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a possible scenario - with updates

"Albert Pike is to Freemasonry what Shakespeare is to Drama."  ~ From the way-back machine . Further from the same link: First they eliminate all "documents" - not that a oral secret society such as Freemasonry or the KKK keeps a paper trail. Then they say no documents exist or none can be found. [See: exposure , no evidence , plenty of evidence ] If there is any eyewitness testimony included in books or writings on the topic they deny the books or writings exist, if that fails they attack the witnesses and try and destroy their character - even if they were masons and thereby ignoring their oaths on the matter, and if that fails they attack the character of the authors themselves - again if they also too were masons. Finally they will simply lie or mischaracterize the nature of a book or writing by terming it 'anti' - even if the work was 'pro' but written in another time before the fall of the KKK. The use of the term "anti&quo

this is so much easier

This is a social engineer at work planning a nice neat future for the globalists. This man, Michael Strong, talks about the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM of POVERTY. What causes poverty? According to Strong, "Poverty is due to poor legal institutions." Hmm. We think there might be more to it, such as massive debt and fiat currencies, massive corruption, suppressed technology, weather modification, wars, disease, terrorism, drugs weapons and arms trafficking, and control of natural resources -- all controlled by globalists. Not to mention that the people who make the laws and enforce the laws are paid off by globalists, so that is very much a downstream problem -- poor legal institutions. We have exactly the laws that the globalists paid for. What is the solution, according to Strong? Private cities. Well, actually, "FREE" cities. Or, as he terms it, ANARCHO-CAPITALIST PARADISE. Therein, he believes, lies the moral-intellectua