people don't seem to have much traction, however.

Jody Paulson said...

I've felt similarly overwhelmed lately by the endless lies, the gallons of poison and tons of radiation, outrage upon outrage, against a seemingly impenetrable backdrop of ignorance and stupidity ... but at the same time, there's no doubt in my mind that someone up there (or "out" there) likes us and miracles are happening every day. Plus there's always the "hundredth monkey" effect. You never know when we'll hit critical mass, when seemingly overnight *everyone* wakes up. At any rate you've made my day by posting. Hang in there! In the war for awareness you're far more effective than I think you imagine!

Anonymous said...

The more teevee you watch, the more you believe teevee reflects reality.

As I've posited before, it's the most powerful mind control device ever created.

A. Peasant said...

thank you Jody, you are very, very kind. it is remarkable how this feeling has been affecting many of us. someone recently note, that there were various blogs going kind of quiet lately. it could very well be that a lot of us are pausing and asking ourselves if we are getting any traction out of our efforts. it's really hard to know. i don't think the people who i write for are the people who read here, generally speaking. but, i agree about the 100th monkey and the lucky breaks (miracles ok sure, i'll go with that, i've read a lot of CS Lewis). it's important to focus on the things that are going right.

A. Peasant said...

hi swits. what's so funny about that link...

"In recent years, experimental research has demonstrated that fictional narratives are powerful means to change audience beliefs. "

... is the whole golly gee whiz in recent years they started to figure this out?? they did a study in germany and austria?? N=387??

the people at tavistock must laugh their asses off when they read things like that. i mean, it's true, but what are they admitting here? they knew decades ago the power of teevee. they knew from the beginning what it was, and what it could do. so to come up with a little study admitting one tiny corner of what they've known for decades is rich.

but look at Eric's ABOUT ME page. he's inside the machine. and he has 7,599 followers on twitter. etc etc etc. when the machine saw what bloggers were doing, they got right in on it and signed up their own bloggers. and just look how successful they are.

Edo said...

Hey AP! Welcome back, even if only to say you may not be back to your usual bloggy self. I've missed you.

I don't think there's a single person that's embarked on this journey and hasn't felt the same as you have of late. The despair. The futility. The hopelessness.

It helped me to focus my energy on my family. Got myself an allotment. Started cycling. Stopped smoking.

Even though I can't do anything about the invisibles, I feel better than I did before, even if this means I feel better now (and will feel worse later, for whatever reason) the fact is I feel better now. Is that selfish? Maybe, but my family appreciate me more too, so its all good.

Sending you good vibes.


A. Peasant said...

thank you Edo. your humanity and kindness shine through. thank you.

i've also spent less time at the computer and more time just being with my own family. it is all good, i agree. maybe it is a little selfish but i'm not sure about that. all the people dedicated to the truth know the price and understand that we have to take breathers, because we are human. if we don't preserve our humanity, there's not much point in the exercise of chasing the truth through every dark alley.

Anonymous said...


Been anxiously awaiting more material from you. This one both incites and dissapoints me. Discovered your blog a few months back.. its the only one on my bookmarks. Don't let your point of view go to waste. Your posts are like food for those who inform the sheep. A wealth of perspective for those already awake. Critical mass can only be reached through determination. So keep em coming! There's a movement that depends on you.

Anonymous said...


Been anxiously awaiting more material from you. This one both incites and dissapoints me. Discovered your blog a few months back.. its the only one on my bookmarks. Don't let your point of view go to waste. Your posts are like food for those who inform the sheep. A wealth of perspective for those already awake. Critical mass can only be reached through determination. So keep em coming! There's a movement that depends on you.

A. Peasant said...

haha, ok no pressure. i'm working on a post. give me another day or two spanky.

Anonymous said...

Great writing.

Truth telling blogs have gone quiet or reduced their output lately. Agreed.
Disinfo blogs have upped their game lately...IMO.

People are more lethargic, down and unhealthy. The effects of Fukushima starting to manifest in us all?

The invisible powers seem to by trying hard to goad the masses into a big revolt so they can squish us like bugs with their high tech weaponry and super charged mercenary armies.
The masses are too drugged up, too chem trailed into submission, too worn down by unhealthy food and radiation to respond?

Your writing means a lot to me, thank you for your time and energy. I now try to be kind and good to everyone I meet and interact with, I try to in some small way have a positive impact on them.
My despair over those who willfully refuse to interrupt their safe little worlds by pondering 911 truth and the rest of the crimes lingers and my contempt for those people
occasionally flares up. But I have come to feel sad for them and try in my own way to be kind to them. One on one, this is easy. In a group these same weak minded fraidy cats become empowered and prone to condemning, ridiculing and denouncing me for my views on the world. There is no reward for being good, at least not from most people.
Not expecting the reward is key, being prepared to be abused is a good defence mechanism.

I have enjoyed 'The Razor's Edge' many times. The book and the two movie versions are all good. I like the Bill Murray version of the movie. It inspires me.

A bit of a rambling comment, no need to reply, but thanks again for your heartfelt posts and provocative ideas. We all need to keep on marching, as pacifists, for peace and for our fellow human beings.

A. Peasant said...

thank you for your very, very gracious comment. it means a lot to me to know that people get it. not that i was looking for anyone to tell me, but i felt i owed those who read here an explanation for my absence. and it has been gratifying to me to hear your voices back, as we witness together this madness and it's affect on us.

the general pause feeling that people note -- i am not sure what that is. it may be technology being used, but to me it feels more like a reset. kind of like when there's a fight in the ring and the fighters go to their corners and have some water and some strategy with the trainer. it feels like we are between the before and after, or something like that.

thanks to you and to all of those who keep up the fight. it is a fight, it shouldn't be, but it is.

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