Biro-whozitstan? never heard of it.

A few weeks ago, Dmitry Medvedev gave a state of the nation address.

The head of state put forward a number of political initiatives in his speech. The president entrusted the government with elaborating effective conditions for activities of its agencies in the Northern Caucasus. An official responsible for the state of affairs in the explosive region must appear in the Cabinet of Ministers.

“To be frank, the level of corruption and violence in the republics of the Northern Caucasus is unprecedented. Obviously, the roots of many problems lie in the problems of the economic underdevelopment, first and foremost. The majority of those living in the region have no normal living perspectives. We will be paying first priority attention to the solution of people’s socio-economic problems,” Medvedev said.

Source: David Rumsey Map Collection

You can zoom in on this map and scroll around. Something emanates from this area, something dark. I think it's all that ancient Khazar Empire half-dead history that's been uncovered like some ghoulish zombie staggering around, but not enough people can quite focus on it because of that garish freak-show Israel hogging the limelight.
Mr. Koestler concludes: "The evidence presented in the previous chapters adds up to a strong case in favour of those modern historians - whether Austrian, Israeli or Polish - who, independently from each other, have argued that the bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin. The mainstream of Jewish migrations did not flow from the Mediterranean across France and Germany to the east and then back again. The stream moved in a consistently westerly direction, from the Caucasus through the Ukraine into Poland and thence into Central Europe. When that unprecedented mass settlement in Poland came into being, there were simply not enough Jews around in the west to account for it, while in the east a whole nation was on the move to new frontiers." ( page 179, page 180).

...The history of the Ashkenazi Jews was widely known and appreciated in the former Soviet Union. Ashkenazi militants traced the area where the Turkic Khazars originated before their migration to Southern Russia to Birobidjan, an Eastern Siberian area as big as Switzerland bordered by the Amur river, by China and Mongolia. Around 1928 they started building settlements with the Soviet government's help and in 1934 the Autonomous Republic (Okrug) of Birobidjan Yevrei came into being with official languages of Yiddish and Russian. It is still there as an Autonomous Republic to this day, offering the only historically legitimate settlement area for Ashkenazi Jews willing to exercise their "right to return"...

Mr. Koestler was an Ashkenazi Jew and took pride in his Khazar ancestry. He was also a very talented and successful writer who published over 25 novels and essays. His most successful book, Darkness at Noon, was translated in thirty-three languages.

As expected, The Thirteenth Tribe caused a stir when published in 1976, since it demolishes ancient racial and ethnic dogmas...At the height of the controversy in 1983, the lifeless bodies of Arthur Koestler and his wife were found in their London home. Despite significant inconsistencies, the police ruled their death a suicide...Another Mossad "suicide"!
To be honest, Israel has become so boring, so predictable. The banality of evil. Israel is pornographic. I can't even be bothered to point out the painfully obvious anymore. People who can't see the lying and murdering by now will never see it. After all, it's not like they really try to hide anything.

But things seem much more mysterious in the original territory, the true "homeland," hidden in the dark mountains and forests of the Northern Caucasus. And, if it is to be believed, five thousand miles east of Moscow, the original Jewish homeland discovered by Ashkenazi militants and established by the Soviet Union: Birobidjan.
In 1928, the region known as Birobidizhan was designated the official territory for Jewish land colonization. The mostly marshy territory, approximately twice the size of New Jersey, had been annexed by Russia in 1858. Summers are hot and rainy, winters cold and dry. Some 27,000 Russians, Cossacks, Koreans, and Ukrainians were already living in the region when Jewish settlement began.

The Kremlin selected this particular territory for the following reasons:

To redirect the movement of Jews to the land away from Ukraine, Belarus and Crimea where the native populaces resisted Jewish settlement.

To buffer the Soviet Union from Chinese and Japanese expansionism.

To tap natural resources, such as fish, timber, iron, tin, graphite and gold.

"We came here to become peasants!" - Jewish settler in Birobidizhan, 1928

Hahahahaha. Old peasant here appreciates that sentiment.

But seriously, there's a bunch of stuff about this alternative to Palestine, which still exists today.
"European Jewry, to promote their powerful imposture of a 'Promised Land', demanded their right to pirate Palestine as a Jewish 'homeland'. This was the sly euphemism Zionist founding father Max Nordau used instead of State 'to deceive by its mildness'."

Zionists chose not to acknowledge Birobidjan, the voluntary Jewish homeland (supported by American Jewry since 1928) of the Jewish Autonomous Region (on the border of Russia and China). To this day this is a flourishing Jewish homeland - a largely unsung region Lady Renouf makes public on both PRESS TV programmes, which can be viewed by clicking on the programme names: Fine Print (10th May) and Between the Headlines (15th May) - WHICH LINKS ARE DEFUNCT - ed.

(For further discussion of these issues Lady Renouf was invited for an interview on TiU Radio which is now in MP3 format: listen to the programme by clicking here. A 1939 booklet by a Jewish author promoting Birobidjan is now online. Please note that this is a 12MB PDF file.)

On the Fine Print panel Lady Renouf's Zionist antagonist was Dmitry Shimelfarb, a former lieutenant in the Israeli Army who is now a political and PR strategist for the Likud party leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shimelfarb countered Lady Renouf with the claim that Birobidjan was not a Jewish homeland but a symptom of anti-semitism, a place to which Soviet Jews had been forcibly "exiled" by the dictator Stalin.

Here are some links to peruse, to judge for yourself whether or not Jews were forced to go to Birobidjan. It seems not.
The Jewish Autonomous Region, by D. Brrgelson, from the Library of the University of Texas at Austin, Moscow 1939 (pdf)

Stalin's Forgotten Zion, presentation by Swarthmore College
Of course I can't speak for anyone else but I find this amazing.
In fact, today, Birobidjan is a virtual Jewish paradise. The home of two synagogues, Birobidjan City has 77,250 inhabitants. Yiddish theaters opened in the 1970s. Yiddish and Jewish traditions have been required components in all public schools for almost 15 years, taught not as Jewish exotica but as part of the region’s national heritage.”

The Birobidjan Synagogue, completed in 2004, is next to a complex housing Sunday School classrooms, a library, a museum and administrative offices. The buildings were officially opened in 2004 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAR). Concerning the Jewish community of the region, Governor Nikolay Mikhaylovich Volkov stated that he intends to “support every valuable initiative maintained by our local Jewish organizations.”
But noooooooo. That solution would require a lot of people to eat a lot of words. I'm sure they'd rather die in some blaze of glory. And that's why nobody talks about this because Jesus God who needs the pressure of some common fucking sense solution complicating sixty years of elaborate Zionist propaganda?

Hey maybe Birobidizhan wouldn't solve anything but we'll never find out if it can't be discussed, right? Exactly. And it can't be discussed because it de-links the Jewish narrative from the Holy Land, and the Jews can't be God's Chosen People unless they came from the Holy Land, and if they're not really God's Chosen People... well you see it all just falls right apart like spit and toilet paper.

So Birobidizhan doesn't exist.


bringing home the bacon

In January 2004, CIDRAP published an article explaining that the CDC decided to conduct research into "the worst fears" of infectious disease experts.
Jan 14, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world.

That could happen, scientists predict, if someone who is already infected with an ordinary flu virus contracts the avian virus at the same time. The avian virus has already caused at least 48 confirmed human illness cases in Asia, of which 35 have been fatal. The virus has shown little ability to spread from person to person, but the fear is that a hybrid could combine the killing power of the avian virus with the transmissibility of human flu viruses.

Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves—in the name of preparedness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. The goal is to assess the chances that such a "reassortant" virus will emerge and how dangerous it might be.

CDC officials confirmed the plans for the research as described recently in media reports, particularly in a Canadian Press (CP) story.
Everytime I read that "now rather than waiting..." sentence, it blows my mind. As I wrote back in April:
Is that a Stupid Fucking Idea, or what? Let's play with matches. Let's run with scissors. Let's pour lighter fluid on a blazing fire. Oh wait I know...let's create in a laboratory a killer mutant virus that nature would probably never generate on its own.
So here we are. They made it and then they spread it, "accidentally" of course.


I was looking around at CIDRAP the other day. They have a whole section on bioterrorism -- anthrax, plague, smallpox, tularemia, VHF (Ebola-type stuff), and botulism.

Neither anthrax nor botulism make effective bioterrorism agents. But that doesn't stop the spending or the fear mongering.

I don't know about tularemia. It may be another hyped-up threat that sucks more money into the R&D machine, but the symptoms sound vaguely familiar:

Pneumonic Tularemia

Organisms enter the lungs either through inhalation of infectious aerosols or through hematogenous spread. The infectious dose by the respiratory route is 10 to 50 organisms (see References: Franz 1997, Saslow 1961).

Once in the lungs, the organisms rapidly enter pulmonary macrophages (within minutes) and begin replicating. The explosive replicative capacity of F tularensis appears to be an important factor in virulence associated with pulmonary infection (see References: Malik 2006). An intense accumulation of inflammatory cells, particularly neutrophils and macrophages, can be seen at sites of bacterial replication. The influx of neutrophils appears to play more of a destructive than protective role in the host response.

The following features have been noted for pneumonic tularemia (see References: Lillie 1937, Stuart 1945, Syrjala 1986):

  • Ulcerative bronchitis and bronchiolitis
  • Hemorrhagic edema with a nonspecific inflammatory response consisting of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and eosinophils (early in the clinical course)
  • Discrete nodules with acute suppurative necrosis of lung parenchyma
  • Alveolar exudates involving mononuclear cells, fibrin, and red blood cells
  • Nodular, segmental, or lobar consolidation
  • Caseous or cavitary lesions (later in the clinical course)
  • Granuloma formation (late in the clinical course)
  • Pleural fibrinous, fibrinocellular, or fibrinocaseous exudation
  • Hilar lymphadenopathy

The fact is, these bioterrorist agents keep a lot of people busy. They are profitable. They are useful for manipulating people.

In October 2007, the US government awarded several contracts:

Oct 16, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The US government recently awarded contracts totaling about $34 million to two companies for development of drugs to treat pneumonic plague, tularemia, and anthrax, three of the diseases terrorists are deemed most likely to try to exploit.

Nanotherapeutics, Inc., based in Alachua, Fla., announced it had received a $20 million contract to develop NanoGENT, an inhaled form of the injectable antibiotic gentamicin, for treating pneumonic plague and tularemia.

PharmAthene, Inc., based in Annapolis, Md., announced last month that it had been awarded a contract worth up to $13.9 million for further development of a human monoclonal antibody called Valortim to be used as an anthrax antitoxin.

The contracts were awarded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), both part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

More spending:
December 2009

Botulinum toxin may cause a neuroparalytic illness that may result in respiratory failure and require prolonged mechanical ventilation. As medical resources needed for supportive care of botulism in a bioterrorist event may quickly overwhelm the local healthcare systems, biodefense research efforts have been directed towards the development of a vaccine to prevent botulism. While human botulism has been caused only by toxin serotypes A, B, and E (rarely serotype F), all seven known immunologically distinct toxin serotypes (A - G) may potentially cause intoxication in humans from a bioterrorist event. A pentavalent (ABCDE) botulinum toxoid (PBT) has been administered as an investigation new drug (IND) to at-risk individuals for nearly 50 years. Due to declining immunogenicity of the PBT, research efforts have been directed at development of both improved (less local reactogenicity) botulinum toxoids and recombinant vaccines as potential vaccine candidates to replace the PBT.


Janice M. Rusnak

Clinical Research Management, Special Immunizations Program, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick, MD

Leonard A. Smith

Division of Toxicology, USAMRIID, Fort Detrick, MD

Fear mongering: The "overwhelmed hospital" scenario has been duly noted (1) here, (2) here, and (3) here. The corporate media wants the public to worry about such things.
(1) Sun Sentinal 10/19/09: Florida health officials are drawing up guidelines that recommend barring patients with incurable cancer, end-stage multiple sclerosis and other conditions from being admitted to hospitals if the state is overwhelmed by flu cases.

(2) Washington Post 10/24/09: Instead, officials said the action provides greater flexibility for hospitals which may suddenly find themselves confronted with a surge of new patients as the virus sweeps through their communities.

(3) NYT 10/26/09: Federal officials say the possibility that America’s already crowded intensive care units would be overwhelmed in the coming weeks by flu patients is small but they remain vigilant.

In the past, people who are paid to know things have claimed not to know them. Then "terrorists" struck. From their position of faux-ignorance, the authorities then expressed "regret." They are only human, after all, and so they make mistakes. Anyway, who could have imagined blah blah blah...

But should a bioterrorism agent be dispersed, I am here to tell you, there's no way the authorities can claim ignorance. There are so many authorities in on this you can't even believe how many.

This is a list of people associated with Landes Bioscience Journals. These journals cover 30 different topics, each one with editorial boards. This list applies to the Human Vaccines journal, one of 30 journals.
Editor-in-Chief for Human Vaccines: Ronald W. Ellis
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
NasVax Ltd; Ness Ziona, Israel

Associate Editors:
Sujit K. Bhattacharya, National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases; Kolkata, India
Sally Blower, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA; Los Angeles, California USA
Joel Bozue, United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland USA
Robert S. Daum, University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois USA
Heather Davis, Coley Pharmaceutical Group; Kanata, Ontario Canada
John Donnelly, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics; Siena, Italy
Robert Edelman, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Baltimore, Maryland USA
John Edmunds, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre; London, UK
Jean-Louis Excler, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative; Trelex, Switzerland
Ian Feavers, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control; Potters Bar, UK
Ricardo Galler, Instituto de Tecnologia em Imunobiologicos, BioManguinhos; Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Nathalie Garcon, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals; Rixensart, Belgium
Gregory M. Glenn, Intercell USA Inc.; Gaithersburg, Maryland USA
Michael F. Good, Queensland Institute of Medical Research; Queensland, Australia
Carlos Guzman, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research; Braunschweig, Germany
Michael G. Hanna, Jr., Intracel; Frederick, Maryland USA
Leonard C. Harrison, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research; Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Luc Hessel, Sanofi Pasteur MSD; Lyon, France
Genevieve Inchauspe, Transgene; Lyon, France
Mark Kane, Consultant
Helena Kayhty, National Public Health Institute; Helsinki, Finland
Kevin Killeen, Matrivax Corporation; Boston, Massachusetts USA
Keith P. Klugman, Emory University; Atlanta, Georgia USA
Wayne C. Koff, International AIDS Vaccine Institute; New York, New York USA
Reiner Laus, BN ImmunoTherapeutics; Mountain View, California USA
Orin S. Levine, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Baltimore, Maryland USA
Philip O. Livington, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; New York, New York USA
Nils Lycke, Univeristy of Göteborg; Göteborg, Sweden
C. Russ Middaugh, University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas USA
Timothy F. Murphy, University at Buffalo, SUNY; Buffalo, New York USA
Mark J. Newman, PaxVax, Inc.; San Diego, California USA
Miguel O'Ryan, University of Chile; Santiago, Chile
Lawrence Paoletti, Harvard Medical School; Boston, Massachusetts USA
Michael Pichichero, University of Rochester Medical Center; Rochester, New York USA
Gerald B. Pier, Harvard Medical School; Boston, Massachusetts USA
Michael W. Russell, University at Buffalo, SUNY; Buffalo, New York USA
Jo Southern, Institute of Child Health; London, UK
Pramod K. Srivastava, Center for Immunotherapy, University of Connecticut; Farmington, Connecticut USA
James Tartaglia, Sanofi Pasteur; Toronto, ON, Canada
Jeffrey Ulmer, Novartis Vaccines; Cambridge, MA USA
Matthias von Herrath, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology; San Diego, California USA
Brian J. Ward, McGill University; Montreal, QC Canada
Michael Watson, Sanofi-Pasteur; Lyons, France
David B. Weiner, University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Bruce G. Weniger, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Atlanta, Georgia USA

Editorial Board:

Sudhir Agrawal, Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
Francis Andre, Atobis S.A.; Brussels, Belgium
Ruth Arnon, Weizmann Institute of Science; Rehovot, Israel
Stephen Black, Kaiser-Permanente; Oakland, California USA
Steven N. Chatfield, Health Protection Agency; London, UK
Robert Chen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Atlanta, Georgia USA
Ron Dagan, Ben-Gurion University; Beer-Sheva, Israel
Angus G. Dalgleish, St. George's Hospital Medical School; London, UK
Anne De Groot, EpiVax, Inc.; Providence Rhode Island USA
R. Gordon Douglas, Consultant; Niantic, Connecticut USA
Kathryn Edwards, Vanderbilt University; Nashville, Tennessee USA
José Esparza, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Seattle, Washington USA
Ian Frazer, University of Queensland; Queensland, Australia
Lance K. Gordon, ImmunoBiologics Corp.
Jaap Goudsmit, Crucell; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dan Granoff, Oakland Research Institute; Oakland, California USA
Brian Greenwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; London, UK
Marion F. Gruber, Food and Drug Administration; Rockville, Maryland USA
Ian Gust, University of Melbourne; Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Scott A. Halperin, Dalhousie University; Halifax, NS, Canada
Karl Erik Hellstrom, Harborview Medical Center; Seattle, Washington USA
David Kaslow, Merck Research Laboratories, West Point, Pennsylvania USA
Myron M. Levine, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Baltimore, Maryland USA
Alf Lindberg, Nobel Foundation; Stockholm, Sweden
Philip Minor, National Institute of Biological Standards and Control; Hertfordshire, UK
Thomas Monath, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Harvard, Maryland USA
Paul A. Offit, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Stanley A. Plotkin, Sanofi Pasteur; Doylestown, Pennsylvania USA
Regina Rabinovich, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Seattle, Washington USA
Philip K. Russell, Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute; Potomac, Maryland USA
David Salisbury, UK Department of Health; London, UK
Bing Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shanghai, China
John Treanor, University of Rochester; Rochester, New York, USA
Howard L. Weiner, Harvard Medical School; Boston, Massachusetts USA

Look at them all! Do you feel reassured knowing that all these smart people are on the human vaccine bandwagon? I see pigs at a trough but that's just me.

I will just call your attention to one name in particular, Ruth Arnon.
In 2004, BiondVax, an Israeli company, developed a "quantum leap in technology" for influenza vaccines. [link now defunct - ed.] The key players are Isaac Devash, Chairman, Ron Babecoff, Founder and CEO, and Ruth Arnon, Weizmann Institute of Science Professor.

"It's a quantum leap in technology," he told ISRAEL21c. "It's a totally different concept from other vaccinations. What generally happens today is that there are 120 monitoring stations globally that look for new strains of virus around the world. Once it shows up, they identify the surface of the virus and develop a vaccine to combat it."

"Professor Arnon said 'I don't want to play that game'. It's tedious work identifying new strains of the virus and there are always new ones coming up. She said let's look conceptually at the virus - beneath the surface - to see if there are particular elements that don't change. And then let's make a vaccine out of those parts which are universal in all viruses," explained Devash.
Well it turns out BiondVax enjoyed tremendous success. The stock price went right through the roof this year.


At the end of January, in Washington DC, many of these people will probably attend Phacilitate's 8th annual North American Vaccine Forum.
Building on the resounding success of the last 7 North American Vaccine Forums, the 2010 event will once again provide a highly valuable meeting place for senior level industry and public sector figures driving the development of novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

The 3 day conference program will feature a mixture of business, regulatory and scientific topics, with speakers drawn from big pharma/biotech, the regulators and and vaccine developers themselves. Breakout sessions, workshops and panel discussions combine to make the event highly interactive.

In 2010, the Washington Vaccine Forum will once again run concurrently with Phacilitate’s annual Cell & Gene Therapy Forum. Participants will be able to select the conference agenda of greatest current value to themselves and their organization, with all networking opportunities shared between the two events. Breakfast and lunch buffets, extended refreshment breaks and evening receptions will all take place in the shared exhibition area.

"Excellent. The best"

Dr Michael Balady, Acting Deputy Director, Medical Countermeasures, Office of Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR), US Department of Health & Human Services

A total of 500+ senior level attendees participated in 2009. For more information on how your company can raise it’s profile with both sets of attendees all under one roof and in just three days at the '10 event, please click here.

Here's the advisory board:
The Advisory Board for the Phacilitate Vaccine Forum Washington 2010 is:

Professor Myron Levine, Professor & Director, Center for Vaccine Development, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Dr Seth Berkley, President & CEO, IAVI
Dr Kanwarjit Singh, Senior Program Officer, Policy & Finance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dr William Gruber, Vice President, Clinical Research, Wyeth Vaccines
Una S. Ryan, OBE, PhD, President & CEO, Diagnostics For All
Dr Rino Rappuoli, Global Head, Vaccines Research, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics
Dr Allan P. Jarvis, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, sanofi pasteur
Stephen M. Sammut, Senior Fellow, Wharton Health Care Systems & Venture Partner, Burrill & Company
Dr Ronald W. Ellis, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, NasVax Ltd, Israel & Vice President, R&D, Meytav Technology Incubator, Israel
Dr Heather L. Davis, Executive Director & Ottawa Site Head, Vaccines Research, Pfizer
Dr Steve Chatfield, Director, Centre for Emergency Preparedness & Response, Health Protection Agency

"I have decided to join Phacilitate's Advisory Board in order to help foster the sharing of scientific, development and commercial information across the field of vaccines and biologics. If we are successful at accomplishing that, we can advance more products to the market in order to foster the improvement of human health. I seek to proceed advise on meeting agendas and invitees that will advance this cause."
Dr Ronald W. Ellis, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, NasVax Ltd, Israel & Vice President, R&D, Meytav Technology Incubator, Israel

"I have joined Phacilitate's Advisory Board in order to help provide a current international forum to discuss the major issues that face the development and commercialization of vaccines today and, wherever possible, to help move such discussions towards workable solutions that will benefit both current and future global immunization programs."
Dr Allan P. Jarvis, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, sanofi pasteur
This is all about networking and making money. This entire industry exists to transfer public sector money over to the private sector.


And we have our people in the public sector all too willing to help transfer your money while pretending to protect you from terrorists.

The GAO recently completed a report to congressional requesters: Homeland Defense: Planning, Resource and Training Issues Challenge DOD's Response to Domestic, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosive Incidents. [pdf]

Bottom line: The DOD is not ready should something happen. Whatever money has been spent, whatever planning has been done, it's not enough. Control and coordination must be tightened up between the DOD, FEMA, DHS, and local and state governments, or we could be looking at another Katrina-type response, and that would be "regrettable."
GAO is making recommendations to DOD to improve the link between DOD and other federal plans, match capabilities with requirements, increase readiness, and improve oversight of CCMRF funding and resourcing. DOD agreed or partially agreed with the recommendations and cited ongoing or planned actions to implement them. (page 2)

...DHS is leading a governmentwide effort to develop an Integrated Planning System that would link the plans of all federal agencies involved in incident response, including DOD’s; however, this effort is not yet complete. While much in the way of federal guidance has been developed, to be most effective, policy documents must be operationalized by further detailing roles and responsibilities for each entity that may be involved in responding to high-risk or catastrophic incidents. (page 19)
Pages and pages of more things the DOD needs to do in order to effectively respond to an attack. Spend more money. If something went wrong tomorrow, based on this report, one would expect communications to break down somewhere along the chain, and that would lead to unnecessary civilian casualties no doubt. But in that event this report will be very useful for covering asses, because powerful people can shake their heads regrettably and say yes, we knew there were problems and we were trying to get them corrected, but we just ran out of time. We're so sorry for your losses. Anyway who could have imagined blah blah blah....

So guess who requested this report?
The Honorable Joseph I. Lieberman Chairman
The Honorable Susan M. Collins Ranking Member Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs United States Senate
The Honorable Adam Smith Chairman
The Honorable Jeff Miller Ranking Member Subcommittee on Terrorism and Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives
The Honorable Mac Thornberry House of Representatives
That loathesome creature.


news from the mailbox

To: president@whitehouse.gov ; comments@whitehouse.gov ; HPNadramia@churchofsatan.com ; vice_president@whitehouse.gov ; zlivni@knesset.gov.il ; bnetanyahu@knesset.gov.il ; eulmert@knesset.gov.il ; info@barackobama.com ; hkatz@knesset.gov.il ; AskDOJ@usdoj.gov ; inspector.general@usdoj.gov ; comments@whitehouse.gov ; dnipao@dni.gov ; civil.liberties@dhs.gov ; foia@hq.dhs.gov ; uria@knesset.gov.il ; aatias@knesset.gov.il ; avitalk@knesset.gov.il ; ravraham@knesset.gov.il ; nav.ig.hotlines@navy.mil ; 88abw.pa@wpafb.af.mil ; michelle.bundy@mail.house.gov ; chasseny.lewis@mail.house.gov ; posolstvo@russische-botschaft.de ; russembassyg@trionet.de ; russianemb@goldmail.net.il ; ambrus@ambrussia.it ; russia.emb@flashnet.it ; mla.saf.st.assignments@pentagon.af.mil ; webmaster@jnlwp.com ; securitythreats@dhs.gov ; 88abw.pa@wpafb.af.mil ; George.Page@Brooks.af.mil ; Jacque.Garcia@Brooks.af.mil ; press@royalcollection.org.uk ; Chris.Peat@heavens-above.com ; webeditor@royal.gsx.gov.uk ; scampbell@xmlondon.com ; mst@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ; camerond@parliament.uk ; emmanuelle.mignon@elysee.fr ; claude.gueant@elysee.fr ; david.martinon@elysee.fr ; edouard.guillaud@elysee.fr ; amrusbel@skynet.be ; hkurlander@ajcongress.org ; president@ajcongress.org ; chairman@ajcongress.org ; governing_council_chair@ajcongress.org ; executive_director@ajcongress.org ; holysee@un.int ; ohhdl@dalailama.com ; mpilo@iafrica.com ; info@tutu.org ; nomfundo@tutu.org ; info@tutufoundation-usa.org ; marie.papworth@lambethpalace.org.uk ; claire.robinson@canterbury.ac.uk ; jmitchell@rainbowpush.org ; Alan.Ashworth@Brooks.af.mil ; Gerema.Randall@wpafb.af.mil ; g.wilders@tweedekamer.nl ; joseph.ortiz@mail.house.gov ; chinamission_un@fmprc.gov.cn ; Wayne.Swan.MP@aph.gov.au ; R.McClelland.MP@aph.gov.au
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 6:51 AM
Subject: "Your Global Warming Hoax Agenda" violates my Invoking of the 2nd Law where all are accountable.


I have Invoked the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia to have all accountable for illegal technology on Australian soil and here on Planet Earth and for violating the Laws of Creation. As shown in my CT-Scan, illegal technology is being used on Planet Earth and this illegal technology had been placed in me against my freewill and consent, when I was under the legal adult age of consent (then 21 years old) during the period when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts, as stated in my Affidavit of 11/11/99.

As the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid shows how no-one has ever obtained the true consent of we the Sovereign People of Australia to have Joint Military Facility's along with it's "alien technology" on Australian soil such as Pine Gap or to have Satanic structures such as the Australian Parliament House built on Australian soil (see photos).

- The Laws are what they are and the harold-holt.net website is what it is -

As "they" were fully aware of my Invoking as shown at: Australian PM Informed Website Under Second Law is why they are accountable for the action they all chose, which I will now explain.

You're unable to charge any of "them" on the evil side for "their" criminal acts, and it's the same for the village idiot who "they" stole 2 elections for won't be charged for 9-11 or war crimes in Iraq, and the same applies for the atrocities that's been occurring for the last 60 years in the Middle East. As the Middle East also shows, this killing and violence has been going on long before Crucifixion and the Babylonian days as shown in the Bible, and "their" script we are seeing today was laid out 4000 years ago, before the first Babylon was constructed.

What all the stage players have failed to comprehend is that "their" Annointed One, The Controller, The Illuminated One, The Devil along with his many other names was always accountable for his actions from "Day One" and this is why he laid out this evil game that we see today to make everyone else just as accountable as he is and especially the Dark One's who were attracted later to the game, which was changed to include them. ( Israel, U.S and including the Jesuits and the Vatican belong to this Dark group )

His mocking of "all of them" is shown in his handy work of unfinished structures around the world and the actors themselves are too silly to see this mocking as shown by the completed E.U Parliament being a copy of the "unfinished structure" of Babylon, which was destroyed as stated in the Bible. Another great example is the Australian Parliament House with the capstone in place without the all seeing eye, further showing this is another incomplete structure. He has also deliberately put flaws in his handy work that allows "them" to fail as shown by "their" failure to obtain the true consent (Allowance) of the Aboriginals and of the Sovereign People of Australia to participate in this evil game by the Australian Constitution being illegal and invalid.

Also, he allowed "their" own actions to put my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe into play when they granted my demand to withdraw my consent and be discharged from the Navy showing this to be the biggest example of how he has deceived "them" by "his knowing" that my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe would have "them all" as accountable as he is, which shows he has mocked "them all" from "Day One".

The Actors on the world stage, might be able to scoff at Domestic and International Law "they" created but "they" are accountable to the Creators Laws through my Invoking of the 2nd Law and it's these Laws that will take "their" accountability out to infinity for standing in defiance to the Creators Laws and his Creation.

The Laws of the Universe are Immutable and cannot be changed or distorted. They work without question
as to whom is applying them and dire consequences for those who interfere with them.

View: Australian PM Informed Website Under Second Law and: Government Files a Hearsay Document

As I have Invoked the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia, I give No Allowance to anyone or anything in the flow of Creation to violate my Invoking as it's through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia all are accountable for illegal technology on Australian soil and here on Planet Earth and for violating the Laws of Creation. As shown in my CT-Scan, illegal technology is being used on Planet Earth and this illegal technology had been placed in me against my freewill and consent, when I was under the legal adult age of consent (then 21 years old) during the period when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts, as stated in my Affidavit of 11/11/99.

And also as the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid shows how no-one has ever obtained the true consent of we the Sovereign People of Australia to have Joint Military Facility's along with it's "alien technology" on Australian soil such as Pine Gap or to have Satanic structures such as the Australian Parliament House built on Australian soil (see photos).

It should be remembered "they" used me for "their" Evil Agenda when I was a minor and I withdrew my consent when I was 21 years old which was then the adult age, by demanding to be discharged from the Navy, where I was given an Honourable Discharge in 14 days and it's this action, which put my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe into play and has taken all these years to for me to comprehend and understand the position I had taken and stand today. - Also see my writings above Letter to John Howard the then Australian Prime Minister.

It's of no concern to me whether people accept or believe what I am saying as I only have to satisfy my own knowing but the facts speak for themselves, view my CT-Scan and see the objects in my throat and question how evil is this to control ones life and which is in violation to the Laws of Creation and for those who ignore this evil act against me, should ask themselves in what GOD do they believe in?

Yes, "they" thought they could control and do what they liked in the Satanic world they created 4000 years ago and not be accountable but now "they" are accountable through my Invoking for what has been done to me when I was underage and for all the violations that has occurred here in Australia and these violations can never be undone, "they" are accountable and "they" know it.

May I add, I don't care what people want or say must happen as I give No Allowance through my Invoking, there will be no New World Order, Anti-Christ or Mark of the Beast nor will the Australian Parliament house with it Satanic symbols be the New World Order head quarters as these are in violation to my Invoking.

This is why this evil game on Earth is slowing down dramatically and it will soon be at a stop and then all on Earth will see the illusion that was created including all the Emporers are wearing no clothes as "they" are accountable and have no authority to be here or to play this evil game here on Earth when it is not even "their" Planet. In other words, "their" game is over, "them" and their Satanic God are accountable now to our Highest Authority, our Creator through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia and where now their mocking has come to an end.

The Laws of the Universe are what they are and the harold-holt.net website is what it is


Climategate: unprofessional scientists, professional bullshitters

via aangirfan

Don't you just wonder how many other things like this are kicking around?


hey maybe all those connections aren't such a good thing after all

Peter Chamberlin brings up another interesting angle: Naxalism in India.
Naxalism. It is a topic few in the West are aware of. The international media lends little attention to India's Maoist insurgents, choosing instead to focus its attention on the more dramatic attacks of groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba. ...

This silence is not sustainable. Indeed, last month an attack staged by the Naxalites was so spectacular that even the New York Times could not ignore it. On the eighth of October 200 Naxalites ambu
shed a large contingent of Maharashtri police commandos, killing 17 of them in a gunfight staged in broad daylight. As the Indian government begins a major nation-wide paramilitary offensive against the Naxalites, the ambush on the eighth shall surely be but the first of many battles. ...

Naxalism thrives in the regions of India devoid of state control and subject to endemic poverty....Yet for these oppressed groups seeking recourse by way of Naxalite is an inevitable Faustian bargain. As it becomes clear that a Naxal shadow state has supplanted the authority of state government, police forces are sent to drive the Naxalites out. In the violence that follows it is the delits and tribals who suffer most. That Naxalite groups find continued support in rural areas despite the ills that accompany their presence marks another aspect of the regions Naxalites favor: the absence of an educated citizenry. ...The area of India where support for the Naxalism runs highest has been called "the red corridor", a long stretch of territory reaching from southern tip of Andhra Pradesh to the eastern regions of West Bengal.
Here's the map of the "red corridor." And here is a map of Chabad houses in India. You can see from these maps that the Naxalite movement and Chabad houses occupy different areas of India. They don't seem to overlap at all. It could be they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

After all, the Naxalites exercise the most power in in poor rural areas with uneducated populations.


Just after the Mumbai attacks, while reading up on Chabad, I learned that young Israelis flock to India to decompress on drugs after their stints in the IOF. There are Chabad houses around India and they clean up after these druggies, take them in, get their parents to come and collect them, smooth over ruffled feathers from the drug-fueled behavior, etc. There was a series of videos about this, which I posted, but it has been removed from youtube. Imagine my shock.


About a month ago, around October 21st, some other news surfaced regarding India and Israel.
Bangalore: The notorious Dalai Lama, groomed by India’s Brahminical rulers to annoy China, is helping the zionists to set up a “second Israel in India”.

According to a P.1 story in the Milli Gazette, a Muslim English fortnightly from Delhi (Sept.1-15, 2009), over 20,000 Jews have already descended on Dharmashala, headquarters of the Dalai Lama, who it says gets large funds from the zionist state and also CIA.

The report by John Kaminski says the zionists are trying to take over three North-East states to fight Muslims and Islam.

The Aizwal-based Chhinlung Israel People’s convention with 0.25 million army is behind establishing the “New Jerusalem”. Streams of Jewish priests (Rabbis) are pouring into Mizoram and Manipur.

Anti-China hysteria: The writer asks why the Indian security forces and the Brahminical media ignored the fierce fight that took place inside Bombay’s famous Jewish centre, Chabad House, in the 26/11/2008 terrorist attack on Bombay.

Meanwhile, the media led by the Times of India has stepped up anti-China hysteria aided and abetted by top Brahminical leaders. The Govt. of India said it would prosecute the press but we have our own doubts.


October 18, 2009

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned its citizens against traveling to India due to a concrete threat of a terror attack.

The alert warns that the terror group identified as carrying out the terror attack in Mumbai last November is planning new attacks in India that will target tourists and Chabad houses and synagogues. Six Jews, including Chabad emissaries Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, were killed in the attack on the Chabad house there.

The warning follows a similar alert issued before Rosh Hashanah saying that Jews and Israelis could be targeted at Chabad houses and synagogues throughout the country.
So on the one hand a video about young Israelis flocking to India has been removed, and we also have a report that rabbis are streaming into the seemingly remote areas of Dharamshala (in the northernmost tip of India near the Pakistan and Tibet borders), Mizoram (on the far eastern border with Myanmar), and Manipur (north of Mizoram).

And on the other hand Israeli tourism to India is currently, officially, being discouraged because "the terror group identified as carrying out the terror attacks in Mumbai last November is planning new attacks in India that will target tourists and Chabad houses and synagogues."

How do they know? And are these two things connected? And if the youtube videos about the young Israelis disappears, which it did; and nobody in the corporate media ever reports on the strange activity in Dharamshala, Mizoram and Manipur, which they won't; does that mean that it's all make-believe, urban legends, myths and conspiracy theories? Or does it just mean that some people want the information suppressed and have people in place to do it?

The Mumbai attacks were pinned on Lashkar-e-Taiba, but the terrorists' bodies remain in the morgue unclaimed to this day. Does that mean Lashkar-e-Taiba did the attacks? If they've already been blamed, why don't they just take the dead bodies and be done with it? What have they got to lose at this point?


Meanwhile, in India the Naxalists have been around for decades, and as the top link explains, they kind of faded away until the 1990s, when they began a comeback.
On our first visit to study the naxalite problem in Chattisgarh (Sept.23-25, 2006), we were able to gather lot of information from the series of meetings we had at Raipur with journalists, Dalit and Tribal leaders, and some NGOs.

For the first time the Prime Minister himself in his Aug.15 “Independence Day” speech admitted the naxalite problem as a “national problem” and equated it with “terrorism”. But we don’t agree with his assessment. Naxalism is also terrorism and the two should not be separated but fought with equal determination.

Since India’s ruling upper castes (15%) are mainly urban-based and “terrorism” is an urban problem, they are forcing the govt. to concentrate only on “terrorism” (read Muslims).

However, not much importance is given to naxalism because the urban areas, where most upper castes live, are not affected. Urbanites are not interested in anything rural though naxalism is affecting a major portion of India and the Chattisgarh and AP states are the worst hit.

Both terrorism and naxalism are by-products of acute socio-cultural-economic deprivation which is affecting at least half the population of India. But the govt. is treating naxalism as a police problem.

The entire naxalite foot soldiers are our village-dwelling people — SC/ST/BCs, landless labourers or small farmers —who constitute over 65% of the country’s population and the worst deprived lot. The upper castes having scented the deep discontentment within the SC/ST/BCs exploited these innocents and taken over their leadership.

Both the Peoples War Group (PWG) and the Moist Communist Centre (MCC), now merged and renamed Maoist Party, are headed by Brahminical upper castes. But those fighting and falling dead facing police bullets are our people. That is why we are deeply worried.

The defeat of the BJP in the last election has made the upper castes realise that it is difficult to fool the oppressed SC/ST/BCs in the name of religion (Hindutva). But it is easier to exploit the SC/ST/BCs in the name of “class” (naxalism). Give a gun to the angry, deprived SC/ST/BC and make him kill the “class enemy”. And then the police, controlled by the same upper castes, are ready to rush and gun down the “naxalite killer”.

Naxalism has offered a short-cut to establish Hindutva — better than dividing people on religious basis by dubbing Muslims as terrorists.

Aha. So Naxalism provides a vehicle for class warfare, where the poor rural people do the fighting and dying and take all the hits, and the wealthy urban people perform the role of generals. How familiar is that? And here's where it gets very interesting. Once again, we notice valuable things buried underground.

Already the Salwa Judum is fully infiltrated by the Hindu terrorist party RSS cadres. The Tatas and the Marwari Ruias of the Essar Group, interested in mining, are financing the Salwa Judum. Both the Maoists and the Salwa Judum cadres are tribals and they are often made to clash and kill each other. The industrialists are interested in getting Tribal lands vacated to start their mining work.

Chattisgarh, particularly its capital Raipur, has suddenly started buzzing with industrialists interested in exploiting its mining wealth. The politicians are kept pleased with bribe. Its diamond mine has attracted the world’s No.1 diamond magnates, the De Beers, a South African Jewish business house.

Diamonds. Of course. Mining. Of course. Some of the most brutal business-models going.

The RSS-BJP, which is an upper caste outfit, is exploiting the situation. But if it has to shift its focus on Salwa Judum naxalite activities, it will amount to a course change from religion (Hindutva) to “class struggle” which is totally strange to the double-distilled vaidiks controlling this Hindu terrorist party. But the RSS cadres are enthused. Big money is coming from big business and while mingling with innocent Tribals in remote forest areas they get the company of drinks and women. Since the Hindutva heroes do not attach any importance to ethics or morality as the end justifies the means, they are going at full speed.

We had a meeting with journalists at the Raipur Press Club and being mostly upper castes they complained about the naxalite violence and fully defended the role of Salwa Judum.

Already over a fifth of India is affected by this Manuwadi marxism of the naxalite brand. Almost the whole of Tribal-dominated Chattisgarh is affected. Right from Nepal down to Karnataka through Andhra Pradesh the Manuwadi Marxists are spreading their naxalite net.

We have nothing against the naxalite rank and file because they are all our own blood brothers as SC/ST/BCs. Our complaint is only against its upper caste leadership which is misleading them and making them easy victims of police bullets. The principal problem of India is caste system (Brahminism) resulting in socio-cultural-economic deprivation of SC/ST/BCs (65%), Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%). Instead of tackling this disease, the govt. is trying to cure the symptom (law and order problem). India is already sinking. The Manuwadi marxists will further push India to the bottom. We admit loopholes in the Salwa Judum which again treats it as a law and order problem. As days pass the rural India is sinking. If the existing police-problem-approach is not changed, the whole country will pass into the hands of Manuwadi marxists.

Some things never seem to change. Rich people want things in the ground, but poor people live on top. They must be moved. Or killed. Or put to work getting the stuff out of the ground. Whatever. Just get out the manual of dirty deeds and start something.

There's something else connected to DeBeers, diamonds, and Chabad. That would be Lev Leviev. Does he have anything to do with the Naxalite movement? Not to my knowledge, but we might consider this another intersecting circle. Things overlap. Venn diagrams. Subsets. Smaller and smaller. The same people, the same industries, over and over again. Connected. It really starts to look bad after a while.

Yeah I know. It's probably just a coincidence.


keep it coming

Oh ha ha ha. Just a few short weeks ago I posted this story about Lord Monckton and the Reference Frame. I put it here at the news page -- a popular item, and I also put it here on Twelfth Bough.
Do you know what's so evil about the NWO? It's how they take something good and twist it into something bad. It's how they devise traps for good people. It's the deviousness that is so evil, the way they mislead and entrap people, tangling them up in their own good intentions.

They take politicians and parade them in front of you as upstanding public servants, and you find out later they're twisted freaks pedophiles or some other variety of sociopath. They take your love of music and use it to deliver mind-control messages. They know about human needs. They know how to manipulate people, all people.
They understand perfectly well that most people want to live in peace. They use that desire, a GOOD DESIRE, a NORMAL DESIRE, to herd people into demanding or at least supporting global solutions to what appear to be intractable problems like global warming, world hunger, the financial crisis, terrorism. They use guilt.

We all have to work together. What.... Don't You CARE?

And then, when they have your name on the dotted line, you will find out that the solution you just agreed to is not a solution after all. It's worse than that. You can't undo it. It's a disaster. It's breaking the time-space continuum in such a way that you can't go back or forward or up, you can only go down. And that is exactly where they want you. Down. On your belly in the dust, or buried. Whatever.
Yes. And that little Copenhagen summit will be happening soon. But HOLD THE PHONE there on the climate change solutions. Lookie here somebody has leaked some confidential files and emails revealing what a CROCK OF SHIT is this man-made global warming narrative.

If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW. The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU) and released 61 megabites of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)

When you read some of those files – including 1079 emails and 72 documents – you realise just why the boffins at Hadley CRU might have preferred to keep them confidential. As Andrew Bolt puts it, this scandal could well be “the greatest in modern science”. These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:

Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.

...And, perhaps most reprehensibly, a long series of communications discussing how best to squeeze dissenting scientists out of the peer review process. How, in other words, to create a scientific climate in which anyone who disagrees with AGW can be written off as a crank, whose views do not have a scrap of authority.
This technique -- disparaging those who question the official narrative -- applies to everything important. If you decide to "go there," you will be written off as a crank without a scrap of authority. Let's face it, most people can't handle that kind of rejection, so they don't "go there." This is not rocket science, it's just understanding and manipulating people.

So let's keep the disclosures coming. The tungsten filled gold bars, the killer vaccines for the lab-created mutant flu, the fake science, the pedophilia and human trafficking....

Because...I can assure you that "authorities" of many stripes find all these stories interesting, because they come and read about them. This is a tiny sample of visitors today.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Royal Bank Of Canada ( [Label IP Address]

Acworth, Georgia, United States
Headquarters, Usaisc ( [Label IP Address]

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
National Institutes Of Health ( [Label IP Address]

Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen, Germany
Deutsche Boerse Ag ( [Label IP Address]

Arlington, Virginia, United States
Aecom Services Group ( [Label IP Address]

London, United Kingdom
Credit Suisse Group / Cana ( [Label IP Address]

Pierre, South Dakota, United States
South Dakota State Government ( [Label IP Address]

Dulles, Virginia, United States
U.s. Department Of State ( [Label IP Address]

Mc Lean, Virginia, United States
Booz Allen Hamilton ( [Label IP Address]

Golly gee Wally our important authorities sure do spend a lot of time reading up on conspiracy theories and stuff, huh? Why do you suppose they do that? Don't they have anything better to do?

blink blink blink


confusing people 101

All your mind-fucks are belong to us.

Worry: The disease spreads rapidly. Nobody disputes this.

Don't Worry: The rapid spread of the disease gives rise to rumor mongering, finger pointing and conspiracy theories. PFFT. Idiots.

Worry: Post-mortems show black lungs. Hundreds of eye-witness accounts saw low-flying planes spraying unknown substances.

Don't Worry: "The WHO denies this is anything but *ordinary* swine flu...."

Worry: "...but warns that the situation remains critical."

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE WHO -- TAKE THE VACCINE: "This is a virus which *everyone* is susceptible to and we don't know in whom it will cause severe disease and in whom it might just cause mild disease, so *everyone* needs to take a precaution against this disease." - Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesman

Observation: The government response has come under attack -- poor planning, lack of medicine, political posturing.

PERCEPTIVE CITIZEN: "There's one piece of advice for the government: stop confusing the population."


Worry: Meanwhile in Western Ukraine whole hospitals are being converted into emergency wards.

Don't Worry: Authorities say infection rates have stabilized for the moment, despite what the rumor-mongers say. Idiots. And people are behaving as though the threat has receded, hardly anyone is wearing masks.

Worry: But the scope of the problem remains astonishing.

Worry: Officials say that familiarity is breeding complacency.

Worry: And warn that new waves of disease are imminent.


what's up down below?

So here's another thing to keep an eye on: Antartica. And I'll tell you why.

First of all, it's a damn tourist trap.

Tourism in Antarctica has grown dramatically. In 1985, just a few thousand people visited the area but in the season 2007/2008 more than 40,000 did the same. A number of parties are concerned about the effects of this rapid growth with respect to safety, the environment, the scale of tourism and the lack of financial resources for monitoring and enforcement purposes....Antarctica is not a sovereign state and so legislation is difficult....One possible solution is that of marketable visitor rights, as is already used in the climate policy by means of trading in CO2 emission rights. First of all a maximum annual number of tourist days in Antarctica will be set. To ensure a smooth transition, this maximum will be set higher than the actual number of tourists days used. As soon as the demand for holiday days in Antarctica is higher than the maximum, the rights to the days will have a certain value.

By awarding the rights to the ATS, the income can be used, for example, for monitoring and enforcement purposes, issues for which there is little money at present. The visitor rights will be auctioned: sold to the highest bidder. Then the buyers are free to trade the rights further. This will ensure that the available 'space' in tourist days will be used for the most profitable forms of tourism. This system of marketable visitor rights could allow three objectives to be realised: the scale of tourism and with this its effects will be limited, an urgently desired new source of funding will become available for monitoring and enforcement, and the tourism trade in the Antarctic area will remain financially healthy.

Sorry, I probably should have warned you about this think tank, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) [wink wink wink], which "funds thousands of top researchers at universities and institutes and steers the course of Dutch science by means of subsidies and research programmes." Here's the URL: http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOA_7HUDR7_Eng

Not long after the Dutch think-tank birthed the above marketing racket to ensure "the most profitable forms of tourism," the Dutch crown prince visited Antarctica.
Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his wife Princess Maxima of Orange will visit British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station from 6-10 February 2009. The fact-finding visit celebrates a partnership between BAS and Dutch scientists. ...The Royal couple will be accompanied by Dr RHA Plasterk, minister of Science and Education of The Netherlands and Prof. J Engelen, Chairman to the board of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Royal visit takes place in the closing stages of the international Polar Year (IPY). The Royal couple will have an opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to live and work in Antarctica.
Whatever do they need an opportunity like that for? Are they planning on living there or something? Certainly they don't need to work. Well, here's the URL and you can even click through to the royal website from there: http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/about_bas/news/news_story.php?id=738

Antartica came up four times this week that I noticed. First, did you hear about the whisky company that wants to drill through the ice to recover a case of 100 year old McKinlay and Co Whiskey shipped by Shackleton and found frozen under the Nimrod Exhibition hut near Cape Royds?

Then we have the 10,000 species of viruses frozen in Antartica's freshwater lakes, double the diversity found anyplace else.

Next we have a Russian ship with 200 people on board, en route to see Emperor Penguins, which became stuck in ice so they had to wait it out and "conduct extra tourism," no doubt with ice cold vodka.

And finally the Chinese supply ship, Snow Dragon, with more than 170 scientists and crew aboard, left a research facility on Antarctica to do a 2,300 ton supply run.

Busy busy busy down there. You know I just find that suspicious. It's true I find lots of things suspicious but you know, as they say in Russia, it's not for nothing. It's not for nothing that all those scientists keep hanging around Antartica for decades. It's not for nothing that the Dutch royals visited to see what it might be like to live there. It's not for nothing that ships go in and out of there with tons of supplies. It's not for nothing. It never is.

Here's somebody's weed-inspired idea of what might be going on at the South Pole.
So what if the center of Antarctica is a paradise controlled by some New World Order group. It's a tropical utopia full of precious gems and expensive metals that, while providing the NWO with a super exclusive getaway, also gives them enough money to basically own the world. They've developed machines for extracting their natural treasures so no lesser individuals would ever have the ability to talk about it. Also if anyone ever did find out about it, they would probably be killed. The NWO group controls all satellite imagery and travel to and from Antarctica to make sure no one ever gets a glimpse of their paradise. Tourist adventures and scientists only go so far into Antarctica, never to the extreme middle. Since they are also involved in the government, they can control the release of information and scientific study on the continent.

One might say that "it's not possible, everyone knows the further you get away from the equator, the colder it gets... theres no paradise in the Arctic circle." True you are, however what if the NWO group has reversed the polarity of this particular spot in Antarctica, thereby reversing the weather and creating this paradise. In much the same way that Tesla was able to produce human-induced earthquakes (on a smaller scale), there is certainly a way to develop human-induced weather (farmers release chemicals into the air to create rain above their farms).

With all of this technology and with the extreme little the public actually knows about the remote and uninhabited continent of Antarctica, it is very possible that anything could be happening there and we wouldn't know about it.
No we wouldn't. But watching these people is like following Hansel and Gretel to the witch's cabin in the woods. In their mirth, they leave a trail of bread crumbs behind them.


unclaimed property

Remember how before 9/11 somebody made a killing on stock puts but then never claimed the money? Nah, that wouldn't look good.

Well, similarly, nobody has claimed the bodies of the Mumbai attackers.

Mumbai/New Delhi: Almost a year after they were killed during the terrible assault on Mumbai last November, the bodies of the nine terrorists continue to remain in Mumbai’s J.J. Hospital morgue. There are no claimants and the authorities are clueless on what to do with them.

They continue to remain in a room sealed with round-the-clock security and where the temperature is set at four degrees Celsius to prevent any decomposition.

The 10 gunmen killed over 170 people in a series of coordinated attacks that began Nov 26 last year. Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab, currently undergoing trial, was the only one captured alive after the strikes that targeted two luxury hotels, the city’s main train station, a hospital and a Jewish centre.

Nobody wants these bodies. Not the Muslims in India:

The Muslim Council has flatly refused to allow the burial of the bodies of the slain terrorists in the Marine Lines Bada Qabrastan (cemetery). The council said it also sent a message to all cemeteries in India that none of the bodies should be buried on Indian soil.

The influential Muslim Jama Masjid Trust, which runs the 7.5-acre Bada Qabrastan graveyard, said it would not bury the gunmen because they were not true followers of Islam.

Some outfits had even suggested soon after the attack that the terrorists’ bodies be dumped outside the premises of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi or thrown into the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan doesn't want them:
“We had informed the Pakistan government about the bodies. However, there has been no response from them so far,” Nikam told IANS.

...Joint Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria said: “We had sent evidence to Pakistan to claim the bodies of the terrorists with their Pakistani addresses. We have sent another reminder last month but are yet to receive any correspondence from them.”

The Pakistan High Commission on its part washed its hands off the entire affair.

“They are not our friends, they are not followers of Islam. We have nothing to with them at all. Why ask us?” said a senior official.

The FBI doesn't want them:
So far, apart from the investigators from Mumbai Police, state and central agencies, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) representatives have been the only ones permitted to view the bodies.
Yeah, I'm not sure either why the FBI is involved there, but they claimed to have jurisdiction, and there are more curiosities like that here, but...anyway, the bodies just remain in the morgue:

Shortly after the attackers were gunned down, their bodies were brought to the hospital where a team of doctors performed autopsies and filed post-mortem reports with police.

Thereafter, the bodies were embalmed and shifted to the room where they lie.

According to hospital staff, the bodies are still in “perfect condition, recognisable and identifiable”. But the big question is how long will the bodies continue to remain in the morgue? A decision will have to be taken sooner or later.

I found this over at There Are No Sunglasses, but the original story is from msn. That means it is fit for public consumption, which means it advances a sanctioned narrative.

Let's recall that the approved narrative claimed the terrorists were highly sophisticated Islamic extremists from Pakistan.

Now let's review some of the early details. The terrorists were very young, and they targeted British and Americans guests as well as the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters, portrayed as harmless Jewish scholars. They killed mostly bystanders. The situation quickly became very confusing. Experts suspected Al Qaeda.

Les Blough at Axis of Logic unpacked it quickly:
Motivation: The only difference between the factors used by the capitalist media and ours is motivation. Regarding motivation, CNN states "they (Deccan Mujahideen) want to create as much damage and attention to themselves as possible". CIA/Mossad are masters at destruction, but the last thing they want is bringing attention to themselves. Motivation for the U.S. to take it's war to Pakistan fits perfectly with these attacks. As a matter of fact, Barack Obama and Joe Biden already declared their intention to take the war to Pakistan and stated with certainty that Obama's "mettle would be tested" by a major international "incident" in the near future. If the perpetrators want to draw attention to themselves, their method (i.e. killing civilians), simply does not make sense unless one buys the Bush regime's religion-based simplism that they are simply "evil". Militant's fighting for causes such as independence or national sovereignty want least of all, international negative attention or popular hatred. The only thing missing from the corporate media explanation is George W. Bush's idiotic claim that "the terrorists are jealous of our freedoms". Using this the corporate media's methodology, it is entirely reasonable and just as easy to implicate the CIA and Mossad.
Then Qasab/Kasab, the tenth one captured alive and caught on camera, became a little problematic because he was "too fat to be a Jedi," to quote Yoda. Plus he had the wrong haircut.
From Wayne Madsen:
According to PTI, one LET terrorist captured by India, Ajmal Qasab, said he and his fellow terrorists sailed from Karachi and entered Mumbai’s port area with the help of Ibrahim’s agents who run several customs facilities in Mumbai. However, there are some questions being raised about Qasab and his claims. The so-called security camera shot of Qasab, who is being billed by the media as the “lone surviving gunman,” at Chatrapathi Sivaji train terminal in Mumbai, appears fake. The angle is too narrow for a train station which would have a wider angle and be shot from higher up than the photo being shopped by the Indian police. However, according to Asian intelligence sources, Qasab may have been trained by Hindu militants and was rushed to the scene of the attack for a photo opportunity hastily arranged by the Hindu right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) propaganda team. One Asian intelligence source who has spent a great deal of time in Pakistan reports that he has “never seen a haircut like his [Qasab’s] in Pakistan or on either side of Line of Control in Kashmir.” He also pointed out that Qasab is a bit overweight for an average “mujad” who slim down in training by exercising and eating a sparse diet of lentils and flat bread.
Hmm. That's not what it says here:
The heavily built men, who had undergone training at a special marine camp established by the Lashkar-e-Taibat (LeT) terrorist group in Pakistan, had also used steroids to build a tougher physique...."These men were all toned, suggesting they had been doing some heavy training for the attacks. This explains why they managed to battle the commandos for over 50 hours with no food or sleep."

...The 10 men who attacked prominent Mumbai landmarks were able to hold off hundreds of India's best trained special forces by mounting sophisticated ambushes, maintaining a constant, steady rate of return fire and a superior knowledge of the layout of the buildings seized.

The gunman captured during the attacks on Mumbai has told police he underwent months of commando-style training in an Islamist militant camp in Pakistan.
Or maybe he just came from somewhere else entirely. Nobody has ever heard of him in the village where he supposedly came from.
So. Who could they really be?

Nobody wants to claim the bodies. Just like after 9/11, it wouldn't look good. And the last thing the perpetrators want is to bring attention to themselves.

In addition, allegedly the bodies are *not* in "perfect condition, recognizable and identifiable."
Rediff.com has interviewed the doctors who conducted the post-mortems on the dead hostages and terrorists, and it is their expert opinion that a battle of attrition took place over three days at the Oberoi and Taj hotels. The mutilation of the bodies was unlike anything they had seen in their careers in forensics.

For one, the bodies of the victims bore horrible signs of torture. Now this is understandable if the victims are being tormented by half-human beasts, but it seems strange that two terrorists could simultaneously fight and keep Indian commandos at bay for 62 hours, and also have the time to torture their victims. Yet the doctors were emphatic that:

"It was apparent that most of the dead were tortured. What shocked me were the telltale signs showing clearly how the hostages were executed in cold blood."

To my mind, it seems apparent that the terrorists who kept the NSG commandos engaged and those who tortured and killed the hotel staff and guests were two separate groups.

This suspicion is intensified by the startling revelation that the terrorists also did not meet a clean death. Doctors who conducted the post-mortem said the bodies of the terrorists – especially their faces - were beyond recognition. The security forces identified the bodies as those of terrorists [on TV they said it was because of the presence of weaponry near the bodies].

One terrorist was shot through either eye (i.e., both eyes!!!). As the NSG commandos never got to such close range with the terrorists, and nobody commits suicide by shooting both his own eyes, it follows that the killers were somebody else. Since none of the hotel guests could have the kind of weaponry used in the conflict, this suggests the presence of a mysterious third party, making the terrorists the victims of a classic double-cross – the stuff of spy thrillers. Actually, it reminds one of the convenient murder of the alleged killer of President John F. Kennedy.

Hence it would be entirely in order to closely interrogate each and every guest, especially the foreign guests, before allowing them to leave the country. Without false emotionalism, we should also fingerprint them for the future; who knows what Interpol cooperation may throw up.

Top Russian counter-terrorism expert, Vladimir Klyukin, an Afghan war veteran, opines that the Mumbai attackers were not "ordinary terrorists" and were probably trained by the special operations forces set up in Pakistan by US intelligence prior to the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. In his view, the nature of the Mumbai events suggests the signature of the 'Green Flag' special operations forces created by the Americans in Pakistan, just a year before the Soviet withdrawal.

Guerrilla operations of the Mumbai kind require at least two-three years of preparatory work with experienced instructors. Raw trainees cannot hold four huge complexes in a city to ransom for so long. The Russian Interfax news agency reported the former KGB veteran as surmising the involvement of at least 50 terrorists, given the geography and sheer scale of the attacks. This seems like a legitimate estimation.

What is more, the only way 9 coordinated attacks can occur simultaneously is by using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or live maps for communication and control. These are not normally owned by private parties. Initial investigations also suggested that as many as seven terrorists included mostly British-born Pakistanis, and one does hope that these leads are not covered up. The reports also suggested some gunmen were captured, but later media reports highlighted that only one terrorists was caught alive at the railway station. So there is a lot of confusion here that needs to be cleared up.
Indeed. Go over and read the whole thing.

And as for mutilating the faces beyond recognition...what does that mean? Probably they peeled the skin off, which I've read is a CIA calling-card going way back. So nobody wants to be incriminated by claiming the bodies, and the faces have allegedly been mutilated beyond recognition so now nobody *has* to claim the bodies. How convenient is that?

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