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Define Fringe

Why did David cut off the skirt of Saul's robe? When David spared Saul's life, he took away evidence that he had him in his power: "Then David arose and stealthily cut off the skirt (hem) of Saul's robe" (1 Samuel 24:4). Why did David do this, and why did his conscience smite him for having done it? Was there some special significance in what he had done? In fact the act of cutting off the hem (fringe) of Saul's robe was of very great significance, which Saul was not slow to recognize. When the shouting began next day Saul said: "Now, behold, I know that you shall surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in your hand" (1 Sam. 24:10). David had robbed Saul of his status symbol, the fringe of his robe that identified him as king. The hem of a Jew's garment was not, as in modern clothes, a simple fold of the cloth, sewn down to prevent the edge from fraying. It was a decorative feature which made a statement about the sta

Baiting the trap

As anyone who pays attention knows, Israel wants war with Iran, and they want to get that going somehow without being blamed for getting it going, and immediately after that they want to take three giant steps back and let Americans die fighting Arabs. The thing about Lebanon being right next door to makes everything so very convenient for this sort of operation. BEIRUT: Tensions ran high in south Lebanon Tuesday after Israel moved four Merkava tanks from the Arqoub region and deployed them 100 meters from the Hassan Gate in the oc­cupied Kfar Shuba Hills region. The tanks’ redeployment was accompanied by Israeli warplanes hovering over the area, before flying above the southern region of Hasbaya and Marjayoun. The regions of Beirut and West Bekaa also witnessed intensive Israeli overflights. In response to the Israeli moves in south Lebanon, the Lebanese Army announced in a statement carried by the state-run National News Agency its readiness to confront any Israe­li

It's not an Urban Legend, it's a Conspiracy Fact

This organ stealing angle of the New Jersey corruption case is beyond the pale. The comment section alone from Brother Nathanael's piece indicates this has been going on for years and years and years to the Palestinians. Now that all these other victims start coming out of the woodwork, I guess we have to notice, hmm? It's not *just* the Palestinians anymore. Here's more from Joe Cannon, in which he links the practice directly into the Israeli government. The American media's coverage has led the public to believe that Rosenbaum's kidney trafficking was purely a matter of private enrichment. But a former Israeli officer has said under oath that the Israeli government runs this ring, and that the master of the ring -- "Ilan" is obviously Ilan Peri -- functions as an agent of that government. And how could that be? Very simple. It's called Jewish Racism. Let Brother Nathanael explain it to you because he was born and raised Jewish. This article is exc

Please Sir Roy, what do you say?

Some observations on this corruption charge and its deflection, reported in the Daily Mail: A scientist who advises the Government on swine flu is a paid director of a drugs firm making hundreds of millions of pounds from the pandemic. Professor Sir Roy Anderson sits on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), a 20-strong task force drawing up the action plan for the virus. Yet he also holds a £116,000-a-year post on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, the company selling swine flu vaccines and anti-virals to the NHS. OK, so he's a 1) scientist, 2) an adviser (presumably paid although the Daily Mail story doesn't confirm this important detail) to the UK government on swine flu and 3) a paid director at GlaxoSmithKline. So some people think he should step down from the government adviser role. Seems totally reasonable. You can keep your other two jobs. Sir Roy faced demands to step down yesterday amid claims that the jobs were incompatible. 'This is a clear conflic

Stick the survey up your ass, Ben

The Fed ask US households to help with finance survey WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve said on Monday it is surveying households for data that should yield a better understanding of how finances have changed as a result of the financial crisis that hit in mid-2007 and the deep recession that followed. The Federal Reserve on Monday released a letter Chairman Ben Bernanke sent to households that participated in a previous survey, asking them to take part in another round of interviews. "We need to look directly at changes for individual households," he said. The previous "Survey of Consumer Finances" was published in February and covered the period between 2004 and 2007, but contained additional estimates through October 2008 because of the sharp weakening of the economy at the end of 2007. Fed economists projected that the collapse of U.S. housing and stock prices would push household net worth down by around 20 percent in

Self-defense is spin-proof

We hear incessantly of Israel's right to defend itself, an excuse used to justify crimes against humanity. If Israel very stupidly attacks Iran, Iran will defend itself by attacking Israel. We can expect such horrific events to be spun vehemently in the media on psyops wings, like Superman circling the earth to rotate it backwards, reversing time and thus saving Lois Lane from doom, in the hopes of insuring that people will apply a different standard to the idea of Iran defending itself than the one we've had crammed down our throats about Israel's right to defend itself. But it's the very same standard, and this isn't Hollywood. Sovereign nations have a right to defend themselves against attack. If Israel can defend itself so adamantly against Palestinian bottle-rockets, Iran can defend itself against Israel's US-taxpayer supplied state of the art military weapons. People will not be fooled by Israel's double standards, and Israel will be destroyed, as they

The corruption habitat

Oh look, a jungle terrarium. In New Jersey. Something like twenty people with mostly Italian and Irish names of various "public service" bends, people running the city or trying to run the city, take relatively small sums of money. Enough money to buy something nice for the wife, maybe take a little vacation. Three Jewish rabbis do the money laundering. Another dozen people with ethnic Jewish names run cash houses and courier services for the rabbis. And then they all get caught. Ha! Extrapolate that and you have a pretty good idea of how the whole world works. Oh dear God but it's rude to notice. American Goy has more on this charming story.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice....can't get fooled again...or something

From telling the history of the twenty first century as it really is: The problem is that the Obama administration, who would actually like to see ‘regime change’ in Iran as much as Israel would, has painted itself into a bit of a corner. Politically, he can’t just go joining in with Israel in a pre-emptive attack against Iran without good cause. And, for the American people, simply accusing the Iranians of having ‘a nuclear weapons program’ without any proof whatsoever is hardly ‘good cause’, especially since the previous President had already pulled that stunt with Iraq. The only way out of the dilemma for Obama is for Israel to ‘unilaterally’ attack Iran which would then force a fait accompli situation on Obama who would feel he had no alternative but to support Israel by also attacking Iran in order to prevent any Iranian retaliation against Israel. Looking for a good excuse to start something. But who will do this favor for Israel and the Zionist controlled US government, this fav

It's worth ten dollars

I am just going to strongly encourage any of you who read here to purchase the latest Half Past Human report for $10. I bought it last night. Hoo boy. Here's George Ure with the link: Want to get a decent handle on what we're expecting in the way of news events over the next year and a half or so? Got $10-bucks? Then head over to and download the newest "Shape of things to come" report. This one runs 40+ pages and covers all kinds of things ranging from our expected price of previous metals by the end of 2010, plus a number of very unpleasant developments in the socioeconomic arena. Dead folks in the millions, just to give you an idea. ...Besides the warning about how grim the contents are (they are really grim), having studied the contents for a couple of days what strikes me is that much of what's out there in the way of 'future predictions' (we're not the on

The Vanity of the Jews

Read it now, before this country really and truly falls apart. "Feel the Power" was written byJoseph Aaron for Jewish World Review and I found it at SOTT. I just can't help it. This kind of thing gives me a big thrill. And a big chill. It's not that often that you find the entire state of Jewish life today encapsulated in one place. So when you do, it's worth taking note of and learning from. The place of which I speak is the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Vanity Fair is one of the most fascinating magazines around, one that every issue features an amazingly eclectic collection of articles, from the very serious to the completely frivolous. Indeed, while the October issue features such stories as "How $9 billion in cash vanished in Iraq;" "Inside Bush's bunker;" "How the Media Gored Al Gore in 2000;" and more, the cover features Nicole Kidman wearing a sailor cap and opening her shirt to reveal her nautical necklace and

Group Evil

From How to Detect Evil by Katherine Yurica: Peck draws a profile of the evil: they have no regard for the truth; they lie and live in a world of lies. They are masters of disguise and cloak themselves with masks of respectability, goodness and often piety. (Peck tells us that religiosity is a common and effective disguise.) But it is the appearance of propriety and respectability that is the important factor. Peck defines evil as: “The exercise of political power—that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion…” Or in other words: it is the use “of political power to destroy others,” for the purpose of defending or preserving the integrity of one’s sick self (or group). ...Peck wrote, “It is almost common knowledge that the best way to cement group cohesiveness is to ferment the group’s hatred of an external enemy. Deficiencies within the group can be easily and painlessly overlooked by focusing attention on the deficiencies

Occupation: Epic Fail

Speaking of fun, the occupation will never destroy the Palestinians. It creates Palestinians. How do they relieve the tremendous stress they live under? They have sex and make babies. Good for them. Why shouldn't they? Any normal healthy person with a creative impulse will do the same thing. That's how God made us. Stupid Israelis.

Advertising: IDF = beautiful; Palestinians = invisible; Apartheid Wall = normal. Any questions?

And fun. The Apartheid Wall is fun, we can't forget fun. Fun is so important. As we all know. Being trapped behind a wall is even fun for the Palestinians apparently, on the rare occasions that they can play soccer with beautiful IDF soldiers. So lucky. Via Pimpin Turtle: A Facebook group is trying to get Israel's leading cell phone operator, Cellcom, to pull a new TV commercial showing Israeli soldiers near the West Bank separation fence, arguing that the advert is "racist." The commercial, produced by the Israeli branch of international advertising powerhouse McCann Erickson, shows IDF soldiers on patrol along the separation fence who stop their jeep when it is hit by a soccer ball from the Palestinian side of the fence. The ball soon bounces back to the Israeli side, at which point the soldiers decide to hold an impromptu game with the Palestinians, cheered on by female soldiers. The voiceover accompanying the advert says: "After all, what are we all after? Ju