more regrettables

This website contains radar anomalies collected by citizens. We picked one from TheEQLady and took the liberty of drawing on it to demonstrate what's weird:

You can also see that these big circles have lots of RAIN next to them, and this is all happening close to Omaha. Common sense tells you that those perfectly circular radar signatures are man made. You can find many examples of shapes at the citizen website. Here's a square. Here's a psychedelic starburst. Often the shapes become visible in the patterns of precipitation.  

We don't mean to belabor the obvious, but the shapes and the precipitation go together. Whoever has the technology to make the shapes also has the technology to make the rain.

So what on earth would possess these people, whoever they are and we can imagine, to make rain over the Missouri River basin when everything is already way past flood stage and ready to burst into catastrophe?

Here, here, here, here....

Oh, we don't know..... maybe evil, sadistic intent?

"We have been riding a pretty thin edge and regrettably, the storms over the last several days have really pushed the Souris River basin into territory that we have never seen before," said Allen Schlag, a hydrologist at the National Weather Service's office in Bismarck, North Dakota. (6/21/11, Reuters)


Might there be an AGENDA in play?

A cattle commodities broker, Anne Barnhardt, writes that the Army Corps of Engineers is offering to buy farm land in Missouri. Also, that George Soros has been investing in farmland through a company called Ospraie Capital. 

Find more information here.

There are folks who are confused as to how the situation with regards to the Missouri River dams could be the fault of the Army Corps of Engineers. After all, isn’t the amount of rainfall an Act of God? [NO. - ed.]

This is not a FLASH flooding dynamic. This isn’t happening because it rained three feet in 24 hours. The largest factor in this flooding is the runoff coming from the melting of the snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. The snowpack is precisely measured and the number of acre-feet of water that will be drained into the Missouri River basin each spring is a precisely known value. If you don’t believe me, pull up the website for ANY ski resort. They will have DETAILED snowpack depth data updated on a near-daily basis. One could work up usable data based just off of the ski resorts – but we also have frequent and detailed snowpack measurements coming from the National Forests and National Parks. I am hard-pressed to think of a meteorological dataset that has the precision, reliability and lead time that the runoff from the snowpack has. The Army Corps of Engineers knew to the acre-foot how much water was coming, and when it would arrive (summer tends to happen at roughly the same time each year).

Knowing that we had a RECORD snowpack this year, the ACoE should have opened the Missouri dam system up starting early in the spring so as to gently and gradually draw-down the reservoirs and give each dam system enough slack to absorb the snowpack runoff. They intentionally did not do this, and citing “wildlife habitat” concerns in collusion with the Marxist-Environmentalists, they kept the reservoirs full, thus ensuring that when the snowpack runoff arrived, it would have nowhere to go. Again, this was all 100% unnecessary and 100% intentional. I don’t care how many C- affirmative action hires they have, there is absolutely no way that this was a function of being “surprised” by water that has been measured and sitting in the Rocky Mountains for MONTHS. Snowpack of Quantity X inches yields runoff of Quantity Y acre-feet. It is a liner function that any Beavis or Butthead could have looked up on a table.

More information on the letter:

Corps letter causes dust-up
Army Corps of Engineers officials are blaming “unfortunate timing” for some ruffled feathers over a letter that recently was sent to 17 northwest Missouri residents.
A copy of the letter, obtained by The Star, showed the Army Corps offering to buy private land along the Missouri River for a wildlife conservation project. The letter was dated June 6, when floodwaters were beginning to rise.
“Some people took it as a slap in the face,” said Tom Waters, president of the Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association, which represents a consortium of interests along the river.
Karl Mueller, chief of civil works for the Army Corps’ Kansas City office, said the agency was not taking advantage of the flooding to buy land and that the letters were part of a longstanding project. He said several people interested in selling their property had called.
Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers controls, essentially, this water system:

Army Engineers flood 130,000 acres of Missouri farmland to save blighted Illinois town of 2,800

We have not read much that's good about the Army Corps of Engineers. It's a scary thought that they are managing the flow of all that water. We would not want to live in New Orleans.

A federal judge on Friday ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can blow up a Mississippi River levee, which would flood Missouri farmland but prevent the flooding of an Illinois town.
NYTimes May 2nd update: Missouri has appealed to the US Supreme Court, while at this moment, explosives are being packed.
May 3rd update below. The levee was exploded and farmland flooded. U.S. District Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. [appointed by Bush in 2008 and related to Rush Limbaugh] ruled that the Corps had the right to breach the levee to prevent flooding in Cairo, Illinois, as permitted by a 1928 law....The corps has said that flowage easements attached to the farmers’ property deeds allowed them to breach the levee.

Hmm, let's see here. This seems pretty simple actually. Mismanage giant water system + use weather modification to overfill giant water system = flooding of biblical proportions. Flooding of biblical proportions justifies opening levees and resulting in destruction of farmland. Government buys up now useless farmland. Win win win win.

Land grabbing. Grab the land ==> control the food and water. Control the food and water ==> control the people. All that's needed is a JUSTIFICATION to grab the land in the first place. CONVENIENTLY, that has been arranged, thanks to Mother Nature (wink wink wink).

State and private investors, from Citadel Capital to Goldman Sachs, are leasing or buying up tens of millions of hectares of farmlands in Asia, Africa and Latin America for food and fuel production. This land grabbing is a serious threat for the food sovereignty of our peoples and the right to food of our rural communities.

...With the current farmland grab, corporate driven globalisation has reached a new phase that will undermine peoples’ self-determination, food sovereignty and survival as never before. The WB and many governments see land and rights to land, as a crucial asset base for corporations seeking high returns on capital since land is not only the basis for producing food and raw materials for the new energy economy, but also a way to capture water. 

We could go on but you get the idea.


no room for error means plenty of room for terror

Over at Winter Patriot Community Blog, McJ has got a post up about the Missouri River flooding and the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant.

McJ's post goes into a lot of detail about the discrepancies surrounding the fire event at the plant. There are MANY discrepancies to consider, and we will not go into that so please click over and read the post and comments.

Today we see some attempt at message control coming from the authorities, including a bit of hand-wringing and aspersions cast in the way of "some internet bloggers". Hmm. As we all know by now, authorities have never been known to lie or downplay bad situations, or cover things up or anything like that, so everyone should calm down because there is NOTHING to worry about.... ? The plant only APPEARS to be surrounded by flood waters. In "reality," the plant has an "aqua berm" to protect it from the Missouri River. What is an "aqua berm?" Well, it APPEARS to be a sort of sandbag, except instead of sand in smallish bags, it's water in a big plastic bladder.

Make of that what you will. To our mind, looking at the pictures, the plant appears to be surrounded by water because here in reality, the plant is surrounded by water. And the only thing between the river and the plant is what appears to be a big water balloon.

There are a few reasons why we don't find this reassuring. For one thing, Omaha, NE lays downstream of SIX dams. The Missouri River drains water from a huge landmass spanning Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska -- at the bottom. Any sort of event that happens upstream will eventually come to Omaha, and we are thinking those aqua berms just might not be adequate should a catastrophe take place such as a dam breaking. From the USGS website:

The Missouri River drains one–sixth of the United States and flows 2,341 miles from its headwaters at the confluence of the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson Rivers at Three Forks, Montana, to its confluence with the Mississippi River at St. Louis, Missouri (U.S. Geological Survey, 2001). One–third of the Missouri River has been transformed into lake environments, due to six dams built in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska (U.S. Geological Survey, 2001). 
That's a lot of water, even under ordinary circumstances, without even considering the heavy rainfall and melting snow of this year.

Assurances about these dams range from, "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made assurances the dams are safe..." to "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made assurances the dams are safe." Any other questions?

Go here to see the US Army Corps of Engineers data measuring the water situation at the six dams.

More detailed info here showing upstream to downstream flow around the various dams.

And here's a little scenario, "a terrorist scenario," called The Fort Peck Incident, posted in July 2008, by a futurist. It is a work of fiction, a work of his imagination. The author, Futurist Thomas Frey, wrote the scenario in 1998 and has been told the scenario has been routed through all levels of government. He also writes that people at the US Army Corps of Engineers say it's not possible.
The date and time has been carefully chosen. Spring runoff has pushed the dam capacity to near record levels and the 120 minute timer allows plenty of time for the two men to pack all their belonging and disappear before the prescribed detonation time of midnight.

You'll just have to go over and read it. No matter how it might start, whether by Terrorist Sabotage, Human Error, Act of God or Mother Nature, the description of one of these dams breaking would results in massive death. Then throw the nuclear plants on top of that.

Q: Comparisons have been made between what happened to Japanese nuclear power plants and those in Nebraska because of their proximity to the Missouri River. Some people say Cooper Nuclear Station is particularly vulnerable because it has the same basic design as the Japanese reactors. (Note: This question does not apply to OPPD because its reactor is of a different design.)

NPPD: Extremely unlikely. The Midwest is not susceptible to a tsunami. ... Cooper is designed against flooding from the Missouri River, and NPPD is confident the safety systems are in place to respond to a major, natural disaster or crisis event. The accident at Fukushima Daiichi was initiated by two severe natural disasters ... an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale (and) ... a tsunami. (SOURCE)
Do we need, specifically, an earthquake and tsunami to create a Fukushima-like disaster? No. Other combinations would result in the same level of catastrophic failure.

We also note, before you go, that the Fort Peck Dam had a deadly collapse in 1938, two weeks after completion, killing eight men.

What caused the dam to slide? To this day, many say the core pool was too deep. Others say the dam was being filled too fast and there was not enough time for the water to drain out. Some blamed the bentonite seams beneath the dam. Soon after the rescue efforts were halted, engineers conducted a battery of complex tests to determine the cause of the slide. Samples were taken from as deep as 300 feet. A board of blue chip consultants was formed to study the problem, and it was their decision that work should continue on the dam.

To this day. TO THIS DAY they don't really know.....???

Regrettable. Also, concerning.


Then we have the small problem of the cozy relationship between the nuclear industry and the nuclear industry regulators, and the consequences of that: WEAKENED SAFETY STANDARDS.

Records show a pattern of plants falling out of compliance. Studies ensue. The studies find the standards overly conservative. Authorities loosen the standards. The plants then come back into compliance. For example, radiation makes concrete brittle. The US Nuclear Regulatory Authority set a "reference temperature" benchmark of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to predict the threshold that the concrete vessel housing radioactive fuel could break apart. The standard today: up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

How will brittle concrete walls withstand a deluge of water, should something go wrong with the dams upriver? What is the answer to that question? Don't worry it can't happen?

And do we think the aqua berms will protect the Fort Detrick plant should a dam break? No. They'll be easily breached and probably float away.

Murphy of Murphy's Law was an engineer and his 'law' is not a joke. Quite simply, if something can go wrong, then eventually it will. Simple logic. This logic demands that monitoring of wear and tear be carried out and maintenance performed on schedule. All devices and products will fail at one time or another. Engineering is the study and practice of designing for failure or the management of eventual failure. The nuclear industry has repeatedly found safety standards overly conservative and relaxed them to bring plants into compliance. That does not strike us as good engineering practice, but what do we know.

We know there are two basic modes of failure: controlled failure and catastrophic failure. In catastrophic failure the device or product fails completely and at once. A controlled failure happens over time and can be avoided by scheduled maintenance and repair. The concrete walls, for example, have a known controlled failure issue: radiation makes the concrete increasingly brittle over time. It needs to be replaced before it is too weak to  perform its primary function. Leave it long enough in service and Murphy's Law will ensure a disaster.

Now we have concrete long in service, prone to a catastrophic failure. Concrete is very brittle by nature and is made useful in building design by having steel rods embedded within it which take the bulk of the tension loads and leaving the concrete to deal with the compression loads. But the concrete needs to be able to move to accommodate some tension loads. When it becomes too brittle to cope with the tension loads, it cracks, breaks, and shatters. Catasprophic failure. The very thing no one can afford at nuclear power plants.

We have experts telling us that everything is under control. This is Russian Roulette. The dams have to hold. The weather has to cooperate. The concrete has to hold. The aqua berms have to hold. Notice there is no room for Human Error, Acts of God, Mother Nature, Terrorist Sabotage. The systems are already maxed out.

The records show a pattern. You don't have to be a scientist, or an engineer, or any sort of specialist to see that these PATTERNS of behavior tend to repeat, and these PATTERNS of behavior tend to results in people dying, which is then deemed regrettable. And we have discussed these patterns many, many times, but if we were to pick one post as a reference, we think this one does the trick: getting away with murder.


Then we also have the problem of weather modification. We will turn to A13 for her comprehensive recent post on it: Weather Modification, a covert weapon of mass destruction.

These are the X Wars Technologies, conducting war in secret, in totally deniable ways, under cover of Mother Nature and Acts of God. NOTHING NEW.

1968: Substantial progress within the environmental sciences is slowly overcoming the gap between fact and fiction regarding manipulations of the Earth’s physical environment. As these manipulations become possible, history shows that attempts may be made to use them in support of national ambitions. To consider the consequences of environmental modification in struggles among nations, we need to consider the present state of the subject and how postulated developments in the field could lead, ten to fifty years from now, to weapons systems that would use nature in new and perhaps unexpected ways.
The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.  Environmental instability is a situation in which nature has stored energy in some part of the Earth or its surroundings far in excess of that which is usual.

To trigger this instability, the required energy might be introduced violently by explosions or gently by small bits of material able to induce rapid changes by acting as catalysts or nucleating agents. The mechanism for energy storage might be the accumulation of strain over hundreds of millions of years in the solid Earth, or the super-cooling of water vapour in the atmosphere by updraughts taking place over a few tens of minutes. Effects of releasing this energy could be world-wide, as in the case of altering climate, or regional, as in the case of locally excited earthquakes or enhanced precipitation. Chapter from Unless Peace Comes by Gordon J. F. MacDonald U.S.A. 1968 [Abridged]

Recent weather modification over Minot, ND, home of US Air Force Global Strike Command.

Minot AFB. Home of the 5th Bomb Wing, "Guardians of the Upper Realm."
And the 91st Missile Wing, "Rough Riders."

Who would dare to modify the weather over the USAF Global Strike Command? The Russians? Al qaeda terrorists? Really? We don't think so. We think the technology is in the hands of our very own heroes.


We certainly hope nothing ELSE goes wrong with these nuclear plants and flooding situation, but frankly, we see a very disturbing pattern. We see a catastrophe waiting to happen. This is not fear mongering. This is looking honestly at the situation and recognizing that one thing going wrong in this situation can trigger a catastrophic failure. We can see this from way over here in New England, even with our right brain handicap. Do the authorities know this? We think they know this DAMN WELL.

The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy. Environmental instability is a situation in which nature has stored energy in some part of the Earth or its surroundings far in excess of that which is usual. Chapter from Unless Peace Comes by Gordon J. F. MacDonald U.S.A. 1968 [Abridged]



how far is heaven, part 1

We are wondering too, how far is heaven. We wonder that a lot. This post will be the first of a series attempting to take a stab at an overarching theory about how things seem to be shaking out and what we might actually be able to do about them. We acknowledge the invaluable help of James and A13 in developing and organizing this theory. We don't know how many posts it will take to lay it out, but this is the first, an introduction.

The following reflects, roughly, our understanding of truth, based on our sustained effort to apprehend it. Your version may vary a little or a lot. People can arrive at similar conclusions via different paths.


We believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We believe in God, the God of all creation, who created this planet, and everything on it. In fact we are inside God, and by extension, God is inside us. For this reason, it is impossible that evil will prevail. Evil can not prevail over the creator God who animates everyone and everything, 24x7. Evil can destroy many things if we let it, but it cannot destroy God. Nor will God allow evil to destroy his creation. So we have hope.

We can help or not. Evil must work through human hands. When we deny evil our help, evil is helpless to harm us, especially when we work together. God also works through human hands, not for his benefit, but for ours. We ought make ourselves available to do his work, together, instead of offering ourselves to evil. We need to nurture discernment in order to understand what we are doing, what we should stop doing, and what we should start doing. The resistance begins in the mind, in our ability to discern truth, and to act accordingly, to follow through with our will.

There is such a thing as the truth. When we find something and we think it’s true, and we later find out we were wrong, we let it go. There is no shame in this process, but it can hurt very much. We are human. We make mistakes. We learn. We survive. We choose to persevere to the end because we want something better for ourselves and our progeny.

The responsibility is on us to choose to love the truth, to seek out reality. We were created with free will. We don’t have to seek the truth if we don't want to. It is our choice. God honors our choice either way. If we are serious about solving the problems facing us, we will eventually recognize that we have to learn the truth about what is happening, and that means we have to face our own responsibility for lending our hands to evil, whether we realized it or not at the time. Evil stops when we stop letting it use us.

We believe that Jesus Christ is who he said he was, God. If he was wrong then he was either deluded which makes him mentally unstable, or he was lying which, given the importance of this, means he was evil. Those conclusions don't follow. We accept that he is God and conclude that it would be wise to accept his advice. Jesus came here to teach people the way to be. Religions have convoluted his teachings much, but he was very straightforward and said all the commands come down to this: Love God with all your heart and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

You can believe whatever you want. We all can. That is the whole point -- that you can choose to love the truth or not, you can choose to believe whatever you want. No one can stop you. Nor will God stop you, because he honors your free will. Yet it is our experience that she who seeks shall find, and the pursuit of truth is worthy. You can much more easily seek lies, which are plentiful and easy to find at every turn. The effort comes in seeking truth, not lies.

Know the consequences of your choices. Do not claim ignorance; it will not save you from the consequences. If you give yourself over to lies, to liars, to what is easy, you will not avoid pain. You may only defer it for a time while the consequences multiply. Addicts seek short term relief, gratification and comfort too. Only later do they and their loved ones pay the exorbitant costs for getting lost in illusions. We are all paying the exorbitant price for many people's choices. Our children are paying. So we are in this together, like it or not.

Liars have been with man from the beginning. Liars hate the truth. They have always wanted what their father, the devil, wants: to replace God in our lives with themselves, and to prove that they have replaced God to us and to themselves. Like narcissists, they need to see their reflection in others in order to feel real. Otherwise they are shadows. They gain entre into our minds through fear.

Liars are trying to destroy us and everything God gave us. But God gave us intellects and intuitions and freewill. With them we can determine the truth and we can choose reality. God will help us in those things that we are not equipped for, providing we want to overcome. Providing we want to choose good for ourselves and our families. Providing we have the will.

In ancient times the evil had alchemist helpers who pursued power rather than truth. They practiced magic, rituals. Some of these practices made it into religions. Religions provide organization for the purpose of bringing many people into the rituals. Religions are about controlling people spiritually. Today religions have less power to control people, but the alchemists are now scientists, and many people worship science and technology that has advanced beyond the limits of our imaginations. Much technology seems like magic. With black budgets and suppressed technologies, an artificial gap has been created, and this gap keeps humanity repressed. The truth about science, technology, and medicine, has been discovered and kept secret by evil people because it gives them a supreme advantage and allows them to control the rest of  humanity with various schemes.

Lies about science form the basis for many other lies. In many ways, we are least equipped to deal with lies about science, technology and medicine. These fields require highly specialized knowledge that forms an impervious barrier which easily deflects criticism. Experts are worshiped, not questioned. For instance, we are told oil is scarce. For over half a century Russian and Ukranian scientists have known that oil is plentiful, abiotic, formed deep in the earth.

It appears that, unbeknownst to Westerners, there have actually been, for quite some time now, two competing theories concerning the origins of petroleum. One theory claims that oil is an organic 'fossil fuel' deposited in finite quantities near the planet's surface. The other theory claims that oil is continuously generated by natural processes in the Earth's magma. One theory is backed by a massive body of research representing fifty years of intense scientific inquiry. The other theory is an unproven relic of the eighteenth century. One theory anticipates deep oil reserves, refillable oil fields, migratory oil systems, deep sources of generation, and the spontaneous venting of gas and oil. The other theory has a difficult time explaining any such documented phenomena.

So which theory have we in the West, in our infinite wisdom, chosen to embrace? Why, the fundamentally absurd 'Fossil Fuel' theory, of course -- the same theory that the 'Peak Oil' doomsday warnings are based on. [More by Dave McGowan.]

This is just one example. Consider the suffering and death that has resulted from this ONE lie about oil. Consider the profits made on this ONE lie. Consider how much control hinges on this ONE lie. Consider the mountain of smaller lies that rest on this ONE BIG lie. Let’s now consider another BIG LIE: global warming. Another very comprehensive lie. Consider the scale of that one, the control mechanisms put in place to solve the “problem” of global warming. Consider the money made on this lie. Consider how many scientists collaborated on this lie, and for how long. Consider weather modification. More lies. More hiding of the truth about technology, about what is possible. The military has been studying weather modification technology for probably a century. Presumably they know how to harness the energy in the earth’s atmosphere and in the earth’s crust. Consider all the suffering and death caused by storms, droughts, floods, earthquakes; and that these events are always, without exception, blamed on Mother Nature and Acts of God, and weather modification is never acknowledged, even though the military has released plenty of information about their weather modification goals. Even though you can watch your own local weather forecast and see bizarre circles and other phenomenon on the radar that people will pretend not to see.

Scarcity is a lie. All the conflicts over energy and resources are based on lies. The earth provides more than enough resources to sustain all the life on this planet. Life saving science has been suppressed to generate conflict and profit, and to control us. Secret technologies have abused humanity. The science gap was made to create the illusion that they are God, that they have replaced God in our lives. Humanity was held back to make this possible. Countless lives were sacrificed to make this possible. Do we reflect that back to them by worshiping their lies, or do we deny them the satisfaction by seeking the truth? Your choice.

Not enough people love the truth. Not enough people seek after the truth, want to know what is true, what is real, and desire this knowledge deeply, even if the truth is painful. When many more people love the truth enough to seek it, to learn it, to accept its reality no matter how painful it is initially, our problems will resolve themselves. To love the truth is to love. To seek the truth is to love. To love is to lend our hands to God and to deny them to evil. It is all very, very simple. Love the truth, look for it everywhere, and all will be well, eventually. Honor your own dignity enough to refuse to be lied to.

We could have heaven on earth. Instead we have hell on earth. We seem to be far from heaven. But we are not helpless. They have taken the battle to our minds *and* our bodies, and that is where we have to fight them. We fight them for sovereignty over our selves. We have said many times the resistance begins in your mind. We took our minds back, and we will take our bodies back too.

What do you choose?


can you see the forest through the trees yet?

In Malaysia, the nuclear energy regulator has sealed off a pharmaceutical company following a radiation leak.

The science, technology and innovation minster, Mr. Ongkili, said the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) sealed the company after four employees set off radiation monitors when visiting the AELB's offices on June 2.

Why did the AELB call the employees to come in? Surely there must have been a reason.

One of the workers had readings greater than 400X normal, normal being 0.5 microsieverts/hour.

Nothing like being called to the office and setting off all the alarms. So evidently, there was a tip to call some people in for questioning, and it was a good tip?

The authorities closed the pharma premises the same day, finding readings there 100X normal. The workers were decontaminated. The one with the very high readings had been "directly involved in the radiopharmaceutical leakage."

The official DECLINED TO IDENTIFY the pharmaceutical company or what they were doing.


This Frost & Sullivan 2008 report outlines the reasons why pharmaceuticals represented a growth industry in that country:

Biotechnology is expected to generate revenue of $71 billion by 2020, and it is anticipated that 100 reputable biotech companies will be established in Malaysia. Malaysia's shortage of technological expertise creates many new investment opportunities for the U.S. companies.

Lots of biodiversity in Malaysia makes for happy big-pharma investors. BUT WHAT do these pharma companies need radioactive bits and pieces for? AND WHY don't they have adequate protections in place?

WHAT might they be doing? Radiating things to cause mutations perhaps? Things like cells, viruses, bacterias?

One would think, given the many decades that scientists have been studying radiation, that they would know how to take care with it.

But one would be WRONG if one thought like that.

In Iraq, the US Army Corps of Engineers discovered that 85 clinics, US BUILT PUBLIC HEALTH CLINICS, have been leaking low level radiation for FOUR YEARS.

Oopsie. REGRETTABLE, huh? For sure. It wasn't Iraqi contractors who built those clinics, it was US contractors. SURELY they would know how to do something like build run-of-the-mill health clinics? How long has X-ray technology been in use? How many decades? What could possibly be the EXCUSE for getting it wrong 85 times?

Bring on the emergency procedures.

"After the fact Justificatino & Approval to request approval to definitize 3 sole source letter contracts. The purpose is the urgent and compelling need to quickly repair X-ray radiation leakage at Public Health Clinics, Iraq-wide."

How does this happen 85 times? The only rational explanation is: BY NOT GIVING A SHIT.

It goes right along with the $6 billion dollars regrettably lost or stolen under the watch of Paul Bremer.

Theft of such a staggering sum might seem unlikely, but U.S. officials aren't ruling it out. Some U.S. contractors were accused of siphoning off tens of millions in kickbacks and graft during the post-invasion period, especially in its chaotic early days. But Iraqi officials were viewed as prime offenders.

Actually, it does not seem unlikely at all. Actually, that sounds like pocket change given the scale of organized crime in this world. Actually, to point the finger at Iraqi officials is de rigueur at this party.

Anyway, "some" of those contractors might also be the ones who built health clinics for Iraqi citizens and neglected to include the radiation safety features. The company in question is Parsons Global, tasked to build 150 clinics using standard designs. Nothing too fancy for our good friends in Iraq. 

The work was performed 6/2005-5/2007. Later inspections found the following safety precautions done incorrectly:
  • walls lead shielding, 3
  • X-ray operators partition, 21
  • door jambs lead shielding, 84
  • X-ray machine room, 2
  • X-ray operator's window, 25
These errors in lead shielding led to low level radiation leaks in these health clinics.

It just so happens that low level radiation is extremely damaging to CELL MEMBRANES.

For scientists, the Petkau Effect may be illustrated as follows:

A long term exposure of extremely low radiation (i.e., one-ten millionth of a rad per minute) was found to be 100 BILLION times MORE lethal than a short term exposure to exceedingly high level radiation (i.e., 10,000 rads per minute). As it turns out, Petkau discovered that at exceedingly high radiation levels, the abundant free radicals generated in tissues tended to cancel each other out before they could do cellular damage. But at extremely low levels of radiation, these same free radicals - produced in minuscule quantities - remain unchecked. And any steady stream of unchecked free-radicals will efficiently and lethally cleave lipid cellular membranes like a hot knife slicing through butter once they overwhelm and exhaust cellular antioxidant defenses. This dramatically illustrates the non-linear aspects of dose (rads) to lethality. Most scientists specializing in the field of nuclear medicine are unaware of this fact. And most think strictly in terms of genetic damage, while the above presents its lethal affects upon cell membranes and only secondarily to the genetic core.

We note again the CELL MEMBRANES. In the post something is missing we noted the drug company Alexion and their involvement in the latest e coli troubles.

A13 uncovered that this is the company that picked the super-high-risk strategy of focusing on a single, ultra-rare disease, and developed the most expensive drug in the world, and then gave it away to the German authorities as a goodwill gesture. And we looked into this disease:

So this disease that Alexion started with, Paroxysmal Noctural Hemoglobinuria, means that red blood cells are destroyed and turn the person's urine red or dark colored. A form of anemia. People who develop this disease have blood cells missing a gene called PIG-A. 

Without PIG-A, important proteins cannot connect to the cell surface and protect the cell from destructive substances in the blood. As a result, blood cells break down too early. The cells leak hemoglobin into the blood, which can pass into the urine. 
An ACQUIRED disease. No one knows how it happens, what the risk factors are, or how to prevent it. Just a total mystery how some people start making blood cells missing a gene...?

PNH is the only hemolytic anemia caused by an acquired (rather than inherited) intrinsic defect in the cell membrane (deficiency of glycophosphatidylinositol leading to absence of protective proteins on the membrane).

So an AQUIRED disease of the CELL MEMBRANE, a form of ANEMIA.

Also see this explanation of the Petkau Effect:

Discovered by Abraham Petkau, 1972, Whitshell at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (web).
He discovered:
that 26 RAD per Minute (fast radiation rate) need a total dose of 3500 RAD to harm a cell membrane.
with 0,001 RAD per Minute (slow dose) only 0,7 RAD are needed to harm a cell membrane.
The Mechanism behind it:
The production of free radicals of Oxygen (O² with a negative electric charge) caused by ionising effect of the radiation.
The free radicals caused by the slow dose (0,001) are sparsely distributed radicals do have a higher chance to reach the cell membranes.
The free radicals of the fast radiation rate (26) are tight together and so they react faster with each other.
The low electric charge of the cell membranes attract the free radicals in the early state of the reaction (minor total dose).
If the harmed cells are monocytes this will cause:
Anemia, because the monocytes recycle 37 – 40 % of the iron of dying red blood cells.
Weakened immune system in the cells, because the monocytes generate the substance which activates the immune system of the lymphocytes.
This is the so called “Bura Bura” – of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors.
They only accept linear dose-effects, but the effect is bimodal.

So, we are thinking that some people know exactly what is going on, and they are using the people of the world as a big, giant laboratory, and we are the lab rats.

Next up: FREE FLU SHOTS for the good people of Iraq?


MEAHWHILE, in other news:

WHO study reveals new Swine Flu strain is resistant to drugs!!!!!!!

Imagine our shock!

A recent research by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, Australia, has revealed a unique gene mutation of swine flu which seems to be immunized to anti-viral drugs.
With this news hitting the headlines of leading newspapers, makers of the questioned anti-viral drugs, including Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline, and Tamiflu, made by Roche and Gilead Sciences, have come under the scanner.
Confirming the results, WHO‘s Dr. Ian Barr claimed, "This mutation wouldn't change the treatment a doctor might give those people. So really it's just steady as she goes and really I wouldn't be too concerned about this new mutation”.
Supposedly, shares of Durham, North Carolina-based BioCryst Pharmaceuticals moved up by 15% on Monday, as the new strain is found to be effective for swine flu. Apparently, this report has pushed research work in the field of flu vaccine. To start with it, BioCryst is reported to be working on successful experimentation of developing Peramivir, funded by the Federal Government.
Meanwhile, there are confirmed reports that GlaxoSmithKline is escalating investment by $39 million to acquire 51% stake in Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio-Technique Co to make flu vaccines in China.

And there's a new product in the pipeline. You will never believe what they call it.



By NanoViricides, Inc.

We think they have gone completely tone deaf.

Suicide, fluicide. Whatever.

And not to be outdone, BiondVax has a new product too, a UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE.


And BiondVax rang a little bell for us. We remember that name.

We have THREE POSTS for you:

dress rehearsal, 4/26/2009

rara avis, 4/28/09

Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves—in the name of preparedness.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a "reassortant" virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be. [Jan 14, 2004 (CIDRAP News), see here for more info.]

Is that a Stupid Fucking Idea, or what? Let's play with matches. Let's run with scissors. Let's pour lighter fluid on a blazing fire. Oh wait I know...let's create in a laboratory a killer mutant virus that nature would probably never generate on its own.

...I'm sure we can all agree that this is very unfortunate and regrettable, this incident with Baxter and Avir Green Hills. Somebody should really be held accountable, but don't hold your breath. But the "Good News" is that BiondVax's stock is just through the roof! As the Once-ler once said, "Oh baby oh! How my business did grow!" You know, because they were Lucky to be the company with a SOLUTION to the PROBLEM.

And, appropriately, bringing home the bacon, 11/28/09.

In the past, people who are paid to know things have claimed not to know them. Then "terrorists" struck. From their position of faux-ignorance, the authorities then expressed "regret." They are only human, after all, and so they make mistakes. Anyway, who could have imagined blah blah blah...

But should a bioterrorism agent be dispersed, I am here to tell you, there's no way the authorities can claim ignorance. There are so many authorities in on this you can't even believe how many.
Click through to see them all. 

....I will just call your attention to one name in particular, Ruth Arnon.
In 2004, BiondVax, an Israeli company, developed a "quantum leap in technology" for influenza vaccines. [link now defunct - ed.] The key players are Isaac Devash, Chairman, Ron Babecoff, Founder and CEO, and Ruth Arnon, Weizmann Institute of Science Professor.

"It's a quantum leap in technology," he told ISRAEL21c. "It's a totally different concept from other vaccinations. What generally happens today is that there are 120 monitoring stations globally that look for new strains of virus around the world. Once it shows up, they identify the surface of the virus and develop a vaccine to combat it."

"Professor Arnon said 'I don't want to play that game'. It's tedious work identifying new strains of the virus and there are always new ones coming up. She said let's look conceptually at the virus - beneath the surface - to see if there are particular elements that don't change. And then let's make a vaccine out of those parts which are universal in all viruses," explained Devash.
Well it turns out BiondVax enjoyed tremendous success. The stock price went right through the roof this year.



Average life expectancy is falling in many parts of the United States and for many demographic groups, most notably women, according to a study being published Wednesday in the journal Population Health Metrics, and conducted by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The results of the study are particularly striking in terms of women’s health. One quarter of all US counties saw an actual reduction in life expectancy for women between 1997 and 2007, meaning that girls born today are expected to live shorter lives than their mothers. As the Los Angeles Times wrote, “For life expectancy to decline in a developed nation is rare. Setbacks on this scale have not been seen in the U.S. since the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918, according to demographers.”

Oh just wait. We bet they have some "setbacks" all queued up.


miss chimera virus

Following current events is a lot like The Price Is Right. You just never know which of the many mindfucking contestants will get to play for the prizes.

Miss Chimera Virus... Come On Down!!

How Stuff Works:

Bioweapon 1: Chimera Viruses

In Greek and Roman mythology, the chimera combined elements of lion, goat and serpent into one monstrous form. Artists in the late medieval age often used the creature as a symbol to illustrate the complex nature of evil. In modern genetic science, a chimeric organism is a life form that contains genes from a foreign species. Given its namesake, you might expect all chimeric organisms to be awful examples of man twisting nature for nefarious ends. Fortunately, our increased understanding of genetic science has led to some beneficial creations. One such chimera, which combines the common cold with polio, may help cure brain cancer.
But as the war continues its forward momentum through human history, the abuse of such science is inevitable. Geneticists have already discovered the means to increase the lethality of such bioweapons as smallpox and anthrax by tweaking their genetic structure. By combining genes, however, scientists could theoretically create a virus that triggered two diseases at once. During the late 1980s, the Soviet Union's Chimera Project studied the feasibility of combining smallpox and Ebola into one super virus [source: Alibek].
Other potential nightmare scenarios involve strains of viruses that require certain triggers. A stealth virus would remain dormant for an extended period until triggered by predetermined stimuli. Other possible chimeric bioweapons might require two components to become effective. Imagine a strain of botulinum toxin that, when combined with the botulinum toxin antidote, only becomes more lethal. Such a biological attack would not only result in a higher mortality rate, but might erode public trust in health initiatives, aid workers and government response to the outbreak.
To wit?

Two More Bio-Chemists Murdered, by George Kadar, 9/29/2008 (here, also here)

Two French biochemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were murdered by Israeli Mossad-British intelligence assassination teams on June 29, 2008....The two researchers had discovered that the alleged bird flu vaccine, H-7, which was designed to neutralize and stop the H5N1 avian flu virus, had been spliced using DNA to actually create a vaccine and an illness producing virus at the same time. The French students had also discovered that the bird flu vaccine, i.e. a virus, had links to U.S., British and Israeli laboratories associated with the noted Mossad agent, Dr. Philip M. Zackerie.

Israeli microbiologist Zackerie, known as “Dr. Zack,” worked for the U.S. bio-weapons lab at Ft. Detrick, Md., where he was photographed handling the strain of anthrax used in the post 9-11 attack according to published reports. He was a consultant at the FBI linked company Gilead Sciences Inc. of Boulder, Colo. Gilead Sciences has been linked to the 9-11 anthrax strain and to the bird flu vaccine.

Here's a movie Hollywood didn't make (11/09):

According to mythology, the savage female chimera, shooting fire from her mouth, devastates the land until the hero, Bellerophon, slays her from his winged horse, Pegasus. He puts a lump of lead on the tip of his spear. Her hot breath melts the lead inside her, destroying her organs and killing her. (source)

Perhaps the aliens will have to come and slay chimera for us? 

...We guess these X wars technologies might be causing droughts, storms, famines, etc. [DISEASES] And that is a problem. And problems require solutions. And we see that the same people who would have the technology to cause the problems also have the technology to provide solutions. And we would expect that they will come forth with the solutions at some point.

How will a solution be offered? How do they bridge the gap from having very limited power and control over the weather, [AND DISEASES] supposedly, to being able to offer miraculous solutions? They really can't. A third party is needed, a god-like third party.

The process of destroying the environment, causing distress and fear, creating terrorism, causing distress and fear, [CREATING DISEASES, CAUSING DISTRESS AND FEAR], works to prime people for accepting the solutions offered. And whoever comes riding in on a white horse (or spaceship) with the solutions will be a hero.

Also from here: http://www.zkea.com/archives/archive05003.html

Chimeric Organisms, Chimera
A chimeric organism is one which contains genes from a foreign species. The genetic basis for desired traits are identified and then recombined into another organism, adding novel characteristics in a useful way. Today there are a number of techniques to accomplish this mixing of genomes.
Chimeric organisms are extremely useful in genetic and medical research, and are quite widespread. Commercialized chimeras are also increasingly common. Some of these could have tremendous value. To given just example, one chimeric organism - a combination of the common cold and the polio virus - has shown great promise in curing brain cancer. Similar combinations with HIV show promise for other diseases. This is very mature technology and the required expertise can be found throughout the world.
Although it may not seem particularly wise to combine lethal pathogens with the common cold, a sufferer of some terminal condition which might be cured by a chimera might see the situation a bit differently. In any event, it is certainly the case that the scientific community takes great precautions with this research. Everyone is aware of the danger and these researchers have the best of intentions.
Oh naturally. Concluding:
Given the technology for creating a chimera is public domain and widely understood, we can expect to hear much more news about chimeric organisms in the future. This news will doubtless be unpleasant, but also will be no surprise.

Date unknown, but the website has been in existence since 2002.

In addition, the author mentions Dr. Ken Alibek as an authority on these matters. 

We had not heard of Dr. Ken Alibek, a native of Kazakhstan. It has been a long long time since we wrote about Kazakhstan, one of the back rooms of the NWO.

Ken Alibek defected from Russia to the US in 1992. He was a biological weapons expert who worked in the Soviet Bio-Preparat, the civilian branch of the bioweapon program under cover as a pharmaceutical company. Here is a two part interview from 1999. Alibek was advising the US government. He became very prominent after 911.

In this article, authored by Alibek in 1998, he describes how the Soviets used elaborate deceptions to conceal their bioweapons activity.

The Soviets understood that offensive biological work had to be conducted with especially strict secrecy since the USSR had signed the 1972 convention. In fact, the USSR's biological weapons program was even more secret than its nuclear weapons program. All research, development and manufacturing of biological weapons, as well as any related work, were classified as "top secret" and of "special importance." Not even the slightest indication that any activity was taking place in this area could be revealed. All work connected to biological weapons was conducted under the cover of civilian and defensive projects. Special cover stories were created for each facility, building and even piece of equipment involved in biological weapons work.

For any given facility, there were two cover stories, one of which was "open" and the other "secret." The "open" cover story was created for dissemination among the general population. The "secret" cover story was an allegedly true secret piece of information, although in fact it, too, was false. As a typical example of the cover stories used at production plants, consider the cover stories created for the Omutninsk production plant:

The "open" cover story was that this plant had been constructed and was operating as a plant for manufacturing biopesticides and fertilizers. The "secret" cover story was that the plant would be used for manufacturing vaccines, antibiotics and other medical and pharmaceutical preparations necessary for the army in wartime. The truth is that the Omutninsk facility was a reserve biological weapons production facility that could produce tularemia, plague, and glanders biological weapons in time of war.

Each plant had a group of specialists responsible for disinformation measures. For example, they developed special countermeasures to conceal their biological weapons activities from foreign engineering and technical intelligence services. All solid wastes--carcasses of experimental animals, solid nutrient media, inactivated samples of biological weapons, etc.--were destroyed. To mask liquid wastes that contained signs of biological weapons agents (e.g., heat-stable antigens), these substances were combined with liquid wastes from civil production. Special charcoal filters for capturing all traces of TNT (the explosive substance used in biological bomblets) were developed and installed to prevent the detection of these substances outside the facility.  [Biological bomblets were invented by the US. - ed.]

A massive disinformation campaign was conducted after the accidental release of anthrax from a biological weapons facility in Sverdlovsk in 1979. Concealment measures included the destruction of medical records of the victims, as well as the construction of an elaborate cover story that attributed the anthrax epidemic to contaminated meat and that even involved the arrest of the peasant whose meat was supposedly the source of contamination. Although the West considered the incident suspicious, the cover story was largely believed until recently.
So familiar....

Alibek's Wikipedia entry details an illustrious career spanning decades. He has testified before Congress many times, and told his secrets to the CIA. Dr. Alibek developed a close working relationship with Charles Bailey, former commander of US AMRIID at Fort Detrick. The two of them led a graduate program at George Mason University in 2003. This program allowed GMU access to funding from the DOD, DARPA, and the NIH, because after 911 and the anthrax attacks, this type of research was easily JUSTIFIED.

The anthrax attacks, in particular, seemed to come out of their very office space.

No mention there of Phillip Zack.

Circa 2007, Mr. Alibek was accused of pimping the threat of bioterror for financial gain.

Very naughty. Read many details of how Dr. Alibek's special talent seems to be getting government funding for his consistently over-rated ideas. As one of the commenters said, "Dr. Alibek's skill is in goosing bureaucracy to get money to flow."

Notably among these was the Alibek claim in 2003, made along with colleagues at George Mason University, that the AIDS virus either did not grow or was inhibited to a certain degree in cells isolated from people immunized against smallpox. This suggested to Alibek and George Mason University that smallpox vaccination could be adopted to provide protection against the AIDS virus. Subsequently, it was claimed that patents had been filed for “therapeutic use of the smallpox vaccine and its application to HIV vaccine research.”

No such patents could be found by this analyst. And a paper based on this by Alibek and a colleague were rejected by the Journal of the American Medical Association and, later, the Lancet.
 ...Through the years, DARPA funding has been instrumental in propping up Alibek.

These days Alibek makes his living as a biodefense consultant, speaker, researcher and entrepreneur.

He has consulted to the US government, advising on the biodefense strategy.

He is CEO of AFG Biosolutions Inc. out of Gaithersburg, MD; a private company with no website employing about 25 people.

No doubt his company is full of top fucking talent with the best intentions.

If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow, and which will not, Speak. 
~ from MacBeth


something is missing

In comments at the last post, we have been discussing the possible mechanism for how this e coli illness works. Just theorizing.

As we know the e coli strain is resistant to eight classes of antibiotics, which cannot happen in nature.

A13 writes in her last post:

We know that this type of RARE bacteria is   resistant to all the following classes and combinations of antibiotics:

• penicillins
• tetracycline
• nalidixic acid
• trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazol
• cephalosporins
• amoxicillin / clavulanic acid
• piperacillin-sulbactam
• piperacillin-tazobactam

And it is a CHIMERA, a DNA/ Genetic mutation.

We also know that the source of this bacteria has not been found.

Some of us have been speculating that this could be a BIOWEAPON? or Maybe a TEST of One?

Life Technologies was able to very quickly develop a custom test for this exact strain, in record time.

Some facts about Life Technology from their press release:

  • a global biotech company
  • in approximately 160 countries
  • with one of the largest intellectual property estates in the industry
  • including approximately 3900 patents and exclusive licenses
  • supporting work across the biological spectrum
  • on "translational research, molecular medicine, stem cell-based therapies, food safety and animal health, and 21st century forensics"
Very high tech. This company manufacturers the Ion Torrent Sequencer technology which uses semiconductors to directly translate DNA information to data, which is what sequencing means. Then Life Technologies within days developed a custom assay test for the novel e coli strain, to be used to screen suspect food.

Life Technologies' Simone Guenther, Ph.D., who carried out the sequencing work, said: "The severity of this outbreak meant that speed was of the essence. We were able to provide the data in record time to University Hospital Muenster. In previous outbreaks it would have taken much longer to reach this stage." To prevent further spreading of the bacterium, Life Technologies began shipping its custom E. coli testing kits to European laboratories this week to screen contaminated food thought to be at the center of the outbreak that has killed 17 people and affected more than 1,000 in Europe
Still they could not find the source of the e coli.

Then we learned, thanks to A13's research, that another company which makes ONE drug, the most expensive drug in the world, is giving it away for FREE to the health authorities in Germany. And this company, Alexion, has been popular with investors because it can make "an unlimited amount of antibodies." Which, as A13 explains, means they are cloning:

Eculizumab (SOLIRIS) is one of these TYPES OF ANTIBODIES
...Ever since the discovery that monoclonal antibodies could be generated in-vitro, scientists have targeted the creation of 'fully' human antibodies to avoid some of the side effects of humanised and chimeric antibodies." 
Watch CEO of Alexion, Leonard Bell, M.D., as he talks about the company's prospects back in 2008.

Leonard Bell, M.D., CEO, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Published: Sep 30, 2008
Leonard Bell, M.D., CEO, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, discusses the market potential for Soliris, which treats a rare blood disorder called paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH). From the annual Prix Galien awards ceremony in New York.
source: http://www.corporateresearchgroup.com/video-details.cfm?ID=173&Type=Archive
Innovation, you betcha.

So this disease that Alexion started with, Paroxysmal Noctural Hemoglobinuria, means that red blood cells are destroyed and turn the person's urine red or dark colored. A form of anemia. People who develop this disease have blood cells missing a gene called PIG-A. 
Without PIG-A, important proteins cannot connect to the cell surface and protect the cell from destructive substances in the blood. As a result, blood cells break down too early. The cells leak hemoglobin into the blood, which can pass into the urine. 
An ACQUIRED disease. No one knows how it happens, what the risk factors are, or how to prevent it. Just a total mystery how some people start making blood cells missing a gene...?

PNH is the only hemolytic anemia caused by an acquired (rather than inherited) intrinsic defect in the cell membrane (deficiency of glycophosphatidylinositol leading to absence of protective proteins on the membrane).

We sure don't know either. All these medical mysteries.

It reminds us of the GAP we've talked about before. The gap about how amazing some technologies are, and then when something goes wrong, they offer up the Junk Shot, the Spraying Water With a Firehose on the Nuclear Meldtown, whatever bullshit Duct Tape and Cardboard FIX they can scam onto some graphics for the teevee talking moron to explain to the people, so they can wait on tenterhooks for it to fail to resolve the very serious problem created by the amazing technology that was regrettably struck by Terrorists, or Human Error, or that Bitch Mother Nature, or of course, the Acts of an Angry God, etc., while said loser solutions allow the very serious problem to fester for months on end, polluting the earth and every living thing on it? WIN WIN WIN.

But it was very LUCKY that Alexion selected this ultra-rare disease, that nobody seems to know how it happens, because product sales have grown 40%, they've doubled the employee footprint, and this company has presented at the following healthcare conferences:

  • the Goldman Sachs 32nd Annual Healthcare Conference on 6/7/11
  • the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch 2011 Health Care Conference on 5/12/11
  • the Deutschs Bank Securities 36th Annual Health Care Conference on  5/3/11
  • the Citi 2011 Global Health Care Conference on 3/1/11
  • the 29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on 1/12/11

... and many more! source: http://www.alxn.com/News/Default.aspx

Who knew the banks cared so much to be having annual healthcare conferences for over three decades?


But let us return to the sprouts, and the MECHANISM of this disease, which remains a mystery.

We covered the other day that sprouts are grown in steel drums, without soil and without fertilizer, and that the testing revealed NO CONTAMINATION at the accused farm.

So it really doesn't seem POSSIBLE for sprouts to be the source, unless the sprout seeds themselves were implanted with the bacteria, suggesting that the chain of evidence go one more step, to whoever supplied the sprout seeds and got the bacteria inside the very seeds.
And then the sprouts were cleared by the officials.

But TODAY we learn that it IS the sprouts, after all, even though the sprouts are not contaminated with the e coli. The people who ATE the sprouts got sick.

NO ONE EXPLAINS HOW THIS CAN HAPPEN. There's just a lot of regrettable CONFUSION.

BERLIN — After days of confusion, German authorities finally concluded on Friday that an E. coli infection, which has claimed at least 29 lives, unsettled the nation and thrown European agriculture into disarray, had been caused by contaminated bean sprouts and not, as first was feared, by other produce. 

...But tests carried out on bean sprout samples produced only negative results. At the news conference on Friday, Mr. Burger said investigations centering on interviews with patients and even the chefs at restaurants where they had eaten showed that people who had consumed bean sprouts were nine times more likely to become infected than those who had not. 
     No harmful bacteria had been found in any samples, he said. But from the pattern of the outbreak, “it was possible to narrow down epidemiologically the cause of the outbreak of the illness to the consumption of sprouts.”   
OK, we understand what that says, we just don't see any EXPLANATION of how that can happen. So either, 1) it's total bullshit; or 2) our brilliant scientists are neglecting to tell us something. Because otherwise, how can eating uncontaminated sprouts cause a deadly e coli illness?

"The outbreak’s cause may never be found, Health Minister Daniel Bahr said." Wink wink wink....

Something is missing.


So, we don't know what this mystery process could be, other than total fucking bullshit, but we see that this is a "wake up call" to Congress.

While U.S. health officials are assuring the American public that this rare strain of E. coli is unlikely to migrate here, they call it a "bellwether." "Pathogens evolve," said Elizabeth Hagen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's undersecretary for food safety....Last Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its 2010 results for food-borne illnesses. They showed that, for the first time, a group of rare E. coli strains, related to, but not as potent as, the German strain, are causing more illnesses in this country than the more common strains, known as 0157s. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which regulates meat products, has formulated new rules for dealing with the non-0157 strains, but they have not yet been made public. Which could pose more funding problems, since the meat industry, strongly opposed to another ban, has many friends in Congress.

That's very convenient.

Or is something else going on? We really don't know. There has to be some explanation, and we doubt we will ever be told what it is, but seems to me this blaming the sprouts is total bullshit. There seems to be a LACK OF EVIDENCE for this claim. Because last we checked, eating NON CONTAMINATED FOOD is not supposed to make you deathly ill. Alternatively, we would have to ask if the sprouts were genetically engineered to have the e coli strain inside, ready to blossom under certain conditions, perhaps conditions common to women, hormones, something like that? And who, pray tell, would have the wherewithal to do that? Al qaeda terrorists in their bio caves? Or brilliant scientists working in prestigious laboratories with the full support of bankers?

The bottom line is these people got very sick, and some of them died, and so far there has been NO VALID EXPLANATION for where this disease came from. And in a world of total information awareness, we find that Not Credible.

Speaking of missing evidence, we think everyone should take a look at the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, who asks, Where are the isolated viruses?

And in this interview here, 1998, he talks about blood, and life, and energy, and the dogmatic thinking he rejected when studying molecular biology. This is an amazing read.

This excess energy is the basis of all higher life, and if you violate it -- if you don't let the oxygen come into the organism; if the blood is oxidized by poppers [nitrites] or sulfinamides [including sulfa drugs like Bactrim and Septra]; or if the transit way between the blood and the cells is poisoned by heavy metals, or the lack of essential fatty acids; or when the mitochondria are destroyed in the cells, due to the lack of nutrition, or antibiotics -- the oxygen cannot be transported from the blood to the cells. Then the cell is not able to produce enough energy. It either may die, resulting in inflammation; or when it's possible for a cell to survive, it will become cancerous. When the cell is producing only fermentation, then that's cancer, as Otto Warburg already detected in the 1940's.

They knew from the very beginning that cancer cells have only embryonic markers on their surface. From a biological, evolutionary point of view it makes sense that a cancer cell is a reduction to an embryonic stage. It de-differentiates due to the lack of energy, and it waits until the lack of energy is over in order to differentiate again. Of course, if the lack of energy persists, it loses genetic material; and these were the old criteria to define cancer, when cells lost a lot of genetic material, because then they lost the ability to differentiate again.

Zenger's: In other words, cancer occurs when the cell is programmed to behave like a cell very early in fetal development and just divide like crazy....

Beginning in 1977, starting in the United States, it was possible to patent biological entities or biological techniques, so people started to make money out of biological ideas....This is the definite turning point when modern medicine and modern biology lost their 'Unschuld', their innocence.

That's funny, because that must have been right around the time when big banks started having annual healthcare conferences.

blood vial jewelry

legal mumbo jumbo

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