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The Deep Trench Octopus

From the Editor's Preface to Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, p. 15-16. Andrew Lobaczewski addresses the problem of the psychopath and their extremely significant contribution to our macrosocial evils, their ability to act as the eminence grise behind the very structure of our society. It is very important to keep in mind that this influence comes from a relatively small segment of humanity. The other 90-some percent of human beings are not psychopaths. But that 90-some percent of normal people know that something is wrong! They just can't quite identify it; can't quite put their finger on it; and because they can't they tend to think that there is nothing they can do about it, or maybe it is just God punishing people. What is actually the case is that when that 90-some percent of human beings fall into a certain state, as Lobaczewski will describe, the psychopaths, like a virulent pathogen in a body, strike at the weaknesses, and the entire society is plun

What if.....

More curious statements from Joe Biden : BIDEN: “First of all, we’re no where near there. We have 8 days to go. This is the most important election in the public’s life. They are looking at these races very closely. I think this is going to be much closer than everyone thinks it is. Second, with regard to the Democratic Party, this is a new Democratic Party not the party of the 70s and 80s. This is a party that has adjusted to the realities of a new world order.” He went on to say, “I think there is going to be a collaborative effort to make the 21st century an American century.” Now what does that mean? Predictably, it will be ignored in corporate media while the internet buzzes with the worst-case interpretation: Zionist-controlled Obama/Biden tools ready to implement NWO agenda while corporate media slavishly protects Obama. Now this could be true. A good case can be made for that. But in following this line of reasoning for months now, I have to say, I don't trust it. I don

They're snapping like twigs

Don't you be worrying about black riots just yet, 'kay? You can worry about angry white McCain supporters. After the rally, we witnessed a near-street riot involving the exiting McCain crowd and two Cuban-American Obama supporters. Tony Garcia, 63, and Raul Sorando, 31, were suddenly surrounded by an angry mob. There is a moment in a crowd when something goes from mere yelling to a feeling of danger, and that's what we witnessed. As photographers and police raced to the scene, the crowd elevated from stable to fast-moving scrum, and the two men were surrounded on all sides as we raced to the circle. Nobody knows anger like 1) underachieving white people and 2) racist white people. Both groups make up John McCain's base (some overlap there...), and they will not take kindly to losing. It does not matter that they have GWB for eight years. That actually made things worse. Now they want a re-do.

Watch out for falling anvils

From Mike Allen's Playbook: Gov. Palin, to Fox's SEAN HANNITY on "Hannity & Colmes": "I think it's very close, and I think there is a lot of enthusiasm. ... John and I have both been in that underdog position over and over again. And you know what? I, in my career, happen to take on the good old boy network more than once. Having the scars to prove it. Being in the underdog position, it motivates us. Makes us work harder. And I believe that yes, the wisdom of the people will prevail on Nov. 4 .” I see. And what wise 'people' are those, Sarah? The people who will pull off the voter fraud for you and John McCain? WashPost Howard Kurtz, online this a.m.: "'If the mainstream media are wrong about Obama and the voters pull a Truman , that is going to be the end of whatever shred of credibility they have left,' says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University's College of Communication." Oh, so it will be the voters who &#


Some data about the election: Obama leads in 6 of 8 battleground states (Zogby). McCain losing serious ground in his home state of AZ. Obama leads 65-29 in NY (Marist). Palin's hometown paper endorses Obama. It's all but over, and Obama wins. BUT: Israelis like McCain over Obama, 48.6-31.5. applying the logarithmic scale of Israeli influence to John McCain's results, you can start to put things like this in perspective. "I guarantee you that two weeks from now you'll see that this has been a very close race and I believe I'm going to win it." - John McCain That's what the man thinks. Does it fly in the face of the other polls? You betcha. But so what? McCain has his own polls, and they say something totally different; and you didn't actually think that you could rely on any information rolled out so far....did you?.... You. Did. Not! Whatsamatterwithyou?!?!?! Haven't you heard abou

Danger Will Robinson!

Full-size Lost in Space robots, FOR SALE. Only $24,500... but still! How many times have you heard in the past few weeks that people need to prepare for 'black riots' if Obama loses? Even in Great Briton they must sound the alarm. It reminds me of the stories circulated after Katrina . Give me a break. People lived through absolute hell during and after Katrina ; and on a national and international scale, peace-loving people have lived through hell with a GWB administration and a perfectly useless Democratic opposition for eight, count 'em eight!, fucking years. But let's get real for a sec. Obama is way ahead. Obama should win this. Even the Republican operative inner sanctum sees the writing on the wall. With despair rising even among many of John McCain’s own advisers, influential Republicans inside and outside his campaign are engaged in an intense round of blame-casting and rear-covering — much of it virtually conceding that an Election Day rout is likely. Mea

Surviving the Exorcism

While wrestling our current situation into a brown paper bag to give as a take-home for a dear friend, it just occurs to me why this is such a difficult thing to do. You see, how can it be any other way when we battle in the world of ideas? The epic struggle only partially manifests in the walking around far...but it has raged in full-blown color across the internet for years. This is essentially the battle for truth. Meanwhile, the enemy, deathly afraid of being exposed, fills the internet with one thousand million lies to obscure the truth. Only with perseverance does one eventually thread the needle and say, WTF? Well, at least this is how I experience it. So to be engaged in this battle before it breaks fully out into the open is a certain type of calling. That nagging desire to know the truth, to dig and dig and sort through all sorts of ideas, from absolute garbage to slick and glittering disinformation, and everything in between, in order to find the choice bits and

Senators Beaver and Wally Cleaver

Via George Washington's blog ...a few of the honorable senators have decided to send a polite letter to Treasury politely suggesting that, well...gee whiz, they really should ensure that the banks restore lending activity, seeing as we gave them $700B and all. I mean, that doesn't seem exactly fair or anything, that we let the banks hoard the money like they're doin. And I would just like to point out that something like 200 or so of our elected senators and representatives are trained lawyers. So when you see what a fine job they do representing the American people in contract negotiations, with language like this , just keep that in mind. I mean, I think they 'should' 'try', 'to some degree', 'if at all possible', to grow a pair. Because they might really 'regret' losing their cushy jobs, on account of them being such lousy elected representatives and lawyers and stuff, and have to go back to live in their districts with a bunch of

The Cryptic Predictions

Joe Biden has made some interesting remarks about upcoming challenges certain to face a new Obama administration. " Mark my words ," the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. " It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy . The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy." "I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate," Biden said to Emerald City supporters, mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities . "And he's gonna need help. And the kind of help he's gonna need is, he's gonna need you - not financially to help him - we're gonna n

We are living through a hinge of history

It's hard to know what to say right now. Certainly there's plenty to read, but understanding and integrating it all gives me intellectual indigestion. On top of that, certain dogs have not been barking lately, and that has to be factored in the calculus somewhere, too. My overall impression -- 100,000' view -- is that the forces of good are prevailing. However, I do not expect this to be obvious for some time. Something very important must happen first: the filthy infection of greed, selfishness, ignorance and the love of lies and liars must be radically expunged from our nation. Denial must end. Truth must be faced. People must feel shame, remorse, and contrition for what we have allowed to take place in our names. Some of us already feel this, but many still have that smug quality developed from years of professional scapegoating. Yes, we have been lied to, stolen from, poisoned and abused, but we have also been complacent and greedy. And all our wounds, which we nurse a

Living in a corrupt world

So much corruption... X-Small: The "real" Sarah Palin sucks all the oxygen out of SNL studios. Small: Prepared with snips, boy scout style, dedicated political sign stealer caught on videotape . Medium: TSA agent Pythias Brown steals $200K of travelers' belongings, resells it on eBay , yet has the nerve to register at Crate and Barrel for his wedding . Large: Reported in Europe but not the US that top financial executive salaries and bonuses are actually inversely related to performance. X-Large: Your Life as a Human Test Subject .... XXXXX-Large: JPMorgan Responsible for the destruction of US financial system Life today is all about recognizing and grasping corruption, at ever greater levels, and opposing it whenever possible, while still functioning with integrity as a human being. If you can do that, you win.

Something could be up with Dick

Dick Cheney has been absent lately, which may or may not mean anything. I have seen unconfirmed reports on deep conspiracy sites that he has been at death's door for several weeks now, but who knows? Though, of course, if that were true, and if he was near death or actually dead, unbeknownst to the American people, at some point we would probably see stories like this preparing us for his 'sudden' demise. "Vice President Dick Cheney, who was scheduled to make a fundraising appearance today in Homer Glen, has canceled , according to Andy Seré, spokesman for 11th Congressional district GOP candidate Marty Ozinga," the Chicago Tribune reported early Wednesday morning . ...According to the Tribune, Cheney was slated to attend a private, closed to the media fundraiser at Ozinga's house in Homer Glen in Illinois. So what's next? Routine trip to George Washington University Hospital ends in tragedy as Dick Cheney's heart collapses into a gravity sucking

Just Because

Over at they track linguistics on the web to make predictions. And the predictions have been really good. One thing they've been pointing out is the use of the term bailout, which we know the government no likey, and the strongly encouraged use of alternative terms like rescue plan. This would be your spin. The latest spin, a rare Quadruple Lutz, is to call the bailout a....wait for it....a buy-in! Hmm. The correct term is: bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout Bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bailout BAILOUT damned bailout bailout BAILOUT Bailout bail

Ethically Rigorous

How we got here, and how we get out of here and to someplace new and better, depends on each person individually. Imagine the scales of justice, and imagine yourself as a grain of sand. You have exactly two choices. You can place yourself on one side of the scale, let us call it Truth/Good, or you can place yourself on the other side of the scale, Lies/Evil. Every decision you make, regardless of its complexity and trade-offs, ultimately results in you placing yourself on exactly one side of the scales of justice. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now what has happened here, over a long period of time, was that a great many people began to focus on the complexity and trade-offs of their decisions. Decisions became complicated because the world became complicated, and one thing led to another, and we lost our way. People began to excuse themselves from ending up on the Lies/Evil side of the scales of justice. After all, we each are only one grain of sand. What difference does

Think about it

Bush has struck down Posse Comitatus. He has gutted the US Constitution. He has stationed US military units on American soil. From Wayne Madsen : WMR has learned from knowledgeable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sources that the Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan that would see martial law declared in the United States with various scenarios anticipated as triggers. The triggers include a continuing economic collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country. What can save us from this outcome? The military would have to disobey Bush's orders. They would have to go against the Commander in Chief, in support of their oath to defend the US Constitution and in spite of Bush's many signing statements and other shenanigans designed to circumvent the US Constitution. "Sh

The Release

As it appears (so far at least) that nothing really major, meaning no one big event like a terrorist attack, etc., triggered the language release discussed and predicted at Urban Survival. The day isn't done yet, but so far so good. So what does it all mean? The release language has started, and the guys over there have a theory: well, Igor informs me that we shifted over into release language sometime around 6:15 am UTC this morning. [go read the items] ...Our best guess as to scenario goes to a continuing, inexorable, grinding down of the global economy as a result of the dying of the usofa dollar. We expect that each day brings more release language, and more behavior alteration which begats even more release langauge as it all piles after day after day for months. With a few exciting release gasps thrown in just as seasoning on the mix. Yes. I think to be even more specific, what started happening today is that man

Waiting to Exhale

What is really going on? I mean really. Under all the covers. Damned if I know. But perhaps we will find out this week. The bailout or rescue or whatever the hell they want us to call it did not work, can not work, will not work. Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, et. al. used their last Get Out of Jail Free card to sell us this monstrosity. Any people thinking that this bailout fixed our problems will have a furrowed brow as the economy tanks. And since anyone who believed the bailout would work in the first place did not avail themselves of the alternative news universe, that simply means that the big lie will get mainstream exposure. Ruh roh, Shaggy. The markets have done nothing but go down ever since we got "rescued." (Click to enlarge, original here .) Now whether or not this has been pre-arranged, and if so by who, and for what purposes exactly, that's where it all becomes very interesting. I have seen many theories and accusations, and I'm not sure which one to believe

Well, I guess we're all set then?

Right? They got their way. They got their billions and billions, and we were told this had to happen or else! So now the threat has been lifted, right? Isn't that the deal? Because surely we are all paying close attention from here on in. We just paid dearly for things to be put back in working order. And if things do not go directly to working order, then I'm pretty sure we're all going to notice. And that will be very problematic for the people who just promised to fix all the problems if only we paid them enough money. Don't think of this as a liability on our balance sheet. Think of it as a liability on their balance sheet. It will be rather obvious when they screw us next week. I'm suggesting that might be a good thing, as all pretenses will soon be finally and irrevocably discarded. The truth is going to come out for all to see, and the tables are going to turn. We have something very powerful on our side, and it's not money.


I could be completely wrong, please understand. I am merely giving you my opinion, which has not been arrived at by any scientific process whatsoever. It would almost be fair to say I am pulling this out of my ass, except for the fact that before I did I ran around the interweb block 1000 times. In any event, I think we'll all find out soon enough. I'm not going way out on a limb here to say that we have a criminal rogue government. Just recently some people met in Massachusetts to discuss ways to bring the criminal rouge government to justice for their war crimes, so this is hardly a groundbreaking development. And the leaders of our rogue government at this point in time, namely Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Pelosi, Reid, etc., have some serious problems on their hands. Foreign investors are owed money, which apparently they feel was stolen, and they want to be paid, and they are running out of patience waiting. But our rogue government does not want to pay out of their own pockets,

Is the shoe really going to drop?

I believe in goodness, and I hope that good will prevail. Deep within this ironical and disappointed being of mine there is a child hidden -- a frank, sad, simple creature, who believes in the ideal, in love, in holiness, and all heavenly superstitions. A whole millennium of idylls sleeps in my heart; I am a pseudo-skeptic, a pseudo-scoffer. - Henri Frederic Amiel Oh people, there are things afoot. Urban Survival has predictions about next Tuesday, October 7th, and what you should be doing in the event that something big happens, such as: Due to the proximity of the October 7 events, starting today I would suggest: Printing off your bank and investment records onto a printer so you have a snapshot of all your financial records Make offsite back-ups of all critical data on non-magnetic media (e.g. DVD's) Have enough cash on hand to live an uninterrupted lifestyle for one week without a bank card working.