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the "bad bedouin" narrative

There is just waaaaaay too much going on. We assume this is on purpose, part of the plan, designed to confound and disorient. A multiplicity of narratives, dramas, and deceits. A multiplicity of assorted characters with long histories suitable for cherry picking. A plethora of scapegoats to choose from, some new some old. Remember The Lorax? "I'm being quite useful.  This thing is a Thneed. A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need! It's a shirt.  It's a sock.  It's a glove.  It's a hat. But it has OTHER uses.  Yes, far beyond that. You can use it for carpets.  For pillows!  For sheets! Or curtains!  Or covers for bicycle seats!" -Words and illustration from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss You know what's great, from the perspective of social engineers, about times like this? What's really great is that NOBODY OUTSIDE THE S.E. LAB CAN AGREE ON A SINGLE THING. Therefore, we are DIVIDED. Therefore, we are rather CONQUERED. Before we ev

everybody is not loving Raymond - updated

UPDATE: A13 has more on the latest arrest of Aaron Mark Dehaven aka Ahmed Haroon HERE. Also see Penny's posts, here and here. ^^^^^^^ A round up of the Raymond Davis jail situation... "FILE - In this Feb. 15, 2011 file photo, supporters of Pakistani religious party Jamat-e-Islami attend a rally against Raymond Allen Davis, a U.S. consulate employee suspected in a shooting, in Lahore, Pakistan. The Associated Press has learned that an American jailed in Pakistan after the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA. The arrest last month of 36-year-old Raymond Allen Davis has caused an international diplomatic crisis. The U.S. has repeatedly asserted that Davis had diplomatic immunity and should have been released immediately. But former and current U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to talk publicly about the incident, told the AP that Davis had been working as a CIA security con

in the midst of a crack up boom

Kind of creepy how he laughs when he says: we're all doomed Pakistan is next there are high levels of inflation in many places Remember the Raymond Davis. There's an asset who might be worth more dead than alive. Works for the CIA and Xe, maybe was helping al Qaeda get some bad weapons, and was involved with the drone attacks....?

smear campaign? - updated

UPDATE: New clues deepen Wheeler mystery Nearly 24 hours before the body of former Pentagon official John P. Wheeler III was found being dumped into the Wilmington landfill on Dec. 31, a neighbor who was watching his home found several rooms in disarray. Chairs lay on their sides. A large plant was tipped over. Wheeler's U.S. Military Academy sword was out of its scabbard and on the floor. Broken plates lay in the kitchen sink. A dusting of Comet cleanser covered the floor. A door had been unlocked and an upstairs window opened. So someone was there, perhaps there with him. After all, he was MURDERED. But what does this mean? Dill's account, however, could be more evidence that Wheeler, who had returned to Delaware and was spotted in New Castle and Wilmington the previous evening, was increasingly confused and erratic in the days before he was killed. Except that his wife said he was disoriented every day of his life. She said the behavior on the tape is NORMAL

turning the other cheek - Egyptian style

We bring you the next installment from James at Winter Patriot Community. As the events in Egypt unfolded, we watched carefully to try to discern the forces in play. We thought we might be seeing something new. The only thing we might add to James' piece is that, from our perspective, the events in Egypt implode the accusations against Islam as a violent religion, and against the Arab world in general. At some point, lies become unsustainable. Turning the Other Cheek - Egyptian Style In the last article in this series on how Israel plans to rule the world , we ended up by reading the words of some of the protesters who were determined to keep control of their protest and their movement. This protest movement was at first seen as an extension of the protest movement in Tunisia which has been credited with the fall of the dictatorship of BenAli . But it soon began to follow a different course. The same pattern of American trained social activists (see here and here ) wer