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more regrettables

This website contains radar anomalies collected by citizens. We picked one from TheEQLady and took the liberty of drawing on it to demonstrate what's weird: You can see that Mother Nature must be using a protractor now, because she makes such neat circles. You can also see that these big circles have lots of RAIN next to them, and this is all happening close to Omaha. Common sense tells you that those perfectly circular radar signatures are man made. You can find many examples of shapes at the citizen website. Here's a square. Here's a psychedelic starburst. Often the shapes become visible in the patterns of precipitation.   We don't mean to belabor the obvious, but the shapes and the precipitation go together. Whoever has the technology to make the shapes also has the technology to make the rain. So what on earth would possess these people, whoever they are and we can imagine, to make rain over the Missouri River basin when everything is already way past floo

no room for error means plenty of room for terror

Over at Winter Patriot Community Blog, McJ has got a post up about the Missouri River flooding and the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant. McJ's post goes into a lot of detail about the discrepancies surrounding the fire event at the plant. There are MANY discrepancies to consider, and we will not go into that so please click over and read the post and comments. Today we see some attempt at message control coming from the authorities, including a bit of hand-wringing and aspersions cast in the way of "some internet bloggers" . Hmm. As we all know by now, authorities have never been known to lie or downplay bad situations, or cover things up or anything like that, so everyone should calm down because there is NOTHING to worry about.... ? The plant only APPEARS to be surrounded by flood waters. In "reality," the plant has an "aqua berm" to protect it from the Missouri River. What is an "aqua berm?" Well, it APPEARS to be a sort of sandbag, exce

how far is heaven, part 1

We are wondering too, how far is heaven. We wonder that a lot. This post will be the first of a series attempting to take a stab at an overarching theory about how things seem to be shaking out and what we might actually be able to do about them. We acknowledge the invaluable help of James and A13 in developing and organizing this theory. We don't know how many posts it will take to lay it out, but this is the first, an introduction. The following reflects, roughly, our understanding of truth, based on our sustained effort to apprehend it. Your version may vary a little or a lot. People can arrive at similar conclusions via different paths. ^^^^^^^ We believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We believe in God, the God of all creation, who created this planet, and everything on it. In fact we are inside God, and by extension, God is inside us. For this reason, it is impossible that evil will prevail. Evil can not prevail over the c

can you see the forest through the trees yet?

In Malaysia, the nuclear energy regulator has sealed off a pharmaceutical company following a radiation leak. The science, technology and innovation minster, Mr. Ongkili, said the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) sealed the company after four employees set off radiation monitors when visiting the AELB's offices on June 2. Why did the AELB call the employees to come in? Surely there must have been a reason. One of the workers had readings greater than 400X normal, normal being 0.5 microsieverts/hour. Nothing like being called to the office and setting off all the alarms. So evidently, there was a tip to call some people in for questioning, and it was a good tip? The authorities closed the pharma premises the same day, finding readings there 100X normal. The workers were decontaminated. The one with the very high readings had been "directly involved in the radiopharmaceutical leakage." The official DECLINED TO IDENTIFY the pharmaceutical company or what the

miss chimera virus

Following current events is a lot like The Price Is Right. You just never know which of the many mindfucking contestants will get to play for the prizes. The Faces of The Price Is Right Miss Chimera Virus... Come On Down!! How Stuff Works: Bioweapon 1: Chimera Viruses In Greek and Roman mythology, the chimera combined elements of lion, goat and serpent into one monstrous form. Artists in the late medieval age often used the creature as a symbol to illustrate the complex nature of evil. In modern genetic science, a chimeric organism is a life form that contains genes from a foreign species. Given its namesake, you might expect all chimeric organisms to be awful examples of man twisting nature for nefarious ends. Fortunately, our increased understanding of genetic science has led to some beneficial creations. One such chimera, which combines the common cold with polio, may help cure brain cancer. But as the war continues its forward momentum through human history,

something is missing

In comments at the last post, we have been discussing the possible mechanism for how this e coli illness works. Just theorizing. As we know the e coli strain is resistant to eight classes of antibiotics, which cannot happen in nature. A13 writes in her last post: We know that this type of RARE bacteria is    resistant to all the following classes and combinations of antibiotics: • penicillins • tetracycline • nalidixic acid • trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazol • cephalosporins • amoxicillin / clavulanic acid • piperacillin-sulbactam • piperacillin-tazobactam And it is a CHIMERA, a DNA/ Genetic mutation. We also know that the source of this bacteria has not been found. Some of us have been speculating that this could be a BIOWEAPON? or Maybe a TEST of One? Life Technologies was able to very quickly develop a custom test for this exact strain, in record time. Some facts about Life Technology from their press release: a global biotech company in approximately 160 coun