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while you were out

Joint Statement on Nigeria by the US and the EU, January 30, 2010 We express our deep regret at the recent violence and tragic loss of lives in Jos, and extend our sympathies to the bereaved and injured. We urge all parties to exercise restraint and seek peaceful means to r esolve differences between religious and ethnic groups in Nigeria. We call on the federal government to ensure that the perpetrators of acts of violence are brought to justice and to support interethnic and interfaith dialogue. Nigeria is one of the most important countries in sub-Saharan Africa, a member of the UN Security Council, a global oil producer, a leader in ECOWAS, a major peacekeeping contributing country, and a stabilizing force in West Africa. Nigeria's stability and democracy carry great significance beyond its immediate borders. We therefore extend our support to the people of Nigeria during t he current period of uncertainty, caused by President Yar'Adua's illness. We extend our bes

the problem that defies executive summary

I've heard it said that prisoners establish a pecking order, and that child molesters and abusers reside at the bottom. The lowest of the low. Lower than whale shit, which is at the bottom of the ocean, to quote my father. Supposedly even prisoners enforce this moral code in their closed societies. Because it's that bad. Sexually abusing children, torturing children, is the most loathsome crime, even amongst those who may hold a rather nuanced view of right and wrong. ^^^^^^^ Here are the sources for Part 1 (of 5) of Dave McGowan's The Pedophocracy, in which he reveals the worldwide scope of organized pedophilia: REFERENCES: 1. Bates, Stephen “Cover-Up Claims Revive Sex Scandal,” Guardian UK , April 21, 1999 2. Bates, Stephen “Police Admit Dutroux Video Bungle,” Guardian UK , June 17, 1999 3. Bailey, Brandon “Net-Porn Ring Traded Stories at ‘Pedo Party’,” San Jose Mercury News , July 18, 1996 4. Bell, Rachael "Marc Dutroux: the Child-Killer Who Sli

politics, terrorism, and sports

This story appeared recently (1/21/10) in what appears to be an Indian tabloid-style paper. It has several important details about Mohammed Abdul Khwaja, a purported terrorist. According to the Indian police: Khwaja, age 30, commands a militant group, Huji for South India Khwaja was caught by the Hyderabad Special Task Force recently Khwaja recruited local youth for training Khwaja recruited and/or trained Raziuddin Nasir, who was arrested, to conduct suicide attacks on Western tourists in Goa Khwaja is a close associate of Shahid Bilal, who masterminded the suicide attack on Hyderabad's Special Task Force headquarters in 2005 Khwaja is also linked to the Hyderabad twin blasts of 2007 Khwaja worked in Saudi Arabia Khwaja is Nasir's handler Click here to watch some television reports about this by an Indian program, Inside Story (a la Fox News). Some points made: RAW nabs Khwaja, Huji commander and pointman for arranging terrorists locally (part 1) ISI planning to strike oil re

passenger of interest

According to reports*, one of the people killed in the Ethiopian plane crash off the coast of Lebanon was Hassan Tajideen, the administrator of Angolan-based food import company Arosfran. A short report in, (UK) 12/17/07: Trocadero boss in $20m fraud suit In documents filed at the High Court, Golfrate’s new owners, Hassan Tajideen, his brother Kassim and Nasser Eid, allege that Aziz – whose company Criterion Capital is worth £620m – doctored accounts, invented false expenses claims and used company money to pay for luxury trips. In 2003 Kassim Tajideen was arrested in Belgium in connection with fraud, money laundering and diamond smuggling, although he was never charged. Aziz declined to comment, other than to say that he was fighting the case and would file a counter-claim. Asif Azi z is the Chief Executive of Criterion Capital. From Criterion's website: Asif's career began in 1992 at Mo


What if this was your beautiful little daughter? General Ray Odierno blames a changing al qaeda: Following Monday’s suicide bombings of three major hotels in Baghdad , the attacks were widely seen as an escalating attempt to destablize the country ahead of key parliamentary elections in March. The top US general in Iraq said that while there was no definitive proof, he believed Monday’s attacks were conducted by Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) – an organization whose leaders appear to be increasingly well-educated and increasingly Iraqi, he said. ...At security checkpoints – including those surrounding Baghdad – the Iraqi government has relied heavily on an explosive detection device manufactured by a British private company that is being investigated for fraud. Last week, the British government stopped the export of the hand-held devices, which the US military has determined to be "totally ineffective," but they are still widely in use in Baghdad. ...Odierno said the explosives de

bizarre coincidences to ponder

When Moshe Saba's helicopter crashed outside Mexico City, most of the stories cited the foggy weather. One source, an Israeli investment news service, cited eyewitness accounts that the helicopter burst into flames before crashing: Mexican Jewish billionaire Moises (Moshe) Saba, 46, along with members of his family, have died in a crash of a helicopter outside Mexico City,. Six people were killed altogether, including the pilot. The Saba family is one of Mexico’s wealthiest families. The family’s pharmaceuticals firm, Grupo Casa Saba SA de CV (NYSE; Mexico: SAB) is one of the family’s business interests, which also include real estate, communications, and media. Moshe Saba was one of the investors whom Joseph Maiman approached to participate in the investment in Channel 10 in 2004, but he declined. Eyewitness accounts said that the helicopter burst into flames while still in the air. The helicopter hit a billboard before hitting the ground. Rescue services found no survivors. Altho

update on Hadjicostis murder

image from: Cyprus Weekly An update on the Hadjicostis murder, covered here and by aangirfan here, ...which you can readily see has intelligence services fingerprints all over it. But never mind all that crazy talk about the embassy and the security cameras and the shell casings and Mossad and Cyprus blah blah blah. This is the very simple, very easy to understand white bread explanation, suitable for public consumption: NICOSIA - A Cyprus court remanded a blonde TV presenter and her brother in police custody on Friday on suspicion of ordering the contract killing of media tycoon Andis Hadjicostis. Elena Skordelli, a 42-year-old mother of two and TV show host, and her brother Tassos Krasopoulis, 37, appeared before a Nicosia district court and were remanded for eight days. They have not been charged. The pair denies any involvement in the killing and their defence lawyers said the suspects wanted to help police with their inquiries. They were arrested on Thursday night in connection w

the narrative progresses

Aha, the Defne Bayrak "Western" photo, which appears to my eyes a bad photoshop experiment, followed by her high profile interview on teevee... PLUS Sarkozy's obsession with 2000 veiled Muslim women in France, who should remove their veils in public places because it's dangerous, makes a lot more sense now. Now that we know al qaeda is training women to attack The West. LONDON: Al-Qaida in Yemen has trained a group of woman suicide bombers with 'non-Arab' appearance to attack Western targets, including airliners and power stations, US officials have warned. Details of the bombers emerged just hours after Britain raised the UK threat state to "severe" [naturally! timing is everything - ed.] amid fears that al-Qaida was planning a wave of attacks against western targets, 'The Sunday Telegraph' reported. The woman suicide bombers, who may be travelling on Western passports, have been prepared for their missions by al-Qaida's branch in

the flames burning all around

Current interlinked narratives -- apologies for the length: 1. UK raises the terror alert to "severe." AS A RESULT of underpants bomber, the security services have tightened their vigilance. Thus we shall be grateful for the crisis narrowly averted, hmm? It has borne the fruits of hyper-vigilance, a symptom, by the way, of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But who's counting... "We still face a real and serious threat to the U.K. from international terrorism, so I would urge the public to remain vigilant and carry on reporting suspicious events to the appropriate authorities and to support the police and securit y services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activity, " he said, adding that U.K. residents and travelers need to be "more aware." -- Home Secretary Alan Johnson, as reported in USA Today This brings UK policies in line with US DHS policies. We are all on the same page now, hallelujah. A terrorist attack is