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sandy kick - updated

UPDATE: Two pictures. UPDATE 2: We note a discrepancy... A body on a stretcher. Is that Sandy Hook school? A comparison of the windows, brick and shrubbery in the background  -- it could be. It would be nice to know who the people are in these pics, including the one on the stretcher. OK, we are unable to download and upload those pics to TB, but you go and look at the letsrollforum link. There are shadows of tree branches all over the parking lot and school. OR, these are tree branches in front of the camera lens. OR, possibly there is some photo-shopping involved.  Here is an arial pic of Sandy Hook Elementary School. There is no tree in that parking lot. There is no tree around the spot where the red car is parked. There is no tree anywhere near the front of that school, and certainly not anywhere close enough to cast all those shadows clearly