walking away from the explosion

June 2010: James Corbett explains the connection between the IMF, "austerity measures," and pain. (via SOTT)

"The first step is to nurture the understanding that the austerity offered by the bankers is not the solution to our problems, but the beginning of them." ~ James Corbett

September 2010: Europeans protest against austerity measures. (via Kenny's Sideshow)

"Unions see the austerity measures as punishing workers. They say the economic crisis was triggered by overpaid and irresponsible bankers and financial traders."



Meanwhile, Neithercorp Press writes Economic Collapse Update: Acceleration in Autumn.

Right now, at this very moment, you and your descendents for generations to come are being enslaved by forcefully imposed usury. Our country has been “volunteered” for a financial debasement on a scale that dwarfs the Great Depression or even the Weimar catastrophe. We ignore this reality at our peril. Since the initial meltdown began in 2008, we have seen two and a half years of stall tactics and skewed statistics designed to prolong total collapse while central banks position themselves for optimal gain.

In case you were wondering what was taking so long. He discusses the role of China in our upcoming demise.

The problem is that the elites in our government fueling this conflict are well aware that China can and likely will begin a T-bond dump that will implode our currency. They know that China has absolutely no incentive to increase imports from the United States while it holds all the industrial capability necessary to supply itself with needed goods and a solidified ASEAN trading bloc to support its expansion. They also know full well that tariffs and trade embargos in the midst of economic meltdown tend to inflame retaliation and lead to even greater collapse, just as the Smoot – Hawley Tariff Act did in 1930, right before the Great Depression spiraled out of control.
A trade/currency war is EXACTLY what global banks want, in order to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency, create panic and desperation in the American populace, and to introduce the SDR (along with a stronger Yuan as a component) as the only workable security capable of holding together international commerce.

Has China known the plan in advance?

Are the Chinese aware of this plan? I believe that elements of the Chinese government and its central bank have been clued in all along. Why else would China, an export based economy for decades, abruptly decide to drastically reposition itself as a consumer hub at the center of an Asian trading bloc, all in the span of three years? I don’t think many mainstream analysts realize how radical this Chinese metamorphosis has been, and how significant it really is. The move seems unprecedented and almost irrational, unless you are a Chinese financial official cognizant of a plan to unseat American primacy. Then, a rush to detach from the U.S. makes perfect sense.

...If banking elements of China are working in concert with other central banks to force the U.S. into “global harmonization” under the IMF, it means this entire trade war state of affairs, all the accusations and cross-accusations, all the talking points and debates, every facet of the issue that has burgeoned so far this season, is one fantastic charade! What’s the point? While China is being built up as the villain of our American economic collapse fairy tail instead of the global banks, America is being built up as the villain for the rest of the world.

Scapegoats -- always very useful. In this case, Americans can hate and blame the Chinese all they want for ruining our economy, when it was actually the banksters. It will be no skin off China's back because Americans will be slaves at that point, and the US military will do the bidding of China's new best friends, the banksters. So no sticks and stones, just name calling and grousing from a bunch of poverty-stricken Americans? No big deal. Think of it as a little favor. The Chinese will take the blame and play the bad guys for a time, and it will be made up to them later.

More supporting evidence that some people in China have known the plan all along and have been working with their good international banking friends:

See: getting the show on the road
See: party time in Beijing: "The people who have run America into the ground are now going to take their party balloons and go to China."
See: making a correction?

The resources of the world, particularly the new world, have been divvied up. Game over for the Anglo speaking world. China is the next big thing, and the Jewish bankers are moving on. We don't expect the Catholic Church to have much sway in China. We suspect that by mutual agreement, the Catholic Church was slated to lead the new world order religion when the time came. We suspect that the Jewish banking families, having amassed tremendous power and ready to make a big move for Asia, recently reneged on the deal and decided to go a different route, thus imploding the very agreements which have brought the world to this perilous place.
See: necessary but not sufficient


We see more and more evidence of a special romance between China and Israel.

Chinese envoy: We admire Israel (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3961612,00.html)

On Tuesday, September 28, China marks 18 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel. The Chinese, like the Israelis, view this number as a symbolic milestone. "For us it symbolizes happiness and prosperity," the ambassador explains.

A festive gala dinner was to be held at the Beit Shean amphitheater in the presence of President Shimon Peres. This location was chosen, among other things, in honor of former politician David Levy, who lives in Beit Shean and served as foreign minister when the relations with China were first established.
Zhao says he is working with the Israeli Foreign Ministry on preparing Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming visit to China, where he says the prime minister is expected to be welcomed warmly.
"You might not know this," he says, "but we in China admire you and your Jewish mind, which has brought many Nobel prizes. The free China was established in 1949, one year after Israel, but we view what you have achieved as a miracle. We are brothers, almost twins. We admire you for creating miracles for 62 years."
Undoubtedly, the greatest success in China and Israel's relations is the trade ties. In the past 18 years, trade relations have been extended and have grown from $42 million to $6 billion.
"Israel contributes greatly to China in agricultural affairs, an important and significant field in China," Zhao says. "These days more than 20 universities have established ties with Israeli universities; nearly 20 Chinese universities have signed twin city agreements with Israeli cities; and the first Confucius Institute opened at Tel Aviv University in 2007.
"All these are signs of good relations. We have learned a lot from you. The Chinese government sees the importance of developing the relationship between China and Israel, and is willing to advance mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries and two governments." 

...Succeeding in China is every Israeli businessman's dream.
"Well, it's the dream of 90% of businesspeople in the world. But Israelis have a good chance, because it's a win-win situation."

Win WIN WIIIIIIIIIN!! Worth reading in full. Reads like a lover's quarrel toward the end.

China doesn't appear to share Israel's concerns on the Iranian threat. 

"That's not true. We are against the development of a nuclear weapon by the Iranians, but Iran has the right to use nuclear energy for civilian purposes. We agree with Washington's stand on this matter. We believe that the nuclear problem must be solved through a dialogue between the sides, and China definitely takes part in these discussions." 

(Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad is threatening to destroy Israel. What is your stance on this? 
"We have made it clear, to the Iranians as well, that we are against countries using such threats."

You didn't rush to join the sanctions against Iran. 
"That's not true. The UN adopted a resolution on the sanctions several months ago, and we joined it."

Peace talks have been launched, and for some reason China is not taking part in them.
"We play an important and significant role in the Middle East as members of the UN Security Council. A special delegation is scheduled to visit Israel next month, including the Chinese representative." 

China's Middle East Envoy to visit Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Egypt from October 11-23.

Seems to us that people who say "that's not true" to Israel's claims are normally tagged as "anti-semitic," but that doesn't seem to be the case with the Chinese. China seems to have some special anti-anti-semitic powers??

Can we get one of these capes?


Meanwhile, we found the Stuxnet worm curious. Stuxnet is just the beginning by Chris Dodds:

One of the big news stories of the IT security world over the past couple of weeks has been that of Stuxnet, a worm designed to attack industrial control systems. The discovery of Stuxnet is significant because of it’s complexity; this isn’t your standard 5cr1pt k1dd13 toy. Stuxnet appears to be the end product of a highly competent team of developers who have selected a very worrying target- SCADA systems.

SCADA is used to control everything from oil transportation pipelines to McDonald’s fountain drink robots. Manufacturing and the energy sectors in particular rely on SCADA systems in their day to day operations. So far, the major target of Stuxnet appears to be Iran’s nuclear power and processing infrastructure, with some spidering off into other Middle Eastern and Eastern countries.

... If certain systems such as compressed gas transports are attacked, there are ways an attacker could reprogram the SCADA system to cause back pressure and  explosions. If you’ve got a 30 inch natural gas line running under your city, it might be worth taking note.
Stuxnet wasn’t designed to propagate across the world indefinitely. It was built to attack a single target and dig its hooks in. To do what? – We don’t yet know. But it certainly highlights the possibility that there may already be other similar exploits in the wild or in development with their lasers set on us instead of the Iranians. In fact, our infrastructure could already be compromised and we wouldn’t even know it. In my experience, the culture of security around these systems is too immature to do much good. For a lot of companies and governments, it’s just not seen as a priority.

According to Paul Woodward writing in the Eurasia Review, the Stuxnet worm appears to have been a very sophisticated attack on Iran's Bushehr plant. (condensed)

A German team of industrial cyber security experts who have analyzed the way the worm operates now claim that it may have been designed to attack the newly operational Bushehr nuclear reactor.

Ralph Langner envisages that the highly sophisticated attack would have required a preparation team that included “intel, covert ops, exploit writers, process engineers, control system engineers, product specialists, military liaison.”

“Stuxnet is a 100-percent-directed cyber attack aimed at destroying an industrial process in the physical world,” says Langner, who last week became the first to publicly detail Stuxnet’s destructive purpose and its authors’ malicious intent. “This is not about espionage, as some have said. This is a 100 percent sabotage attack."

...If Bushehr was indeed the target, it may have presented itself first and foremost as a target of opportunity. From the point of view of governments with an interest in sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program, Bushehr would not be the most attractive target, but access provided to Russian contractors may have made it the easiest target.

Last September, Reuters reported: “Israel has been developing ‘cyber-war’ capabilities that could disrupt Iranian industrial and military control systems.”

So let’s assume that using Stuxnet, Israel has indeed launched the world’s first precision, military-grade cyber missile. What are the implications?

1. Iran has been served notice that not only its nuclear facilities but its whole industrial infrastructure is vulnerable to attack. As Trevor Butterworth noted: “By demonstrating how Iran could so very easily experience a Chernobyl-like catastrophe, or the entire destruction of its conventional energy grid, the first round of the ‘war’ may have already been won.”

2. The perception that it has both developed capabilities and shown its willingness to engage in cyberwarfare, will serve Israel as a strategic asset even if it never admits to having launched Stuxnet.

3. When it comes to cyberwarfare, Israel ranks as a major global power. It’s own tiny infrastructure makes it much less vulnerable to attack than is the sprawling infrastructure of the United States. It’s highly developed military IT industry means that it not only has great domestic human resources but that Israeli IT specialists, through research and employment, have the best possible access to most of the leading development facilities and vendors around the world.

4. As a cyber arms race takes off, we should not imagine that it will be like other arms races where power resides more in capabilities than in the use of those capabilities. “Whereas nuclear weapons have been used twice in human history, cyber weapons are employed daily and there is therefore an existential need to create some form of regulatory system that allows more than implicit deterrence,” says Robert Fry.

5. If AQ Khan demonstrated the ease with which a nuclear proliferation network can operate, the fact that the raw material upon which cyberwarfare is based is arguably the most easily transferable object on the planet — computer code — means that in certain ways the era of cyberwarfare may prove to be more dangerous than the nuclear era.

6. In the strategic landscape of cyberwarfare the most dangerous player may turn out to be a small but highly developed fortress-state that feels threatened by much of the rest of the world; that neither trusts nor is trusted by any of its allies; that sees its own stability enhanced by regional instability; that has seen its own economic fortunes rise while the global economy suffers; and that views with contempt the notion of an international community.

Paul Woodward

Paul Woodward describes himself by nature if not profession, as a bricoleur. A dictionary of obscure words defines a bricoleur as “someone who continually invents his own strategies for comprehending reality.” Woodward has at various times been an editor, designer, software knowledge architect, and Buddhist monk, while living in England, France, India, and for the last twenty years the United States. He currently lives frugally in the Southern Appalachians with his wife, Monica, two cats and a dog.

We like his analysis very much. (h/t malcontent from a NewsHogger story)

Speculating further on the Russian angle... and Russia's strange behavior lately...

One could spin complicated theories as to why Russia would want to sabotage its own facility, but Occam's Razor probably applies here -- and other reporting has indicated that the United States and Israel have, in fact, approved a covert sabotage campaign that may include a cyber component.

We turn once again to aangirfan, Jewish control of Russia?

On 6 September 2010, Russia and Israel signed an agreement on military cooperation....

Is Russia a Mafia state and is it close friends with Israel?...

On 28 September 2010, at voltairenet.org/en, Ivashov suggests that Medvedev has opted for the US-Israeli camp.
("In the Interests of Israel": Why Russia will not sell the S-300 Air Defense System to Iran)

1. On September 22 2010, it was announced that Russia will not sell the S-300 air defense system to Iran.
...10. There is a fear that Russia will join the "military escapades of the Anglo-Saxons and of the Israeli Zionist leadership in the name of the shadowy financial oligarchy’s global dominance."

The US and Israel are supposedly friends, but that friendship seems to be ending because Israel has not been a good friend?
Israel and Russia are old enemies, but are they really friends in secret?
Russia and the US are friends but only through their mutual acquaintance Israel? 
Israel and China are new friends, good friends, now that the friendship with the US is ending?
Russia and China should be friends but they don't trust each other because of Israel?

Have you ever had "friends" like this, who lie and stir up trouble at every opportunity? We have. They're called sociopaths.

Today the NYT reports on a reference to a Book of Esther name in the Stuxnet computer code. In the Book of Esther, Old Testament "Jews" preempt a Persian plot to destroy them.

That use of the word “Myrtus” — which can be read as an allusion to Esther — to name a file inside the code is one of several murky clues that have emerged as computer experts try to trace the origin and purpose of the rogue Stuxnet program, which seeks out a specific kind of command module for industrial equipment....some security experts see the reference as a signature allusion to Esther, a clear warning in a mounting technological and psychological battle as Israel and its allies try to breach Tehran’s most heavily guarded project. Others doubt the Israelis were involved and say the word could have been inserted as deliberate misinformation, to implicate Israel.
We don't doubt for a second that they would leave an in-your-face calling card. Anyway, it would seem now that there is NO JUSTIFICATION for an actual, physical attack on Iran, given this development. In fact, Iran could have some sort of catastrophe triggered by this Stuxnet worm and then no doubt we would hear it blamed on the usual suspects: HUMAN ERROR or TERRORISTS, or perhaps an ACT OF GOD....?

"...walking away calmly from an explosion in the background is so Bollywoodish!"
We agree. But it doesn't matter.

At this point we conclude that any talks going forward about an actual military attack on Iran are very much like the "fantastic charade" mentioned above in reference to trade war with China.

And when the explosion happens, wherever it happens, it will be the banksters who walk away calmly.


it gets old - updated

UPDATE: Division of holy site ordered

Mr Prasad says a third will go to Muslims, he said, a second part would become a temple for Hindus who claim the spot as the birthplace of their god Lord Ram, while another third would go to a Ayodhya-based Hindu religious organisation.

Mr Prasad says the court has upheld the Hindus' contention that the site was the birthplace of Ram.

I see. So that's ONE third to the Muslims and TWO thirds to the Hindus -- the distinction between the "temple for Hindus" and the "Ayodhya-based Hindu religious organization" being lost on me.

Imagine my shock. So instead of dividing it into TWO EQUAL HALVES, a fake distinction is made to create THIRDS, thus allowing the Hindus to have more.


As you've no doubt heard, a "Mumbai-style" massacre across Europe has been foiled.

Mumbai was at the centre of a terror siege in November 2008 when gunmen launched ten simultaneous attacks at popular landmarks including the Taj hotel, cafes, a train terminal and a Jewish centre. It was carried out by nine terrorists from the Pakistan-based Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba which has committed previous attacks in India. The revelations could be linked to yesterday’s evacuation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is feared an al Qaeda linked group may have been planning an attack on the West from a lawless tribal area of Pakistan.
For other possible explanations, please see aangirfan, who notes that "The CIA is keen to paint Pakistan as a source of terrorism."

These planned commando attacks have been foiled by the authorities. "Intelligence sources said the plot was in the ‘advanced but not in the imminent stages’ and the plotters had been tracked by spy agencies for some time." Hmm. No doubt. (Daily Mail) 


We would just call your attention to a possible hotspot in India tomorrow on the Ayodhya dispute. We covered this issue here and here, noting that sixty one trucks of explosives went missing in India a few months ago. The Ayodhya debate is very old, and it flared up around the same time as the "mosque at ground zero" debate. Synergy we guess.

The Ayodhya debate is a political, historical and socio-religious debate that was most prevalent in the 1990s in India. The main issues revolve around access to the birthplace of the Hindu God Rama, the history and location of the Babri Mosque at the site, and whether a previous Hindu temple was demolished or modified to create the mosque. (wikipedia)...The destruction of the mosque sparked terrible violence between Hindus and Muslims in India. Over 2000 people died. Ten years later the Gujarat riots followed the Godhra train attack, a train carrying Hindu activists from Ayodhya....The man in charge in Gujarat is Narendra Modi, Chief Minister. He assumed office on October 7, 2001.

Many people consider the Gujarat riots a genocide overseen by Modi. The Ayodhya dispute is between Hindus and Muslims.

Tomorrow a verdict is supposed to come out on the dispute. Security has been beefed up across the country.

Ayodhya verdict tomorrow, security beefed up across the country

LUCKNOW: The Allahabad High Court will deliver its verdict on the 60-year-old Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit on Thursday and bracing for it the government has beefed up security and warned that any attempt to breach peace will be dealt with firmly.
The narrative hook of the Ayodhda dispute is the accusation: that Muslims habitually build their mosques on top of other people's sacred places. 
In January 2001, Daniel Pipes (Zionist neocon) wrote about the similarities between the Temple Mount and Ayodhya, in which he argues that Muslims are habitual offenders for this sort of thing. (http://www.danielpipes.org/368/the-temple-mounts-indian-counterpart)

As Israeli intelligence services raise alarms about the prospect of radical Jewish groups attacking the mosques atop the Temple Mount, an eerily similar controversy is simultaneously developing in India, with possible lessons and implications for Israel. According to legend, the god-king, Lord Ram, one of Hinduism's principal deities, was born in Ayodhya, about 540 km southeast of New Delhi. The Moslem conquerors of India destroyed the temple commemorating his birthplace centuries ago and built a mosque, known as the Babri Masjid, on the ruins.

...Ayodhya prompts several thoughts relating to the Temple Mount.
  • It shows that the Temple Mount dispute is far from unique. Moslems have habitually asserted the supremacy of Islam through architecture, building on top of the monuments of other faiths (as in Jerusalem and Ayodhya) or appropriating them (e.g. the Ka'ba in Mecca and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople)
  • This pattern still continues - as recently as October, when it happened at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus.

Et cetera.

This is the narrative hook, the accusation: that Muslims habitually build their mosques on top of other people's sacred places. 

Notice that Pipes says "according to legend" the Hindu god was born at Ayodhya. The Babri Masjid (Mosque) was built in 1528. Hindus claimed 330 years later (1853) that Rama was born there.

But then, in 2009, a leaked government report caused a stir because it said that the destruction was "meticulously planned" and attributed to top Hindu leaders.

In India, a leaked government report which has blamed senior Hindu nationalist leaders for the demolition of an ancient mosque 17 years ago, has rocked parliament, and angered the opposition....The Indian Express newspaper says that the commission has concluded that the build-up to the events that culminated in the Hindu mob tearing down the mosque was "meticulously planned."
The newspaper says the Liberhan commission has slammed top leaders of the opposition Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party for their role in the destruction of the mosque, which sparked some of the worst Hindu-Muslim clashes seen in the country. Those named include former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and current leader of the opposition, Lal Krishna Advani.


A name that comes up frequently in research on terrorism in India: Narendra Modi.

In December 2008, aangirfan wrote about Mumbai and the Hindu Fascists who appear to run India (condensed):

1. In 1992, in the town of Ayodhya in India, hundreds of Hindu 'terrorists' tore down a 500-year-old mosque. The authorities failed to act against the Hindu 'terrorists'.

2. In 1999, a Hindu mob surrounded the stationwagon occupied by Australian Graham Staines, and his two sons, 7 and 11 years old, and burned them alive.

3. In 2002, almost 2,500 Indian Muslim men, women and children were burned alive in the Hindu 'fascist' attacks in Gujarat.

4. 'Fascist' Hindus have attacked Christians, often with the help of the police and the Indian Army. More than 600 Christians, nuns and priests and 200 of their churches, were targeted by Hindu mobs in eastern India in August 2008.

5. Hemant Karkare, the head of the Maharastrian Anti-Terrorist Squad (MATS) announced in 2008 that terrorist bombings on trains and at Malegaon Muslim cemetery had been carried out as false flag attacks by 'fascist' Hindus with the support of officers in the Indian Army. Police rounded up ten alleged members of a Hindu terror cell....On the first day of the Mumbai Attack, Hemant Karkare was killed.

6. Lal Krishna Advani, former Deputy Prime Minister of India (2002-2004), former President of the nationalist BJP, and current Leader of the Opposition, met the heads of MOSSAD when he visited Israel in June 2000. Advani advocated "closer India-Israeli cooperation on all security matters". 

7. Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, the Mumbai region, hopes his party, BJP, will increase its power throughout India. Modi is a fan of Israel. 

8. "India has recently allowed its new strategic relationship with the US and Israel to prevail over its traditional friendship with Iran," says Achin Vanaik, professor of international relations and global politics at Delhi University.

9. Control of the drug trade is also involved.

10. Yoginder Sikand at CrossCurrent observes:

"...the fact remains that it appears to be entirely in the interest of the Israeli establishment and powerful forces in America to create instability in India, fan Hindu-Muslim strife, even to the point of driving India and Pakistan to war with each other, and thereby drag India further into the deadly embrace of Zionists and American imperialists.

Ben Gurion wrote about his thoughts regarding Pakistan in the Jewish Chronicle, 1967:
"The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it.
"And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence..."It is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan."

We hope nothing bad happens in India tomorrow,
harming more innocent people.
We are very tired of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism,
any place and at any time.
Aren't you?


the low hanging fruit on the tree of evil

In May 2010, Iran and Tajikistan signed an agreement on military cooperation.

Defence ministers of Iran and Tajikistan signed an agreement on military cooperation, IRNA reported.

Under the agreement, countries will cooperate in the areas of military technology and military education.

Today Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi's visit to Tajikistan has been completed.

That same day, May 14, 2010, the US announced it would open a "small consultate" in Quetta to "supervise development projects in Balochistan." 

Wayne Madsen writes about Tajikistan. Tajikistan; We Are Coming.

After establishing destabilization programs in Pakistan and Iran, the CIA, with the help of MOSSAD, has embarked on a major program to carry out false flag terrorist attacks in Tajikistan with the goal of bringing that country firmly into the American orbit. WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia report the move by Washington and Tel Aviv to consolidate control over Tajikistan is aimed at eliminating Tajikistan as a potential ally of Iran in any military showdown between the West and Iran. Tajikistan, with its Pamiri Shi’a Muslim minority and Tajik-Persian-speaking population, is a country where Iran enjoys widespread popular support. Tajikistan, which lies to the north of Afghanistan, also hosts a U.S., French, and Indian military presence.
Madsen reports that the CIA and MOSSAD conduct terrorist operations in Tajikistan. They then blame the attacks on al-Qaeda affiliates: Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and Hizb ut-Tahrir. Madsen writes that these covert operations are coordinated by Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke. 

For the record, Holbrooke is a Zionist Jew. Not that it matters. Perish the thought.

Earlier this year Richard Holbrooke predicted the strategy of tension. That is why he gets paid the big bucks.
On February 20, 2010, Holbrooke said that al Qaeda planned to infiltrate Central Asia and train militants there to destabilize the region. This al Qaeda menace would allegedly spread from Afghanistan, where they miraculously outwit coalition forces for years on end. Mr. Holbrooke says al Qaeda "trains international terrorists." I'm guessing they provide things like passports, weapons, lodging, logistical support.
Stability in the vast resource-rich region sprawling between China, Russia and Afghanistan is crucial to the West as it lies on a new supply route for NATO-led operations in Afghanistan.
The region's main home-grown extremist group, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), wants to topple Central Asia's secular post-Soviet leaders and establish strict Islamic rule.
In Central Asia, according to security experts, the al Qaeda terrorists will assist the home grown terrorists to take advantage of the failed state opening. Failed states justify terrorism, right? People understand that hopelessness leads to radicalization, which leads to terrorism.

People also understand that terrorism justifies military expansion. We can't allow terrorists to go around beheading people. Military expansion makes for "stability," and stability is crucial to The West. Why? Because it allows the NATO operations in Afghanistan to continue. And these operations have been very effective in stopping terrorists.... oh wait.... actually...

Right around here official logic falls apart, since Afghanistan is really about controlling the incredibly lucrative illegal drug market. But of course, that can never be admitted. That's why Holbrooke can talk about the ruthless and determined enemies with no scruples who commit heinous crimes and behead people and murdered Americans on 911 etc. with a straight face (him not the enemies, to be clear), as he gets a promotion.
US Special Inflatable Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan
24" tall

"Creating and sustaining a strategy of tension between the US and Russia JUSTIFIES the continued military-industrial complex buildup in Central Asia." See: above reproach

Acts of terrorism create the strategy of tension, and the strategy of tension justifies the military presence.


Therefore, theoretically, you can reverse engineer this and see that if the government wanted to put the military into a place, acts of terrorism would create a justification to do so. Therefore the government might from time to time have a MOTIVE to commit acts of terrorism.

But that would be very evil, to commit acts of terrorism and kill innocent people just to create a justification to put the military someplace strategic. Everyone knows this. Furthermore, our myths instruct us as to who is good and who is evil, and we are always good. Therefore any acts of terrorism that our people must "necessarily" commit need to be blamed on "evil" people.

And of course this is how it's been done forever, but many Americans are too God-damned naive to believe it. They just can't connect those dots. It would be unpatriotic.

See: aangirfan:
Colonel admits to false flag attacks in Turkey, reportedly
The CIA's use of militant Moslems over a period of 50 years
The real terrorists in Pakistan

Et cetera.

But why? Why does the military need to stay in Central Asia? What is the Good Cause?

The waist of Tajikistan is the final stretch of land connecting Kyrgyzstan (home to Manas) and Afghanistan. The southern part of Kyrgyzstan, bordering Tajikistan, is home to the Bakievs (Osh). The Bakievs are dirty corrupt scum reportedly linked to the "Russian" mafia and many other corrupt people including Israelis, Italians, and Americans. See: watch it spread. It appears these people have been enriching themselves on the illegal drug trade that has destroyed countless lives throughout the world, and particularly in Russia.

Good Cause = Heroin.....?

See: who moves the drugs out of Afghanistan

Back to Tajikistan...

Is the area of conflict in Central Asia a wedge with the base in Balochistan and the point at Manas? Wedges split things. The area of conflict divides China and India from Iran. It also has at the center a massive drug operation. If this wedge can be fully controlled by some unspecified parties, anything can flow freely from a northeast / southwest direction. There's a big airplane distribution center at the top and a busy shipping area at the bottom.

Look at the map. Click to enlarge. The US military is all over Afghanistan, the heroin capital of the world. Look at the blue dots. Let's get real. We infer that they want to secure Balochistan and have access to the sea, and they want to secure the route to Manas, in order to distribute the only thing that Afghanistan produces, which is heroin.

Of course there are multiple reasons for controlling Central Asia (natural resources), so it's not solely about drugs, but for starters, the illegal drug trade is insanely profitable. Plus drugs destabilize civilian populations, like in Russia for instance, where heroin is a huge problem. This is the low hanging fruit on the tree of evil.

Obviously this cannot be admitted. There MUST be a cover story while other projects, longer term projects that can be discussed in polite society -- such as pipelines and democratic elections -- get negotiated, built, and arranged. Meanwhile we must hear incessantly about the evil and elusive terrorists. The details must be as murky and confusing as possible; meanwhile unheard of natural disasters strike at the most inopportune time, further driving the population into despair. It just goes on and on and on while people die in the chaos.

"A father places his hand on his 7 year old son, Abrar, who is suffering from typhoid, at a camp for flood victims in Nowshera, on Sept. 15. The floods are Pakistan’s worst-ever natural disaster in terms of damage, with at least 6 million people forced from their homes and 20 million people affected. The disaster has killed more than 1,750 people, and aid agencies have warned that millions are at risk of death if emergency food and shelter are not quickly provided.(Fayaz Aziz / Reuters)"

Shocking? It might still be shocking to some people. We apologize. We didn't make this evil system, we just try to figure it out and let you know so that you might choose to be peacefully non-compliant with the death cult's plans, while you still can. The first step is to identify the enemy. It's all those people with their sins of omission sending troops off to kill and die fighting the terrorists on our payroll. You start by not complying with them, by not believing their narratives. The resistance begins in your mind.


protecting their investigative powers then? - updated

UPDATE: Report: Significant cheating by FBI agents on exam.

"Fine called on the bureau to discipline the agents, throw out the results and come up with a new test to see if FBI agents understand new rules allowing them to conduct surveillance and open files on Americans without evidence of criminal wrongdoing."

Perhaps we would all like to understand what sort of rules ALLOW the FBI to conduct surveillance and open files on Americans WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL WRONGDOING.

"...the surveillance guidelines themselves... enable the targeting of people for investigation when there is "no factual basis to support that speculative belief.""


Pretending that they don't already watch and read anything they want to, at anytime.... "Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is “going dark” as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone."

"Law enforcement officials contend that imposing such a mandate is reasonable and necessary
to prevent the erosion of their investigative powers." 

What a sob story.

Let's skip over all the arguments why this would be risky and bad for business, etc. etc. etc. Who cares? Why worry about theoretical start up businesses and the issues they might face down the road when we don't even have a working economy or anything remotely resembling privacy?

Does anyone really for a minute believe that we have any privacy now? What about fusion centers? What about targeting?

What about OUR state and federal governments employing private Israeli security firms to spy on Americans, and allowing OUR personal data to be gathered safely out of OUR reach in a hostile foreign country, a country known to have been spying on the United States with impunity for decades?

The surprise disclosure that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through its state Homeland Security Agency, along with a number of local police departments in the state, have been employing a private Israeli security company with strong links to Mossad and the Israeli Defense Force grows increasingly disturbing when the website of the company, called the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, is examined.

...The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, which only lists a post-box address in Philadelphia (though in its report on the scandal the Philadelphia Inquirer referred to ITRR as a “Philadelphia-based company with offices in Philadelphia and Jerusalem”), also advertises a subsidiary operation it calls a Targeted Action Monitoring Center (TAM-C), which it claims is “world renowned” and which it says supplies “factual, actionable intelligence to subscribers.”  All information gathered by the firm’s staff of “former law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals” is sent to the Israeli headquarters of the TAM-C for processing--a move which effectively insulates it from discovery by any surveillance victims who might seek disclosure under federal or state Freedom of Information laws, or who might sue in court for violation of their civil liberties.

While ITRR, founded in 2004, doesn’t name any of its clients, it says they range from Fortune 100 companies, including the power industry, maritime companies, US infrastructure companies, “the company company charged with protecting oil production facilities,” missionary organizations and pharmaceutical firms, to law enforcement agencies and joint terrorism task forces.

But mind you, they claim that they don't actually follow anyone, conduct surveillance, photograph or record individuals.

"The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response tracks events, giving law enforcement a heads-up for the potential of disorder as our bulletins provided to the [state] clearly show...[and] does not follow people, conduct surveillance, photograph, or record individuals."

No no no, you don't understand. The surveillance fairies do the work, see? So it's all good. 
Go back to being naive.
You're so safe.


death by hot potato

Great location. On the Pacific Ocean. Home to a US Naval Base. Next to the Mexican border.
Another great location for organized crime.

Russian gangsters - many of whom entered the United States as "refugees" -- have spread their influence beyond the East Coast and are becoming a major criminal presence in California, according to State Attorney General Dan Lungren....The California Attorney General's Office report notes that during the 1970s and 1980s, under the guise of the Russian-Jewish refugee program, "the KGB emptied their prisons of hard-core criminals, much like Cuban dictator Fidel Castro did during the Mariel boatlift of 1980." The 1989 Lautenberg Amendment expanded refugee admissions from the Soviet Union to up to 50,000 per year. This was followed, in 1991, by provisions for legal immigration from the now independent states of the former USSR. Dubbed by Russian criminals as "the big store," the United States is now home to criminal gangs from all 15 republics. Since the mid-1970s, the hub of Russian organized crime in the U.S. has been the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, New York, known as "Little Odessa." From this center of emigre activity, they have spread their operations throughout greater New York, to Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Miami, and Seattle. California is particularly vulnerable to Russian organized crime because only New York state has a larger population of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. These new crime groups have been identified in major California cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Diego. They maintain ties to criminal organizations back in Russia and are forging working agreements with other Latin American and Asian syndicates.
Frank Lautenberg is a Jewish Democratic Senator from New Jersey. The Lautenberg Amendment made special provisions to allow Jewish and Evangelical refugees to resettle in the US from the former Soviet Union, because Congress declared these groups "persecuted." The refugees don't need to show actual persecution to avail themselves of the special privileges. For more background, see this link.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Lautenberg Amendment, celebrating the fact that over 440,000 "refugees" have resettled in the United States from the FSU and elsewhere as a result of this legislation, which Congress renews each year.

By 2000, the "Russian" mafia had already been well established across the United States.


According to the FBI, there are over 200 Russian mobs operating in American, in at least 17 cities in 14 states. At least four of those groups operate in California alone, with interests in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Diego. These groups have linked with Russian organizations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Oregon to form an enormous criminal syndicate.

But officials were not too worried because supposedly the "Russian" mafia was not that organized. Famous last words.

Although, the government is quick to point out, and US authorities agree, that only about 300 of those gangs have some sort identifiable structure. However, some Russian mob experts argue that the government is wrong, that the Russian-based mobs, are, in fact, very organized, and only appear to have no structure, a tool they use to minimize contact within the organization for security purposes and to throw investigators off their trail.
Lose or not, the structure of these organizations on both sides of the Atlantic remains basically the same. Each group is led by a boss, called a "pa khan," who controls four criminal groups, or cells within the organization, although, like the American Mafia, the Pakhan has only minimal contact with the men under him. Instead, he uses an intermediary called a "brigadier." In turn, the brigadier is watched over by two spies to ensure loyalty and to make sure he doesn't get too much power within the organization.
So the cells report to a brigadier, who reports to the Pakhan, who has spies on the brigadier. At least that's how it supposedly worked in 2000. The street criminal normally does not know who his boss is.

Some people know today that all the top "Russian" mobsters have Israeli passports. However, the FBI has known this for a long time.

In general, Friedman writes, state and federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wiseguys, a traditional route to promotion. And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area, where the vast majority of refugees were being resettled by Jewish welfare  agencies.

As for the FBI, which has the resources and the legal authority to investigate the Russian mob, Friedman says that were it not for the bureau's "own sluggishness in addressing the problem, the Russian mob in  the United States would never have become as powerful as it is today."  It wasn't until 1994 that the bureau set up a special force to deal with Russian organized crime. By then, Friedman says, there were some five  thousand "hard-core Russian criminals" in the New York region. Yet the FBI's spokesman in New York, Joe Valiquette, told Friedman, "The Russian Mafia has the lowest priority on the criminal pecking order."
To be clear, the article says that by 1994: 1) there were already some five thousand hard-core Russian criminals in New York; 2) and this mafia was the lowest priority on the FBI's pecking order; 3) because the fed and state agencies feared to go after them; 4) because the Russian mob is mostly Jewish.

So it was a "hot potato." So nobody touched it.
Recently, Jonathan Winer, a former senior United States government official, provided a rare view of how federal authorities bungled a major investigation into the Russian money laundering involving the Bank of New York. Winer was deputy assistant secretary of state for international law  enforcement; his job was to find ways to work with other nations to curtail money laundering and international crime. After Friedman's book was published, Winer told a congressional committee that he was first alerted  to the Bank of New York's large-scale money-laundering operation by the Manhattan District Attorney's office in March 1999. When he learned more, six months later, it was still not from anyone in the United States  government, but from British officials, who were keeping an eye on Mogilevich. From the British, Winer learned that in eight thousand transactions during eighteen months $4.2 billion had been moved through a suspicious account at the bank-an average of one wire transfer every five minutes, twenty-four  hours a day. But this was not enough to make anyone suspicious, apparently. The transactions were handled by a small company called Benex, which turned  out to be the creation of an officer at the Bank of New York, Lucy Edwards, and her husband, Peter Berlin.
Nothing happened to Lucy Edwards and Peter Berlin, or the Bank of New York.

Unlike the latter scandals involving Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom and Tyco, not a single one of BoNY’s top echelon has been indicted or convicted. Even the scandal’s "superstars", Lucy Edwards and her husband Peter Berlin, who pleaded guilty to money laundering, immigration fraud and other grave federal crimes in February of 2000 have never been sentenced and never spent any time in prison.
The scandal revealed Washington's "dangerous reluctance to confront international criminal networks."

No shit. That was ten years ago.

Also ten years ago, the Jerusalem Post admitted that the Israeli underworld had been taken over by Russian-Jewish mob bosses.

“Tarzan” Fainberg’s drug, weapons and slave trade with Tel Aviv, Kiev and St. Petersburg, in recent years, began using the comparatively free US-Canadian border for his transactions, financing the relatively new Toronto marijuana and cocaine fad. He was recently arrested by Canadian police and, without explanation, deported to Israel where he will continue his operations without interference. He apparently travels from Miami to Tel Aviv unhindered, and he brags that he has “ties” with the American FBI.

Hence, the Russian Jewish mafia is a “smoking gun” case linking American intelligence to international drugs and slavery, along with the Israeli government. At the same time, it also links these entities to the “Arab terror” groups operating throughout the world, who are the Israeli mafia’s top arms clients. In other words, it is not out of the question that the mafia ties the entire Anglo-Israeli complex
together, linking the sexual revolution, pornography, weapons, slaves and drugs together with the apparent cooperation of the American FBI and the Israeli police services.

FACT: The FBI still has Osama bin Laden on its ten most wanted list. Along with Semion Mogilevich. And Whitey Bulger. We don't expect any of them to be brought in anytime soon, meaning ever.


necessary but not sufficient

We see a lot of talk about corruption on teevee news. Corruption in churches. Corruption in politics.

This seems like a step in the right direction. Is there a lot of corruption? Yes. We are happy these people have been caught. Are these the biggest corruption stories in the world? No.

Currently, the biggest corruption scandals in the world *being reported at this time* are in the Catholic Church. We think there may be a couple of corruption scandals even bigger than the Catholic Church, or in fact related to the Catholic Church corruption scandals, but we don't know how those would come out given the controlled media. We notice, however, that there is not too much difficulty getting corruption stories about the Catholic Church out over the news lately. We noticed yesterday morning CNN's Kyra Phillips hammering home the point that the CC has dealt with one scandal after another. One. After. Another. As though the media has nothing to do with that state of affairs, as she hammered home the point.

For example, over at Penny's place, we see that the Vatican bank is being investigated -- again. It appears that the Vatican Bank is being singled out, and with such curious timing, coming hot on the heels of a seemingly successful visit to the UK.

Breaking news within the last hour, and curious timing of it all.......Just days after Pope Benedict XVI's successful visit to Britain.
Police said the Vatican Bank's chairman Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who is known to the Pontiff, was under investigation for suspected failure to observe money-laundering laws.
Do any of the banks observe money laundering laws?
To understand what I mean by this comment read: US banks' role in Mexican drug trade or Banks: Liquidity via drug trade-Don't tax City of London Bankers
or Wow, Drug money flowed into banks!

Then tell me when it is that banks observe money laundering laws?
Exactly right. Since when is the Vatican Bank the only bank to launder money? Is the Vatican Bank is being singled out? Looks like it.

We wonder who has the power to single out the Vatican Bank? Go right on over and read Penny's post including the comments.

Hmm? Which one of our gang would pick on the Vatican? 
Spanky? Darla? 
Buckwheat? Alfafa?

More clues...

See: Rome: "the promised land of foreign mafias"
See: who wants a Pulitzer Prize?
See: pretty much self-explanatory (click through Berlusconi links)
See: watch it spread
See: corruption
See: special privileges
See: above reproach
See: godzilla vs king kong
See: a whiff of regrettable in the air this weekend?

So we think there's plenty of corruption to go around. We think some of that corruption involves people in the "Russian" mafia and other mafias, politicians around the world, the military, corporate executives, etc. Therefore, when talking about corruption and specifically organized crime in the broadest sense, we think that focusing on the Catholic Church is necessary but not sufficient.

But a decision appears to have come down to focus on the Catholic Church and some smaller scandals. This way, the controlled media will give us the booby prize. We remain dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, in godzilla vs king kong we noticed who brought up the credible Satanic Ritual Abuse accusations against the church a few weeks back: Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Not that I disagree with Mr. Webre, but just who is he coming out all of a sudden with these accusations? Well it appears he is an uber-globalist, one of those who might be called upon as an expert commentator should we have some Project Bluebeam event going live.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed. (b. May 24, 1942 on a U.S. Naval Air Station) is an author, lawyer (member of the District of Columbia Bar), futurist, peace activist, environmental activist, and a space activist who promotes the ban of space weapons. He was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty and the Space Preservation Act that was introduced to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinich and is endorsed by more than 270 NGO's worldwide. He helped draft the Citizen Hearing in 2000 with Stephen Bassett and serves as a member of the Board of Advisors. Webre is also on the Board of Advisers at the Exopolitics Institute, is the congressional coordinator for The Disclosure Project, is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, and is the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space.
Webre spoke from Vancouver. Vancouver is a hub of international human trafficking. We know this in part from the work of Dave McGowan.

Presumably Webre would be aware of the SCALE OF CORRUPTION which allows such organized crime networks to function, also as he mentioned the Robert Picton cases. Thus it is *not only* the Catholic Church involved in these rings, though the CC appears to have a particular role.
These are the sorts of claims -- Satanic Ritual Abuse -- that would forever ruin the Catholic Church's credibility, if they were widely exposed and believed. But it is also very risky to expose the church, because the accusations would have to be limited to the Catholic Church. And based on our research, we consider there is zero chance that the Catholic Church is the only powerful entity involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse. So things must be quite seriously deteriorating amongst the organized criminals for us to observe the things we are seeing. And we can see that the charges have credibility coming from Webre since he is establishment.

Webre is also deeply involved in the alien agenda. Perhaps this is an important detail.

We know the One World Order plans have both a financial and religious component.

"What are the New World Order plans? They plan the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible, who worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity to achieve this plan. ...The New World Order will change nations' laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols - like the cross for instance - will be come unlawful. Only Easter and Christmas for instance will be replaced by New Age festivities around the world. The New World Order plans also the abolishment of all currencies and the transfer to electronic cash through the super highway -- what we call also, the electronic highway." The Greatest Hoax, Serge Monast
We know that the financial system might collapse at any time, and we see the church on the ropes. If/when these events happen, something would have to replace the financial system, and something would have to replace the church.

It's one thing to imagine the financial system being taken down and replaced. It's another thing to imagine destroying the Church. They can go after the pope and the clergy with corruption scandals, but the Church is made up of people who believe in Jesus Christ. How to attack people's faith? They might decide to challenge people's faith with an elaborate technological production, which some people have heard of as Project Bluebeam. Something that could really shake people to the core. We do not know whether Project Bluebeam is real or some red herring to distract from the real plan. We do not know if HAARP is real or some red herring to distract from the real weather mod technology. We just know they have advanced technology running off of satellites and some sort of weather modification technology, which may be the same or may be different.

looks kind of like this old stuff...(image borrowed from here)...

We bet on the satellites.

To be clear, we are pretty sure they are messing with the weather. We are just not too sure that they are using those clumsy antennae in Sarah Palin's Alaska to do it. And we feel pretty sure that they have the technology to pull off something like Project Bluebeam, and we guess that technology is not laying around in the open down here either. We are just using our common sense to make these guesses.

We covered the possibility of something like this happening back in April 2009. See: the ultimate hegelian mindfuck, including this brilliant snarky comment by Kenny of Sideshow fame:

Rockefeller Initiative, Clintons.....hmmm

I suppose if Obama or Sarkozy reveals ET's presence there will be only be one thing to do. We must unite as one world, under one government, using a global currency and build a world security system just in case some ET want to start some shit.

This would be way too big for a bunch of squabbling nations to handle. We would need one voice, one heart, one brave leader to speak for the world. A messiah to lead us into the promised land of the galaxies and tell us all what to do.

Knowing that we are not alone would cast doubts about current religions. I think we should have a new universal religion to embrace our new found neighbors and show world unity and peace.
Tithing required.

We can reach out to the ET's and become a popular tourist stop in their travels. Of course we may have to reduce our population by a few billion and clean up the place a little. No tourist wants to stay in a slum.

This new revelation would be just what we need. A new world....

I feel better already.
So with that in mind, we thought it odd that the Vatican's astronomer piped up, quite coincidentally of course while the Pope was visiting the UK, and started talking about baptizing aliens should they ask.

"Consolmagno said it was a "complete coincidence" that he was speaking at the British Science Festival at the same time as the papal visit." Pope's astronomer says he would baptize an alien if it asked him. 
It's all getting very strange.

"The big news here.... is the legitimization of the conversation that aliens exist." ~ Richard Hoagland, The Enterprise Mission. He discusses a possible October Surprise.

"And regardless of whether there are fake plans afoot, a false flag, or it's the real deal, it's irrelevant, that regardless of politically where this is trying to be.. events, to be manipulated... because there's enough data on the public record now, our work, Steven's work, a lot of other work, the truth will come out as soon as the idea of aliens is legitimized, and that's why this story is of major import tonight." ~ Richard Hoagland
What truth?

We don't understand how it's irrelevant whether the aliens that are supposedly going to show up are real or fake, but then again, we have not made the study of aliens our life's work. We think people need to know if the aliens are fake. We think it matters quite a lot if the "aliens" are holograms running off Pentagon satellites.

h/t Socio-Economics History Blog

And we are also not sure why the Vatican would bring it up, unless to suggest that the church would still have the higher authority should such a thing come to pass, which is grimly amusing.

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