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tracing a twisting, snaking tentacle

Architecture plays a role in how we perceive the world. As does art. You could say that public art and architecture set the stage. Or maybe it's a table. Or maybe an altar. Architectural exhibits in Millennium Park designed by London-based Zaha Hadid and Amsterdam-based Ben van Berkel of UNStudio emphasize the importance of boldly imagining a better future for all. Both are intended to echo the audacity of the 1909 Burnham Plan, which proclaimed, “What we as a people decide to do in the public interest we can and surely will bring to pass.” Architecture for the rich is booming business, especially in Asia. Evidently wealth has been flowing to Asia for years. Tucked away from the noisy, choked traffic on Sukhumvit Road near Ekamai, Mr Bensley's office is flooded with work commissioned by kings, governments and tycoons. He says there has been no slowdown since he set up shop here [Thailand] 20 years ago. From the 1997 Asian crisis through to the collapse of Wall Street last

stand back a little to see the big picture

Adam mosaic by Lewis Lavoie Expanding on organized corruption, it seems clear that for all kinds of illegal, international trafficking to work (humans, drugs, weapons, etc.), there must be corruption in customs offices and transit points like airports, airport security and things like that. Notice how in Lolita's transit from Nigeria to London, with three terrified small boys picked up en route, all the paperwork had been pre-arranged: In a matter of three months, I had every single paper needed to leave for London. He also gave me the names of persons I had to meet and everything went well. I also had to go to Benin City (a city in Nigeria, ndlr) to collect a small parcel for him. I was a bit taken aback when I realized that the little parcel he was talking about were three young boys between the ages of eight and twelve. Their passports and visas were ready. Everything was ok. I went to see a guy called “wizard” for instructions. Our trip took us through Ghana where someone pro

the dangerous work of tracking x-war attacks

The other day, as you probably read somewhere, a British nuclear energy expert, Tim Hampton, plunged to his death at the UN building in Vienna, Austria. He had been involved in disarmament negotiations with Iran. A colleague of this Tim Hampton's sent correspondence to George Ure at Urban Survival, which in part says: Apart from his work of watching whether some shaking earth is an earthquake or an illegal nuclear test (what is a legal nuclear test), he was interested in many side applications during the last years, and involved in setting up a tsunami warning system. He too was responsible for the CTBTO computer network - kind of super-admin and strategy planner. Ugh - still can't believe this! That reminded me of reading allegations that the huge tsunami of December 2004 had been triggered by an undersea nuclear test. On purpose or by accident, who can say. It's just another conspiracy theory I suppose, something easily dismissed by peo

one big happy family i guess

You know the Bushes and the Saudis are tight, right? I think most people running in these circles have some vague understanding of that of George the Younger holding hands with his pals and so forth. There's also the question of whether the Saudi royal family are crypto-Jews. In general the subject of crypto-Jews in Arab countries remains obscure. This information comes from The Scribe, which as best I can tell is a historical website of a Sephardic Iraqi Jew: A crypto Jewish couple from Saudi Arabia with their twelve children came to London a few years ago and visited the offices of the Exilarch’s Foundation, asking for help to obtain a visa to enable them to emigrate to Israel. However, the Israel Embassy in London turned down their application and they decided to travel to Jordan and move over to Israel

the smart ones die first, that's part of the plan

Indeed, those in love with their own intelligence shall be the first to go. I have found that intelligent, liberal-minded people persist the longest in believing that "the system" works, or if you can get them to admit it's broken they persist the longest in believing that it can be fixed. Why? Because they know that intelligent, liberal-minded people -- people like them -- built the system. Intelligent people have an affinity for intricate systems. They believe that the intricate systems built by social engineers like themselves have sufficient checks and balances worked into them. Thus it is not possible for the entire system to be corrupt. Just not possible. WRONG. But they don't believe that. They are too smart to believe that. They *are* the people who will be conned, the people who will die first because the con is too big and too old for them to accept. I have talked to them. They remain smug. Surely smart people have seen through the con in all this time, the

ambitious plans for recruiting informants

Hey, the The Nazi Gestapo started out as a volunteer neighborhood informant organization for the government, too. This goes back to 2003: In a recent telephone interview, Licata said he wants to use CAT Eyes to create what he calls "a modern civil defense network," converting neighborhood watch groups into anti-terrorist informant cells. These groups, constantly watching for signs of terrorist activity in their neighborhoods and workplaces, would report suspicious activities directly to the FBI. Said Licata: "I envision 100 million Americans looking for indicators of terrorism and promptly reporting it to a central database where it would get analyzed.". . . Licata has few qualms about the prospect of CAT Eyes-trained citizens spying on their neighbors. "If I felt that my neighbor of 10 years was doing fund-raising for a group, I'd turn 'em in," says Licata. After all, he says, the FBI will "just investigate them -- and if you're wrong,

thoughts on the resistance

In order for the resistance to work, we need to know individually and as a whole what we're resisting. The large outlines are pretty clear: world government, financial slavery, martial law, a medical police state. This is about maintaining sovereignty. Sovereignty over our country, sovereignty over our states, sovereignty over cities and towns, sovereignty over our families. Sovereignty over our bodies and our minds. Sometimes the resistance will require that you do something, and other times it will require that you not do something. It depends what the evil force is doing. An effective resistance implies doing the opposite of whatever the evil force is trying to get you to do. If they want you to stop doing something, you don't stop. If they want you to start doing something, you don't start. You simply have to figure out what they want and do the opposite. In essence, TPTB want to remove all sovereignty. They want total control. At best, they want you to be a slave. B