task masters and their feedback loop

Kinda busy the next click but found this unpublished draft from 8/7/2012 that the old school crew will enjoy. Probably half the links are gone, but anyway, here you go...

1) Over in Wisconsin, the latest shooter Wade Michael Page has been identified: former Army with a less-than-honorable discharge, who had been assigned to the psyops units at Forts Bliss and Bragg. 2) The narrative so far quotes "authorities" including SITE and the SPLC, who tell us we may never know his motive for sure. 3) Huffpo for but one example pimps this mystery motive narrative and describes these sources as legit ("SITE Monitoring Service, a Maryland-based private intelligence firm that searches the Internet for extremist activity."). 4) Meanwhile, the public "debates" the meaning of the problem and what to do about it in the "global public square."

If you don't know 90% of what's important about this psyop from these four bits of information, you are hopelessly behind in your auto-didactic education about how the world really works. The remaining 10% can be approximately deduced by reading another three or four dozen news articles, most of which will say the same things, except that they will also, strangely, say a few different things; and your task, if you choose to accept it, is to read everything you can get your hands on about this and find all the discrepancies and curiosities, and figure out which ones must be correct by using your google+fu and your very own brain.

There is an opportunity cost to doing this, obviously, because meanwhile, there are lots of other things that you can be doing with your time. Most people will never bother going to this trouble for anything. There are people in the US who have never spent even an hour of their life investigating 9/11, so don't expect them to put any effort into understanding what happened with Wade Page or Syria. Those are the social engineers' favorite people, because they uncritically accept whatever they are told. But if you go through this exercise a few times, and really dig around, you will discover that the terrorists are all on a big payroll funded by your tax dineros as well as the proceeds of organized crime via the so-called black budgets. And the corporate controlled media, which forms a very critical piece of organized crime, shapes the narrative and through its many agents, feeds back information about which discrepancies need to be enhanced or eliminated. And by this method they have sent many, many innocent people to their deaths.

In the case of Wade Page, his unknown motive does not matter to the social engineers. The social engineers want to get as many separate ethnic and religious groups into the fray and fearing the "other" as possible. If the idea is to promote chaos and division, as the social engineers do all over the world, heated debates and never-ending finger-pointing are a win win regardless of the shooter's intentions.

There are over 600 comments on this one story alone in the "global public square." That would be a WIN for the social engineers.


Page did his task and was shot dead. Others take it over from there, including the public. The social engineers use COMPARTMENTALIZATION. Organized crime uses COMPARTMENTALIZATION. 

Social Engineers = Organized Crime

We are talking RINGS.

People have certain jobs to do in rings. They don't know what goes on in adjoining rings, or above their pay grade, and generally speaking, THEY DON'T CARE as long as they get their $$$$. That attitude makes the rings go round and round.

Until people start CARING about the truth, nothing will change. Until people realize that doing their task is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that they will survive the chaos they help to bring about, and actually may lead to their own demise, nothing will change.

The TRUTH is that cooperating with the social engineers leads to indiscriminate death. 

As for curious details, somehow Page, who had never been seen at the temple before, "seemed like he had a purpose and knew where he was going." He ambushed one of the first officers to arrive. All that military training comes in handy. And naturally, the FBI has taken over the investigation -- that's their task -- because this is a case of "domestic terrorism," even though no motive has been REVEALED. Let the people debate, bread and circuses. That's the people's task -- to watch and argue. The social engineers will watch the conversation in the "global public square" and reveal new information as needed to drive the narrative in whatever direction brings on the desired flavor of fear, as we recently noted with the Miami cannibal narrative. Bath salts worked for a couple of weeks, they got that meme going strong, then they switched over to religious delusion. We thought they would go for rabies/chimera virus, but perhaps that is still coming. [mordant chuckles - ed. ]Bible pages magically appeared at the crime scene weeks later -- for whoever is still paying attention that is. Let the rest go to their graves believing in the bath salts, who cares! It is Not Important. As a matter of FACT it helps the social engineers to have lots of people believing the wrong thing, because that increases the chaos and makes them easier to steer into useless cul-de-sacs of "thought" where they can have never-ending arguments managed by the gate-keeping trolls on the payroll. That's what the internet is for. And then other lazy asses can excuse themselves from ever doing any serious research because they claim you can read anything on the internet. They will just stick to the teevee thanks anyway. So details morph as the narrative progresses. They throw something out there, watch the chatter, and tweak as they roll it along. FACTS DO NOT MATTER TO THESE PEOPLE. They just want to manage the herd attention space and get people to assume the position, and all the people for whom facts also do not matter, they willingly cooperate because they don't really care about the truth. For those actually paying attention, any discrepancies can always be chalked up to that little bugaboo Human Error. After all, journalists are people too, you know, no matter how much blood they get on their hands.


Speaking of people who just try to "do their jobs" in their compartmentalized lives, ignoring the larger picture and the consequences of helping these grand agendas, because they have to put food on their families like everyone else...or at least have something good on the resume... how about all those people who performed at the opening ceremony of the olympics? Who are these people? They got to act in the ceremonies for the Olympics. EMPLOYMENT. Great stuff. Did not anyone think, during all those rehearsals it must have taken to get these shows together, that some of this stuff was rather creepy? We know, we know, it's just a gig. If you don't take it some other person will. And that is the attitude that has brought countless suffering to the world. Just keep participating and watching and let the world's biggest "harmonically tuned" bell plus assorted visuals stun you into a stupor for easier harvesting. That's your task.

Over in the Bulgaria bombing that Israel blames on Hezbollah, without presenting a shred of evidence, four Israeli witnessess undergo multiple interrogations by the Bulgarian prosecutor's office, as they try to get to the bottom of this. http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/139784/-4-israeli-witnesses-of-burgas-terror-act-interrogated-again.html
The initial lead, purported by Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, was that it has been executed by a suicide bomber, who arrived from abroad. According to observers and terror experts, this lead is looking less and less reliable and the most viable hypothesis is that the perpetrator has been deluded, used as a mule, and has acted under the influence of illegal drugs. Israeli media largely back the above, writing that the young man with light complexion and blue eyes had been blown remotely, while standing between two coaches with Israeli tourists. He had been unaware that he was going to die and had the task to put the explosive on one of the buses. The bomb was placed in his backpack.
Aha, so the Israelis at least understand how this works. They have their sayanim networks and the shabbas goyim doing tasks for millennia already. Discrete compartmentalization is culturally understood. He was doing his TASK, his little task in the greater picture. Just a mule, no clue, probably not a Jew either. And how did that work out for him? Oh see, he got blown up by his handlers because he was not aware that he was going to die. He just thought he would do that one little piece and go off with whatever money he had been offered, or maybe they just drugged him up with scopolamine and sent him over there to do it without hope of any reward. But clearly, if he had blue eyes, he is not the same guy whose picture came out the day after the incident, reportedly the brown eyed Mehdi Ghezali, the Algerian-Swedish jihadi who spent time in Guantanamo. http://www.infowars.com/burgas-suicide-bomber-identified-by-media-as-guantanamo-jihadist-video/ His task was to get his picture taken at the airport, looking menacing and harmless at the same time, so that many people who have since moved on from the story will have that bookmarked in their heads. It's wrong, but who cares. As we keep noting, FACTS DON'T MATTER. The narratives change based on some kind of feedback loop managed by the social engineers. They have their people everywhere, doing their tasks, from the top of the media empire (obviously) down to the trolls and plants monitoring every place that thinking people gather, and through the NSA's spying software.

Everyone is doing their task, and where does this bring us? To the gates of hell. Why do people keep cooperating with the social engineers? Because the social engineers have studied people for so long, and they know how to keep them on the reservation. They have the User's Manual for the Bio-Engineered Human Beings of 2012.

We used to know someone who worked at Goldman Sachs. Just a few short years ago, maybe three, this person could not believe that GS could actually be corrupt, because in *her* job, she had to meet exacting standards. So she reasoned that those standards applied from top to bottom. Is this naive for a very intelligent person? Yes. People are naive. Also, no doubt, she made a good salary, which helped her to see the walls of her cubicle as fuzzy little blankets, keeping her warm and dry and safe. No need to peek over the tops.


destroy the library

In 2020, was it about the virus or the election?  Also wondering, in 2001, was it about the anthrax or the library?

The people who design and carry out false flags seed misinformation and misdirections into the narrative almost immediately. Every small change introduces complexity and confusion. Change enough details right out of the gate, and soon the entire event will be shrouded in the fog of war. 

This statement by Fauci during an August 9, 2002 interview struck me as very odd, so I started looking into the anthrax attacks. And what a rabbit hole *that* is.


Harden:                       All right. Let’s do move on a little bit. The first diagnosis of inhalation anthrax was made on October 4th. [2001 - ed.]

Fauci:                          Right.

Harden:                       In Robert Stevens, the editor of the tabloid publication in Boca Raton, Florida, and he died the next day. Now, how did you learn about this? Did you learn about it on the news, or had there been prior discussion about it with CDC, NIAID, DHHS?

Fauci:                          No. I heard about it on the news, and then when there was that situation, it was unclear what it was, and the Department got some criticism for saying we’re not sure what it is. It could be someone who was drinking out of a stream, which is -- I don’t think at all that Secretary Thompson should be blamed for that because I think someone just told him, “Oh, these are the five or six different reasons how you can get anthrax,” and I think if that’s the worst sin he ever commits in his life, he’ll go straight to heaven when he dies. So that wasn’t a mortal sin. 


"...And then when there was that situation, it was unclear what it was" strikes me as a very clinical, vague, arms length, 'that situation over there...? I had nothing to do with it' phrasing.

"and the Department got some criticism for saying we're not sure what it is." The Department was HHS under Secretary Tommy Thompson, and the criticism quickly came from all sides. Criticism seems pretty common in national politics, but nevertheless it must have been an important misstep for Fauci to note it almost a year later.

"It could be someone who was drinking out of a stream, which is --" Which is what? Coded language. Stream = water = information. Bob Stevens died from inhalation anthrax. Also, maybe Bob Stevens -- photo editor and master photo retoucher for a tabloid -- was partaking / accessing / looking at / talking to an informant with incriminating photos, ie: "drinking from a stream"? And Thompson let the cat out of the bag using that language? And even though that is exactly what the reporters wanted to know, and baited him into it, criticism quickly heaped onto Tommy Thompson from all sides?

"I don't think at all that Secretary Thompson should be blamed for that because I think someone just told him, 'Oh, these are the five or six different reasons how you can get anthrax.'" Thompson was fed the information he delivered at the press briefing from other unnamed experts? Also, Dr. Scott Lillibridge from HHS and formerly with the CDC, was also at the conference and answered one or two questions. 

The transcript is here: http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0110/04/se.23.html

Anyway, as Fauci would surely know almost one year later, there are only THREE WAYS to get anthrax, not "five or six different reasons."

There are three ways a person can be infected with anthrax--by eating food tainted with it, by exposure to it through an open wound or by inhaling it. The latter poses the greatest health risk, yet thousands of spores must be inhaled to get the disease.


Maybe there are five or six different reasons that the death cult wants to eliminate someone? Maybe there are five or six different reasons to eliminate someone as part of an elaborate bioterrorism false flag? Win win? 

"...and I think if that's the worst sin he ever commits in his life, he'll go straight to heaven when he dies. So that wasn't a mortal sin." 

What's this all about? Standing up for Tommy, or mitigating the damage of that press briefing? Was it a shitshow? You can watch it here -- the first ten minutes. We think it went sideways, mostly due to the White House press gaggle's inappropriate behavior, and not Tommy Thompson's. Otherwise Fauci would never need to correct the record the following August.

Tony... he talks too much.


There are rules. And one of the rules is everything has to be hidden in plain sight, because the Death Cult takes people's ignorance and inaction as consent.

So is everything hidden in plain sight? We think yes.


  1. Blue Water = Information: Because plant = plant, what can you do with a real “plant” to send a message? The simplest things that can be done inconspicuously are giving it water and sunlight. And since the #1 thing needed to convey in the spyword is getting “info” to “plants” – water was likely the only logical choice to represent this. https://decodingsymbols.wordpress.com/2021/02/25/plants-and-water-comms/
Let's go to the transcript from 10/4/01. Thompson's opening remarks were measured and reassuring. Thompson began reading from prepared remarks, then took questions. PRESUMABLY he did not prepare the remarks himself. US cabinet secretaries have staff who do that sort of thing.

Remember, this is BREAKING NEWS out of FLORIDA.


And let me, as Ari indicated, just bring you up to date with the information that we have concerning an incident that took place in the state of Florida, and also following up on the information that the state of Florida has released within the last hour.   
The Centers for Disease Control has just confirmed the diagnosis of anthrax in a patient in a Florida hospital. Based on what we know at this point, it appears that it's an isolated case.

I want to make sure that everybody understands that anthrax is not contagious and is not communicable, which means it is not spread from person to person. If it is caught early enough, it can be prevented and treated with antibiotics.

...Florida public health officials promptly notified their state health department, who then notified the Centers for Disease Control and the FBI. And officials are aggressively investigating the individual's schedule for the last few weeks and the source of the infection.

I want everybody to understand that sporadic cases of anthrax do occur in the United States. The most recent one was within the past year in the state of Texas and there was a case in Florida in 1974. The last reported case that we know of was within the last year was earlier in Texas.

...But I want to point out, once again, that this is an isolated case and it's not contagious.

First question: Any reason to believe it's terrorism? No.

Second question: "Mr. Secretary, do you know if this particular individual had contact with raw wool? Was he a gardener?"

WHAT?!? REALLY? Straight out of the gate we have some intrepid reporter, apparently an expert on rare diseases like inhalation anthrax (about 18 cases in the past century), who immediately asked the most arcane questions imaginable?! Somehow he knows the history of anthrax, animal skins, wool mills and North Carolina, before anyone even mentions North Carolina?!? Sure. See video @3:46 and look at the microexpression on Thompson's face when he gets this question. NOT HAPPY. 

Alternative theory using the coded language angle, the CIA's embedded reporter is already read in and tries to determine whether the "particular individual" had contact with "raw wool" ie: perhaps very damaging incriminating information, like photos? Or maybe he's a "gardener" ie: a spook, a handler, tending his "plants"?

A little later:

QUESTION: What are some of the sources that could cause such an infection?
THOMPSON: That's why the doctor is here. And you want to answer that?
DR. SCOTT LILLIBRIDGE, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Sure. Sporadic cases may occur from contact with wool, animal products, hides, that sort of thing. And occasionally we don't know the context of these. These are sporadic, episodic things that happen from time to time. [After reinforcing the reporter, this guy couldn't WAIT to get off the hot seat.]
THOMPSON: We don't know that at this point in time. That's entirely possible. We do know that he drank water out of a stream when he was traveling to North Carolina last week. But as far as wool or other things, it's entirely possible. We haven't got all of the investigations done and we're doing a tremendous extensive job of investigating everything. 

...QUESTION: Do we know if he happened to work around wool or any of the products that might have... ...QUESTION: Do we know if he was a hunter?

THOMPSON: We don't know that. We know he was an outdoorsman, so it's entirely possible that he was...   

QUESTION: Would there be enough [medication - ed.] available? Do you have...
THOMPSON: There's enough available. We have an ample supply, and I want everybody to know that. We have plenty in supply and we have enough antibiotics to treat 2 million people for 60 days. And we've also contacted the pharmaceutical companies, not just today, but have throughout our planning process.  [??? - ed.] And there's plenty of supply available. So people should not go out and do anything different than what they're doing. This is an isolated case and it's not contagious. 
QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, why does drinking from a stream...


QUESTION: Is that the reason it should be known, that? And why are you going us that detail?
THOMPSON: Just because he was an outdoorsman, and there's a possibility -- there's all kinds of possibilities... QUESTION: Can you contract anthrax by drinking...
THOMPSON: We don't know yet.
FLEISCHER: Thank you. 
[SHUT IT DOWN! - ed.

Oh hahahahaha, drinking from a stream in North Carolina, so funny to the reporters. All of it so funny, because they are all in a club speaking code, and it's fun, see? Everyone in the room. Speaking code in front of cameras in front of the American people and the world, and having a really good time getting away with it -- at least the reporters off camera. Those in front of the camera, not so much. 

This is less than one month after 9/11, and the very same day a Siberian Airlines flight 1812 from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk Russia crashed, killing 66 passengers and 12 crew. Not to mention Bob Stevens at death's door. Grim times? Not for the White House press corps. Big joke -- Bob Stevens, dying from inhalation anthrax, har har, possibly being a hunter (dangerous to the club?), outdoorsman (outside the club?), touching sheep's wool (talking to people outside the club?), and drinking from a stream (obtaining sensitive intelligence info about the club?) in North Carolina? Sounds like Bob was not on Team Death Cult. Then they handed the stick to other club members, so they could beat Tommy Thompson with it later. What a bunch of jackals.

Recognize any of them in this photo with Tom Ridge? It's pretty hard to find pics of these clowns. Isn't that Johnny Roberts?

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge walks out of the White house briefing room after telling reporters that the anthrax contained in a letter mailed to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was highly concentrated and pure and made "to be more easily absorbed" by its victims, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

By the end of the month people wanted his head on a plate. Left wing rag The New Republic says Thompson's reassurances "often ring so hollow as to have the opposite effect;" and right wing rag The Weekly Standard calls for his resignation. https://badgerherald.com/news/2001/10/30/thompsons-response-t/

“Most obviously out of his depth was the Health and Human Services secretary, Tommy Thompson, whose resignation had been overdue days before,” Caldwell said in an Oct. 29 editorial. “This is a man who speculated that Florida photo editor Robert Stevens had contracted the anthrax that killed him while fishing in a trout stream.

 ...The statement suggesting the initial case of anthrax was naturally contracted lent itself to ridicule, Caldwell said.

Thompson later rescinded, but insisted he was speaking on the advice of experts.

Look, now Bob was fishing in a trout stream.

Also please note:

Anthrax coming from nature in 2001? RIDICULOUS. Obviously it was bio-terrorism.

Covid-19 a case of bio-terrorism in 2021? RIDICULOUS. Obviously it came from nature.

Based on all this, we suspect Bob had some very damaging information about the Death Cult. And that's the "reason" he got anthrax in North Carolina or at his AMI office, but probably in North Carolina. And wouldn't those reporters love to know so they can help keep the American people safe cover their tracks?

Bob Stevens
 The gaze of a man who knows something awful.
Below: Tommy Thompson looking at congress critters.
"clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..."

From left, Scott Lillibridge, Special Assistant to Secretary Tommy Thompson for National Security and Bioterrorism; Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases, testify during a hearing on “Biological Warfare Defense Vaccine Research and Development Programs” before a House subcommittee on national security, veterans affairs, and international relations October 23, 2001 in Washington, DC.
From a nauseating Fauci hagriography: https://heavy.com/news/2020/04/dr-anthony-fauci-young-photos/
...where we learn that this little demon was basketball team captain at his high school.

And that's why the AMI building had to be locked up tight, and all those incriminating files secured? And Bob eliminated? Anthrax solved all that, just like Tim McVeigh White Terrorist solved the FBI's Murrah building problem, and 19 Muslim Terrorists solved the WTC and Building 7 problems?


Maybe seems nuts until one gets into the weeds. We barely had a hook out looking at Bob Stevens' death, and very quickly inconsistencies began jumping over the transom. This website has an amazing, thorough compilation -- the best one we found so far.

The library at AMI was formed in early 2001 when The National EnquirerStarGlobeSunExaminer and Weekly World News came under the same ownership and joined together in one building. This brought together three separate full-time staffs. 

...AMI's clip collection goes back to 1976 when the library and research department for the National Enquirer was formed. The only electronic archive the company has for any of its papers is the electronic archive for the Enquirer, which goes back to 1994 but is not available in a workable, searchable form. The AMI library operates on clips and bound volumes using its own index. They clip six newspapers a day, several weekly news magazines, People, and nintey-five monthly magazines. Most of these magazines are not available online. Martha Moffet says she has been told that their clip library and that of the Times of London, which also serves a tabloid paper, are two of the most extensive celebrity clip files in the world.

After the tabloids were bought by AMI the library was given a handsome space, new shelving and new equipment. The library is staffed from 9 to 5 every weekday. Research is available any time newspaper staffs are working. 

Quite a professional operation, no? If everything is hidden in plain sight, and it has been for a very long time according to the rules of the game, wouldn't this vast collection be extremely valuable for solving all kinds of mysteries? We think so.

Men in Black: predictive programming?

These are the Hot Sheets? 

Best investigative reporting on the planet. Go ahead, read the NY Times if you want to. They get lucky sometimes. Thanks, Manny.

Cannot believe you're looking for tips in the supermarket tabloids. 

Not looking for them... found.

The AMI library was formed in early 2001. Well, *that* might have set off a few alarms? Bob died on October 5, 2001, a Friday, and by late Sunday evening the building was quarantined. No more library!

AMI's archives don't exist anywhere else - no library, not even the Library of Congress, extends itself to collect the tabloids. They are not on microfilm. They are not fed to vendors. And the little part of their archive that is electronic is not yet searchable. The history of tabloid publishing in America - every edition of The National EnquirerStarGlobeSunExaminer and The Weekly World News - is locked up in the bound-volume room of AMI. Some of these volumes date back to the 1950s.

AMI also owns an extensive celebrity book collection. Their book room houses over 4,000 volumes of celebrity autobiographies and biographies including rare and out-of-print books. The photo library, although a separate operation, is also an irreplaceable collection. CEO David Pecker is fond of saying that the text library, the archives and the photo collection are the heart of its publications.

Not to mention the intellectual property, personnel records, business plans, buyout offers, libel claims, and lists of paid informants.


Now of course, FBI teams and such were in the building "investigating" for awhile. Allegedly things went missing. Couple years go by.

Then, maybe, something to celebrate? DOOM?!?!? 

8/21/2003 NY TIMES Exclusive! It's Doom for the Tabloid Archives!

It may not be a collection worthy of the Smithsonian, but it is quintessential Americana, the trove of photos, notes and clippings from the spicy, arresting and often downright unbelievable issues of The National Enquirer, Star and other supermarket tabloids.

Extensive, gleeful NYT article goes on to gloat about the impending destruction of five decades worth of "stunning, shocking, exclusive, tragic, spine-tingling, sidesplitting and bizarre images and documents from the tabloid world." The mind "leaps" to consider it all... being destroyed! PHEW!

A developer has agreed to buy the building on the condition he destroy the contents. The deal? A 65,000 square foot building, newly renovated and valued at the time around $4M, in Boca Raton (one of the country's more exclusive zip codes), with a treasure trove of priceless and irreplacable contents, for $40,000. And all he has to do is Destroy The Library. Safely of course.

Before the cleanup crew can set foot in the building, now surrounded by wire fencing and overgrown grass, Mr. Rustine must submit a detailed cleanup plan to the E.P.A. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A preliminary plan alone is more than 100 pages, outlining the moon suits the crew would wear, the exact ratio of Ultra Clorox Germicidal Bleach to white vinegar that would be used to kill the anthrax spores and the dimensions of the chamber where the crew would be decontaminated.

Great idea having the CDC friends involved there, and ffs over 100 pages just for the preliminary plan? Guys that's a lot of work. FORTUNATELY, they only need bleach and white vinegar and moon suits to clean up deadly, weaponized anthrax, so, uh, just measure up the decontamination chamber and get this show on the road, 'kay?

We use ridicule because they use ridicule. Our lives are a joke to these demons, evidenced by the sheer condescension dripping from every predictable clown solution they offer to fix the horrific problems they cause, that we pay for with human suffering and untold billions of hard earned tax dollars.


He estimates the building will be worth $12-15M once cleaned up. Lucky DAVE!

Mr. Kahane said Mr. Rustine offered the perfect solution because, unlike others who expressed interest in the building, he had the means to clean it properly. Mr. Rustine has a relative who is an executive at Marcor Remediation, the Maryland company that helped decontaminate the Senate building and will be doing the actual cleanup work here....Though Mr. Rustine acknowledged that he occasionally glanced at the cover of The National Enquirer in the checkout line, he said he felt no pangs about destroying the photographs that have absorbed supermarket shoppers and helped define the nation's popular culture since the days of the Eisenhower administration.

"I don't marry my real estate," he said. "There is some curiosity there, but to me it's just a part of business that we have to clean up and eliminate them."

See a picture of the extremely lucky Mr. Rustine, and his wife Dr. Rebecca Rustine (a psychologist), and Boca Raton mayor Steve Abrams here. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-feb-02-2007-boca-raton-fl-usa-dr-rebecca-rustine-left-wife-of-owner-44200355.html

Marcor was one of the first companies to clean up 9/11 and truck the debris to Fresh Kill Landfill, and the last to leave. Nothing suspicious about that.

We might do a follow up, because these old events connect to current events. 

Somehow, before PLAN A went down, Giuliani Partners (yes, Rudy) and Sabre Technical Services formed a new company, Bio-ONE Solutions, LLC. Bio-One won the contract to decontaminate AMI -- announced 1/4/2004 -- PLAN B. Sadly, PLAN B went pear-shaped -- due to lawsuits and such over the photos and intellectual property -- after Bio-One completed most of the work. Then Mr. Rustine went back to PLAN A and hired Marcor Remediation, where he has a well-placed relative, to finish the job. That's how we understand it, anyway.

Bio-ONE packed up and left and didn't get paid, but not before they REMOVED THE LIBRARY. You can take that turn of events however you want.

June 4, 2004 Firm to start cleaning Boca anthrax site https://www.anthraxinvestigation.com/misc7.html

The papers, files, photos and mementos that they left behind that day already have been removed from the building and will be destroyed, BioONE Chief Operating Officer Karen Cavanagh said.

Preserving all of the building's contents, which included more than 5 million photos -- Elvis in his coffin among them -- and 600,000 pages of bound periodicals, would have made the cost of the project "astronomical," Cavanagh said, because the materials would all have had to be tested post-fumigation.

The plans began in February, she said, shortly after BioONE announced its intention to occupy the building.

BioONE is a collaboration of a bioterrorism consulting firm headed by former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Sabre Technical services, the company that cleaned congressional offices and postal facilities in the wake of the October 2001 anthrax attacks.

The company, which is expecting final approval from the Environmental Protection Agency within the next two weeks, will use the same process used on those buildings, pumping chlorine dioxide gas through vent systems. 

By Monday 7/12/04 the building was disinfected and ready for extensive testing. 


Did Bio-ONE destroy the priceless, irreplaceable library? We don't know. We're going to guess, based on some other inconsistencies in the anthrax case, plus the likely existence of hidden technology capable of solving such problems, etc., that perhaps the library did NOT need to be destroyed. That would be something, huh, if the AMI library ever saw the light of day again?

Other people have theorized that the AMI library was the true reason for the anthrax attacks, and we agree. It might be a case of right church wrong pew with some of these folks. There's a lot to the anthrax case. It's definitely confusing, but consider cui bono?

We have a Death Cult in business now for a super long time. We can't say how long. Hundreds of years, thousands of years? 


The AMI library, containing millions of pics, books, back issues, news clippings, etc., goes back to the 1950s at least. Safe to say the Death Cult has been around since the 1950s. The library held potentially scandalous information on thousands of famous people. Many are probably still alive. Nothing suspicious about celebrities and children? Nothing to worry about?

Would the Death Cult -- thousands of famous and powerful people -- benefit from destroying the AMI library? Yes.

Did the Death Cult have means, motive and opportunity? Yes. [See the Whitney Webb series linked at the top of the last post for details. - ed.]

To catch criminals, one must think like a criminal and infiltrate their society. After all, that's how the criminals catch their prey, is it not? Infiltration.

Did the Death Cult infiltrate normal society? Yes. 

Maybe the Death Cult got infiltrated, too. How else could anyone catch them? Maybe they know it, and they're wild with rage. Beat at their own long game.

Hopefully the AMI library has been in safe hands, and it will turn up some day soon and be put to good use.


death cult on the ropes

...and we are here to pile on, so here's the pile.

UPDATE: Last year Whitney Webb researched and wrote a brilliant series on "biodefense" uncovering the sickening corruption and premeditated crimes that have brought us to this moment in history. Shame on me for not knowing about it. Highly recommended. h/t WaffleStaffel

Part 1: All Roads Lead to Dark Winter 4/1/20

Part 2: A Killer Enterprise: How One of Big Pharma's Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the Covid-19 Cure Market 4/9/20

Part 3: Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec



This is a very important document you can download from thewatchtowers.org


Thank you, Dr. David E. Martin and colleagues, for preparing this document for humanity. 

If anyone wants to see all the laws that Fauci and Friends have violated, and we don't know why anyone wouldn't want to see this information except to avoid cognitive dissonance, go ahead and download this document. 

Background: Over the past two decades, my company – M·CAM – has been monitoring possible violations of the 1925 Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous, or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare (the Geneva Protocol) 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction (the BTWC). In our 2003-2004 Global Technology Assessment: Vector Weaponization M·CAM highlighted China’s growing involvement in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology with respect to joining the world stage in chimeric construction of viral vectors. 

Topics covered in Dr. Martin's dossier on Fauci: 

  •  18 U.S.C. §2339 C et seq. – Funding and Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terror
  •  7 18 U.S.C. § 2331 §§ 802 – Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in death of American Citizens
  • 10 18 U.S.C. § 1001 – Lying to Congress  
  • 12 15 U.S.C. §1-3 – Conspiring to Criminal Commercial Activity 
  • 16 15 U.S.C. §8 – Market Manipulation and Allocation
  • 20 15 U.S.C. § 19 – Interlocking Directorates 
  • 21 35 U.S.C. §200 - 206 – Disclosure of Government Interest 
  • 23 21 C.F.R. § 50.24 et seq., Illegal Clinical Trial
  • 25 The Commercial Actors 

In the beginning...

1. The CDC secured an illegal patent on the SARS coronavirus. They then patented its detection via PCR tests. They then paid to override everything illegal about these patents.

2. Fauci perverted the legal definition of vaccine, grossly lowering the standard, to manipulate public opinion.

3. By April 2005, Fauci was associating SARS with bioterror which conveniently increased the NIAID budget under his purview. WIN WIN.

Working in collaboration with Sanofi, Scripps Institute, Harvard, MIT and NIH, Dr. Fauci’s decision to unilaterally promote vaccines as a primary intervention for several designated “infectious diseases” precluded proven therapies from being applied to the sick and dying.9

Letting people suffer...Like father like son.

There's so much more.  Please review Dr. Martin's Fauci Covid-19 Dossier.

image from https://www.tokresource.org/tip-of-the-iceberg


High Containment Labs and Other Facilities of the US Biodefense Program

Source: BioTerror Bible

We do not know what scientists do in their BSL3 & 4 labs, like most people. The "germs" which allegedly cause many diseases are invisible to the naked eye. We hear viruses are often to blame, and there's no question about it with covid.

But... but viruses are particles of dying cells, which is why "Germ Theory" is still a THEORY.

We discovered Dr. Stefan Lanka's work years ago. Most people have probably never heard of him, though he's been around a long time. At The Big Virus Hoax, the top video is Dr. Lanka's Final Refutation of Virology. Please watch and avail thyself of this important website. From the site:

Scientifically speaking, a "virus" has never been isolated. What we know for certain is that so-called "viruses," which the scientists who are bought and paid for by mega corporations refer to as "non-living particles," are nothing more than bits and pieces of cell debris from expired cells.

Again, we don't have a lab in our kitchen, and we don't know for sure what causes sickness and disease. It could be pollution, and/or radiation (see: Jennifer Lake's blog)? It could be other types of microbes and parasites? In both cases -- probably invisible to the naked eye? You cannot detect the culprit without specialized training and expensive laboratory equipment, which we guess you don't have either? In both cases -- the vector could be engineered and RELEASED accidentally or accidentally on purpose by malicious death cult actors, who enjoy killing people indiscriminately and getting away with it, laughing all the way to the bank while their teevee pals tell you a bedtime story?

Pollution? Radiation? Fungi? Parasites? WHY NOT? WHY ONLY VIRUSES ALLOWED IN THE NARRATIVE? Because they don't want any other of their pet culprits to get hurt. They don't need any HCQ ruining all the fun.

Viruses are the perfect fall guy.


Thought experiment: parasites or fungi instead of "viruses"? 


Protozoa are one-celled animals found worldwide in most habitats. Most species are free living, but all higher animals are infected with one or more species of protozoa. Infections range from asymptomatic to life threatening, depending on the species and strain of the parasite and the resistance of the host....

All parasitic protozoa require preformed organic substances—that is, nutrition is holozoic as in higher animals.

...Many protozoan infections that are inapparent or mild in normal individuals can be life-threatening in immunosuppressed patients, particularly patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Evidence suggests that many healthy persons harbor low numbers of Pneumocystis carinii in their lungs. However, this parasite produces a frequently fatal pneumonia in immunosuppressed patients such as those with AIDS. Toxoplasma gondii, a very common protozoan parasite, usually causes a rather mild initial illness followed by a long-lasting latent infection. 

...Most parasitic protozoa in humans are less than 50 μm in size. The smallest (mainly intracellular forms) are 1 to 10 μm long, but Balantidium coli may measure 150 μm. Protozoa are unicellular eukaryotes. As in all eukaryotes, the nucleus is enclosed in a membrane. In protozoa other than ciliates, the nucleus is vesicular, with scattered chromatin giving a diffuse appearance to the nucleus, all nuclei in the individual organism appear alike.  


Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) is a serious infection caused by the fungus Pneumocystis jiroveciiThe symptoms of PCP can develop over several days or weeks and include

      • Fever
      • Cough
      • Difficulty breathing
      • Chest pain
      • Chills
      • Fatigue (tiredness)
Healthy people who become infected with Toxoplasma gondii often do not have symptoms because their immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness. When illness occurs, it is usually mild with “flu-like” symptoms (e.g., tender lymph nodes, muscle aches, etc.) that last for weeks to months and then go away. However, the parasite remains in the person’s body in an inactive state. It can become reactivated if the person becomes immunosuppressed...Immunocompromised persons who were infected with Toxoplasma at some point before they become immunosuppressed are at risk for developing a relapse (reactivation) of toxoplasmosis. For example, a person who is HIV-infected and who has reactivated Toxoplasma infection can have symptoms that include fever, confusion, headache, seizures, nausea, and poor coordination.



Others have come to the same conclusion.

Our original assessment was that the advanced COVID-19 bioweapon was quite likely packaged as a group of pathogenic micro-organisms.  The primary infection agent was clearly a parasite, which is why both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are so effective when taken either as treatments for the manifesting Covid Syndrome or preventively as a prophylactic...The bottom line here is that COVID-19 is quite similar to other multi-infection syndromes such as GWS and LS especially in the way that they were both bioengineered to mutate in vivo.  That’s why every case of Covid has its own unique symptom set. 


Understand and appreciate the patience required, and the time required to pass so they can claim Plausible Deniability for Mass Murder. Psyops of this magnitude require decades of narrative engineering.

2020 minus 17 years = 2003. In 2003, the public-facing narrative began about these chimera microbes and the need for creating them "in the name of preparedness" and to give "evidence of warnings". 

REMEMBER X Wars? Make it look like EITHER Mother Nature OR God's fault. Either way, kids, there's nothing you can do. That's the point. We have been here many times.

Add some Human Error, which is Always Available.

Human Error + Mother Nature = Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Regrettable. Wring hands. Watch incompetent response while people (and animals) die needlessly.

For example, see Operation "TOP HAT" from Deepwater Horizon disaster. 
Lives -- human and animal -- are a joke to the death cult.

I just love how whenever it's convenient, when it's time to make money, we hear about the amazing R&D technological advances discovered by our corporations, our Mercks, our Archer Daniels Midlands, our Boeing, our BPs. Think about the advertising you've seen from the largest multi-national corporations. Do they or do they not spend huge sums of money advertising their cutting-edge expertise?

They do.

It's all about next-generation technology. They're going to solve all our problems. They hire the best talent money can buy. Supermarket to the world blah blah blah.

But then, when we could really use some great technological advances, when something goes wrong with one of their amazing projects, they suddenly got nothing. Mere mortals just like you and me, putting their pants on one leg at a time. Brainstorming in a conference room, offering a solution two or three months out... ? Seriously? That's what you got? Epic fail.

And WHO could have imagined?

Amazingly, the link still works to the 1/14/2004 CIDRAP article: CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic studies. 

The virus has shown little ability to spread from person to person, but the fear is that a hybrid could combine the killing power of the avian virus with the transmissibility of human flu viruses.

Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves—in the name of preparedness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a "reassortant" virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.

...The World Health Organization (WHO) has been "pleading" for laboratories to do this research, because it could provide some evidence to back up the agency's warnings about the risk of a flu pandemic, according to the CP report. 

Backup copy here from 4/28/2009: CDC runs with scissors in 2004, stabs us in the eye in 2009

We battle a death cult. Their goal is to get away with murder, especially mass murder. Sadly, they have a lot of experience killing people in many different ways. They do exceedingly stupid, dangerous and grossly unethical things like creating killer microbes in BSL3&4 labs that would never occur in nature, aka Gain of Function research, to justify their warnings and predictions about killer microbes. They consider our lives completely expendable. 



What a sick joke.

Anthony Fauci has been at the center of this evil for decades, way back when people were still using the more accurate term -- microbes -- rather than obsessively talking about viruses.

Excerpt from a lengthy and eyebrow-raising August 9, 2002 interview with Fauci, which needs more eyes on.


Fauci:                          The reason we were concerned about our smallpox vaccine stores is that, as part of our biodefense plan -- and there had been a plan for at least a couple of years and we were looking at the category A agents -- that smallpox, together with anthrax and hemorrhagic fevers and tularemia and botulism and plague, etc., was an important microbe that we felt we needed to defend against, and since we knew that we had a relatively naive population, we asked ourselves the question, what would happen if we had a smallpox bio-attack now? And now was in the spring of 2001.

 Harden:                       So it was assumed in government circles at that point that indeed there was weaponized smallpox.

Fauci:                          Oh, absolutely, absolutely. And we felt extremely vulnerable with an unvaccinated population and only 15 million doses in our stores, and we were talking then about the possibility of making a new generation of smallpox vaccine. But the question that was asked of us by me and by our group is, what happens if we need it right away? We can’t do with just 15 million doses. And that’s why we started the dilutional studies, which antedated [ie: CAME BEFORE - Ed AP] by several months September the 11th as well as the anthrax attacks.

...We were sitting here years and years ago, before the big problem in Africa, before the big problem in Asia, and I remember we were talking about, we’re getting hit here in the United States badly during the early ‘80s and mid-‘80s, but this is a sexually transmitted disease, and when you have a sexually transmitted disease, this is going to spread throughout the world, particularly in countries in which the risk of a sexually transmitted disease being transmitted among individuals might be higher than in a different population with a different culture. So there was some degree of being able to predict what would be going on. Unfortunately, our predictions were correct, but we at least knew the general direction of where things are going. When you’re dealing with biodefense now, you really have a black box. You can guess and make some pretty good intelligent guesses about what the microbes might be, but you have no idea when, where, and in what form those microbes would be released.

Are they going to be aerosolized? Are they going to be an infected person mingling in the population? Is it going to come in a letter? Is it going to come in a ventilation system in a building? So it really is a much different situation than we had with HIV/AIDS, which was really rather well defined.

Once again in case you read that and didn't catch it...  "Unfortunately OUR predictions were correct...When YOU'RE dealing with biodefense now, YOU really have a black box. YOU can guess and make some pretty good intelligent guesses about what the microbes might be, but YOU have no idea when, where, and in what form those microbes would be released.

RELEASED? Released by some horrible humans somewhere? Terrorists on the payroll probably? Or perhaps a regrettable accident in the BSL lab? WHO could have imagined? Get it? Wink wink.

OUR... YOU...? He references two different groups. The truth comes out in the language, as long as you slow down, go far enough back, read it carefully, and stop reflexively applying the benefit of the doubt.

Harden:                       And by May, researchers had unraveled the anthrax genomes. Now, would you discuss the significance of whole-genome sequencing technology and computational methods?

Fauci:                          Yeah. Well, this is something that we’ve said long before September the 11th and long before anthrax, that just as the Genome project is going to open up the key to the nooks and the crannies of understanding the humankind, the sequence of a microbe is essential, really, to expose all the potential targets for diagnostics, for therapeutics, and for vaccines. So we have a program now that ultimately will essentially sequence all of the pathogens that are important to us. Certainly included in them are pathogens that would be associated with bioterrorism. So, for example, if you know the precise genome of a particular microbe, you’d be able to know how certain proteins that are the toxins, the metabolic necessities of a particular microbe, the antigens that are expressed on the surface that could be used as a vaccine component -- it opens up limitless possibilities.  So we look upon the Genome project for pathogenic microbes in the same light as the human genome people look upon the sequencing of the human genome and then the subsequent proteomics and informatics and all those other things that go along with it. It’s really the same thing.

Pure Evil.

The only reason we found this interview is from checking if Fauci had any connections to Ken Alibek. Oh haha, turns out they were (still are?) colleagues!

Fauci:                          Kanatzhan Alibekov, who is now known as Kenneth Alibek, who’s a colleague of ours, was the deputy director of Biopreparet, the Soviet Union’s biowarfare facility, got a medal, actually, in the ‘70s, a medal for developing an aerosolized form of tularemia, so we know as a fact that it has been weaponized. Now, the Soviets say that they destroyed it all and it’s taken care of, but they may have, in good intention, tried to destroy it all, but in fact, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it’s entirely conceivable that small aliquots of that got taken away and sold to people who would buy it and use it for nefarious reasons.

From the post miss chimera virus:

We had not heard of Dr. Ken Alibek, a native of Kazakhstan. It has been a long long time since we wrote about Kazakhstan, one of the back rooms of the NWO.

Ken Alibek defected from Russia to the US in 1992. He was a biological weapons expert who worked in the Soviet Bio-Preparat, the civilian branch of the bioweapon program under cover as a pharmaceutical company. Here is a two part interview from 1999. Alibek was advising the US government. He became very prominent after 911.

In this article, authored by Alibek in 1998, he describes how the Soviets used elaborate deceptions to conceal their bioweapons activity.

...Alibek's Wikipedia entry details an illustrious career spanning decades. He has testified before Congress many times, and told his secrets to the CIA. Dr. Alibek developed a close working relationship with Charles Bailey, former commander of US AMRIID at Fort Detrick. The two of them led a graduate program at George Mason University in 2003. This program allowed GMU access to funding from the DOD, DARPA, and the NIH, because after 911 and the anthrax attacks, this type of research was easily JUSTIFIED.
The anthrax attacks, in particular, seemed to come out of their very office space.
No mention there of Phillip Zack.

Circa 2007, Mr. Alibek was accused of pimping the threat of bioterror for financial gain. 


Make no mistake: The Swine Flu was one of several Dress Rehearsals for Covid 19.

See 5/1/2009: Is this about 'Social Distancing'?? 

See the archived transcript: CDC Briefing on Public Health Investigation of Human Cases of H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) 5/2/2009


EXCERPTS from the interview with Dave Daigle, deputy for media relations at CDC and Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. Please note that at the time of this interview -- MAY 2, 2009 -- the number of confirmed hospitalizations from Swine Flu was 13. 13! But don't you worry, the authorities were On It & Keeping You Safe. Just look how prepared they were. 

[Oddly enough, the recording of this specific press conference is missing from the archives, so we can't check those "editorial corrections" to see what xe really said.]

The Lovely Anne Schuchat



4/13/18: Centers for Disease Control "zombie team" receiving the US Department of Health and Human Services Innovations Award for the project (From left: Dave Daigle, Maggie Silver, Catherine Jamal, and Dr. Ali Khan).


Anne Schuchat: It's nice to see all of you on a Saturday, joining us here today for the daily update.  I think people in the media we've been hearing a little bit about we're out of the woods, it looks like this is ending.  And I want to say that while reports from Mexico are-- appear to be encouraging, and some are cautiously optimistic, we can't afford to let down our vigilance.  We have information that this novel virus continues to spread and with increasing cases, and increasing states affected and we are acting, as President Obama said this morning, actively and aggressively.  Our highest priority is the safety and health of the American population.  And we really want to make sure we're staying ahead of things. 

Today's case counts, 160 confirmed U.S. cases.  They occur in 21 states.  ...The most recent known onset is April 28.  ...The response continues with the focus on making sure people who are sick stay home, that people don't fly or use public transit when they are ill but that it's totally fine to be out and about when you aren't ill with respiratory symptoms.  We are thrilled people are washing their hands more, and we don't want people to lose their vigilance about that because that continues to be important.  .... We've been thanking the media for your help in getting the story out, thanking the incredible workers helping to respond to this challenge at the front line helping respond to this challenge, thanking the CDC workforce for the night and days they're putting in. 

...The school guidance that was updated to suggest a 14-day period, that [inaudible] reflecting the information about the duration that a child might be-- continue to be infectious. ...

...We have systems in the state and local systems have some systems and we do see an increase above baseline in visits to some emergency rooms for influenza-like illness through our biosense surveillance system.

...It is much more likely that people are getting this particular infection now from somebody who has no-- from somebody within their own communities.  You know, we do think there is sustained transmission here in the U.S.  

.......The goal of the social distancing efforts is to try to decrease the ongoing numbers of cases and to shift them to a later time by slowing transmission with the thought that if we can delay the onset of some of these illnesses we have more time to prepare a vaccine or for summer and perhaps relief from the warmer months when influenza is less likely to circulate. 

...There are some circumstances where preventive use of anti-viral medicines may be recommended, very special circumstances considered high risk with a high-risk patient or person.  In terms of the use of anti-viral drugs, I can't tell you exactly what's going on.  I can tell you we had one surveillance system that was designed to monitor early warning of whether there was influenza uptake by tracking the prescriptions that are filled for antibiotic viral drugs.  And that system is no longer useful because we saw such a big increase in prescriptions really probably from concern rather than necessarily from use in actual treatment.  

...What I want to say is that we have a new influenza virus.  It's spreading.  

...There has been modeling done the last several years.  We have invested in preparing and understanding pandemic for influenza.  One of the findings was that we know some things from seasonal influenza and some things from studying pandemics from the past century. ...So some of the modeling about what we call community mitigation or that attempt to really slow spread within a community suggested that schools would be a valuable intervention point.  This may not be the case for every influenza virus or every pandemic or potential influenza virus, but the modeling effort suggests this was a promising (Editor’s Note: This is a correction) area where we thought about social distancing.  There are other parts of the armamentarium, closing mass gatherings, teleworking, this type of thing.  But it was one of the interventions that although potentially very disruptive, could have a payoff.  

...I can say that we've been working to make sure that we can reduce the bottlenecks on laboratory testing.

...And, you know, it's important to remember that with seasonal flu we have 200,000 hospitalizations each year generally in people who are very young or very old with complications or other clinical illnesses. 

...When we had done our pandemic planning, we always intended to change the way the diagnostic tests are used at different periods.  It tends to test at the beginning and a little bit less intense later on, trying to understand changes.  We're using our-- one of our ongoing surveillance systems, the influenza-like illness sentinel providers to understand what's going on over time.  There are physicians around the country that actively collect specimens for virus testing for people with influenza-like illness and report conditions to us.  So we're using that network to understand are the illnesses going up or down and is the proportion of those illnesses that are caused by this virus changing.  

...You know, I am encouraged by what I have heard about the reports from Mexico, but I want to say that we are remaining vigilant and we have seen times where things appear to be getting better and get worse again.  You may remember in 2003 in Canada, as they were dealing with the SARS outbreak, they thought it was really all clear and then found that they had a big second wave in terms of nursing homes that had cases and continual spread.  So I think in Mexico we may be holding our breath for some time but remaining vigilant is the course. 

...I can say that one of our priorities is to try to develop a virologic assay (Editor’s Note: This is a correction) as to whether someone has been exposed to this virus and made antibodies.  I'm told by experts that it might be pretty difficult to do that.  So it's on our list of things we're working on, but we can't promise we'll have a tool that will help us predict the situation.  

Fellow travelers, it could not be clearer. They trotted all these things out for the Swine Flu in 2009: the "novel" "virus," acting aggressively to stay ahead of things, staying home, washing hands, thanking the media and other clowns for their heroic efforts brainwashing everyone, 14 day quarantines, fanning hysteria over ER visits, building distrust among communities, social distancing to SHIFT CASES TO A LATER TIME (oopsie), parsimonious use of anti-virals or any other effective treatments such as ANTI-PARASITICALS, extreme disruption of closing schools yet justified by the "payoff," surveillance systems, second wave, and the mysterious difficulty of figuring out if anyone has made antibodies.


With apologies for the length, there's nothing more important than destroying, forever, the death cult. We could start anywhere, but starting with Fauci works fine by me. Unlike child trafficking and sacrifice and men who are women and women who are men, this particular psyop has touched everyone somehow. Therefore, when the hammer drops on the bogus science and the SCOPE of narrative engineering behind it, people will freak out. Once the first central demon goes down publicly, the rest will unravel like a cheap sweater, because if we said it once we said it a hundred times: One Big Happy Family. It's all connected. The death cult is all connected. Fauci is the Weak Link.

People keep saying they want change. Well, it's actually pretty easy. All you have to do is follow the evidence until it takes down every corrupt politician, celebrity, judge, cop, media whore, social worker, et cetera. And you have to expend some effort meaning you can't just sit on the couch and watch teevee and call it a day.

It could go down like a house of cards if enough people loved the truth more than the status quo they keep bitching about.


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