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task masters and their feedback loop

Kinda busy the next click but found this unpublished draft from 8/7/2012 that the old school crew will enjoy. Probably half the links are gone, but anyway, here you go... 1) Over in Wisconsin, the latest shooter Wade Michael Page has been identified: former Army with a less-than-honorable discharge, who had been assigned to the psyops units at Forts Bliss and Bragg . 2) The narrative so far quotes "authorities" including SITE and the SPLC , who tell us we may never know his motive for sure. 3) Huffpo for but one example pimps this mystery motive narrative and describes these sources as legit ("SITE Monitoring Service, a Maryland-based private intelligence firm that searches the Internet for extremist activity."). 4) Meanwhile, the public "debates" the meaning of the problem and what to do about it in the "global public square." If you don't know 90% of what's important about this psyop from these four bits of information, you are hop

destroy the library

In 2020, was it about the virus or the election?  Also wondering, in 2001, was it about the anthrax or the library? The people who design and carry out false flags seed misinformation and misdirections into the narrative almost immediately. Every small change introduces complexity and confusion. Change enough details right out of the gate, and soon the entire event will be shrouded in the fog of war.  This statement by Fauci during an August 9, 2002 interview struck me as very odd, so I started looking into the anthrax attacks. And what a rabbit hole *that* is. Harden:                       All right. Let’s do move on a little bit. The first diagnosis of inhalation anthrax was made on October 4 th . [2001 - ed.] Fauci:                          Right. Harden:                       In Robert Stevens, the editor of the tabloid publication in Boca Raton, Florida, and he died the next day. Now, how did you learn about this? Di

death cult on the ropes

...and we are here to pile on, so here's the pile. UPDATE: Last year Whitney Webb researched and wrote a brilliant series on "biodefense" uncovering the sickening corruption and premeditated crimes that have brought us to this moment in history. Shame on me for not knowing about it. Highly recommended. h/t WaffleStaffel Part 1: All Roads Lead to Dark Winter 4/1/20 Part 2: A Killer Enterprise: How One of Big Pharma's Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the Covid-19 Cure Market 4/9/20 Part 3: Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec 1. THE FAUCI COVID-19 DOSSIER This is a very important document you can download from . Thank you, Dr. David E. Martin and colleagues, for preparing this document for humanity.  If anyone wants to see all the laws that Fauci and Friends have violated, and we