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We've talked about the technology gap before. It's the difference between what most people think is possible and what is actually possible. The gap was created and maintained by the military to allow various narrative possibilities. It allows certain powerful people to play God, with you and your loved ones.


flying blind

A narrative we have followed for a long time is progressing. Some recent posts about this narrative:


The narrative says that Hezbollah threatens the US from Latin America. Specifically, Hezbollah -- a proxy of Iran and a terrorist organization according to the US -- has tentacles from Iran to Lebanon to West Africa to South America's TBA. That much has been long established. The progression of the narrative covered earlier in 2011 brings the tentacles up through Isla de Margarita off the coast of Venezuela, to Central America, and into the US via organized crime. So the story goes.

Generally how these narratives work is that a very minor thing is stretched into something that looks like compelling evidence to people who are predisposed to the narrative. However on closer examination, the whole thing falls apart.

For instance, you will often read references to the Argentina bombings of Jewish targets in 1992 and 1994, allegedly by Hezbollah, an allegation which has never been proven. The non-proven allegations just get bandied about for two decades by irresponsible, lying, warmongering "EXPERTS" at think tanks, by which time it becomes "longstanding" "evidence" of Hezbollah's terrorism, simply by being repeated enough times. Evidence not required. IN FACT, investigators found NO EVIDENCE to blame Hezbollah for those Argentina bombings, as all actual evidence indicated the bombs were INSIDE the JEWISH CONTROLLED BUILDINGS --  something that we here at TB have pointed out repeatedly, because these false flag events form the base of the narrative pyramid about Hezbollah in Latin America as a threat to the US.


We like to remind readers of this because if we can kick out that lie the whole damn narrative comes down like a house of cards, as it should, before some horribly irresponsible and murderous EXPERTS start another war based on LIES, a war in which many innocent people would die.

The progression of the narrative now involves the ruthless, murderous, sophisticated nature of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the sudden, dangerous loss of the ability to track Hezbollah, and a fuse-like Hezbollah tentacle into Syria.



Recently a nest of CIA spies was outed in Lebanon. The spies are now feared dead, although no one presents any evidence of that.

United States officials are saying that shortcuts, unaccountability, laziness and general mismanagement are to blame for the compromising of several CIA informants in Iran and Lebanon who are now feared dead.
A CIA-led program in the Middle East is up in the air after officials confirmed to news organizations today that paid informants in Iran and Lebanon working for the US government have disappeared while attempting to infiltrate Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed military organization considered a terrorist group by the US.
Iranian intelligence minister Heidar Mosleh announced in May that more than 30 US and Israeli spies had been discovered and he quickly took to Iranian television to broadcast information explaining the methods of online communication that the agents would use to trade intel. Only a month later, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced that two high-ranking officers within his own organization had been identified as CIA spies. Just now, however, does the US government confirm that not only is this information true, but they believe that the rest of their Hezbollah-targeted operations in the Middle East have been compromised.
It is interesting that the spy ring began to disintegrate back in May, but only now are we hearing about the loss of all these informants, who are feared dead but there are no bodies, so who knows. We are told by RT that the two spies originally caught were high-ranking officers within Hezbollah.

NOTE what Hezbollah leader Hasran Nasrallah said about these agents in June 2011: they were low level, oops:

In June, Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah said two members of the group were found to be working for the CIA, and a third member was working for another unidentified foreign entity.
“When Israel failed to break into Hezbollah’s body, it requested the assistance of the most powerful intelligence agency ... we have two cases of spies affiliated with the CIA and one more might be affiliated with either the CIA, European intelligence or Mossad,” Nasrallah said in a TV address at the time.
He said the two members, whom he described as low-level, had been in contact with diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.
“Our investigation has found that ... intelligence officers [with the CIA] have recruited two of our members, but we’ll not name [them] out of respect for the privacy of their families,” he said.
“The U.S. Embassy ... is a nest of spies recruiting [spies] to serve Israel. We have become a direct target of U.S. intelligence. This put us in a new stage of a security struggle,” Nasrallah said....
At the time, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut denied Nasrallah’s claims.
“These are the same kind of empty accusations that we’ve repeatedly heard from Hezbollah,” the embassy spokesman told The Daily Star, adding that “there is no substance to them.”

Returning to the RT story, supposedly, it all went pear shaped because the CIA informants insisted on meeting at a Beirut Pizza Hut, and used the code word PIZZA, over and over again, for their spy meetings. Sounds pretty stupid. And thus, they were eventually caught out, even after being warned by Hezbollah.

Speaking to ABC News, one former US senior intelligence official speaking without accreditation says that CIA agents were warned to avoid using the same Lebanon hub for secret meet-ups — a Beirut Pizza Hut restaurant — though spies continue to use the location for countless meet-ups with a wide range of informants.
"We were lazy and the CIA is now flying blind against Hezbollah," the former official tells ABC.
According to several US officials speaking to the press, the CIA used the codeword “PIZZA” to arrange for would-be clandestine meetings at the restaurant. To ABC, however, a current CIA officer denied the allegations that the entire operations evaporated at the eatery
Others within the agency, but currently and formerly, say that outside of the Pizza Hut sting, the revealing of the online communication conducted between the CIA and informants in Iran led to “dozens” of assets being compromised. Officials have confirmed that the websites that Intel Ministero Mosleh showed an Iranian television audience were indeed used by the CIA in their secret web chats.
"We've lost the tradition of espionage," one former intelligence official tells ABC. "Officers take short cuts and no one is held accountable.”
Another anonymous official tells the Associated Press that the CIA was warned by Hezbollah’s Nasrallah that they were cracking down on American spies, but the US pressed on despite the consequences.

 Sportsmanship... Hezbollah's got it.

One almost does not know what to say. Supposedly we are to believe that the CIA behaves with extreme sloppiness, and are warned that they will be caught, and then they are supposedly caught, and now these stupid spies are now supposedly dead, or maybe it is just the informants who are dead we are not sure, there are no bodies because this is all secret spy business conducted at the Pizza Hut, and it is all a terrible disaster proving....proving.....

....that the CIA is very sloppy and stupid? NO!

It proves that Hezbollah is extremely malicious and deadly, and trouble surely lies ahead, now that we are "flying blind." Obviously people. Get with the narrative.

"Hezbollah has disappeared people before. Others they have kept around,” counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt tells the AP.
"If they were genuine spies, spying against Hezbollah, I don't think we'll ever see them again," former CIA officer Robert Baer tells ABC. "These guys are very, very vicious and unforgiving."
You see, in a way, this is one of those "opportunities" that should not be wasted. "If they were genuine spies..." Well maybe they weren't. Maybe they were expendable people on the payroll, thugs not spies, and they've all been flushed and that allows for a great big dramatic show about the terrible and dangerous Hezbollah, and the perils we now live under, since this grave loss and now we are flying blind....


Or maybe these people returned to wherever they came from. The point is, who knows. Without evidence, who knows. It's just a bunch of allegations from people who literally lie for a living. It could be 90% true, it could be 9% true.

And if they were genuine spies... ? How might this story be different? Let's think if we have anything to compare.

"Former CIA contractor Raymond Davis arrives at the Douglas County Courthouse in Castle Rock, CO. for a court hearing on felony assault charges on Oct. 4, 2011." (Ed Andrieski/AP Photo)

When Raymond Davis, a real CIA asset, got into trouble and ended up in jail, so much power was brought to bear on his behalf that it strained the US Pakistan relationship to the breaking point. And that all went away nicely, didn't it. Our government paid the blood money to the families of the men killed by Davis on 1/27/11, and Raymond returned to the US in March and became a firearms instructor often working in Washington, DC. In October he was arrested in Denver after beating up a guy in a bagel shop parking lot... which you probably did not hear about. But you can see from his picture that he looks just as creepy as can be, smirking with that creepy dead-eye stare. RAY got away with murder, and he knows it, and we all know it, because he is a very important intelligence asset.

People like Ray Davis and David Coleman Headley seem to be higher level assets. The CIA doesn't just say hoo boy we lost a couple dozen guys this week, shit, we really should be more careful. The CIA moves heaven and earth to get their valuable assets back.

Refresh your memory on David Coleman Headley.


So what is this incident in Lebanon all about? Perhaps this helps lay the groundwork for a false flag?
'I don't think we will ever see them again:' More than a dozen CIA spies captured in Iran and Lebanon 'feared executed'
  • It's a blow to US attempts to track Iran and Hezbollah
  • Officials warn of problems from sloppy CIA operations
  • Others say it's unlikely any found CIA agents survived [If you find them, you will know if they are alive or dead???]
More than a dozen CIA spies have reportedly been caught in Iran and Lebanon and the U.S. government now fears they have been executed.

The spies were paid informants who were targeting Iran - which is feared to be producing nuclear weapons - and the Hezbollah group in Beirut.

Their discovery is a big hindrance to U.S. attempts to track Iran’s nuclear activities and discover if Hezbollah is plotting any attacks against Israel.
Ding. Problems dead ahead. It is too perfectly dramatic.

Unsurprisingly, all the usual suspects are weighing in with dire conclusions.

UPDATE 11/29/11: This exact story from humanevents.com is now being reposted as "Intel Experts: CIA Penetration by Terrorist Group is 'Catastrophic'"   http://www.aina.org/news/20111128174922.htm


"This latest operation by Hizballah’s against a major U.S. intelligence agency is bordering on an act of war. Lebanon is a sovereign country, and a terrorist organization has had the freedom to wage counter-espionage operations against CIA, and they have detained individuals they believe were working with that U.S. agency. If the Lebanese government endorses this operation, [then] it would be responsible for an act of aggression bordering on an act of war against the United States.” ~ Walid Phares
Walid Phares, putting the screws to Lebanon. Note the conditional IF:THEN statements.
“If the Lebanese government considers such operations against a U.S. agency on Lebanese soil as rogue – and conducted without legitimate Lebanese government authority – then it should demand Hizballah cease its activities against the U.S.”
Phares also notes that the leak was not an accident. Actually we happen to agree. We think it seems quite likely that this "mishap" was completely intentional, seeing how it advances the narrative so nicely.

“The reality is someone who knew of these names must have leaked them to the organization [Hizballah].”

The leak was not an accident, he said.

Rep. Sue Myrick, bringing the threat home:

"This operation alleged by Hizballah against CIA resources in Lebanon shows their determination to hurt the United States. This terrorist organization claims their war efforts are only pursued in their war against Israel.”

“Their heavy involvement in terror operations against American interests in Iraq and the Gulf area, and in Latin America all the way to Mexico south of our borders, shows clearly that they are targeting U.S. national security.”

Clare Lopez, another former CIA operative and neo-con think tank star, talks about Hezbollah's sophisticated tradecraft:

“Up against Hizballah on its own turf, it seems that U.S. intelligence is out of its league. HIzballah's intelligence capabilities, learned from the Iranians, are highly sophisticated and include the full classical tradecraft skillset as well as very competent counterintelligence capabilities.”
The highly sophisticated Islamic jihadist enemy studies cell phone records and cases the local Pizza Hut. CHECK. They teach this skillset in Iran. An unnamed source adds to that conclusion:

“This should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the sophistication of these jihadist enemies and their professionalism in the skills of classical clandestine tradecraft...U.S. Intelligence Community failures to identify, effectively confront, and defeat the Islamic jihadist enemy speak not only to erosion of that skillset within the CIA, but also to catastrophic failure to master an understanding of the enemy ideology, the ideology of Islamic jihad...Intent and motivation are as critical as capability to the enemy's strategy and absent their accurate assessment, will lead as surely to defeat as failure to measure capability. America's enemies have penetrated its Intelligence Community in the past and betrayal of top CIA assets abroad has been tracked to moles deep inside the system more than once.”

Even Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum brought this problem up during a recent presidential debate. They provided politifact.com an American Enterprise paper as their source. The claims about Hezbollah as a threat to the US trace back to the same groups.You will see if you click through to older posts that the same names, the same think tanks, come up over and over again: the pro-Israel neo-con crowd that brought us the last few wars based on lies and false flags.



Where things get dicey is the relationship between Hezbollah and Syria. Given the full spectrum destabilization effort on Syria, Syria needs allies. Penny has done an amazing job covering the situation in Syria.

We know that Syria is absolutely in the cross hairs, and if the situation can fuse back to Lebanon via the Hezbollah connection, JUSTIFYING an Israeli attack on Lebanon, that would be considered a PLUS to the Israelis. Of course, the "self defense" excuse would be ready to go, given that the CIA spy ring has just been busted and now we are "flying blind" regarding Hezbollah's malicious intents against Israel. Anything that happens can theoretically be blamed on this regrettable situation. Shoot first explain later.

A week ago the Hezbollah and the Amal Movement of Lebanon announced their support of Syria and Iran against US and Israeli threats.

Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad said Syria, because of Russia’s and China’s support, enjoys international protection and is immune to military aggression. He said Syria still had many options available to it in dealing with its crisis.
“The supportive role for Syria – Russia’s and China’s veto at the [U.N.] Security Council – tells the world that it is forbidden for anyone to think of any military action against Syria,” Raad told a Hezbollah rally in the southern town of Nabatieh. “No aerial sanctions, no buffer zones and no aggression against Syria,” he said.
The Jpost also seems to be the source of an allegation that Hezbollah will take over Beirut if Assad falls. We have not been able to load the Jpost for MONTHS, so we cannot verify this detail. However, it was reported here:

Al-Arabiya news website on Tuesday cited a “source close to Hezbollah” as saying that the party might militarily takeover Beirut if the Syrian regime falls, Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported.
“[Hezbollah officials] have begun to worry about the potential fallout that may result following the collapse of the Syrian regime,” the source told Al-Arabiya.

"The moment that Hezbollah feels that the fall of [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad is imminent - either as a result of the popular movement or of foreign military intervention - it will move quickly to take control of East and West Beirut," Al-Arabiya also cited the source as saying.

Of course, this is in EXACT DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITION to the quote from the actual Hezbollah official above, on the same day (11/22/11), that Syria is in no actual danger thanks to the support of Russia and China. We hope that is the case. It would take the weight of Russia and China to prevent what happened to Libya from happening to Syria, because these countries are being USED and DESTROYED according to the Yinon Plan.

The situation in Lebanon itself escalates as we write. Supposedly "tens of thousands" have rallied in Tripoli to denounce Syria's Assad and Hezbollah.

See a Press TV video with good coverage at this link:

This event was not totally absent from violence as March 14 supporters opened random fire injuring four Lebanese civilians.

As many of March 14th are hoping for the downfall of the Syrian leadership, this comes as there is talk of trying to put Lebanon into a new role in the Syrian file.

Supporters of Bashar Assad, who represent a significant percentage in Lebanon as well, accuse the March 14 alliance of being part of a foreign conspiracy against Syria. This group puts the events in Syria within the framework of a wider plot to target Iran and Hezbollah as well as the Assad leadership after this axis made significant regional gains recently.

This event follows a meeting which was held just a few days ago in Paris between the leader of the March 14 movement Saad Hariri and French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who has probably been the most vocal international anti-Assad voice. It also coincides with reports of British and French intelligence officers providing military training to opposers of the Assad regime in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.
The only people flying blind these days are the people who think the US and Israel, and NATO, will bring them democracy. Don't be a fool. NATO drops the democracy in blindly, as bombs from military jets, onto children and old people, onto houses and hospitals and factories and infrastructure. They just need some excuses.

That's what their narratives are all about... making excuses to do this:

The real meaning of flying blind.


not ready yet

The NY Times Magazine recently ran an expose titled:  How Ready Are We for Bioterrism? 

Conclusion: NOT READY YET.

One has to PREPARE first.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, namely June 2001, our US government ran a national security exercise called Dark Winter simulating a smallpox attack, to see if the country was ready for a biological weapon attack. Conclusion: NOT READY YET.

Please note the names of the people involved in this drill.

Exercise Summary:

On June 22-23, 2001, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention Terrorism, hosted a senior-level war game examining the national security, intergovernmental, and information challenges of a biological attack on the American homeland.
With tensions rising in the Taiwan Straits, and a major crisis developing in Southwest Asia, a smallpox outbreak was confirmed by the CDC in Oklahoma City. During the thirteen days of the game, the disease spread to 25 states and 15 other countries. Fourteen participants and 60 observers witnessed terrorism/warfare in slow motion. Discussions, debates (some rather heated), and decisions focused on the public health response, lack of an adequate supply of smallpox vaccine, roles and missions of federal and state governments, civil liberties associated with quarantine and isolation, the role of DoD, and potential military responses to the anonymous attack. Additionally, a predictable 24/7 news cycle quickly developed that focused the nation and the world on the attack and response. Five representatives from the national press corps (including print and broadcast) participated in the game and conducted a lengthy press conference with the President.

President The Hon. Sam Nunn
National Security Advisor The Hon. David Gergen
Director of Central Intelligence The Hon. R. James Woolsey
Secretary of Defense The Hon. John White
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Tilelli (USA, Ret.)
Secretary of Health & Human Services The Hon. Margaret Hamburg
Secretary of State The Hon. Frank Wisner
Attorney General The Hon. George Terwilliger
Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency Mr. Jerome Hauer
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation The Hon. William Sessions
Governor of Oklahoma The Hon. Frank Keating
Press Secretary, Gov. Frank Keating (OK) Mr. Dan Mahoney
Correspondent, NBC News Mr. Jim Miklaszewski
Pentagon Producer, CBS News Ms. Mary Walsh
Reporter, British Broadcasting Corporation Ms. Sian Edwards
Reporter, The New York Times Ms. Judith Miller
Reporter, Freelance Mr. Lester Reingold

The players were introduced to this crisis during a National Security Council meeting scheduled to address several emerging crises, including the deployment of a carrier task force to the Middle East. At the start of the meeting, the Director of Health and Human Services informed the President of a confirmed case of smallpox in Oklahoma City. Additional smallpox cases were soon identified in Georgia and Pennsylvania. More cases were reported in Oklahoma. The source of the infection was unknown, and exposure was presumed to have taken place at least nine days earlier due to the lengthy incubation period of smallpox. Consequently, exposed individuals had likely traveled far from the loci of what was now presumed to be a biological attack. The scenario spanned 13 days.

Note the smallpox mock up takes place in the winter. Smallpox is a disease of the winter months. It also happens concurrent with an emerging crisis in the Middle East. Emerging crises in the Middle East can be arranged practically anytime. The smallpox is presumed to have been released 9 days earlier, presumably by people who can also foresee the emerging crisis requiring military deployments two weeks later.

Narrative arc of the NYT Magazine article:

1. Many experts believe even a relatively unsophisticated technician (ie: terrorist) can make bioweapons. Only sheer luck has saved us thus far.

2. The assumptions made in the mock exercise assured a disastrous outcome. Real conditions may be very different.

3. Authorities like Michael Chertoff, Admiral Mike McConnell, Admiral Dennis Blair, and Heidi Avery consider bioterrorism one of the highest threats. Therefore it must be true.

4. The government has spent over $60 billion on preparations, including Project BioShield. Despite all this spending, and three redesigned approaches, we are still unprepared. Regrettable.

5. After the anthrax attacks in 2001, everything changed. The government began to take biodefense more seriously, meaning, the government spent money on expanding drug stockpiles.

After the anthrax letters in October 2001, everything changed: by 2002, spending on biodefense rose to more than $4 billion, from $633 million, with an emphasis on expanding the stockpile. One of the program’s first priorities was to increase the supply of smallpox vaccine. Smallpox is regarded by biodefense experts as the most threatening biological weapon, because it can spread as easily as the flu and kills about one in three victims. To expand the stockpile, the Bush administration called in a legendary epidemiologist. In the 1960s and ’70s, D. A. Henderson led the World Health Organization’s program to eradicate smallpox in nature, chasing outbreaks through villages in Brazil, the mountains of Yugoslavia and the jungles of India before finally containing the last known cases in the Horn of Africa in 1977.

Today, smallpox is the only human infectious disease ever eradicated by science. Returning to public service in 2001, Henderson called in another legend of microbiology, Maj. Gen. Philip K. Russell, a former commander of the Army’s medical research program and a figure so revered that one commanding general was known to keep a bumper sticker on his wall that read, “What would General Russell do?” Between 2001 and 2004, Henderson and Russell, along with leaders at the National Institutes of Health and civilian research laboratories across the country, raced to develop new production techniques and expand the smallpox-vaccine supply. Today, the stockpile holds more than 300 million treatment courses.

The NYT article goes then into the sad story of money, and the fights over money, being the main reason why we are still unprepared for new threats, even though we do have a full stockpile of smallpox vaccine. It is all very regrettable, all these budget woes and lobbying efforts, that have stalled progress on other important matters.

We then learn that DoD research into bioweapons, in the past, was actually very extensive:

It was immediately apparent that the Army’s research on tularemia went far beyond what is commonly known. In hundreds of experiments, scientists weaponized the bacteria to extraordinary potency and then proceeded to mix the slurry with another agent, known as S.E.B., which multiplied the effects logarithmically, shattering the human immune system just as the tularemia plunged in. In several large outdoor tests, scientists drifted clouds of tularemia over cages of live monkeys to evaluate the infectivity. At high doses, the weaponized bacteria were determined to have an incubation period of just a few hours. If left untreated, the combination of tularemia and S.E.B. was projected to cause death within the same period. Patrick called these “killing winds.” In one video, he calmly warned, “Between 50 and 60 pounds of freeze-dried tularemia produced in our production facility would eliminate about 60 percent of the population of London, England.”

Your tax dollars at work. 


Has the government spent a lot of time and money researching how to make deadly bioweapons? YES. 

Did they succeed? YES. "Extraordinary potency," "logarithmic" effects capable of "shattering the human immune system..."

Has the government spent a lot of time and money researching how to make effective antidotes to deadly bioweapons? YES. 

Did they succeed? NO. The government has enough stockpile of smallpox vaccines. Otherwise, the government is not prepared for other threats. 

Disagreements over funding: REGRETTABLE.

(Sorry about wasting all your monies. The germs are invisible, just like the deadly radiation particles. Good luck.)

You better hope if there's a bioweapon attack, that it's smallpox, because at least the government has enough vaccine for every American. But you have to take it before symptoms appear.

We have to digress here for a moment because actually, that turns out to be a whole other opportunity. A company called Siga Technologies has been working with the Obama administration to develop a drug that can be taken by people who don't get their emergency (free government provided) smallpox vaccine within 4 days of exposure.

Siga's drug, an antiviral pill called ST-246, would be used to treat people who were diagnosed with smallpox too late for the vaccine to help. Yet the new drug cannot be tested for effectiveness in people because of ethical constraints — and no one knows whether animal testing could prove it would work in humans.

No worries whether it works or not. Details. Whatever. The government negotiated a price of $255 per dose, for 1.7 million doses, a profit margin of 180%, which makes Siga's controlling shareholder Ronald Perelman very happy no doubt.

Perelman very "presciently" invested in Siga in 2003, a year before Bush signed the BioShield legislation, which focused on expanding the stockpile of bioterror medications, see above. And despite the haggling over money that supposedly prevented other pharma companies from wanting to do research (see the NYT story), some companies got grants and went ahead on this risky path. Siga of course being one of them. Lucky lucky lucky.

Siga's chief executive, Dr. Eric Rose, also served on the U.S. National Biodefense Science Board for the past four years, a board which has advised the government on how to respond to bioterrorism. Being on the inside of that process has no doubt helped Siga take a very aggressive stance in negotiating:

"Siga did not derive its price based on any cost information, and, from Siga's viewpoint, such information is not relevant to determination of an appropriate price," the company's chief financial officer, Daniel J. Luckshire, wrote to Lurie's office and others on March 4.  "Siga has created extremely valuable intellectual property, embodied in ST-246, and Siga has priced ST-246 based on the value of that intellectual property," Luckshire added.

Lucky Luciano training his dog.

This situation with Dr. Rose reminded us of the conflicts of interest of one Sir Roy Anderson in the UK.

ALSO SEE: bringing home the bacon.

Despite all the spending, the country is NOT READY YET. If something happens, a lot of people will presumably die, or at least, that is the FEAR.


Should you be afraid of smallpox? 

We have written about smallpox before. See: eat fresh produce. We will quote extensively from this post:

Bedbugs have plagued humans for centuries. Then, after a half a century of relative inactivity, the bedbugs suddenly started up again in the late 1990s. Hmm. Kind of strange. And of course, the bedbugs are harder to kill than ever. Scientists hypothesize what's up with that.

In the 1940s and ’50s, liberal use of DDT and other insecticides all but wiped out the pests. Scientists hypothesize that the few that survived proliferated—females can lay up to five eggs a day, and 500 during a lifetime—and passed along pesticide-resistant traits. Millions of bedbug generations later, scientists are finally zeroing in on how, exactly, bedbugs made their comeback.
Possibilities include:
  • thicker skin repels pesticides
  • faster metabolism repels pesticides
  • chemical blocking repels pesticides
  • Fort Detrick bio-engineered a bedbug that repels pesticides

Just kidding! The scientists didn't actually hypothesize about Fort Detrick. That was us.

...We read about the bedbugs in Vancouver, and then we read Jennifer Lake's blog about polio and influenza. And in our research about polio and influenza we watched this video, featuring Desiree Rover (the woman in the top video), and around minute 13 she mentions cimex lectuarius, which are bedbugs. The video link will open to this slide. And we were stunned to learn that a Dr. A.R. Campbell, 1865-1931, conducted extensive research on smallpox, and he discovered that smallpox was caused by bedbugs. Furthermore, it did not spread person to person, or through the air, or through clothing, but it struck people with poor hygiene and vitamin C deficiency.

"In considering this malady, I quickly became impressed with two distinctive peculiarities of it, viz: Its being a disease of the winter and of the coldest climates, and that, as a rule, it is confined to the lower or filthy classes." Resume of Experiments on Variola, by Charles A.R. Campbell, M.D.

One would note at this link that a Russian scientist had arrived at the same conclusions as Dr. Campbell. One might also note the strong connection to poor nutrition and crop failures:

The most important observation on the medical aspect of this disease is the cachexia with which it is invariably associated and which is actually the soil requisite for its different degrees of virulence. I refer to the scorbutic cachexia. Among the lower classes of people this particular acquired constitutional perversion of nutrition is most prevalent, primarily on account of their poverty, but also because of the fact that they care little or nothing for fruits or vegetables. That a most intimate connection exists between variola and scorbutus is evidenced by the fact that it is most prevalent among the poor or filthy class of people ; that it is more prevalent in winter, when the antiscorbutics are scarce and high priced; and, finally, that the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox. A failure of the fruit crop in any particularly large area is always followed the succeeding winter by the presence of smallpox.

Very, very interesting reading.

Also see here: Infectiousness of Smallpox and here: Study test defrosted smallpox vaccine, just in case, NY Times, October 2002

The United States stopped smallpox vaccinations in 1972 because the disease had been wiped out in the Americas. Globally, it was eradicated in 1980, and most other countries also stopped vaccinating. An important part of the reason that countries willingly gave up vaccination once the disease was no longer a real threat is that the smallpox vaccine, more than any other vaccine, carries a significant risk of serious complications. For every million people vaccinate, 1 or 2 die, 15 suffer life-threatening complications and hundreds of others have serious skin rashes, infections or other problems.
One might further note the multitude of crop failures current and expected due to the many freak weather events. One might wonder just how long before one of these poor people in Vancouver or anywhere acquires smallpox from an infected bedbug, and then all hell will break loose. They would have a few different ways to play it, starting we would guess with: Everyone Must Be Vaccinated Immediately.

Click through for the entire post. A single case of smallpox would trigger an enormous cascade of events, based on FEAR. Is this really justified? Has information been suppressed? Would people really be this evil? We think everyone should do some independent research into these matters, click through to some source documents, read them, see what you think.

Returning to the NYT Magazine article, linked at the very top...

What's the real threat?

“I think the unknown threat of a mutant microbe is infinitely greater than someone coming and dropping a glanders on us! I mean, seriously! Get real about that!” 
~ Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, NIAID Director

Dr. Fauci is the smartest guy in the room.

HE says the unknown threat of a mutant microbe is infinitely greater than someone releasing a WWI or WWII era bioweapon, presumably such as smallpox.

Let's go back to the deadly e. coli superbug that hit Germany earlier this year, which was supposedly a "mutant microbe," the kind of thing that Dr. Fauci considers the infinitely greater threat.

Forensic evidence emerges about the e coli superbug:

When scientists at Germany's Robert Koch Institute decoded the genetic makeup of the O104 strain, they found it to be resistant to all the following classes and combinations of antibiotics:

• penicillins
• tetracycline
• nalidixic acid
• trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazol
• cephalosporins
• amoxicillin / clavulanic acid
• piperacillin-sulbactam
• piperacillin-tazobactam

In addition, this O104 strain posses an ability to produce special enzymes that give it what might be called "bacteria superpowers" known technically as ESBLs:

On top of that, this O104 strain possesses two genes -- TEM-1 and CTX-M-15...so deadly that many people infected with such bacteria experience critical organ failure and simply die.
And this cannot really happen by accident in nature.

When considering the genetic evidence that now confronts us, it is difficult to imagine how this could happen "in the wild." While resistance to a single antibiotic is common, the creation of a strain of e.coli that's resistant to eight different classes of antibiotics -- in combination -- simply defies the laws of genetic permutation and combination in the wild. Simply put, this superbug e.coli strain could not have been created in the wild. And that leaves only one explanation for where it really came from: the lab.

The e. coli superbug could not have been created in the wild. It came from a lab. As far as we know, the lab has never been identified. No one was ever held accountable.


"If we can prove that a biological attack originated in a country that attacked us, then all bets are off." 
- Hillary Clinton, April 2010

See: you have a message waiting

That was Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates on Face the Nation, 18 months ago, talking about unleashing a devastating conventional attack on any country that uses a biological weapon....

IF THEY CAN PROVE that a biological attack originated someplace.

Well, let's see, did they ever find out which lab made the deadly e. coli mutant superbug? No. That story ended months ago, unsolved. Forgotten. Except as a fear marker in the herd attention space.

But will they be able to PROVE that a biological attack originated someplace specific? How would anyone know? Do you have a lab in your kitchen to prove them wrong? How could you trust a thing these authorities and media tools say? They will say whatever suits their purposes. Once the bioterror drill goes live, so to speak, the UNFORTUNATE MATTER of being NOT READY YET for a biological attack will merge with the FEAR of the INVISIBLE KILLER BIOWEAPON, to create chaos.

The social engineers know that people will be focused on SURVIVAL. They can predict how people will behave because that's what they study.


It's all a game to the social engineers. This is a laboratory. We are the rats. The way to mess up their plans is to not behave the way they predict. You have to do the opposite.

Understand that all their plans are based on FEAR, on people behaving out of FEAR.

 The opposite of fear is love.

Maybe they are not ready yet, but we are ready. We are ready anytime.


facilitate this

UPDATED with another photo, scroll down. 11/10/11

UPDATED with another video. This time we learn that Sarkozy *really* thinks Netanyahu is a liar and Obama is sick of dealing with him every day. Via the Truthseeker. We suppose this is something to keep in mind when we hear how much our leaders support our best friends in Israel, and how we should all support our best friends in Israel.


Switters left two very interesting videos in the comments to the last post. Focus on the news people.

The social engineers are everywhere: on teevee, facebook, at protests, at meetings, in think tanks, on the web. They are in the blogosphere, in comments and with their own blogs. They contribute. They are always working to shape opinion. They use techniques such as the Delphi Technique and the Alinsky Method. These techniques have been perfected over many years.

"Few Jewish radicals have had as much influence over American politics as Saul Alinsky (1909-1972). Born to Russian Jewish immigrants, he graduated from the University of Chicago and then went on to become a community organizer, being one of the first to bring radical politics to Chicago’s Black ghettos. Hilary Clinton wrote her senior thesis (PDF) at Wellesley College on Alinsky and his tactics, and he was a major influence on President Obama, who was trained as a community organizer in Chicago."

Some tactics of the Alinsky Method:

  • Slowly penetrate, infiltrate existing institutions like churches, unions, political parties, websites, blogs. Subtly gain influence within these organizations and then introduce change from that platform.
  • Fully encourage people in their discontents and divisions. 
  • Train locals in the techniques and have them set the agendas for their local organized groups.
  • Use loaded questions to manipulate and exploit people to the pre-set agenda. Fan their tensions as much as possible.
  • The organizer must draw an attack onto himself which then cements his credibility with the people.

“The organizer is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach -- 
to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God.”

  • The enemy of the people must be identified personally.
  • The enemy must be completely polarized, 100% negative, the cause one of total defeat or total victory.
  • The ends justify the means.
  • The radical targets the middle class because it is the largest, and blends in, speaks their language, dresses in their manner, uses their customs, invokes their moral principles.
  • The organizer must be unpredictable and willing to draw everyone into chaos and confusion for the sake of these moral principles.
  • Large and loud staged protests project power, even if the movement is small.

“If your organization is small in numbers,
conceal the members in the dark
but raise a din and clamor that will make the listener believe
that your organization numbers many more than it does.”

  • Get people to act before thinking.
  • React with shock and horror when the enemy commits any error, misspeaks, etc.
  • Goad the enemy mercilessly, laugh at the enemy, deride the enemy. Use ridicule.
  • Organizers should always have more than one "fight in the bank," a stockpile of crusades that they can switch between to keep momentum going.
  • Short jail incidents strengthen the movement.
It is important to recognize that being able to successfully manipulate people, and teaching methods of successfully manipulating people, is not considered unethical by everyone. In fact, it is a special skill prized in our society, prized in politics. Manipulating.... leading.... what's the difference....?

“Charming and self-absorbed, Alinsky would entertain friends with stories -- some true, many embellished -- from his mob days [he was a friend of Al Capone - ed.] for decades afterward. He was profane, outspoken, and narcissistic, always the center of attention despite his tweedy, academic look and thick, horn-rimmed glasses.”

A charming, self-absorbed, narcissistic, embellishing, atheistic, mob-connected, master manipulator, STUDIED AND REVERED by people currently running this country, and the world.


Consider all the protests of the past year. Hopefully you were reading Aangirfan instead of watching Wolf Blitzer. Otherwise you might think that was all really real. But even in the blogosphere, consider some of the things that happen. It is the perfect environment, in many respects, to disrupt and neutralize effective voices.

These agents have been trained in methods which were developed for the Department of Defense, and perfected over decades, for purposes of psychological warfare. The organizer blends into the target group, becomes outspoken -- the most passionate for the cause, and then draws an attack onto himself to cement his credibility.

The guy in the center, with colorful and stylish scarf... he looks *extra* angry, *extra* committed.
A photo of Tunisia, at the beginning of the Arab Spring....? Or someplace else.
Strange that only the people in the foreground are yelling.
Lucky that the photographer happened to be in just the right place to capture this moment.

Image source: http://anatheimp.blogspot.com/2011/02/arab-winter.html

Another one. Caption reads: 
"Masked plainclothes police officers take away an alleged rioter on a motorbike during clashes in Tunis. (AP/Chokri Mahjoub)"
That masked officer is really holding that knife very securely with his fingertips? Because he is very concerned that the dramatic young man with the very long arms will grab it out of his hand? While those other couple of white guys look on? And there are no crowds around in the rioting city?
High School Drama Club?

The Delphi Technique technique was developed at the RAND Corporation in the 1950s for the US.Department of Defense.

The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the opinion of experts without necessarily bringing them together face to face. In Educating for the New World Order by Bev Eakman, the reader finds reference upon reference for the need to preserve the illusion that there is "Lay, or community, participation in the decision­ making process), while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out."

A specialized use of this technique was developed for teachers, the "Alinsky Method" (ibid., p. 123). The setting or group is, however, immaterial the point is that people in groups tend to share a certain knowledge base and display certain identifiable characteristics (known as group dynamics). This allows for a special application of a basic technique. The "change agent" or "facilitator" goes through the motions of acting as an organizer, getting each person in the target group to elicit expression of their concerns about a program, project, or policy in question. The facilitator listens attentively, forms "task forces," "urges everyone to make lists," and so on. While she is doing this, the facilitator learns something about each member of the target group. He/she identifies the "leaders," the "loud mouths," as well as those who frequently turn sides during the argument ­ the "weak or non­committal."

Suddenly, the amiable facilitator becomes "devil's advocate." He/she dons his professional agitator hat. Using the "divide and conquer" technique, he/she manipulates one group opinion against the other. This is accomplished by manipulating those who are out of step to appear "ridiculous, unknowledgeable, inarticulate, or dogmatic." He/she wants certain members of the group to become angry, thereby forcing tensions to accelerate. The facilitator is well trained in psychological manipulation. S/He is able to predict the reactions of each group member. Individuals in opposition to the policy or program will be shut out of the group.

The method works. It is very effective with parents, teachers, school children, and any community group. The "targets" rarely, if ever, know that they are being manipulated. If they do suspect this is happening, they do not know how to end the process. The desired result is for group polarization, and for the facilitator to become accepted as a member of the group and group process. He/she will then throw the desired idea on the table and ask for opinions during discussion. Very soon his/her associates from the divided group begin to adopt the idea as if it were their own, and pressure the entire group to accept the proposition.

This technique is a very unethical method of achieving consensus on a controversial topic in group settings. It requires well­ trained professionals who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against the other, so as to make one viewpoint appear ridiculous so the other becomes "sensible" whether such is warranted or not.
Click through to read how to disrupt the technique. Also see The Delphi Technique: Let's Stop Being Manipulated!

1. Don't lose your temper.
2. Stay focused.
3. Be persistent.
4. Work with partners.

"The Delphi Method discourages and attempts to eliminate any bias in the solution of a problem." ~ Project Management Communications Bible

Bias meaning: any ideas not pre-approved.

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