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evidence of something

Updated again, 2/29/12: Your typical expert with all her expert credentials, writing articles to helpfully shape public opinion, and getting paid handsomely no doubt for her expertise. So you can go over and read the article and ask yourself what is more likely: that the expert is NOT AWARE that the investigation, as detailed below in this post, found no evidence against Hezbollah and Iran, in which case she is not much of an expert; or that the expert is well aware but simply ignoring that information, and instead PIMPING THE NARRATIVE, in which case she is a mercenary. "In March 1992, a pickup truck loaded with explosives was driven by a suicide bomber—presumed to be a Hezbollah member—into the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. The blast destroyed the embassy, a Catholic church and a nearby school. Four Israelis died, but the attack claimed 29 lives and wounded 242 people, most of whom were Argentine civilians and many of whom were childre

controlling water world

 oil tanker China and India have been battling for influence over the Maldives for at least the past decade. Who would the globalists want to have more influence over the Maldives? China, the new economic engine for the world economy? Or India, the strategically located ally in Southern Asia? Then again, does it really matter? The more we look at these situations, the more it seems that whatever happens, the globalists find a way to benefit. They benefit from war and chaos and fighting and division. Will the Maldives be torn in pieces? Do the globalists really care as long as they can continue to vacation at some of the most beautiful, exclusive, resorts in the world, on private atolls far from the capital? Have mega-yacht, will travel... As reported in December 2011: China opens an embassy in the capital, Male. With fewer than 400,000 people, the Maldives ranks just 179t

poster child for paradise

The Maldives is the tiniest Muslim nation on the whole earth, and it's in the middle of the ocean, a tropical paradise.... or something else....? You can see from the following map that the Maldives are strategically located roughly equidistant from the Strait of Hormuz in Iran and the Strait of Malacca in Indonesia. CLICK TO ENLARGE The Maldives are also north of Diego Garcia , an island whose native population was completely displaced, by the UK, to make room for the US military. Unlike Diego Garcia, however, the Maldives straddle many profitable shipping routes. LOOK AT ALL THAT TRAFFIC. We are talking a small country of little islands, with a population of about 300,000 and another 80,000 expat workers, according to the US State Department. A country with a tourism economy catering to

one way around "the system"

Guest post by James at Winter Patriot Community Blog. ^^^^^^^ The outlook for most people on this planet regarding economic, political and social freedom and expression is bleak, indeed. And getting bleaker. State militarism in foreign countries and domestically is increasingly being accepted as 'normal'. The only thing that is prospering is violence. Everything good seems to be in decay. But what else could we expect with psychopaths in charge of our institutions and through them our societies, our persons and livelihoods. It seems impossible to change this because the corruption has got to the point that our institutions are now criminal organisations and are far beyond reforming. The appeals mechanisms (courts) and the reform processes (elections) are in the hands of the same criminals. But all is not what it seems. We have been taught to think in terms of the structure and organisation of our institutions and society as it has been provided for us. The r