NLP: way past the expiration date

I highly recommend James' latest string of posts up over at WPC that lay out brilliantly the geopolitical forces at work and the role of Russia, and of Vladimir Putin.


Here at TB the post Putin and Berlusconi hangs around at the top of the most popular list. After watching the videos that James posted, we understand much more clearly that Putin rescued Russia against tremendous odds after Yeltsin and the oligarchs plundered the country's industry and infrastructure. If he were truly woven into the dialectic and meant to succeed in reviving Russia, it seems to us the odds would not have been stacked so high against him.

Watch him holding people accountable.


Putin has the ability and the will to hold people accountable. He doesn't pretend to lead; he leads. It shouldn't be so stunning, but it is, because over here we have actors -- politicians skilled at emotional manipulation and role-playing -- who pretend to lead but only ever accomplish the goals of powerful special interests.

Obama creates a trance-state among his followers with his peculiar speaking ability. He uses a lot of hand signals, head nods, repetitive phrases, and long pauses. This ability helped him greatly during his first campaign, but it seems less and less useful as time goes by.


The patterns Obama uses when public speaking are known as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). People can debate whether NLP really works or not, if it is quack science, magick or whatever; but we can say for sure that Obama uses these weird orating techniques. And many people were carried away with Obama in the beginning, when the power to suggest the future under an Obama administration was greatest.

Others say NLP is good, a tool for self-improvement.
Certain themes are common to all effective systems of magick. These core elements have also been recognized in one of magick’s postmodern descendants—Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. NLP has been described as ‘an attitude and methodology which leaves behind it a trail of techniques’. It is the techniques that NLP is best known for; the ’10 Minute Phobia Cure’, and the Pacing and Leading techniques that are taught to salespeople are (in)famous, and tend to give the impression that all NLP is is a set of techniques for doing a few tricks with the mind. This is not the case: NLP is essentially about finding out how people who are exceptionally good at something actually do it, including the parts that they may not have conscious access too. In other words, the practitioner finds a precise role-model for the skill he or she wants.
That's great for someone to select a role-model -- using his or her own free will and rational mind -- and to use modeling techniques to learn from the role model. We don't have a problem with positive thinking and modeling good behavior. Knock yourself out. We agree our minds are powerful and connect us to the divine, and we should understand and direct our own minds as much as possible. And we should protect and defend our own free will.

When we let other people understand and direct our minds, and we don't even know we're letting them do that, but they DO know, well… we consider that a big problem. A bigger problem is that some of us don't even care. So much of the control scheme revolves around sucking people's will away.

Our powerful minds have been under constant attack by unscrupulous and evil people who want to control everyone and everything. They want our minds weak and feeble, paralyzed by fear and obsessed with sex, money and distractions. People emerge from the brain fog only with great effort, and many people simply don't want to wake up. They have no will to think clearly. They suspect the truth is Just Too Hard to deal with.

In practice, we have people like Obama (and many others) using NLP primarily but not only through television to suggest role-models (such as themselves) for people to follow, surreptitiously bypassing free will and the rational minds of the unsuspecting. It's not just Obama. Many teevee personalities use these techniques. Tune into Sean Hannity for the "news" (note the hapless Barrett pushing the controlled demolition limited hangout), and then switch over to Ellen to feel better. Here Ellen "unknowingly leads Meryl Streep to demonstrate the content-process distinction." http://dailynlp.com/content-process-distinction/ Yes it's funny, but we seriously doubt anything Ellen does is "unknowing." Ellen is an NLP PRO. That's why she makes the big bucks. She just plays a different role in the system.

We have written before about the amygdala and the limbic system, how they regulate our emotional states and ability to process information, and the ways these bodily systems can be changed without our consent or knowledge. We are subjected to multi-pronged attacks (economic instability, terrorism and other emotional suffering, poisons in the food, air and water, pharmaceuticals, ELF waves, etc.) meant to keep us vulnerable to illness, lies and manipulations. While NLP may have applications for self-improvement, the fact remains that psychopaths use it on unsuspecting people, in combination with other abuses, for purely selfish and political ends; which is EVIL.

Go here for a comprehensive unpacking of how Obama used NLP in his campaign speeches.

Topics explained include:
-  Trance Inductions 
-  Hypnotic Anchoring
-  Pacing and Leading 
-  Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
-  Critical Factor Bypass
-  Stacking Language Patterns
-  Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
-  Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
-  Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions
-  Emotion Transfer
-  Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

The origins of “covert hypnosis” and “conversational hypnosis” aka “black ops” hypnosis
Dr. Milton H. Erickson, also known as the father of modern hypnosis method, was the single greatest practitioner of hypnosis, having dramatically advanced the field15. Dr. Erickson is internationally acclaimed as the leading practitioner in the field of hypnosis16 for his understanding of the science of both inducing and utilizing hypnotic states17.  Dr. Erickson discovered, while working as a therapist, that he could hide therapeutic hypnosis within the normal content of an inconspicuous conversation with the patient, and avoid much of the patient’s conscious resistance that normally accompanied hypnotherapy18.  Dr. Erickson realized the subconscious mind was always listening, and understood better than anyone before how to access it and implant suggestions into it.  What Dr. Erickson did was figure out how to put people into trance and hypnotize them and implant suggestions with seemingly normal conversation. He discovered that people could achieve this heightened state of hyper-suggestibility without the traditional difficultly-induced coma-like state traditionally associated with hypnosis. Through his pioneering understanding, he was able to do the same and much more often with simple plays on words and embedded meanings in a single sentence.     
The entire field of “covert hypnosis” or “conversational hypnosis” is based on Dr. Erickson’s techniques and is now primarily used by hypnotists and psychiatrists19. Conversational hypnosis is often referred to as Ericksonian hypnosis. The word “hypnosis” is never mentioned and there is nothing overt to give away that hypnosis is being used.  It is impossible to detect unless you know precisely what to look for. Hack versions of these techniques are unfortunately taught to be used as persuasion tools for salespersons and even for men looking to enhance their success picking up and seducing women. The reason this is so unfortunate, is because covert hypnosis is designed to sideline rational judgment. That is fundamental to how it works; to bypass the dominant hemisphere and critical factor. It essentially tricks the subconscious mind into accepting commands as absolute truths which include not only those approved by the conscious mind, but outside commands from a hypnotist who can implant any suggestion he wishes. Dr. Erickson was adamant that only doctors be allowed to practice his techniques because of how strongly he felt about how dangerous such science could be in the wrong hands. Subconscious suggestions are more powerful than even what the subject believes consciously – as such suggestions become parts of their deepest psyche.  Because covert hypnosis is hidden in ordinary speech, and the subject is not aware that it is being used, it is even more powerful than ordinary hypnosis. Since the conscious mind is not even aware of the messages being sent, conscious scrutiny and resistance is eliminated20. The subject cannot even question the messages being sent – they are simply implanted by the hypnotist as the subject’s most fundamental beliefs. Then, even the subject’s own rational mind cannot overpower them.

NLP history goes well beyond the somewhat sanitary "Ericksonian hypnosis" background. NLP connects directly into the seedy world of mind control.


The NLP pedigree reaches back through the military, psychiatry, MK ULTRA, CIA, and Satanism.
In 1975, John Grinder and Richard Bandler founded NLP. Grinder was a professor of linguistics at the University of Santa Cruz, and a former U.S. Army Green Beret. [Grinder then studied linguistics and joined the CIA.-ed.] Bandler had been Grinder’s student....
Richard Bandler had been a puppet of Dr. Robert Leopold Spitzer, President of the American Psychiatric Association; and Brit Dr. Gregory Bateson. Dr. Spitzer was directly responsible for making inner city children’s behavior problems become mental illnesses under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Dr. Bateson was one of the most notorious godfathers of CIA/MK ULTRA...


Grinder and Bandler were students and “initiates” of Dr. Bateson. During the 1950’s, Dr. Bateson was also involved in early cybernetics projects sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, a CIA mind control research funding front. ....
Dr. Bateson was the intellectual foundation of NLP. NLP is the stepchild of CIA/MK ULTRA human cybernetics research and development. Dr. Bateson was an apostil of fellow Brit Dr. Aldous Huxley. Huxley was a founding godfather of MK ULTRA under CIA Director Allen Dulles. Among other secret and classified things, Dr. Huxley mastered developing mass population mind control agendas for the NWO.

The Godfather of Modern Satanism, Aleister Crowley, The Great BEAST,” as well as “the wickedest man in the world” was the tutor of Dr. Aldous Huxley.....

In the early years and before mass commercialization of NLP, Grinder and Bandler trained corporate powers, U.S. Army, military intelligence, CIA, FBI and government personnel. They were involved in military intelligence projects on post-Vietnam stress syndrome, marksmanship, removing foreign accents from speech. They also were involved in some highly sensitive work for the CIA training potential hostages to withstand torture and interrogation. (source) ...
Professor Rashky, a critic of the trend [New Age/Self Help/Positive Thinking etc. - ed], describes it as a "most powerful social force in the country today. I think its as much a political movement as a religious movement," he says, "and its spreading into Business Management Theory and a lot of other areas. If you look at it carefully you see it represents a complete rejection of judeo-christian and bedrock American values." (source: NYT, 11/29/86, Spiritual Concepts Drawing a Different Breed of Adherents)
Surprise surprise. Where on earth do these ideas keep coming from?? And naturally, many people have made a lot of money off of books and seminars in the decades since. Take Richard Bandler.

I first heard of Bandler in 2002, when a former US special forces soldier told me he'd watched him, two decades earlier, bring a tiny girl into special forces and reprogram her in seconds to be a world-class sniper. Intrigued, I tried to learn more. This is when I heard about the good times, how Bandler's theories were greeted with high praise in the 70s and 80s, how Al Gore and Bill Clinton and practically every Fortune 500 corporate chief declared themselves fans. And then there was the descent into the dark side - reportedly, during the 80s, a coked-up Bandler had a habit of telling people he could dial a number and have them killed just like that. Then came the murder trial: in 1988, Bandler was tried and acquitted of murdering a prostitute, Corine Christensen. She'd been found slumped over a dining table, a bullet in her head. Her blood was found sprayed on Bandler's shirt. And then there was the renaissance in the form of Bandler's unexpected partnership with the TV hypnotist Paul McKenna, and the fact that they were going to be teaching a course together this week at the Ibis hotel. (original source: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2006/may/20/weekend.jonronson1)

Or take  someone like Ross Jeffreys, who teaches men how to seduce women. You can google that if you like. Or take this other guy Robert Anton Wilson, the pope of discordianism (a "religion" of chaos). Or see the life coach industry. See The Secret. People want to know how to make good things happen in their lives, and other people realize they can make money by providing a Solution to the Problem.

Obama is simply the political figurehead of an entire national discourse modeled on conversational hypnosis techniques -- magick -- and delivered primarily through teevee. And it's getting old.

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Rather than compare Obama with other equally skeevy American politicians or other personalities, we now have a monumental speech by Vladimir Putin with which to compare. If you watch Putin's speech, you'll notice that he doesn't wave his hands around much or make a lot of provocative pauses. He simply speaks at a normal pace. His remarks do not come off as though a speech writer prepared them for maximum emotional manipulation. He gives a history lesson. It does not appear that Putin spent a lot of time rehearsing the speech, nor would he have had a lot of time given the speed of events. We also know that Putin does a three to four hour question and answer session each year with the Russian public, which requires no special preparation, because he studies the issues facing his country all year long. Basically, there is nothing Vladimir Putin does that Barack Obama could even pretend to pull off without a staff of dozens, a month's preparation, and a seance.

Was it boring? Not at all. You can observe the crowd listening to Putin remain very quiet and respectful. They show a quality of attention rarely seen and completely different from the common hypnotic groupie trance commanded by the NLP masters.

The truth is so sweet, even the birds hush their singing.


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