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Briefly, for those who may not know:

The boogerplex took down Penny's blog recently, presumably for Excessive HateFacts, although the Customer Service Team there has not circled back to confirm or deny. Her new writings are found at:


Dedicated people like Penny don't grow on trees.


Speaking of long haulers, the covid psyop sure does attract the crazies hmm? We live in clown world. Noticed it from the very beginning, the way some people loved the drama, acting like they were Navy Seals for entering the grocery store. It's been pure heroin in the veins for the emotionally needy, so it can't end, see? Too many addicts, and they NEEEEED this drama. Attacks will continue.

Fortunately, the social engineers thought this through and arranged to discover the "long covid," so that there could be "long haulers" to bravely pioneer us into the never-ending medical dictatorship. 

Let's thank the experts!

Chief guy cracking the case is Dr. Bruce Patterson.

As in: Dr. Bruce K. Patterson, founder of incellDx (a testing company, how convenient) and covidlonghaulers.com. Dr. Patterson did early research on AIDS. While still a resident at Northwestern (circa early 1990s), he presciently discovered that enough HIV was present in infected patients to account for the destruction of their ENTIRE immune system. "Paradigm altering" research. Wow. Thank you. Please proceed to Stanford U and prestigious career as an Expert. See: https://covidlonghaulers.com/about/

Not to be confused with the unassuming family doctor: Dr. Bruce C. (for Chaloner) Patterson, practicing in Houston, TX. See: https://www.doctor.com/Dr-Bruce-Patterson-2. Despite being in medicine for 29 years, Dr. Patterson has not yet shared a personal biography with doctor.com. His residencies were at University of Texas and Boston University.

Little wink to the inner circle? Thomas Chaloner 1595-1660 -- "Republican MP and regicide who advocated war with the Dutch to promote England's trade interests"

...complete with crazy sanpaku side-eye and right finger pointing to the hilt of his sword...

So unassuming Bruce descends from a murderous warmongering money-grubbing fuckwit politician. Wow. CHECK! See: http://bcw-project.org/biography/thomas-chaloner

Not to be confused with: This Guy.

So basically how this works is they took some symptoms like chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, a cough, joint pain, chest pain, brain fog, depression, muscle pain, headache, intermittent fever, heart palpitations, or really anything else that seems to be wrong with the comrade, and they define that as "long covid." VOILA. 

Of course there's a lot of word salad with the research, which works because your eyes will glaze over right away unless you're obsessed with understanding "the science," in which case you'll hang in there a little longer but it will still remain a mystery. Because that's how it was designed, just like every other psyop. You'll never find the perpetrators, or isolate the virus. Important evidence ALWAYS goes missing, leaving you in the hands of the experts. Even though they can't figure it out either. And they work so hard. Dr. Patterson works from the time he wakes up until his head hits the pillow at night. This allows the psyop to continue indefinitely. WIN WIN WIN. 


To be clear, have people been poisoned and had their health ruined? Absolutely. Since 2020? 


So, ah, the long covid symptoms are very similar to the chronic fatigue symptoms. 

House of Representatives I am grateful to this committee for allowing me to address the issue of vaccine safety. I am Dr. Howard B. Urnovitz.  In 1979, I received my doctorate degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Michigan, where I studied vaccines. I am testifying today as the Scientific Director of the Chronic Illness Research Foundation. For the record, I am also the chief science officer of a biotechnology corporation.

My testimony will describe the insights of recent scientific studies into the health consequences of exposing individuals to both toxic and foreign biologic materials, particularly multiple bacterial and live virus vaccines.  The conventional wisdom concerning the use of vaccines needs to be reconsidered, taking into account the adverse medical effects that vaccines can have on the human body. Vaccine science must evaluate not only acute adverse side effects, but also possible associated chronic illnesses such as learning and behavior disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, intussusception, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, and other chronic health problems.  These chronic illnesses are increasingly costly to society in both human and financial terms.

By year's end, the Chronic Illness Research Foundation and its research colleagues will have published four peer-reviewed papers on the genetic basis of four different chronic diseases: vaccine associated human cancers, Gulf War Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS.  The implications of these findings for vaccine safety are:

1. the human body retains a genetic memory of the foreign substances to which it has been exposed, including viral and bacterial vaccines;

2. each individual responds to foreign substances differently, based on his or her own unique genetic background;

3. there appears to be a limit on how much foreign material to which the human body can be exposed before some level of genetic damage occurs and a chronic disease initiates.


This thing is the biggest fucking circle jerk. There's a great big fat payroll. Some people work the medical side, others work the big media, others work the boards and comments, and some people simply eat it all up like their lives depend on it. Because that's what they believe, and they behave accordingly.


So by all means, go get that Kill $hot like they're begging threatening you to do...

...or start fighting for your freedom and everyone else's.

We're at the threshold.
The truth coming out will be horrific.
The only way out is through.

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