Team NATO + Israel getting desperate

The final Intelligence product was of huge importance to the decision makers in London and Washington, as it allowed them to plan and shape their policies with the immense advantage of near real-time flow of accurate information from the political arena as well as the battlefield. http://cryptome.org/2012/01/0060.pdf
If you are familiar with the "Rule of Law," you understand that helping someone to commit crimes can get you in lots of trouble. It is called being an accomplice or an accessory. And this is exactly what Team NATO + Israel are doing by supporting the terrorists aka the Free Syrian Army. They are helping them to murder people in Syria. This is so damned obvious it hardly merits saying, but we have to say it because liars run the show, so it's important to state obvious truths for the record.

See: aangirfan: Spooks in Cyprus

UK military bases in Cyprus are helping al-Qaeda in Syria by providing intelligence information from high tech communications centres.

The Sunday Times claims that MI6 is helping the anti-Assad forces launch attacks on Syrian forces.
If they are helping the anti-Assad forces to launch attacks, that is lethal assistance. But they spin it as "nonlethal" because we are only talking about things "such as communications equipment." $25 million worth just from the US. That's a lot of walkie talkies.

Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama has signed a covert directive authorizing U.S. support for Syrian rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad's forces, U.S. officials told CNN on Wednesday. The secret order, referred to as an intelligence "finding," allows for clandestine support by the CIA and other agencies. It was unclear when the president signed the authorization for Syria, but the sources said it was within the past several months. ...Exactly what type of support the finding authorizes is also unclear. The Obama administration has ruled out arming the rebels for now, providing only nonlethal assistance, such as communications equipment. ... Diplomatic sources have also said the United States is providing intelligence on Syrian troop movements, which is then passed to rebel groups. ...The State Department said Wednesday the United States has set aside $25 million for "nonlethal" assistance to the Syrian opposition, with another $64 million in humanitarian assistance for the Syrian people.

And here: http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/article3754048.ece
On Friday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague offered nearly $8 million to the Syrian opposition that would be spent on the purchase of communication equipment including mobile and satellite phones as well as radar equipment. Mr. Hague said that the transfer of communication hardware would “help political activists overcome the regime's communication's blockade and ensure their message gets to the outside world".
The $8 million for equipment is presumably in addition to the intelligence provided by the British Sovereign Bases (high tech communications centers) in Cyprus, which have been in place for decades.

The Cryptome document gives us a good idea of the capabilities at the UK base in Cypress. A good link to click through and read. (Thanks to Marie over at Penny's.)

  1. a base in longstanding cooperation with the NSA
  2. probably the most important Western intelligence listening post in the Middle East, covering North Africa, the Balkans, Russia, Central Asia, etc.
  3. a staging point for US&UK intelligence and military operations, including targeted assassinations
  4. a base for US U2 spy planes
  5. a base in place for decades containing a staggering array of signals intelligence equipment, staff and capabilities to intercept just about anything from emails to troop movements
We are talking about a state of the art facility collecting intelligence from a vast swath of the planet. The capabilities of the Cypress SIGINT facilities are top of the line. And given the strategic importance of this operation to Team NATO + Israel, we must assume they are providing the best intelligence they can, which would be the best intelligence money can buy.

As a matter of fact, Germany also helps by having a spy ship sail along the coast of Syria, proudly passing on more top of the line intelligence to overthrow Assad.

BND agents are also stationed in the Turkish NATO base in Adana.From there, they listen to telephone calls and radio traffic from Syria. In addition, the informal contacts with sources in the immediate vicinity of the Assad regime is maintained. ”No Western intelligence sources in Syria has as good as the BND,” said a U.S. intelligence official.

Seems they are throwing everything they got at this problem, and at this point, they just outright admit it.

Somehow they have failed to overthrow Assad yet. From a comment by Hans at Penny's: Lavrov worries about US intentions for Syria:
The West with their (P)GCC lackeys are in a panic mode. Their gamble on a massive attack on the Province of Latakia (with huge support by German and British intelligence) proved a failure. The presumption was that the people would rise up and support the FSA, in fact the direct opposite occurred the FSA were cleared by local militia (Sunni, Armenian, Christians), local police and army units. Iran has a naval base in this province. This post was set up to monitor British (Cyprus) and NATO (off shore Mediterranean) communications, from the rout the FSA and it's Libyan backers received it looks like the Iranian intelligence might have broken the secure encoded communication between NATO, Israel and the FSA rats. This whole area is very important to the occupation of Syria, it has failed miserably.
We agree. When you consider what "nonlethal" assistance really means in this context, and that does not even touch the actual "lethal" assistance provided, we have to wonder how they have managed to fail. Something appears to be wrong with their feedback loop.

image from thetelephonegame.com

That's the good news. The bad news is they are now bringing up the chemical weapons. Things must be getting desperate for Team NATO + Israel. Key bits:

Western countries and Israel have expressed fears chemical weapons could fall into the hands of militant groups as Assad’s authority erodes.

Israel has said that if Syrian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas used the situation to take control of the weapons, it would “act immediately and with utmost force.”
...The Global Security website, which collects published intelligence reports and other data, says there are four suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria: north of Damascus, near Homs, in Hama and near the Mediterranean port of Latakia. Weapons it produces include the nerve agents VX, sarin and tabun, it said, without citing its sources.

They always telegraph what they plan to do before they do it. Presentation 101. Dale Carnegie: "Tell the audience what you're going to say; say it; then tell them what you've said."


more special relationships

Any chance of avoiding utter chaos breaking out requires that Russia and China push back together on Team NATO + Israel.

And China looks a little wobbly on that.

China is taking the rebels seriously.


"China is also considering inviting Syrian opposition groups in the nesr term to China."

"Rothschild, the more-than-200-year-old family-controlled banking dynasty, is making a big move in China, and Yu is leading the charge. It plans to add 15 merger advisers there by March, giving it 55 in all, more than any foreign investment bank, says Olivier Pecoux, co-chief executive officer of Rothschild. Today, the merger business in China is still relatively small. So far this year, China has accounted for about 9 percent of the $1.1 trillion in deals around the globe, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The potential, though, is enormous. China has $2.5 trillion in untapped foreign currency reserves and is mandating that state-owned companies expand abroad to secure natural resources such as oil and metals."The economic balance of power has already changed, and it is moving to the East," says Yu, whose title is head of greater China. "There will be an increasing number of Western companies selling assets to China.""
AUGUST 5, 2010

The bankers made a decision to move the balance of power to the East, led by China. In exchange, China has made some concessions to the bankers pet country?

Recent news From follow the money:


Three Chinese warships from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) docked in Haifa Aug. 13 for a five-day visit here as guests of the Israel Navy.
Led by Rear Adm. Yang Junfei, deputy commander of the PLAN’s North China Sea Fleet, the Chinese contingent will tour multiple sites throughout the country in honor of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Jerusalem and Beijing.

Click over for a video etc.

We have written several posts about the Special Relationship on the QT between China and Israel, apparently based on them both being great ancient civilizations or something. We think the  Chinese should do some more research on that.


The "Beijing Consensus" was coined by Joshua Cooper Ramo, a Jew, who speaks Mandarin and lives between NYC and Beijing, and is the youngest managing director ever at Kissinger Associates, and before that the youngest senior editor ever at TIME Magazine. A summary of his Beijing Consensus paper says:
"A new Beijing Consensus is emerging with new attitudes to politics, development and the global balance of power. It is driven, argues Joshua Ramo, by a ruthless willingness to innovate, a strong belief in sovereignty and multilateralism, and a desire to accumulate the tools of 'asymmetric power projection'. Though it is often misunderstood as a nascent superpower, China has no intention of entering an arms race. Instead, it is intent on projecting enough 'asymmetric power' to limit US political and military action in its region. Through fostering good international relations, it is safeguarding the peaceful environment needed to secure its prosperity, and deterring the attempts of some on the fringes of US politics to turn it into a pariah.
Ramo argues that China offers hope to developing countries after the collapse of the Washington consensus. It provides a more equitable paradigm of development that countries from Malaysia to Korea are following.Based on more than a hundred off the record discussions, the Beijing Consensus captures the excitement of a country where change, newness and innovation are rebounding around journal articles, dinner conversations and policy-debates with mantra-like regularity."(http://fpc.org.uk/publications/TheBeijingConsensus)


Chinese TV made a documentary in twelve episodes, Israel, the land of milk and honey, which will soon be broadcast on CCTV-2, then on the other satellite channels in China.

This documentary was shot in high definition, with a big budget and using the State of Israel. It presents Jewish culture as a beacon of human thought on a par with the Chinese culture.

A private screening was held in Beijing attended by leaders of CCTV and the Embassy of Israel.
About the series "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk & Honey"
This series is a part of a large-scale television project  "The Road to Civilization - Record of Experiencing the Worldwide Civilizations", produced by China Central Television (CCTV). The 12-episode HD TV documentary series "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk and Honey", tells the story of the Jewish culture and the process of  establishing the state of Israel and its modernization. The project of planning, filming and producing this series took about 2 years and was strongly supported by the Embassy of Israel in China. The series is now played on channel 2 of CCTV (Sat & Sun, 00:20) and will be soon played on other channels as well.

 "Walk into Israel - A Land of Milk and Honey"  is the first TV series produced by Chinese with historical, overall, organized introduction of the Jewish people and Israel. The film reflects the whole process of the Jewish civilization for the past 4000 years  within 12-episode.

Both Israel and China are great ancient civilizations who contributed a lot to human being, who have a long history, and faced since forever up till now with many challenges. By watching this series, people will have a better understanding regarding the history of the Jewish civilization, and discover the source for Israel's establishment and success. This special project aims to develop the friendship between China and Israel, and to promote cooperation between people from the two nations.
And did you think Israel is *our* bestest friend?
Also see:



If China splits off and starts to support Team NATO + Israel, it would do that because these deals have been cut to make China the bankers' new pet. Seems to us thesedeals have been cut. Where does that leave Russia? Bad bad Russia?



While we work on some other matters, this is interesting.

If you really want to know the state of news in this country, check this out: 10 Things to Know for Wednesday, helpfully brought to you by the *other* AP.


The Number One Thing you need to know today, 8/8? "The full story behind Sikh shooting may never be public." With the shooter dead and no trial coming, what investigators uncover about the white supremacist this patsy will remain a secret.



In comments, nobody suggested that per Dave McGowan, most likely there was one particular target. Sure enough, Bholanath tells us that one of the people killed is the father of a movie producer who worked on a disclosure film made by Stephen Greer.



The conclusion:

"Here’s a trailer for the Sirius film. Let’s hope this latest illuminati drama/tragedy will backfire and actually set this film up to be viewed by seven billion people."
So, if the Wisconsin tragedy opens the door to the disclosure narrative, helpfully organized into a movie, that is no backfire. That is the point.
Please see our post ALIEN FAIL:

If the time has come to crash the whole system, you can be sure they want to control the replacement scenario.


what goes on in the backyard

We guess it's no surprise that Lebanon is full of traitors, living next door to the shitty little country.

Syria rising and resisting despite the wounds, by Pierre Khalaf. An excellent article, definitely worth reading in full, but we are going to focus on the role Lebanon plays in the Syria conflict.

Lebanese president Michel Suleiman is totally complicit in allowing Team NATO + Israel and its agents to use Lebanon to attack Syria.
  1. He allows Lebanese security officials who provide cover and assistance to the armed gangs to remain in their posts.
  2. He allows other Lebanese authorities to providing cellular networks to the armed gangs and facilitate and cover up organized crime, including human and weapons trafficking. See the Lutfallah 2 scandal -- organized crime at work.
  3. He has allowed Lebanese troops to neglect defending their border with Syria, thus allowing the terrorists to dig in, while also allowing the troops to complain about Syrian troops defending themselves against the terrorists. Furthermore, keeping 15,000 troops busy on the Israeli border and nitpicking soldiers who respond to Israeli aggression, while treating the northern border as a low priority, and making no arrests.

"Sixthly, is it no odd Your Excellency that not one element from the Syrian terrorist groups which have established their headquarters and operations rooms in the North and in broad daylight has been arrested and that these terrorist gangs are even preventing the army officers from entering their areas of control and presence?"
Michel Suleiman, president of Lebanon

Let's see who else in Lebanon supports the rebels aka terrorists on the NATO + Israel payroll.

We have an incident at the ready which will illustrate it all very clearly.

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s deportation of 14 Syrians, including anti-regime activists, to Damascus drew wide condemnation Thursday from the opposition March 14 coalition as well as from the U.S. and the EU.
Reaction to the deportation reflects the wide schism between the March 14 coalition and the Hezbollah-led March 8 bloc over the 17-month uprising in Syria. The March 14 coalition strongly supports the rebels who seek to topple President Bashar Assad, while Hezbollah and its March 8 allies back the Syrian regime.

March 14 coalition doesn't like it one bit. The US and the EU don't like it one bit. Druze leader Walid Jumblatt demands the dismissal of the chief of General Security, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, accusing him of carrying out Damascus' orders.

While Jumblatt and Suleiman et.al. are very busy trying to carry out Team NATO + Israel's orders! How inconvenient is that?

Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, chief of General Security, Lebanon, allied with Hezbollah
He is doing his job deporting criminals out of Lebanon and back to Syria.
But the criminals are on the payroll of Team NATO + Israel.
So that's why he should be fired.
You follow?

Let's look at the stink raised by these deportations. The Lebanese government holds a cabinet meeting. Various ministers squabble about whether they knew and whether they support the decision.

Speaking to reporters after the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour said: “Our information indicated that the number of Syrians handed over by General Security to Damascus was one. Later, we learned that the number has risen to 14 people.” He added that he and Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi and Minister for the Displaced Alaaeddine Terro discussed the matter with Mikati. 
Abu Faour said that neither President Michel Sleiman, nor Interior Minister Marwan Charbel was aware of the decision to deport the Syrians. But this was disputed by Charbel while Abu Faour was speaking to reporters. “I challenge that any [security] apparatus under my command does anything of which I am not aware.” 
Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, who belongs to Speaker Nabih Berri’s parliamentary bloc, defended the General Security’s decision, saying the deported Syrians were sentenced on various crimes that were not politically motivated. 
Responding to Jumblatt’s ministers who defended the Syrian activists, Hezbollah’s Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish said: “If some had questions, we also have questions about the wounded that are being treated in Lebanese hospitals. Most of them are fighters against the Syrian regime who were wounded in battles.” 
A Human Rights Watch representative told AFP that the 14 men were deported Wednesday, despite the fact that four of them had asked not to be expelled for fear of persecution if handed over to Syrian authorities.
Why would they be afraid? Perhaps they had some excellent training in Washington DC or elsewhere, on how to destabilize Syria?
General Security said in a statement that the expulsion of the Syrians was not politically motivated. It said the Syrians had committed violations and criminal acts, including thefts, attacking the house of an army officer, insulting the military establishment and the use of forged documents. “Therefore, the decision to deport the 14 Syrians was based on criminal acts and violations committed during their stay in Lebanon,” General Security said. “Any decision to deport Syrian, Arab or foreign nationals is a decision based on judicial and security cases in line with the standards set forth in regional and international agreements and treaties. “Exempted from this are those where evidence shows their lives might be in danger in their country if they were deported,” it added. “This procedure has been used with Syrian nationals since the beginning of the painful events in [Syria].” 
Makes perfect sense to me. Syrians found in Lebanon committing crimes should be DEPORTED. What is the problem? Jumblatt wants Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim SACKED to stop this FARCE of defending Lebanon's sovereignty and rule of law. He opposes handing over any Syrian "under any pretext or for any reason." We guess he suspends the Rule of Law for Syrians in Lebanon. No laws apply. Come in and do whatever you want, as long as it supports Team NATO + Israel's goal of destroying Syria.
But Jumblatt, a harsh critic of Assad, demanded the dismissal of Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, chief of General Security, accusing him of carrying out Damascus’ orders. “We call on the Lebanese government and the relevant authorities to clarify all the circumstances relating to this issue and to launch a probe to determine responsibility and take disciplinary measures against the director general of General Security, leading to his sacking, if need be, in order to stop this ongoing farce,” Jumblatt said in a statement. He said that four political activists are among the deported. “Here the director general of General Security is giving a new proof of his total submission to the Syrian regime,” Jumblatt said
“After his [Ibrahim’s] police adventures with the arrest of Shadi Mawlawi, which threatened to ignite Tripoli and the north and plunge the region into massive strife, he hands over 14 Syrian citizens who sought refuge in Lebanon to escape the repression of the [Syrian] regime – including four political activists – under the pretext that they are wanted by the Syrian judiciary.” Jumblatt said he opposed the handover of any Syrian citizen who sought refuge in Lebanon “under any pretext or for any reason.”
Shrill much Mr. Jumblatt? Sounds like they got a hold of ten thugs and four spooks on the Team NATO + Israel payroll, and they are sending them to Damascus. Hey good riddance and don't let the screen door hit your asses on the way out.
Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, head of the parliamentary Future bloc, condemned the deportation of the Syrians, saying the move was contrary to the Human Rights Charter. “The handover of 14 Syrian nationals to the Syrian regime is an act condemned together by heart and conscience. It is not possible to hand over 14 activists to a regime that is killing its own people no matter what reasons General Security uses as an excuse to deport these people,” Siniora said in a statement.
Oh the drama.
The Lebanese Forces expressed surprise over the deportation of the Syrians, saying the move showed “a complete bias” to the Assad regime. 
Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly said her country was deeply  disturbed by the deportation of the 14 Syrians, according to a statement released by the U.S. Embassy. Connelly also “stressed the importance of protecting all Syrians, including dissenters and deserters, who have rejected violence, in keeping with Lebanon’s international humanitarian obligations,” the statement said. Connelly’s remarks came during a meeting with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, at his residence in Rabieh, north of Beirut, with whom she discussed the political and security situation in Lebanon and developments in Syria. “She praised the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces for their efforts to maintain calm in Lebanon, and supported the government’s decision to increase the Army’s presence along the border,” the statement said.
Ah, we love when they are "deeply disturbed." That's long been one of their smarmy little sayings, like "regrettable," that they trot out when they are laying the bullshit on really thick, like in this case trying to say that they care so much about all Syrians, EXCEPT FOR THE ONES THAT THEIR TERRORISTS ON THE PAYROLL ARE KILLING. We are sure they are deeply disturbed that 14 of their goons just got pinched and sent into Damascus. Very good.

Ambassador Maura Connelly

EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichorst expressed concern over the deportation of the Syrians. Asked to comment on the Syrians’ deportation, Eichorst told the state-run National News Agency: “Lebanon has endorsed the U.N. Agreement to fight torture and it must respect its international obligations. It must not deport people who might be exposed to torture or mistreatment.” Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2012/Aug-03/183256-deportation-of-anti-regime-syrians-creates-political-storm.ashx#ixzz22UW1ItCC (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

And wrapping it up, no surprise there that the EU Ambassador would say something completely hypocritical, and wave around international obligations, when Team NATO + Israel violates them with total impunity.

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah narrative has moved to the front burner, as we predicted two years ago. It was just a matter of time.

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