serious underlying conditions

Here are parents grieving the sudden loss of their children. Every parent's worst nightmare.

This child in Britian died hours after receiving a vaccine against cervical cancer. The authorities say that is is very unlikely she died because of the vaccine. The program was temporarily suspended for two days "to give staff administering the vaccine training in how to answer questions from anyone concerned about its safety." They quarantined the batch of vaccine.

Oh and "GlaxoSmithKline shares were down 0.68 per cent at $19.78 on the London Stock Exchange late Tuesday."

LONDON – A British health official said Tuesday that the sudden death of 14-year-old girl was very unlikely to have been caused by the vaccine she was given hours before she died.

Natalie Morton, who died in a hospital Monday only hours after being the given the Cervarix vaccine, which protects against the virus that causes cervical cancer, had a "serious underlying medical condition which was likely to have caused death," according to Caron Grainger, the director for public health at Coventry City Council, the English city where the girl went to school. [OK WHAT WAS IT? - ed.]

"We are awaiting further test results which will take some time," Grainger said in a statement. "However, indications are that it was most unlikely that the ... vaccination was the cause of death."

The Cervarix vaccine consists of three injections given over a six-month period, and the shot Morton received at her school had been her first. Morton appeared to be healthy before being given the shot, and her dramatic death sent a ripple of concern across the country.
Contrast to this case:

Laboratory testing has confirmed that the Leonard Middle School student who died Sunday after being hospitalized with flulike symptoms had the H1N1 swine flu, the Tarrant County Public Health Department said Tuesday.

Chloe Lindsey, 14, fell ill Wednesday evening and had developed a temperature of 103.8 degrees and pneumonia when she was rushed to the hospital Sunday, said her father, Tom Osborne.


Lindsey, an eighth-grader, had no underlying health problems. She ran track and played clarinet in the school band, he said.


However, she did not receive the antiviral medication Tamiflu because the doctors said the CDC guidelines recommend giving it only to people most at risk, he said.


“They kept asking if she had asthma or diabetes,” Tom Osborne said. “They said if there is not an underlying health problem then the CDC recommends withholding it because they are so short, especially on the child doses. They said to make sure she gets lots of fluids and rest.”


When Lindsey arrived at Cook Children’s emergency department at 7:22 a.m. Sunday, she had flulike symptoms that included fever and respiratory issues, a hospital spokesperson said. [PNEUMONIA???????]


He said he and his wife don’t blame their daughter’s pediatrician but can’t help but question the CDC guidelines.

“For all the parents out there, insist on treatment,” he said. “We don’t understand how we have gotten to this point where we don’t have the medicine for these children.”

Do you get the impression from this story that this child was denied a drug, Tamiflu, on Friday because of the overly-conservative CDC guidelines and the scarcity of the medicine? Do you see how that is presented as a problem? Do you see what the solution is? Make more medicine and loosen the guidelines and encourage people to take the medicine?

But what if this girl died from pneumonia after being sick and worsening for days. I don't know. It is a possibility however a possibility that common sense suggests and which is, in fact, supported by the WHO's own data.
In most cases, even the WHO and the Atlanta US Government's CDC has been forced to admit, deaths were in patients who already has some severe respiratory disorder or grave illness when they contracted what was named H1N1 Influenza A. They never to date have offered the slightest proof that it was not those grave prior illnesses which caused death and that the flu symptoms were merely a coincident event, what epidemiologists term an "opportunistic infection."

But it gets even more interesting. The WHO it turns out lumps its statistics for flu deaths together with those from pneumonia, a completely separate and far more common illness and a far larger cause of death, in a disease classification it calls "Influenza and Pneumonia (J09-J18)."

So, in 2007 the WHO recorded 21883 deaths attributed to "flu and pneumonia" without dividing each as to direct cause. But of those WHO classifications, flu itself only goes for symptoms in categories J09-J11. The entire rest of the categories deal with pneumonia and related lung infectious manifestations. Yet far and away the largest group of deaths from infectious diseases comes from pneumonia, not from influenza. The number of certified deaths from "influenza virus", with or without pneumonia complications was a far less alarming 14 persons in 2007. This clever trick allows pharmaceutical manufacturers like GlaxoSmithKline or Baxter Labs to promote their "flu" vaccines.
Recap: In the case where a vaccine immediately preceded a healthy child's sudden and unexplained death, the authorities blame her death on an underlying condition -- but they don't tell us what it is. In a case where a child dies from pneumonia after being seen by doctors and worsening over a period of days (can you say malpractice?), the death is blamed on swine flu.

Every single day people have their personal tragedies twisted to serve agendas. Every single day. And the only defense from it is you, dear reader, and the care you take in consuming what they call "news." Lives depend on your ability to process information.


diehard resisters

I've written about abusive military technology before. It's a little pet peeve of mine.

super creepy mind control experiments
a laser beam?
laser technology
use your imagination
coverup in full swing
who killed benazir bhutto?
fusion centers
another PR problem
sick minds make sick weapons
a logical conclusion
close enough to see the whites of their eyes
bullshit detector - activated (complete with comment thread military suck-up troll who I would dispatch differently today (link fixed))
the holy grail of crowd control
message control

So now we have the military and militarized police forces abusing the G20 protesters in Pittsburgh. And here's three big goons doing a terrible job trying to blend in with some students.

h/t Dissecting the New Age (on the blogroll)

What is the point of all this? It is to control the way you think.

The war against our minds has many dark levels, all of which attempt to hide truth which is not sanctioned by the police state, replacing it with a new fabricated “official version” of events. The state/corporate controlled media informs us of what we are to think, while multiple forms of coercion, bribery and intimidation are used to reinforce the government’s ideas and convince people to accept them as their own.

Each political protest that attempts to open people’s eyes to the world of untruths which constantly inundates us, exposes the silent majority to more and more of the police state tactics that the ruling elite has gathered together, to use as it wages war against the American public by less than deadly means. In addition to rubber bullets and flash grenades, the police state brought-out acoustic weapons to herd protestors at the recent G20 Summit in Pittsburgh:

I try whenever possible to unpack things for people as best I can, by showing how the manipulation works. How they use language like 'scientists believe,' 'studies suggest,' and 'experts disagree,' and all the myriad ways they twist what people see and hear and understand, how they send people off down dead-end roads giving them misdirections that can cost them their lives.
The militarization of American police forces and their adaptation to the new low-level warfare techniques is spoon-fed to us, mixed-in with the usual themes of “terrorism” and other fear factors, hoping to intimidate any potential resistance movement before it even begins—stifling the idea itself. That’s the entire mission of the war against the people, in a nutshell, to stifle all unacceptable ideas within the mind itself, before trouble arises from them.
Exactly right. They strangle the infant independent thoughts in the cradle of your brain. As soon as you start thinking hey what am I doing on my knees and you start to pick your head up they come down on your neck with a spike-soled boot. Aren't you a GOOD AMERICAN? Don't you SUPPORT THE TROOPS? Don't you believe that ISRAEL IS THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND OUR BEST FRIEND THAT WE HAVE TO SUPPORT? Go ahead, stand up and say it out loud. Put it on the internet what you really think. Go ahead. I dare you. I dare you to speak the truth.

Oh no. That would be crazy. The truth is radical and most people aren't cut out for that sort of thing, they're not diehard resisters. Resisting is more like a hobby than a survival mechanism. They don't take it all that seriously. Better to remain Anonymous because they think that keeps them safe from the police state. But that is the biggest mind-fuck of all, that submitting to mind-control keeps you safe. The only way out is to RESIST and to THINK YOUR OWN THOUGHTS and to OPEN YOUR MOUTH. If you censor yourself, they have won. That's exactly what they want you to do. It frees them up for other projects. That's why they whine so bitterly when people don't listen to The Authorities, because you're supposed to police your own thoughts, shut up and make their jobs easy. That's your Patriotic Duty, to be a mind-controlled slave.

And yes, you *are* under mind-control. If you live in these United States, you are under mind-control.

Resistance begins and ends within the mind. The police state knows this. When they say euphemistically, that it is a war for “hearts and minds,” this is what they mean—a battle to kill-off ideas of resistance. The Master State is attempting to preempt future resistance by anticipating who will be in the resistance, so that their rebellious minds might be swept clean of such unacceptable thinking, before trouble comes from it.

Resistance to the idea of the all-powerful state is all that prevents the rising-up of the global dictatorship. Many plans are afoot now to bring this new order about. Full implementation of the plan will bring-about a massive planetary kill-off, where multiple animal and plant species will disappear, along with a billion or more human beings. Silence in the face of such inhuman plans is a deadly surrender of apocalyptic proportions.

Read the whole thing.


damn manipulating you people is Hard Work you know

It takes planning. Lots of PR. Limited hangouts. They even have to throw their OWN PEOPLE under the bus to make this look good. Jeebus. They have to do some serious spinning and they have to start doing it *now* people, because damn you you are so uncooperative. GET OFF THE FUCKING COMPUTER AND TURN ON THE TEEVEE, WOULDJA?

Don't Blame Flu Shots for All Ills, Officials Say
by Donald G. McNeil, Jr.

As soon as swine flu vaccinations start next month, some people getting them will drop dead of heart attacks or strokes, some children will have seizures and some pregnant women will miscarry.

But those events will not necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine. That poses a public relations challenge for federal officials, who remember how sensational reports of deaths and illnesses derailed the large-scale flu vaccine drive of 1976.

This time they are making plans to respond rapidly to such events and to try to reassure a nervous publicand headline-hunting journaliststhat the vaccine is not responsible.

Every year, there are 1.1 million heart attacks in the United States, 795,000 strokes and 876,000 miscarriages, and 200,000 Americans have their first seizure. Inevitably, officials say, some of these will happen within hours or days of a flu shot.
[Regular flu in the United States kills about 30,000 people in an average year. 90% of those are people 65 and older who are already not in the best of health. There have been 820-987 deaths each week from the regular flu in the 122 cities that are in the center for disease control tracking system. In the USA there are about 2.5 million deaths in a year. A regular year worldwide is for 250,000 to 500,000 people to die from the flu. Worldwide there are 55 million deaths from all causes each year. Normal flu pandemics kill 0.75-2 million people each year. http://nextbigfuture.com/2009/04/regular-flu-deaths-in-usa-in-2009.html]

The corporate media has to proactively smash the links between the vaccine and death, even though when it's convenient to blame deaths on the swine flu which couldn't actually be proved, they totally did that, but please don't notice, because now they don't want you to be afraid of the vaccine. You shall only be afraid of the swine flu, but not of the vaccine. Swine Flu Bad, Vaccine Good. Got it? Good. People die every day but they never die of anything Officially Sanctioned as Good, OK? They only die of Officially Sanctioned Bad Things, like the swine flu. Or Your Stupidity! Don't forget that, it's important. Your Own Stupidity can definitely cause you to die especially if you don't listen to what has been Officially Sanctioned as Good. It's also important to cast aspersions at anyone who doesn't follow the Officially Sanctioned Narrative. That would be the patriotic thing to do.
The government “is right to expect coincident deaths, since people are dying every day, with or without flu shots,” said Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg, president of the Institute of Medicine and co-author of “The Epidemic That Never Was,” a history of the 1976 swine flu vaccination campaign.

Officials are particularly worried about spontaneous miscarriages, because they are urging pregnant women to be among the first to be vaccinated. Pregnant women are usually advised to get flu shots, because they and their fetuses are at high risk of flu complications, but this year the pressure is greater. Expectant mothers are normally advised to avoid drugs, alcohol and anything else that might affect a fetus.

“There are about 2,400 miscarriages a day in the U.S.,” said Dr. Jay C. Butler, chief of the swine flu vaccine task force at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “You’ll see things that would have happened anyway. But the vaccine doesn’t cause miscarriages. It also doesn’t cause auto accidents, but they happen.”

In the opening days of the 1976 vaccination campaign, which eventually vaccinated 45 million Americans, three elderly Pittsburgh residents died soon after receiving their shots at the same clinic. Though scientists believe it was just a freakish coincidence, some news reports suggested the vaccine had killed them.

“Press frenzy was so intense it drew a televised rebuke from Walter Cronkite for sensationalizing coincidental happenings,” Dr. David J. Sencer, who was then the director of the C.D.C., wrote in 2006 reflections on the vaccination campaign.
Scientists believe, studies suggest, and experts disagree, but nobody ever really finds out what happens, do they? They are only ever CERTAIN about CERTAIN things, like the things you should CERTAINLY be afraid of. But the things that you should NOT be afraid of are couched in the most suspicious terms possible.
Two months later, reports emerged of vaccine recipients suffering from Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves, leading to temporary or permanent paralysis and, in a few cases, death. That effectively ended the campaign, as officials suspended it to investigate. Experts still disagree over whether the vaccine caused cases to increase that year, and the C.D.C. will be on high alert for reports of it this year.

Guillain-BarrĂ©’s cause is unknown, though different studies have suggested it more often affects people who have had a flu shot, the flu itself, some bacterial infections — or even, according to Dr. Sencer’s paper, people who have been struck by lightning.

In any case, after the suspension, there was no reason to restart because the predicted swine flu epidemic never emerged.

That, experts emphasize, is the great difference between 1976 and 2009. The earlier virus apparently burned out the previous winter inside Fort Dix, N.J., before any vaccine was even made, while this pandemic H1N1 virus has already infected millions and, unchecked, will probably reach over two billion, according to the World Health Organization. [CERTAINLY.]
Also, it's very difficult for officials to do their job Keeping You Safe! The damn internet, it spreads RUMORS. You Have NO IDEA how difficult it is to keep you all mind-fucked to death! It requires a War Room and daily news conferences. !!!
In 1976, getting flu shots into 45 million Americans was unprecedented. Now about 100 million get annual shots, and the government has ordered twice that many doses of swine flu vaccine.

Other changes since 1976 worry officials. The 24-hour cycle of news on television and the Internet did not then exist; public health officials now must be ready to respond to rumors instantly. In 1976, the C.D.C. did not hold news conferences, and it took it five days to respond to the Pittsburgh deaths, Dr. Fineberg said.

“Back then, it was a neat thing to have a fax machine and get out four pages a minute,” said Joe Quimby, a press officer for the disease centers. “Now, communications have to be multimodal. Turning on the three broadcast news outlets is not going to reach everybody any more.”

The agency now has a “war room” in its Atlanta headquarters and, since the pandemic began in April, has held news conferences, sometimes even daily, at which reporters from around the world ask questions by phone. They can be seen live on the agency’s Web site, and it has another Web site, flu.gov, devoted to the pandemic, as well as a constantly updated Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Complicating the challenge for officials, some experts argue, is that health news coverage has suffered since 1976.

“I’ve seen the rise and fall of experienced medical reporters,” said Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “I can’t tell you how many reporters have come to me since last spring who don’t really know what flu is.”

Also, antivaccine activists are far more powerful now. Thirty-three years ago, vaccines were enthusiastically welcomed; many parents or grandparents still remembered children dead of smallpox, measles or polio. The minority opposing them were often followers of natural healing or traditional chiropractic beliefs.

In 1976, autism was not on the public’s mind, and the problem was still attributed to indifferent mothering. Vietnam veterans with chronic illnesses usually blamed Agent Orange, a defoliant.

Today, many parents blame vaccines for their children’s autism and some ill Gulf War veterans blame their anthrax shots.

Some antivaccine groups are raising fears of thimerosal, a preservative used in some brands of flu vaccine. Others issue dire warnings about squalene, an immune booster used in military vaccines and in some European flu vaccines but not in any American ones.

And, in the rancor over health insurance reform, unfounded rumors are spreading that the Obama administration will make swine flu shots mandatory. Administration officials have emphatically denied that. But a recent decision by New York State to make them mandatory for all hospital employees has reinvigorated those rumors on the Internet.

To defend itself, Dr. Butler said, the C.D.C, has compiled data on how many problems like heart attacks, strokes, miscarriages, seizures and sudden infant deaths normally occur. And it has broken those figures down for various high-priority vaccine groups, like pregnant women or children with asthma. When vaccinations begin, it plans to gather reports from vaccine providers, hospitals and doctors, looking for signs of adverse events, so it can detect problems before rumors grow.

“Then we’ll try to verify the signal, see if it’s real,” Dr. Butler said. “Then we’ll try to see if it’s associated with the vaccine. If it is, we’ll say so. The process will be as transparent as we can make it.”
Riiiigggghhht. [wink wink wink]


sending people off into the tall weeds

Problem: TPTB put some bad ingredients, such as squalene, in their swine flu vaccine and word has gotten out to the people not to take the vaccine.

They have to do something. They cannot simply pretend that nothing has happened. How do they address this problem?

This is what they do. They have a doctor on Fox News. As soon as the conversation turns toward the danger in the vaccine, the host, whoever that clown is, interrupts the doctor and starts talking about .......thimerosal.

Is thimerosal bad? Yes it is. But of course, many people already know about thimerosal because it has been long associated with autism and the MMR vaccine. Thimerosal is an old controversy. For years doctors have been shooing parents concerns away about thimerosal even though the government recently conceded a vaccine-autism case in federal court.

If you were watching Fox News and started looking into thimerosal, however, thinking it has something to do with the swine flu vaccine, you would be off in the weeds far far away from discovering anything about squalene.

There. That was easy. You simply conclude that one out of four doctors is an idiot.


racist much?

NAZARETH // A local authority in Israel has announced that it is establishing a special team of youth counsellors and psychologists whose job it will be to identify young Jewish women who are dating Arab men and “rescue” them. The move by the municipality of Petah Tikva, a city close to Tel Aviv, is the latest in a series of separate – and little discussed – initiatives from official bodies, rabbis, private organisations and groups of Israeli residents to try to prevent interracial dating and marriage.

In a related development, the Israeli media reported this month that residents of Pisgat Zeev, a large Jewish settlement in the midst of Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem, had formed a vigilante-style patrol to stop Arab men from mixing with local Jewish girls.

Hostility to intimate relationships developing across Israel’s ethnic divide is shared by many Israeli Jews, who regard such behaviour as a threat to the state’s Jewishness. One of the few polls on the subject, in 2007, found that more than half of Israeli Jews believed intermarriage should be equated with “national treason”.

...Dr Yonay said Russian women were less closed to the idea of relationships with Arab men because they “did not undergo the religious and Zionist education” to which more established Israeli Jews were subject. Mr Hakak said the municipality had created a hotline that parents and friends of the Jewish women could use to inform on them. “We can’t tell the girls what to do but we can send a psychologist to their home to offer them and their parents advice,” he said.

...Last year, the municipality of Kiryat Gat, a town of 50,000 Jews in southern Israel, launched a programme in schools to warn Jewish girls of the dangers of dating local Bedouin men. The girls were shown a video titled Sleeping with the Enemy, which describes mixed couples as an “unnatural phenomenon”.

Haim Shalom, head of the municipality’s welfare department, is filmed saying: “The girls, in their innocence, go with the exploitative Arab.” In 2004, posters sprang up all over the northern town of Safed warning Jewish women that dating Arab men would lead to “beatings, hard drugs, prostitution and crime”. Safed’s chief rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, told a local newspaper that the “seducing” of Jewish girls was “another form of war” by Arab men. Both Kiryat Gat and Safed’s campaigns were supported by a religious organisation called Yad L’achim, which runs an anti-assimilation team publicly dedicated to “saving” Jewish women.

According to its website, the organisation receives more than 100 calls a month about Jewish women living with Arab men, both in Israel and the West Bank. It launches “military-like rescues [of the women] from hostile Arab villages” in co-ordination with the police and army.

“The Jewish soul is a precious, all-too-rare resource, and we are not prepared to give up on even a single one,” says the website.
And I bet if we could find some of these women living with Arab men, we would learn that they ran away from the sniveling, mewling control freaks surrounding them in order to find REAL MEN in the Arab villages. That would be my guess. Since they bring it up.


who carries the burden of proof?

on your knees

It's not about YOU, and what YOU need. It's about the National Guard YOU pay for. They do a fine job protecting the people who screw YOU from..... YOU! And Don't YOU Forget It!
Local Guardsmen on G-20 duty
Staff Writer to Lebanon Daily News

More than 2,500 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen - including several from Lebanon County - are in Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit, set to take place Thursday and Friday.

During the mission, dubbed Operation Steel Kickoff, the Guardsmen will fall under the direction of the U.S. Secret Service and will support local, state and federal agencies. Guard members will serve as a regional response force, augment law-enforcement personnel, provide crowd and traffic control, and help with security.

"Everybody is excited and honored to participate in such a global event," said Lt. Col. Dale Waltman of Cornwall.


Waltman, who works full-time at Fort Indiantown Gap, is the commander of 1st Battalion, 107th Field Artillery Regiment from New Castle, Lawrence County. For the G-20 Summit, he is commander of Task Force Security, comprising more than 600 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen.

Waltman arrived in New Castle on Sept. 16 to begin assembling the task force, then moved into Pittsburgh on Sunday. Since then, the soldiers and airmen of the task force have been training on a variety of different tasks, he said.

"We just reviewed some basic communication skills, and we worked on some specific equipment skills so everybody has that common knowledge," he said.

The Guardsmen have also completed civil-disturbance and crowd-control training in anticipation of the thousands of protesters who are expected for the summit.

"We're not anticipating that nothing is going to happen,"

Waltman said. "We've been briefed on the possibility that there will be some protesters coming into the city, but they haven't given us a specific number."


Also in Pittsburgh for the summit are several members of the Fort Indiantown Gap public-affairs office. Capt. Jay Ostrich of Cornwall said the public-affairs specialists' primary mission is to do news features on the Guardsmen taking part in the mission.

"Basically what we're doing is helping to tell the Guard story here," he said.

Ostrich said the public-affairs specialists could also be called to help with crowd control if needed. If that were to happen, he said, he is confident they would be able to meet any contingency.

"We've been side by side with the soldiers as they did their training," Ostrich said. "We're well prepared to defend ourselves as well, but hopefully the need doesn't arise."


The G-20 is a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 economies: 19 of the world's largest national economies, plus the European Union.

This week's summit was originally planned for New York City but was changed to Pittsburgh in May. Pittsburgh was selected by the Obama administration to highlight the city's economic recovery after the collapse of its manufacturing sector in the latter half of the 20th century.

"Our soldiers and airmen supporting the G-20 Summit demonstrate the relevance, value and accessibility of the Pennsylvania National Guard," Maj. Gen. Jessica L. Wright, commander of the Pennsylvania National Guard, said in a news release. "When our communities, commonwealth and country need us, we are always there."

Ha. Good one.


dignity means not letting other people do things for you that you can do for yourself, such as getting up off your knees while you still can

So I might be taking a little break, not sure. Maybe I will maybe I won't. But read this thing from David Icke because it's good and it conveys some of the frustration that I personally feel from spending thousands of hours of my life reading and blogging and analyzing, for what I don't know. For the love of humanity I guess because I certainly don't do it for the money or the security it brings me ahem.

Here's the thing up next for us: resistance, non-compliance. If they're going to take you away make them do it the hard way. Do not cooperate with this agenda coming down the pike because it is dangerous and deadly and evil and it will trap even those enforcing it, to their bitter horror.
We need to come together in mutual support with unbreakable determination and a backbone that will not wilt.

No matter what the intimidation we must refuse the vaccination for ourselves and our families and make it as difficult as possible for the authorities to impose their will. If people react with violent protest, they will be handing all the aces to the police state. It is not a violent response that we need, but a calm and peaceful mass campaign of non-cooperation.

A system run by a few cannot function if the masses will not cooperate with it.

Calmness is essential or we stop thinking straight and never was there a more important time to think straight than in the months and years ahead before this control system is dismantled.

Hey, and you in the middle and lower ranks of administration in governments and their agencies; you in uniform, be it the military, police, whatever ... What the hell are you doing? You have children and grandchildren, too. What the hell are you doing?

Wake up, grow up, get informed and start to break ranks before you enforce a prison-state on your own families.

This is no time for faint hearts ... we came to sort out this fascist nonsense and the time will come when we will. Let us meet that challenge - look it in the eye - instead of running for cover.

One line sums it up ...



Decision Tree from Hell

Really good summary here from Damian Lataan, trying to answer the question on many people's minds right now, which is WTF? Do we *really* have to let Israel start WW III over Iran's non-existent nookular weapons? And why is that...exactly?
The answer lies in Zionism’s long term objectives of creating a Greater Israel. The main forces that stand between the Zionists and their objectives are Hezbollah in Lebanon who have defended their country against attack from the Israelis on several different occasions, and Hamas who have struggled to defend and regain the Palestinian lands that have been taken from them by the Israelis. Both of these Arab and Palestinian entities are supported by Iran via Syria. Without Iran’s support, both Hezbollah and Hamas would not be able to sustain their resistance to Israel’s aggression and ultimate aims.

However, Israel is not able to simply attack Iran; world opinion simply would not support such a blatant act of aggression. In the past, whenever Israel has decided to launch an attack against its enemies, Israel has always managed to find a casus belli that Western governments have been able to accept. The Israelis have always been able to manipulate events in such a way as to allow the world to believe that Israel is the victim rather than the aggressor. With the careful use of propaganda distorting the true nature of events coupled with outright lies and the occasional false flag or ‘psychological’ operation, Israel has been able to control the Western mainstream medias presentation of news via its influence on the owners of the mainstream media so that it favours Israel.

The only way that Israel can effectively and permanently cut Iran’s influence on Hezbollah and Hamas is for Israel to bring about regime change in Iran. In order to bring about regime change one of two things need to happen; either the country needs to be invaded and its government toppled, as happened in Iraq, or the government toppled by internal forces. Since it would be logistically impossible for Iran to be invaded as Iraq was, the only alternative is to have the government toppled by other means.

...The US and Israel have only one option left and that is to attack Iran’s military and government institutions with such force that the government capitulates and bows to the demands of the US via the UN – demands that would include ‘regime change’. In order to make such an attack the Israelis and the US will require a casus belli that would be supported by public opinion. Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons program, it is hoped, will be that casus belli.

An alternative casus belli could be that evidence, manufactured or otherwise, shows that Iran is substantially supporting Hamas and/or Hezbollah to a level that is a threat to Israel....Since such a scenario could not be realised without a trigger casus belli such as a war with either Hamas and/or Hezbollah in which it can be shown that Iran is involved, Israel will first need to find some reason to launch an attack against one or the other or both.
It would appear that the first option -- the nuclear weapons story -- has been seriously compromised by the NIE findings coming up persistently and in really obvious places like Newsweek. You know, where people will actually see it. But that does seem to narrow things down to 1) war with Hamas/Hezbollah or possibly, 2) false flag 9/11-type event. And as Lataan points out, Israel and the US have some joint military exercises planned for next month in which they will simulate missile attacks on Israel from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. What could possibly go wrong?

And he also addresses Brzezinski's recent interview, where he suggests US planes would shoot Israeli planes out of the sky before letting them strike Iran. But Brzezinski also said this about Russia, his least favorite country:
The Russians have their own interests in Iran, which are far more complex than the simplistic notion that the Russians want to help us with Iran. The Russians have a complicated agenda with Iran. They also know in the back of their heads that if worse came to worse—and I am not saying they are deliberately promoting the worst—but if worse came to worse, which is an American-Iranian military collision, who would pay the highest price for that? First, America, whose success in ending the Cold War the Russians still bitterly resent. And we would also pay a high price in Iraq, Afghanistan, and massively so with regards to the price of oil. Second, who would suffer the most? The Chinese, who the Russians view as a long-range threat and of whom they are very envious, because the Chinese get much more of their oil from the Middle East than we do, and the skyrocketing price would hurt them even more than us. Third, who would then be totally dependent on the Russians? The West Europeans. And fourth, who would cash in like crazy? The Kremlin.
So looks to me that he is tilling the ground to blame things on Russia, should "worse come to worse." I also noticed that somebody dragged old Gorbachev out of storage to talk about democracy and throw a few spitballs at Putin.
Gorbachev said: "I believe that Prime Minister Putin's raising of the subject of 2012 is premature. Moreover, in this conversation, everything came down to 'we'll sit down and reach an agreement'. But if an agreement is to be reached with anyone, it is with the electorate, with the people. But the people were absent from this conversation. I do not think this is right."
But hey, it's not too early to talk about 2012 in *this* country.
It is beginning to look a lot like 2012 -- or in some respects, like 2008 again -- as potential Republican presidential contenders gathered in Washington this past weekend for the annual Values Voters Summit. The gathering is hosted by the political action arm of the conservative Family Research Council.

On Saturday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee finished first among conservative voters in a straw poll ballot, winning 170 votes out of the 597 cast. Mitt Romney, Huckabee’s former rival for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, came in a distant second with 74 votes.
I mean, why would you even worry about Iran? We're talking about Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney again, already. Aren't you excited? Don't worry about Iran. Don't worry about Iran's Advanced BioWar program. The future is all roses, kid.
The large number of Iranian/Syrian/Hezhollah/Hammas rockets and missiles, capable of delivering radiological, chemical, advanced biological, and fuel-air explosives on Israel and American forces in the Middle East is a check-mate or MAD designed to prevent the next stated goal of the neo-con agenda, the destruction of Iran and Syria, from taking place. It is designed to appeal to the logical mind of Israeli and American leaders ~ don't try to destroy us because we can return the favor (perhaps using different technology but nevertheless horribly effective). The same type of MAD between NATO and the old Warsaw Pack that kept both from engaging in World War III for duration of the Cold War. So why is this MAD not working now?
Yeah, so, click through for his answer.


it's not that you're israeli, it's that you're wrong

This is so awesome. Found it at Atheo News.

Israel/America - A Rambling Poem

Every time I think of 9/11
I see burning flesh dripping off the bones of Iraqi children in Fallujah
Now Gaza
I tend to memorialize the forgotten
The collateral damage eclipsing our unpunished crimes

Maybe it’s because I’m a numbers guy
Because if I had a dollar for every time an Iraqi died since 2003
I’d be a millionaire

And don’t get me wrong
Sometimes I don’t know who I hate more
The governments in the West
Or the politicians in the East
Who sell their souls quicker than the oil they export
Straw men who use Palestine as a tool to line their pockets
And don’t give a nickel to their people
Quisling governments
Who stitch mouths shut for a check from Washington and AIPAC
How can you be their prototypical anti-Semite
If you are signing peace accords to oppress your own people?

And then Orientalists and idiots talk about how
We can’t have democracy in the Middle East
Because of what happened in Gaza
A Hamas boogyman wrapped in democratic elections
Rahm Emanuel wants to educate me and my people about democracy gone wrong
Why doesn’t he try implementing one in Israel first?
Instead of bowing down to terrorists like his father and the IDF
Lauding a third rate, racist, European society that’s imploding quicker
Than its moral standing in the world
Enlightened like 1950s Afrikaners and slave traders
Just because the house is beautiful
Doesn’t mean the bones you built it on have fully decomposed

The Israeli left is about as alive as Ariel Sharon
I’m sick and tired of asking for permission to resist
From antiquated leftists and progressives
Who care more about keeping it Kosher than moving things forward
I put down my pen and waving fist to resist with college kids and Palestinians
Boycott and divest!
Because who cares about preserving a living when governments are killing civilians
Complicity by silence and reserve units bombing Gaza
Your academics and scholars, theater groups and practitioners, are part of the problem

And if logic doesn’t fit into your long term plan of rejecting
My right to return, I’m sorry
Maybe one day you’ll return to reality
Where my people have babies quicker
Than Zionists can concoct Jordanian options

I don’t want your sympathy or introspective confessions
Won’t sit on my hands till they loose oxygen
Like the people of Balata and Rafah
Vote for Barack Obama
And pretend that his 22 day silence was golden
While emaciated children starved to death
Surrounded by their parent’s corpses

This can’t be America the Beautiful
A criminal with a few positive attributes
Doesn’t alleviate genocide
Bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq
Into oblivion doesn’t make you historic
It makes you as blind and bloodthirsty
As the white men that came before you
Apathetic hipsters now excited about a president
Who broke history, but not poverty, occupation, or corporate interests

I’d rather proudly walk through the graveyard of peace accords
And failed dialogue sessions
Than see my people just as occupied or third class citizens
We are the gavel that will slam down like a verdict
We are not waiting for Israel or America or the Supreme Court to approve it
We’ll boycott Lev Leviev, Caterpillar and your apartheid companies
We’re taking back the right of return and the keys to a country
Because we never asked you to go back to Europe or sit in open air prisons
I’m not asking for your advice, I’m explaining the decision
You can stay here, with us, but only as equals
It’s not that you’re Israeli, it’s that you’re wrong
That’s why I fight for my people!

Remi Kanazi is the editor of the recently released collection of poetry, Poets For Palestine. He will be touring the US and Canada this fall on the upcoming Poets For Palestine tour.


i put my stock in vladimir

Space appears to have opened up between Medvedev and Putin. Medvedev has apparently come into alignment with "The West," The West being a euphemism for "countries under Israel's control."

The careful smear campaign against Putin indicates that he has a different agenda from "The West" and also that he is feared and dangerous.

The visit by Netanyahu to Russia, combined with the Arctic Sea, confirm that Russia has tremendous power to deter Israel from striking Iran. But who really controls Russia, Putin or Medvedev? Presumably Putin. Is the split between Putin and Medvedev real? Is Medvedev zooming The West or Putin?

Who would *you* zoom if you were him?

I don't think this is over yet.



Boy, I'll tell you, between covering up illegal organ trafficking, getting away with taking down the economy, trying to get a cocked-up war on with Iran and the Americans to fight it, and now spinning away the UN human rights report on Gaza, guys like Danny Ayalon must be just swamped.

"Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped." - Prince Humperdinck


(by Gil Ronen, IsraelNN.com) One day after the publication of the United Nations report by Judge Richard Goldstone, which blamed Israel for “war crimes,” Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met with the heads of the Jewish community in New York and exhorted them to fight the report.

"The Goldstone report should be treated like the U.N.'s Resolution 3379 that compared Zionism to racism,” Ayalon told the local leaders. “That is why we must commit ourselves and act with all our force against the report, with the purpose of removing it and torpedoing it,” he said.

Ayalon was also scheduled to meet Wednesday with Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and with other senior officials in the Obama administration and in Congress. Ayalon intends to raise the subject of the report in all of these meetings and to convey the message that the report is unacceptable and that it undermines Israel's right to defend itself.

Sources close to Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Wednesday that the UN. Report “is a reward for terror and encourages [terrorists] to continue on the path of terror.” The sources said that the defense establishment is now preparing to give IDF officers legal support.

The sources close to Barak said that “we are checking, through the international and diplomatic channels, the possibility of making the report inadmissible.” They also said that “the comparison that the report makes between the perpetrators of terror and its victims makes no sense.”

"And when I say that you are a coward it is only because you are the slimiest weakling ever to crawl the earth." - Buttercup

"I would not say such things if I were you!!!" - Humperdinck


the policy is to conflate everything useful until israel gets what israel wants

Over at AA News I covered today how the vast Jewish-controlled media conflates Israel's very specific agenda with "The West." The reader, the listener, the viewer shall not discern any difference between Israel and "The West."

Examples here and here -- that's just one news cycle.

Here we see even more conflating, at a finer level of detail.
A US “bipartisan think-tank” has urged President Obama to prepare sanctions against Iran and announce publicly that a military strike is likely.

“If biting sanctions do not persuade the Islamic Republic to… give up its enrichment activities, the White House will have to begin serious consideration of the option of a US-led military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities,” said the 'Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington'.

The report was put together by Charles Robb, a former Democratic senator from Virginia, Daniel Coats, a former Republican senator from Indiana, and retired General Charles Wald, the former deputy commander of US European command.
Oooh, the trifecta. A former senator from the left, a former senator from the right, and a retired general. Hey why don't these people go off somewhere to play golf in their retirement? No, instead they prefer to make lots of money at "think tanks" and then very helpfully urge the president to do whatever they have just been paid handsomely to recommend, to wit:
It is worthy to note that Charles Robb and Daniel Coats, were both well known recipients of financial support from powerful Israeli lobby groups when they served in congress. General Wald has been quite outspoken in acting as a cheerleader for unlimited American support of Israel. He regularly travels to Israel and has also served in the boards of several Zionist “think tanks” and lobby groups in the US.
The group released its assessment as the US, along with other permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, prepares to participate in preliminary talks with Iran on October 1. The reports claims that by 2010, Iran will have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon, “leaving little time for the United States to prevent both a nuclear- weapons capable Islamic Republic and an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.”
By 2010?! Well, 2010 starts in three point five months. So you see the urgency. Except our very own US NIE concludes that,
"Iran is unlikely to be able to produce the highly enriched uranium (HEU) necessary for a nuclear weapon until at least 2013.
The authors, who support a bill that proposes sanctions against foreign companies that export gasoline to Iran, say the Obama administration should have put together a “sufficient financial, political and military pressure” before agreeing to negotiations.

They say a deadline of 60 days after the start of the negotiations should be set for Iran, adding that the US should adopt tougher sanctions and “prepare overtly for any military option” if it fails to persuade Tehran to bend in the talks.

The proposed preparations include deploying an additional aircraft carrier battle group to Iranian waters and carrying out joint exercises with US allies.
I mean, wow. Look at these guys. They sure do drive a hard bargain, and they aren't shy about sending Americans off to fight and die. It's as if they didn't even *read* the NIE. It's as if they don't even *care* about American lives, let alone the Iranians. It's as if they can't even be bothered to take the time to get it right, they're in such a hurry to start this war. They obviously worry a lot about Israelis however.
The group claims that in the absence of US military action Tel Aviv is more likely to carry out an attack against Iran, adding that an Israeli strike “entails more risks than a US strike.”
That just has such a blackmail ring to it, doesn't it? Either *we* do it, or Israel will do it, and Israel will fuck it up real good so don't be a sap now and get your soldiers over there and Kill Us Some Iranians. Boo yah. I mean, *we* can't risk having our sweet little friend Israel taking risks, now can *we*?
This is while Iran is entitled to continue its uranium enrichment activities based on international regulations as it is conducting the work under the supervision of the UN nuclear watchdog and for peaceful aims.

The 'think thank' is proposing the tough measures without considering a recent US spy report update which concluded that Iran has deliberately not taken the critical steps in making a bomb, despite having produced sufficient nuclear fuel for one.

The new information, collected by the Obama administration, once again confirmed the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate by asserting that there was no convincing evidence to prove Iran's nuclear work had military implications.

Despite the deliberate use of classy, professional sounding terms for the name of the “bipartisan think tank,” it is quite evident that the members of the think tank, although from rival parties, have one basic interest in common and that is their unconditional support for Israel, which itself possesses nuclear warheads without being a signatory to any international atomic regulatory agency.
I don't know people. I don't know how many ways it can be said. We've been here before, we've seen this movie before. This movie has a bad ending. Let's not see it again.


from theory to practice

I wrote this piece in January of this year:

Israel's Security: An Idea Whose Time Will Never Come

And it's long and involved because it's about this convoluted paper written by Walter Russell Mead, the Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy at the Council of Foreign Relations. The paper is called Change They Can Believe In: To Make Israel Safe, Give Palestinians Their Due.


Foreign Policy's Shorter: If it hopes to bring peace to the Middle East, the Obama administration must put Palestinian politics and goals first.

My Shorter: Let's buy off the Palestinians and internationalize the problem without requiring Israel to make a real sacrifice.
Are you ready for another bailout? That's what this CFR paper is all about: the US, the international community, and (Israel), paying the Palestinians off. And like all the other bailouts we've had crammed down our throats so far, this one, too, is a waste of US taxpayer money that will never work.
The incoming U.S. administration of Barack Obama faces a daunting task. It needs to develop a Middle East peace strategy that makes a clear break with the past, that is politically sustainable at home and abroad, that offers real hope for a final resolution, and that in the meantime can bring benefits to the two peoples, the wider region, and the United States itself. But Washington will have only limited options. American public opinion strongly and consistently favors a pro-Israel orientation for U.S. foreign policy, and Israel's friends in the United States can mobilize broad support on short notice. Decades of intensive diplomacy and scholarship have already delineated the possible solutions to the dispute. The outlines of a settlement -- regarding borders, security, refugees, and water rights -- are reasonably well understood by all parties, and Obama cannot do much to change them.

Obama. Of course. HE will acknowledge the horrible wrongs the Palestinians have suffered (by Israel), and HE will compensate them for those wrongs (done by Israel), and HE will ensure a dignified future for "every Palestinian family." Brush your hands together now. This big mess will all be swept up shortly. But first, let us be clear about this injustice thing...

What the Palestinians want from peace is, first of all, an acknowledgment of the injustices they have suffered. Israeli and Palestinian scholars have documented many incidents during Israel's War of Independence in which massacres or threats of violence caused Palestinians to flee. Most Palestinians who left their homes and villages to protect themselves and their families were never allowed to return, and much of their property was confiscated by the new Israeli government. It is not a crime for civilians to flee combat, and international law recognizes the right of such people to return to their homes. Enforcing that right has been a centerpiece of U.S. policy in Bosnia, so why, the Palestinians ask, should they be treated any differently? This is a legitimate grievance, and the United States must lead the international community in reckoning with it fully and frankly. Any diplomatic effort hoping to build a secure peace with the Palestinians' support must address this issue.

That said, it would be as unfair to place all responsibility for the Palestinian refugee problem on Israel as it is to overlook the injustices the Palestinians suffered. The Israelis argue that the War of Independence was a fight for survival: here were survivors from Hitler's death camps suddenly facing not only the Palestinians but also the armies of five Arab states. Self-defense, the Israelis argue, justified their actions during and after the war. And although most Israelis acknowledge that wrongs were committed, almost all charge that, faced with similar choices, their critics would have done the same or worse. They are right. The responsibility for the nakba cannot simply be laid at Israel's door.

Do you have that? Do you get it? It's not Israel's fault!! They HAD to kill those Palestinians!! It was SELF-DEFENSE when they ethnically cleansed all those villages!!! YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING, they insist!!! And what does Mr. Mead say, "They are right." It is just as simple as that. He just takes every self-serving excuse for Israel's crimes and accepts them. That is why he gets paid the big bucks at CFR. And that's how the US foreign policy establishment works. Whatever Israel wants, Israel gets. A little acknowledgment from Israel, and everybody else pays up.
And so forth.

Lo and behold. I remembered it upon seeing this today:

By Haitham Sabbah

A draft of the Obama peace plan, which is expected to be released at the UN Assembly meeting in New York, or at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, has surfaced.

The International Middle East Media Center's website leaked the alleged draft of Obama's peace plan given to them by Palestinian Legislator Hasan Khreisha. Khreisha added that the draft has been widely distributed among Palestinian and Arab leaders and the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, recently discussed the plan during his visit to the White House.

According to Khreisha, the draft includes ten main points detailed as follows:

1. International presence in the Jordan Valley, Palestinian Plains area, and other areas in the West Bank.

2. Annexing some parts of East Jerusalem to remain under Israeli control, while Muslim holy site would be under Arab control.

3. All Palestinian factions would be dissolved and transformed into political parties.

4. Large settlement blocs in the West Bank would remain under Israeli control, while negotiations would be conducted within three months of the plan agreement?, to discuss the future of smaller settlements.

5. Several areas in the West Bank would be disarmed, and Israeli would maintain aerial control.

6. Intensifying the Palestinian-Israeli security coordination.

7. The Palestinian Authority would not be allowed to have military alliances with regional countries.

8. The United States would guarantee the establishment of a Palestinian State in the summer of 2011.

9. Allowing an agreed upon number of refugees to return, and to be settled in the Plains area and other areas in the West Bank, particularly in the cities of Ramallah and Nablus. A special fund for supporting the refugees would also be established.

10. Israel starts releasing the Palestinian political detainees immediately after the peace deal is signed. Three years would be allocated for the release of the detainees.

I see an international presence. I see a special fund. I see US guarantees. I see Israel maintaining control. I see political limitations on the Palestinians.

And what does Israel sacrifice? Diddly-squat.



osama is a permanent limited hangout

Naturally we've just heard from the dead Osama bin Laden.*

*Osama bin Laden, as we all know (wink wink wink), is a notorious terrorist murderous mastermind who killed 3000 Americans in cold blood and got away with it, having miraculously outwitted capture by the best military in the world for eight years.
WASHINGTON - Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden told Americans in a new message Sunday that their support for Israel had the launch of the September 11, 2001 attacks, a US-based terror monitoring group said. Al-Qaeda's As-Sahab media released a video titled "Message to the American People," which features a still image of bin Laden and an audio statement, said IntelCenter. According to the center, Bin Laden said that among "some other injustices," US support to Israel motivated Al-Qaeda to launch the 9/11 attacks. He also stated that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were driven by the pro-Israeli lobby in the White House and corporate interests, not Muslim militants. "If you think about your situation well, you will know that the White House is occupied by pressure groups," he said, according to IntelCenter. "Rather than fighting to liberate Iraq - as Bush claimed - it (the White House) should have been liberated." He was referring to former US president George W. Bush, who launched an invasion of Iraq in 2003. According to bin Laden, current US President Barack Obama is powerless to change the course of the wars. Obama's retention of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and other individuals from the Bush administration is confirmation of the president's weakness, the Al-Qaeda chief argued. Bin Laden urges Americans to pressure White House leaders to cease the wars and US support to Israel, rather than succumb to "the ideological terrorism" exercised by neo-conservatives.
Well, here you have a recording of "bin Laden" (long-dead CIA asset Tim Osman) making some sense. He's putting forth the main arguments that you will find at many truth sites on the internet. These arguments rest on solid facts, but since Osama bin Laden says them too, they are now totally discredited, are they not? The psyops goal being to link people who speak the truth about Israel with the notorious terrorist murderous mastermind Osama bin Laden.

But that's not all! There's much more psyops goodness here.
"The bitter truth is that the neo-conservatives continue to cast their heavy shadows upon you," he said. If the wars are not ended, "all we will do is to continue the war of attrition against you on all possible axes, like we exhausted the Soviet Union for ten years until it collapsed with grace from God the Almighty and became a memory of the past," bin Laden vowed.
Read "we" in the context that al Qaeda is a CIA creation, as the Muslim world knows, and you see what lies in store for us.
Observers say Bin Laden cited known facts and genuine Muslim grievances to regain fading support for his group. The Al-Qaeda leader, they add, has only sated [sic] the obvious to show that he is still sensitive to issues important to Muslims amid wide Arab and Islamic public displeasure of his violent methods.
But many Americans still don't know that the CIA created al Qaeda. Here's where the "analysts" can be so very, very useful in applying the mind-fuck.
His message, which analysts say is really directed at the Muslim world and not the American people as he said, will likely to fail in gaining any sympathy or support, as the Muslim peoples are not interested in his contribution to their just causes.
Aha. So, the notorious terrorist murderous mastermind bin Laden *says* his message is directed at the American people, but he is a known liar, and the analysts *know* he is a liar, so his message is really directed at the Muslim world, but he will FAIL, as everyone knows, because the Muslim world is not interested in his contribution to their just causes (because they know he's a tool of the CIA, which, as everyone paying attention knows, is peopled with criminals).

Wrapping it up, we have the explanation of the timing, which you should know has absolutely nothing to do with the urgent pressure to bomb Israel's arch-enemy Iran, as well as the enormous bounty on his head, which nobody will ever have to pay since they know exactly where he's been all this time.
The release came two days after the United States marked the eighth anniversary of the Al-Qaeda-sponsored attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people. IntelCenter said bin Laden typically releases such a statement annually around September or October. The last audiotape by bin Laden was released June 3. In that missive he scorned Obama's overture to the Muslim world and warned of decades of conflict ahead. Bin Laden has a 50-million-dollar bounty on his head and has been in hiding for the past eight years. US intelligence officials say they believe the world's most wanted man is hiding in either Pakistan or Afghanistan near the remote mountainous border between the two countries.
Oh those US intelligence officials. They say they believe, do they? Well, you know, talk is cheap.


samson prepares to die - updated


All this spin so artfully applied does not change reality.
Several hundred Jewish leaders from around the country will spill into Washington on Thursday for a “national leadership advocacy day on Iran” that many hope will spark a genuine grass-roots movement akin to the Soviet Jewry movement of the 1980s.
Spill into Washington..... like milk and honey.

National leadership advocacy day on Iran.... we should all follow our wise Jewish leaders.

Hope...spark...genuine grass roots movement.... it's all good, isn't it?
And while one ostensible goal of the fly-in is to press for new sanctions legislation pending in Congress, there is a broader, unspoken purpose: to ensure strong official U.S. support if Israel feels compelled to use military force to damage Iran’s nuclear program.
Aha. So the "ostensible" goal is to press for sanctions, but the real reason, the unspoken purpose (which even though it remains unspoken can be written about because there's no shame in it whatsoever but then again it's good to try to at least *look* reasonable) is to make sure that elected leaders of the American people fall right in line "if Israel feels compelled to use military force to damage Iran's nuclear program."

Israel's glass feelings...so very fragile. So easily scratched or shattered. So precious. Israel cannot be expected to behave like a mature member of the international community, subject to rigorous rules of logic and reason, expected to compromise and negotiate in good faith. No. Israel is special, more special than anyone else as we are constantly reminded. Chosen. And so if Israel has any uncomfortable feelings, we must cater to and indulge them lest we incur the wrath of "God," and if some number of people have to die -- whether they be Palestinians or Lebanese, Iraqis or Afghanis, Russians or Syrians or Iranians or Europeans or Africans or Americans, innocent or not, anyone may be called -- to assuage Israel's feelings, then we all have a duty, apparently, to overlook such unfortunate sacrifices and provide strong support and comfort to our best friend in her endless hour of need and persecution. And all these smiling Jewish people have spilled into Washington to helpfully remind our brave elected leaders of same.
Beneath the surface, this week’s action is “designed to impress upon people in Washington that somebody has to deal with the problem — and that all the moves up until this point have clearly not addressed the problem in a satisfactory way,” said Shoshana Bryen, senior director for security policy at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). “The Jews aren’t coming here to ask the administration to bomb Iran, but I also don’t think they’re coming here specifically asking for sanctions, either, because we know sanctions haven’t worked. What we’re left with is that they’re preparing the ground so that no matter what happens, nobody can say they weren’t warned.”
So we should be grateful that "the Jews" give us fair warning that they *will* rope us into another war, if they feel like it. And by the way we had better not complain, having been graciously warned in advance.

Can't you see they have NO CHOICE?!
“As a community, we are taking an overall approach,” said Mark Levin, executive director of NCSJ, a group focused on Eastern European human rights. Levin is coordinating the Washington event. “Sanctions are one important mechanism. We recognize that there has to be greater support from other countries, but what is the alternative? To throw up our hands and say Iran will be a nuclear nation, with all that implies?”
With all that implies....

So, what *does* it imply, exactly?

Simply this: that Israel would no longer enjoy hegemony over the Middle East and by extension, the world. Iran threatens the balance of power. Or more accurately, the imbalance of power. In reality, Israel would prefer that the entire world balance uncomfortably, perilously, on the head of a pin for time immemorial rather than let power flow naturally among sovereign nations. That's the real unspoken choice that they can't face because it's too horrible to contemplate, not being able to dictate and bully and commandeer the world's resources at their capricious will. And in fact, there really is no choice. Israel and her smiling supporters do nothing but prolong the inevitable, for their ill-gotten power can not be sustained. Israel will go down.

The real choice facing the world is this: how many people will Israel be allowed to take down with them?


Israel says "the time is now" for action, linking what Israel wants to the rest of the world
Haaretz: http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1114032.html
Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor said "the time is now" for Israel and the world to act to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, after world powers on Friday accepted Iran's response to their offer of talks on the issue.

"The time is now," Meridor told Reuters in an interview published Saturday. "There is no more time to waste, and that's not only the Israeli perspective, it's much more general."

He said Iran is a "special case" for his country because Iranian leaders say Israel is illegitimate and should not exist, Iran is boosting its military capabilities and is involved in international terrorism. However, he added that, "One should not close one's eyes, but we are in a way fortunate that this is not only Israel's problem."

The minister said Iran would reach bomb-making potential before "the distant future," but noted this was not the key issue facing the world.

"The trend is clear, and if you want to be an owner of nuclear weapons or have the capability of being a nuclear power it changes the balance of power," he told Reuters.

And we can't have that. This is about changing the balance of power. Here you have it, right from the Deputy Prime Minister's mouth. Israel will start a war to prevent this change in the balance of power. That is the nature of the "threat" for which they expect many people to die.

And this is why the Iran war drums begin beating in Washington, in a big hurry they are, in spite of the fact that:
...Official U.S. intelligence estimates provide a far slower timeline. In February, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dennis Blair told Congress that Iran would be unable to produce highly enriched uranium (HEU) until at least 2013, and stated that there is "no evidence" that Iran had even made a decision to produce HEU.
...which just proves that this has nothing to do with Iran's nuclear program.


news flash: lying pisses people off and destroys your credibility

Who knew?

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew the wrath of Israel's most influential newspapers on Thursday over what they described as lies issued by his office about a secret flight to Russia.


Keeping sensitive matters under wraps, newspaper commentators said, could be acceptable on grounds of national security.

But a false cover story? Israeli media, which have long abided by military censorship rules that force them to sit on security-related news, were outraged. "Secrets and lies," complained identical headlines in Yedioth Ahronoth and its main competitor, the Maariv daily.

"Look what happened to the prime minister on the way to Russia -- his credibility, which was never high, was dealt a sharp blow," Maariv political commentator Ben Caspit wrote.


Netanyahu has not responded directly to the reported secret trip. His office issued a new statement about Monday's disappearance, pinning the misinformation on his military attache, to try to end the barrage of criticism.

"The prime minister was busy with confidential and classified activities," the statement said. "The military attache, who was not in touch with the prime minister at that time, acted on his independent initiative in order to defend that activity, and did this through a statement that was sent to his media adviser with the best of intentions." Israeli newspapers described Netanyahu's office, filled with what they said were bickering advisers, as a "cuckoo's nest" and "fool's paradise."

The pearl-clutching really is kind of quaint. Whatever did they expect from a psychopath like Bibi?

beyond immoral

Lies, subterfuge, denials, wars...just another day in the life. The former advisor to Netanyahu speculates that the alleged secret visit to Russia is connected to new critical information on Iran's nuclear program.

But is there really new critical information on Iran's nuclear program?

No, I don't think so. Because if such things actually existed you would know about them. We would all know about them. Facts like that would be so very useful right now to Israel's agenda that they would be plastered high and low. Instead what we get, all of a sudden, conveniently in line with the September timetable for upping the pressure on Iran, are new allegations and concerns.

Unproven allegations and concerns, no matter how good they sound to some people's ears, do not justify striking Iran, murdering innocent Iranian civilians, and triggering WW III. Really. I have moral clarity about this.
Russia’s Kommersant business daily has shared insider information from an unnamed source in the Kremlin that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Moscow incognito to talk on Russia’s arms contracts with Iran and Syria.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s former advisor, Benny Briskin, told Kommersant that “If all major Israeli newspapers say that the visit took place, then it really did, and the high-ranking source is a person from the PM’s inner circle.”

Benny Briskin believes that such a backdoor trip by Israel’s top official is plausible only in case of a real emergency or special circumstances – like intentions to strike preemptively on Iran for one.

Kommersant’s unnamed source in Israel speculated that “this visit is exclusively connected with some sort of new critical information on Iran’s nuclear program. Probably, Israel is getting ready for decisive action against Iran and Netanyahu decided to inform Russia about it.”

Israeli journalists “lost” the country’s PM last Monday. Accompanied by his military secretary Major General Meir Khalifi, Benjamin Netanyahu disappeared in the morning and re-appeared only 14 hours later, leaving local media at a complete loss.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar news agency took hold of a version that Netanyahu visited an unnamed neighboring Arab country that Israel does not have diplomatic relations with, to discuss normalizing the overall situation in the Middle East.

At first, Israeli officials stated that the PM was visiting Mossad headquarters, but later on, several media sources referred to a high-ranking official of the Israeli government who claimed that Netanyahu really did visit Moscow. The source, though, refused to tell whom exactly Israeli PM met in Russia.

Israeli media was quick to expose that the Israeli PM was on a secret mission to Moscow to talk about Russia’s arms contracts with Iran and Syria or, more specifically, the possible delivery of air defense S-300 missile infrastructure to Iran.

The recent saga of the Arctic Sea bulk carrier, a vessel with a Russian crew, hijacked in the Baltic Sea, has sparked a conspiracy theory about Russia covertly delivering S-300 missile infrastructure to Iran.

The story about a ship with Russian missiles that went through the “NATO lakes” around Europe agitated lots of minds in Europe, though the fact that Russia practically has a common border with Iran by means of the inner Caspian Sea simply has not occurred to most of them.

Nevertheless, Israeli news agency Ynet even named the owner of the national Merhav Corporation, millionaire Yosef Maimon, as the person who allowed his private jet to be used by the prime minister for his secret trip to Moscow.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has no information about the Israeli prime minister visiting Russia, asserted the Ministry’s spokesman Andrey Nesterenko.

“Yes, we have seen this information in several sources. They have certain differences, but that is all I can tell you. We do not have any further information,” he said.

Who exactly met Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow remains unknown. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, told Interfax news agency that he has no information about the alleged visit.

“Such a meeting was not scheduled in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s timetable,” he said.

The Israeli embassy in Moscow told Kommersant daily they have no idea about the visit.

UPDATE: Ex-Mossad chief *insists* on bombing Iran. See, they're fitting the facts around the policy, that's all. We have seen this all before. It was totally evil then, and it's totally evil now.
A former chief of Israeli intelligence, Mossad, insists on striking Iran's nuclear facilities as the only way of resolving western concerns over its nuclear program. [Western concerns???? You mean Israeli concerns.]

Speaking to the Army Radio Wednesday night, Danny Yatom, the former director of the notorious intelligence service, said Tel Aviv should attack Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from "acquiring nuclear weapons." [prevent from acquiring -- ie: Iran doesn't have them. check.]

"Yes, I have," the 64 year old answered when asked if he had come to the conclusion that a military strike would be the only way to deal with the Islamic Republic. [the "NO CHOICE" mantra, yet again]

Such radical comments, typical of Israeli officials, come amid repeated assertions by major nuclear powers that the Iranian nuclear issue must be resolved through diplomacy.

Israel, the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, accuses Tehran of making efforts to build a nuclear bomb and threatens Iran with a military strike should the country continue uranium enrichment. [yes, accused of "making efforts" ...pretty lame...does not justify murdering God knows how many innocent civilians...]

Yatom, who from 2003 to 2008 served as a member of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, added that he does not believe that the United States would approve of such a move. "I do not see the world today, led by the United States, ready to take the risk of attacking Tehran's nuclear facilities," he said adding that "Israel can not sit back and watch Tehran become nuclear power." [and then the Americans can die fighting the war we start, AS USUAL]

As one of four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Tel Aviv has maintained the policy of neither admitting nor denying its possession of nuclear warheads. However, it is widely believed that Israel has some 200 nuclear warheads in its arsenal. The doctrine of nuclear ambiguity has enabled Israel to deter foes for decades in a region with only one alleged nuclear power. The Israeli nuclear program is also part of a deterrence military doctrine that assumes Tel Aviv must maintain an absolute military superiority in the region. In order to maintain its military advantage, Tel Aviv insists on preventing other Muslim countries, especially in the Middle East, from acquiring nuclear capabilities while remaining outside of the international nuclear non-proliferation system.

According to the same logic, it launched a “preemptive” air strike on the Iraqi breeder reactor in Osirak in June 1981, when the late dictator Saddam Hussein was in power. During the operation, known as "Operation Opera," a squadron of Israeli Air Force F-16A fighter aircrafts, with an escort of F-15As, bombed and heavily damaged the Osirak reactor. Israeli intelligence at the time believed that the summer of 1981 would be the last chance to destroy the reactor before it would be loaded with nuclear fuel.

In September 2007, Israel launched yet another attack against an alleged nuclear facility in Syria. The facility in the eastern Deir ez-Zor region was targeted by at least four fighters which crossed into Syrian airspace just after midnight (local time).

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