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things that stink

Two El-AL planes return 400 Israelis from Cairo. Economic turmoil begins to set in. Egypt's Central Bank orders banks closed on Monday. The stock market is also closed. Charter flights will carry thousands of Americans out of Egypt, starting Monday. Fighter jets are buzzing the protesters. We would expect the situation to deteriorate, meaning the military will escalate violence, once the foreign tourists have left Egypt. Meanwhile... Suez is a chokepoint, which is causing all sorts of speculation in the financial markets. Suez Canal Zone And Israel has allowed Egypt to move 800 troops into the Sinai, to the Sharm el-Sheikh area, which is "far from Israel." Sinai Because CLEARLY this luxurious area is at risk of being overrun by angry protesters. Israel is making a big show of being concerned, and supporting Mubarak, because he has been so crucial to keeping peace all these years, thanks to the billions and billions and billions of dollars that US

information end run from Egypt

UPDATE: The Egyptian people face a very difficult situation. People need leaders to focus their efforts. According to the information provided by Angry Arab (scroll down), spontaneous leaders have come forward in various places. That's very good. However, these people are likely in particular danger of being targeted by the state's apparatus. A people need leadership to bring their aspirations together into a movement to bring about change. Leadership brings together a people's aspirations and focuses them on a particular issue or person to effect change. In this way, leadership functions like a lens that focuses the rays of the sun to burn away what might otherwise rest in the sun unperturbed all day just as a despot may rule forever a people who have no social and political leaders. Remove genuine leaders, like Archbishop Oscar Romero, and there is no problem. . . . until next time. Rinse and repeat. After the invasion of Iraq, squads of killers went around

das uber social engineers and their plans

HERE you can read the Report from Iron Mountain. (Thanks to Zahir at Project Humanbeingsfirst.) They looked to see if we can do without war. They looked high and low. They met time after time. They discussed. They argued. They wrote chapters. What did they find? NO. No, they said, we can't do without war.  REGRETTABLE. This is what happens when you put sociopaths together to solve problems. They only ever find one God damned solution: DESTRUCTION. In contrast, HERE is an excellent explanation of collectivism vs community, explained by a human being. Note how simple and direct. While you live tell the truth and shame the devil. ~ Shakespeare

please get the message

Who had the foresight to print up and distribute professional posters of El Baradei in all the chaos? El Baradai will lead an interim government.   El Baradai is a globalist. Major opposition groups support El Baradai. That includes the Muslim Brotherhood. "Political groups support ElBaradei to negotiate with the regime," Essam el-Eryan from the Muslim Brotherhood told Al Jazeera television. The MB is considered a "radical Muslim organization." The MB has ties to the spooks. The fear can now be raised that Egypt may fall into the hands of extremists. This feeds directly into Israel's "fears." How convenient is that? Israel's "fears" will be justified. Israel can act in "self defense" to the slightest provocation. "Our efforts are designed to continue and maintain stability and securi

controlled chaos?

We note that CNN showed many shots of army personnel basically hanging out with the protesters. NYT reported the same. Sounds good on the surface, and we thought so too, but it may be that the army has been ordered to stand down, to allow chaos to foment. The following statements are allegedly from a "man on the street" in Egypt. · Mohandaseen is burning—we are surrounded by looters, and the army is just watching · They are looting houses and we have no idea who these looters are · My parents asked army tank guys and they said we cannot intervene! · Everyone here is saying that Mubarak is being spiteful-he wants looters so that he can say-Look I gave you calm for 30 years? OK now you want to get rid of me? Well see the chaos my going can bring-Enjoy the unrest and the looting. Only I could have protected all of you! · I was driving and 3 men with knives attacked me near Sudan street—I had to sort of run them over · Big rumor tha

glass definitely half empty

EU expansion and the Mediterranean Union From Global Research: Dividing the Middle East and North Africa, by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya February 10, 2008 The Nazemroaya article makes the following points: 1. NATO decided to divide North Africa into "spheres of influence" between the EU (Franco-German) and US (Anglo-American) interests. 2. Europe's borders would expand eastward, all the way to Turkey.  Joschka Fischer, former German minister, stated that the terrorist bombings in London, Britain and Madrid, Spain revealed that the Middle East “is truly our [Europe’s] backyard, and we in the E.U. must cease our shortsightedness and recognize that.” 3. "The whole Mediterranean is slated to eventually fall within the European Union’s sphere of influence." That includes the North African countries. France and Germany play the lead role in this integration. "This is another case where cooperation with the Franco-German entente, is in the interest of both

pulse this

Mystery solved then? A bird scientist has isolated weather radar images that he says show exactly what killed the 5,000-or-so birds that fell dead from the sky over Beebe, Ark., on New Year's Eve. Sidney Gauthreaux, a biological sciences professor at a Clemson University lab that studies radar images of birds, said a cloud burst on weather radar animation captures a series of pulses of startled birds taking flight in the Little Rock suburb. That's right. Those pulses are the startled birds taking flight. "There is no question that the exodus of birds from the roost is visible in the radar display images," Gauthreaux said in a statement released by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. "The first exodus occurred about 10:20 [p.m.] and contained approximately 6,000-7,000 birds per cubic kilometer. ... At 11:21 p.m., another pulse of birds with a

catapulting the narratives

What is this, the de rigour expression for MK Ultra patsies? We don't have time to blog at the moment, but would like to draw your attention to several things going on: 1. Oregon officer shooting suspect is paranoid (link under photo) Minor offenses, suspect descends into paranoia, commits ghastly crime, smiles for the camera. WALDPORT, Ore. (AP) — The man accused of shooting and critically wounding a police officer began to act erratically six months ago, his friends say, slipping deeper into a depression after a breakup and entertaining paranoid fantasies about being pursued by police. Narrative: People who distrust authorities are paranoid and likely to commit heinous crimes? 2. Gamal Mubarak and his wife flee to London After protests in Egypt "inspired" by the uprising in Tunisia. See: Aangirfan: CIA to topple Mubarak and split up Egypt? Perhaps after the dust settles Gamal can come back in glory? Narrative: People power revolutions are taking

making island disappear, etc.

Revisionist history for your consideration. Yes, an island really did disappear off the Yucatan peninsula. September 2009: The mystery has come to haunt Mexico as unrelentingly as one of its beloved soap operas: where is Bermeja, an island off the Yucatan coast that appears to have vanished without trace? The disappearance of Bermeja is no laughing matter – it would allow Mexico to extend its maritime border some 55 miles further north, helping it to fight off what it sees as American encroachment on its claims to potentially vast oil reserves in the Mexican Gulf. Hunger for news of the missing island has intensified – along with bizarre speculation about what could have happened to it – as Mexico and America ponder a new drilling agreement. Mexico’s hunt for Bermeja has been given urgency by BP’s announcement last week of a big find in the Gulf, the latest in a series of discoveries that has turned the area into one of the oil world’s most promising explo

heroin: the star of the show

An addendum to yesterday's post. According to the Havocscope Black Market search engine, the size of the black market economy is something like $1.334 trillion. Drugs in general, and heroin in particular, play an important role in destabilizing populations because people can become addicted to heroin after one use. From a social engineering perspective, and from a geostrategic / military perspective (ie: NATO), heroin is a weapon against the target population. Introducing heroin destroys families and destroys the lives of young people, taking them out of the equation. That is a potent weapon. They only need to introduce people to the drug and it takes over. "Mr Ivanov, a former KGB officer and senior Kremlin official, said the flood of the drug from Afghanistan posed a threat to Russia's national security. ...He said the drug was partly to blame for rising crime and a fall in Russia's population...."Drug trafficking has become a key negative factor for dem

we do not recommend cooperating with this plan

We call your attention to a very important post, an over-arching theory of the big picture, and a work in progress: World War III - underway, by James at the Winter Patriot community blog. Aangirfan has recently published a whole series of articles about Tunisia including articles that presaged the coup there. This coup can be seen as another chapter in the undeclared war on Russia and China by the NATO Powers for world dominion. The Tunisian coup has the CIA/Mossad's and NATO's fingerprints all over it. One of the points Aangirfan also made was that Tunisia had made trade agreements with China. Why would this be a problem to US/NATO? China and Russia (along with Iran which is a strategic asset to both of them) constitute the only real stumbling block to world domination by the people who control the West's economic and military forces. Principal among these people are the international bankers. Kay Griggs, a historian, explained in her 1998 interview