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Biro-whozitstan? never heard of it.

A few weeks ago, Dmitry Medvedev gave a state of the nation address. The head of state put forward a number of political initiatives in his speech. The president entrusted the government with elaborating effective conditions for activities of its agencies in the Northern Caucasus. An official responsible for the state of affairs in the explosive region must appear in the Cabinet of Ministers. “To be frank, the level of corruption and violence in the republics of the Northern Caucasus is unprecedented. Obviously, the roots of many problems lie in the problems of the economic underdevelopment, first and foremost. The majority of those living in the region have no normal living perspectives. We will be paying first priority attention to the solution of people’s socio-economic problems,” Medvedev said. Source: David Rumsey Map Collection You can zoom in on this map and scroll around. Something emanates from this area, something dark. I think it's all that ancient Khazar Empire hal

bringing home the bacon

In January 2004, CIDRAP published an article explaining that the CDC decided to conduct research into "the worst fears" of infectious disease experts. Jan 14, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world. That could happen, scientists predict, if someone who is already infected with an ordinary flu virus contracts the avian virus at the same time. The avian virus has already caused at least 48 confirmed human illness cases in Asia, of which 35 have been fatal. The virus has shown little ability to spread from person to person, but the fear is that a hybrid could combine the killing power of the avian virus with the transmissibility of human flu viruses. Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed on

news from the mailbox

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hey maybe all those connections aren't such a good thing after all

Peter Chamberlin brings up another interesting angle: Naxalism in India. Naxalism. It is a topic few in the West are aware of. The international media lends little attention to India's Maoist insurgents, choosing instead to focus its attention on the more dramatic attacks of groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba. ... This silence is not sustainable. Indeed, last month an attack staged by the Naxalites was so spectacular that even the New York Times could not ignore it . On the eighth of October 200 Naxalites ambu shed a large contingent of Maharashtri police commandos, killing 17 of them in a gunfight staged in broad daylight. As the Indian government begins a major nation-wide paramilitary offensive against the Naxalites, the ambush on the eighth shall surely be but the first of many battles. ... Naxalism thrives in the regions of India devoid of state control and subject to endemic poverty.... Yet for these oppressed groups seeking recourse by way of Naxalite is an inevitable Faustian b

keep it coming

Oh ha ha ha. Just a few short weeks ago I posted this story about Lord Monckton and the Reference Frame. I put it here at the news page -- a popular item, and I also put it here on Twelfth Bough. Do you know what's so evil about the NWO? It's how they take something good and twist it into something bad. It's how they devise traps for good people. It's the deviousness that is so evil, the way they mislead and entrap people, tangling them up in their own good intentions. They take politicians and parade them in front of you as upstanding public servants, and you find out later they're twisted freaks pedophiles or some other variety of sociopath. They take your love of music and use it to deliver mind-control messages. They know about human needs. They know how to manipulate people, all people. They understand perfectly well that most people want to live in peace. They use that desire, a GOOD DESIRE, a NORMAL DESIRE, to herd people into demanding or at least support

confusing people 101

All your mind-fucks are belong to us. Worry: The disease spreads rapidly. Nobody disputes this. Don't Worry: The rapid spread of the disease gives rise to rumor mongering, finger pointing and conspiracy theories. PFFT. Idiots. Worry: Post-mortems show black lungs. Hundreds of eye-witness accounts saw low-flying planes spraying unknown substances. Don't Worry: "The WHO denies this is anything but *ordinary* swine flu...." Worry: "...but warns that the situation remains critical." IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE WHO -- TAKE THE VACCINE: "This is a virus which *everyone* is susceptible to and we don't know in whom it will cause severe disease and in whom it might just cause mild disease, so *everyone* needs to take a precaution against this disease." - Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesman Observation: The government response has come under attack -- poor planning, lack of medicine, political posturing. PERCEPTIVE CITIZEN: "There's one piece of a

what's up down below?

So here's another thing to keep an eye on: Antartica. And I'll tell you why. First of all, it's a damn tourist trap. Tourism in Antarctica has grown dramatically. In 1985, just a few thousand people visited the area but in the season 2007/2008 more than 40,000 did the same. A number of parties are concerned about the effects of this rapid growth with respect to safety, the environment, the scale of tourism and the lack of financial resources for monitoring and enforcement purposes.... Antarctica is not a sovereign state and so legislation is difficult .... One possible solution is that of marketable visitor rights, as is already used in the climate policy by means of trading in CO2 emission rights. First of all a maximum annual number of tourist days in Antarctica will be set. To ensure a smooth transition, this maximum will be set higher than the actual number of tourists days used. As soon as the demand for holiday days in Antarctica is higher than the maximum, the ri

unclaimed property

Remember how before 9/11 somebody made a killing on stock puts but then never claimed the money? Nah, that wouldn't look good. Well, similarly, nobody has claimed the bodies of the Mumbai attackers. Mumbai/New Delhi: Almost a year after they were killed during the terrible assault on Mumbai last November, the bodies of the nine terrorists continue to remain in Mumbai’s J.J. Hospital morgue. There are no claimants and the authorities are clueless on what to do with them. They continue to remain in a room sealed with round-the-clock security and where the temperature is set at four degrees Celsius to prevent any decomposition. The 10 gunmen killed over 170 people in a series of coordinated attacks that began Nov 26 last year. Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab, currently undergoing trial, was the only one captured alive after the strikes that targeted two luxury hotels, the city’s main train station, a hospital and a Jewish centre. Nobody wants these bodies. Not the Muslims in India: