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What do you want ME to do?

I read this the other day. It makes my blood boil. Particularly this part: Israel cleverly tries to use worldwide Jewry to promote its policies. [And has cleverly succeeded.] Critics err by publicly pressuring Jewish communities to rally against Israel’s oppressive policies. [Which would be useful.] Pressuring in private has benefits, [which are...?????] but public demonstrations promote the concept that world Jewry is indirectly responsible for the oppression. [World Jewry does not want to be held responsible for the oppression, but they also don't want to come out and say so "in public."] The approach is counter-productive because it reinforces the belief of a close attachment of all Jews with Israel, arouses anti-Jewish sentiments and forces Jews to seek assistance from Israel. [How this "forces" Jews to seek assistance from Israel escapes me.] It is also cowardly because it transfers the responsibility to directly attack the institutions and persons su

People who believe their own hype will come to a bad end

I'm not even going to link to anything here. Surely you have been around the block and witnessed the rending of garments over the situation in Palestine -- the rending of garments from Israel's supporters! They're so defensive. Nobody understands. The poor people of Sderot have to put up with unpredictable loud noises. They can't sit out on their patios in peace. !! And so forth. Such hystrionics, while little children die in Gaza by the dozens. Let's just cut through the bullshit. Israel is wrong. They are morally wrong. All the people busily debating the nuances of whose fault this is and the so-called peace process and everyone else's burden and role to solve this supposedly intractable problem -- blah blah blah -- it is all beside the point. Israel drags the situation out interminably because Israel does not want peace. Israel wants all of Palestine. Israel makes the problem intractable, on purpose. And since Israel has a captive worldwide corporate med

A Few Observations

Israeli explanation for the attacks on Gaza defy rational thought. The web has erupted in full-blown outrage. Even the international community has seen fit to make some uncomfortable noises -- all quite diplomatic of course -- though Obama remains silent. "Vociferous" demonstrations have occurred at the Israeli embassy in London and New York , and also in France and Turkey . What? Didn't you see the coverage on teevee?? Conclusion: Some people can still think. Some people still care. Maybe many more people than you know. Would that give you hope? Well then you must never find out from the corporate media. The Middle East situation can spiral out of control in various ways. Meanwhile, Pakistan is continually compromised. Come to find out that India made agreements with Iran back in January 2003 to use Iranian military bases "in the event of any outbreak of tensions with Pakistan." Just a thought...since Israel has infiltrated India -- made clear by the Mumbai

There is a perfectly good explanation for all of this

On the heels of the Madoff scandal, which is challenging enough to spin, Israel now needs to be defended from the consequences of its own murderous behavior. In today's Sunday papers opinion pages across the country, I'm guessing you will find shrill letters blaming everything on the Palestinians. Here's one from the Boston Sunday Globe op ed page: WHEN YOUSEF Munayyer ("Ignoring the plight in Gaza," Op-ed, Dec. 21) compares Hamas and the people of Gaza to the people in 1949 Berlin during the Soviet blockade, he stands history on its head. Berliners were not firing missiles on civilians in neighboring towns. They were not holding a kidnapped Russian soldier hostage for years. They were not smuggling in arms to launch terrorist attacks. [Oopsie. We better not mention the doubts about who, exactly, fires all those rockets. Also, the political prisoners? Um...1 Israeli prisoner vs 10,756 Palestinians as of 3/07. And the weapons? The US is

Mass murderers expect your support and understanding

"Israel expects the support and understanding of the international community as it confronts terror." - Tzipi Livni Israeli air strikes in Gaza strip kill as many as 200 people Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Israeli aircraft attacked police and security installations across the Gaza Strip, killing scores of people in the deadliest raid since the occupation of the coastal region ended in 2005, security and medical officials said. As many as 200 people were killed and 750 injured, including women and children, Mu’awia Hassanien, a Palestinian medical-services official in Gaza, said today. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, called the air strike a massacre and said it would retaliate. At least 30 rockets were fired from Gaza today, Israel Radio reported, killing a woman in Netivot. Israel’s strikes started at 11:30 a.m. and in two minutes hit more than 30 targets, most of them security compounds run by Hamas, said an official of the movement who declined

Having an Epiphany

Doesn't it all get so depressing sometimes? We've all been there. Once you get that burning curiosity and start digging around on the web, you soon find out things that plunge you directly into despair. From then on it's a process of confirming, sorting, picking your jaw up off your lap, walking away in disgust, looking at your children with your heart in your throat, etc. etc. etc. Then you sit back down and do it all again. Some days you will laugh, and other days you will cry; but always you know this will surely end in prison camps for somebody. To greatly oversimplify deeply convoluted things, the people causing the NWO problems worship dark forces. They participate in occult rituals. Evil really exists, and these people tap into it. These forces are unseen, yet they can be accessed and used by willing human beings. If you doubt this, please do some research. These people are not atheists. They believe in the unseen world and actively work against God. They despise

Come Lord Jesus

O Magnum Mysterium, Thomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611) O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum ut animalia viderent Dominum natum jacentem in praesepio. Beata virgo cujus viscera meruent partare Dominum Christum. Alleluia. O great mystery and admirable sacrament that animals see the Lord born lying in a manger. Blessed virgin whose womb was worthy to bear Lord Christ. Alleluia. May the beauty, simplicity and mystery of Christ's birth be with you tonight.

Environmental Disaster in Tennessee

usxp has the story at AA News: There was a huge and terrible environmental disaster in Tennessee yesterday. The Tennessee Valley Authority, better known as TVA, has a coal-burning power plant located near Harriman, Tennessee, along Interstate 40 between Knoxville and Nashville. The stuff that is left over after TVA burns their coal is called coal ash. Coal ash contains mercury and dangerous heavy metals like lead and arsenic - materials found naturally in coal are concentrated in the ash. TVA has a huge mountain of this coal waste material stored in a gigantic pile next to their Harriman (Kingston) power plant, alongside a tributary of the Tennessee River. On Monday morning Dec. 22 around 1:00 am, the earthen retaining wall around this mountain of coal ash failed and approximately 500 million gallons of nasty black coal ash flowed into tributaries of the Tennessee River - the water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Th

How about a nice poke in the eye?

Remember the dueling banjos? Today we have the Dueling Hegelian Dialectic. We have a real problem (fiat currency), and we need a real reaction, and a real solution. But in parallel, we have a manufactured problem with a timing issue (the bailouts), and a manufactured reaction (provoking people to riot at the appointed scapegoats), and a manufactured solution (Martial Law, new currency, etc.) Apparently, in about eight weeks, all hell is going to break loose with the real problem: hyperinflation. But for our overlords, everything has not quite been put into place to manage the problem of our fiat money system imploding, and that's why you have some messy problems like Bernie Madoff having to fall on his sword, and Hank Paulson looking all squirrely in public, and this unfortunate leadership vacuum between the merciful end of GWBush and the beginning of Obama. I really think this was all meant to hang together for just a few more months. It would have been much easier to manage -- fo

Counter-psyops 101: Words Matter & We Need More Snark

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism . The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cooke (source) We all know that Dick Cheney and George Bush lie, but the fact remains that they got away with lying for a long time. Many people have written about and analyzed these lies, and that is all well and good. Yet the problem is not the lying so much as the getting away with it. And it really isn't that hard to innoculate oneself, so here's a little case study. Words have emotional content. They have literal meanings, and they have connotations. Some words have blurry edges and others have sharp edges

Just like finding a $20 in your pocket

Totally unexpected...surprising him no end...practically inconceivable that it should turn out this way...blah blah blah Kissinger also related that he has been struck by how much the move toward a new global order has been enhanced by the recent crises. “The jihadist crisis is bringing it home to everybody, that international affairs cannot be conducted entirely by drawing borders and defining international politics by who crosses what borders with organized military force.” he said. “This has now been reinforced by the financial crisis, which totally unexpectedly has spread around the world. It limits the resources that each country has for a foreign policy geared to an assertion of its own pure interests.” Here he's been, advocating for a New World Order for decades now, and lookie here! This here financial crisis has spread around the whole world, in a "totally unexpected" manner, and that will help usher in the New World Order that Herr Kissinger has been working t

The Fallout

Yes. The Fallout. This Madoff situation is a tragedy, see?, like a nuclear bomb went off. And don't you forget it. People are being hurt. (No not you.) If you enjoy a little schadenfreude, well, that's ok. The people in charge would actually really like to take the temperature on that anyway, you know, see where the people are at. Have they got you to a boiling point yet? Not quite? Hey, they're fiddling with the knobs now. This Madoff scandal represents such a magnificent opportunity for psyops. The intelligence people must be rubbing their hands together as they "craft" their "narrative." Got to be careful, though. Head on over and watch the latest sitcom masterpiece from MSNBC at Huffington Post. Here's the canned audience reaction (that would be YOU): The Poor Jewish Victims. (again) The Money Is ALL GONE. (don't ask where it went wink wink wink.) Now They Can't Help the Gifted Children. And There Are So Many. (sniff and fill many tissue

Bernie Madoff: The Scooter Libby of 2008

Yesterday turned up this little curiosity about Madoff. Let's just see what it might mean. As more info comes in regarding the Madeoff scheme, news from several sources say that Madeoff and his clients were the largest bank account holders listed on a computer disk leaked by a Swiss bank worker regarding US persons with hidden Swiss bank accounts. A whistleblower. And you may recall that pressure has increased on Swiss banks to ditch some of their notorious secrecy rules because they facilitate tax evasion and corruption. So it makes sense that a whistleblower might come forward about now, as the game is changing anyway. As the IRS approached him regarding the repayment of taxes from his hidden swiss account, Madeoff reportedly became admamant that his wealth would not be taxed by the US. He also realized that once the swiss records were exposed that his and his client's wealth were also within reach of seizure or judgement by a US court regarding past frauds of him or his

Use What You Have

George Washington has a post up about the riot meme being spread by the very people who, one would think, don't want people to riot. Smart readers understand the Hegelian dialectic: problem-reaction-solution. Funny - this coming from the IMF, which collection of bankers is directly responsible for creating the problem. Notice a pattern here? It sounds to me like they're preparing us for the solution to the problem they caused which will probably take the form of a "one-world" currency, or better yet, all of our wealth could be encoded on a chip and implanted under our skin. That marvelous idea will put an end to all crime. Don't buy it. Small communities can print their own currency and trade it for goods and services, and everyone should be growing food. We don't need any more of their "solutions." Read about the Hegelian dialectic. Understand it, because this is the primary tool used to make the NWO agenda possible. Once the American people underst

Are we ever going to wake up and die right in this country?

More information comes out all the time about the real crimes being committed in our names as Americans. I know people know, but do we really know? Do we really appreciate the horror of pain and suffering inflicted on innocent people in our names? This morning was one of those mornings when I just can't take it reading things like this: "We were walking, I was holding my grandson's hand, then there was a loud noise and everything went white. When I opened my eyes, everybody was screaming. I was lying metres from where I had been, I was still holding my grandson's hand but the rest of him was gone. I looked around and saw pieces of bodies everywhere. I couldn't make out which part was which." How can any human being go on? Think about some of the petty things people turn into tragedies in this country, and yet our weapons routinely inflict this unspeakable suffering on innocent people. We're fighting wars and killing people because of 9/11, a crime preme

It's not for nothing that they do these things

A few months back I stumbl ed across this sit e which explains the meaning of gold fringe and other decorations on American flags. Guess what? They don't belong on the flag except under special circumstances. Martial Law Flag "Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3; Executive Order 10834, August 21, 19 59; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regu lar flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. The President of the United States designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the military. The placing of a fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but are within the discretion of the President as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy." 34 Ops. Atty. Gen. 83. President, Dwight Dav

You're Getting Warmer

This is a little weird. Are they playing that party game when you blindfold the person who's 'it' and make them grope around the room for some mysterious object while giving them hints like warmer and cooler? It's quite unsettling to talk to members of Barack Obama's transition teams these days, especially those who are helping with the economics portfolio. Without going into details, the sense I get from them is that they are very worried that the economy will get a lot worse before it gets better. [WARMER] Not just worse... a lot worse. [WARMER] As in -- double digit unemployment without the wiggle factors. Huge declines in aggregate demand. Significant, persistent deficits. [DEFINITELY WARMER] That's one reason why the Obama administration seems to be open to listening to every economist with an idea and is stocking the staff with the leading lights of the field. In one sense, the general level of concern among Obama advisers and transition staffers is r

Why even bother watching these clowns?

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Luke 6:41 1. The auto bailout -- a proposed loan, by the way -- represents about 2% of the money given to banks with absolutely no strings attached. See American Goy for details. Are the auto companies worthy of some disdain? Yes. But is the ratio of disdain proportionate, given that the banks have destroyed the entire world economy and successfully threatened us into giving them what is now estimated at $3.92 Trillion (with a T), no strings attached? No. 2. Blagojevitch. He's stupid. He's corrupt. And don't we all know it. But how does he compare to the Bush/Cheney team, eh? Has he started any illegal wars of choice resulting in over a million deaths? No, I didn't think so. And yet, George Bush is still around, having survived eight years of a murderous presidency, during which time he has presided over mind-boggling levels of corruption. Did he ev

Keep your wits about you at all times

Important information here about events in Canada: Harper's "Civil Assistance Plan" documented by the Centre for Research on Globalization, under the SPP-NAU agenda, gives the right of the U.S. military to unilaterally cross into Canada for whatever cover story. This unconstitutionally reached "Executive Agreement" that was made sometime in February 2008, is apparently only the tip of the treasonous iceberg. Did you also know apparently, that under "NORTHCOM", Canada's military is now under U.S. Presidential Executive Control? Presumably, the Canadian military can also cross into the US if they are all under Bush's control. We don't know what our globalists have in mind, but we know they have something in mind. We can expect it to be a very unpleasant surprise meant to beat the American people down, physically but especially psychologically . In order for Americans to accept the globalist agenda, the entire system must be shredded and cru

The Christmas Spirit

As you probably know, an important editorial came out this week. So there you have it - one of the world’s top newspapers, editorially led by chief economics commentator Martin Wolf, a top Bilderberg luminary, openly proclaiming that not only is world government the agenda, but that world government will only be achieved through dictatorial measures because the majority of the people are dead against it. Will we still be called paranoid conspiracy theorists for warning that a system of dictatorial world government is being set up, even as one of the world’s most influential newspapers admits to the fact? Or will people finally wake up and accept that there is a globalist agenda to destroy sovereignty, any form of real democracy, and freedom itself in the pursuit of an all-powerful, self-interested, centralized, unrepresentative and dictatorial world government? Oh, pshaw, they will say. Don't you want peace on earth, good will toward men? C'mon. Again, let us be clear. I very m


Greek rioters have been focused on attacking wealth and prestige: banks, cars, buildings. Did I mention banks? The situation there is pretty grim, and strangely familiar... New Democracy made lofty promises of reform to win re-election after the Greek wildfires in 2007, but voters have only seen scandal after scandal with hundreds of millions of taxpayer euros being wasted , an increase in violent crime, and a system of law and order that makes it impossible to get justice. It is a maladministration that allows convicted parliamentarians, terrorists , rapists and murderers to go unpunished for years and decades, yet sanctions police to raid and close down Stanleybet UK in a mere seven days for daring to compete with a €7bn monopoly in which the Greek state holds a 34.4% share. It is a government that does not protect, serve or even respect its people. This is a government out for itself, and the people respond accordingly by dodging taxes, refusing to pay social insurance, pollut

Problems at the Carnival

The CSIS report on cyber security has hit the ground running . We have problems, people. Serious, serious problems. Just ask CNN. Every day our national security gets compromised by cyber criminals, foreign intelligence operatives, and who knows who else. What!?! Yes, my friends. Woe. Woe! Obama must do something right away, like appoint a Cyber Czar and spend taxpayer money creating a new agency. STAT! It's an e m e r g e n c y. The 96-page "Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency" report was made public at the start of the week and offers numerous ideas and recommendations for government officials who are growing more concerned about the possibility of cyberwarfare. "The United States must treat cybersecurity as one of the most important national security challenges it faces, " according to the report. It adds that the current Bush administration's Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative "good but not sufficient" and the use of comp