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Fred's brother

We want to quickly revisit the Poppo / Eugene narrative to note a bit of "progression" in the story. You may recall that one of the holes in the narrative was the mysterious friend that Eugene went to meet just before he magically turned into a cannibal zombie...? "Eugene’s on-again, off-again girlfriend said he woke her up at 5:30 a.m. to say he was going to meet with a “homeboy.” She said she found it strange he was rummaging the closet so early in morning. He didn’t name the friend or say where he was going." The friend is mentioned in many stories but not named. Just glossed right over. Well, now we know, well, sort of. We know his BROTHER, Fred. Also, they tell us the crime may not have been random, that Eugene "KNEW" his victim, according to Fred, who remembers. They met Poppo once before. It was random *that* time, b

kingpin taken out - updated

UPDATES at the bottom. ^^^^^^^ Voltaire Network reports that newly appointed head of Saudi intelligence Bandar Bush has been eliminated by Syria in retaliation for the July 18 attack that took out several Syrian generals. "Though not yet announced by the Saudi authorities, the death of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been confirmed to Voltaire Network unofficially.".... "His death constitutes a serious blow to the whole system of Western covert action in the Muslim world. It took Syria only eight days to mount this spectacular reprisal operation." A HUGE blow delivered by Syria. Wow. Stunning news. We wonder how Team NATO will spin it. UPDATE: For some context... This reportedly occurred July 26. Still no announcement. Must be a HUGE embarrassment and disappointment, given the gloating over his appointment. 7/12/12: Prince Bandar bin Sultan (Bandar Bush) named new Saudi

the fuse that connects the hemispheres

A quick update on the Hezbollah narrative. ACCORDING TO THE NARRATIVE, Hezbollah has been set up as the fuse that will connect the hemispheres. A terrorist attack in the Western hemisphere will be traced back to the places that need to be attacked in the East, like Syria and Lebanon and Iran. The narrative groundwork has been laid for this for a very long time, and that's what the experts will come forth to say at the appropriate time because that's what they've been saying for years. So they will appear to have credibility. But of course, it is a narrative. A story. They need the story because most Americans don't give a shit about other people in other countries, so in order to make them care enough to GO TO WAR AGAIN, something has to connect back and HURT Americans. That's what always "changes everything," as we've seen before. People can die all day long, be murdered day after day, but until a bunch of Americans die at the hands of some t

bell book & candle

UPDATE: Also see A13's post Predictive Programming + London Olympics = The Satanic NWO Inception  -- excellent unpacking as usual by A13 and also a lot of keen observations and good links in the comment thread. ^^^^^^^^ We've been looking over the London Olympics false flag chatter, and we find it all compelling. There's no question that the elites would like to close the deal on their new order in the very near future, and that requires a major chaos-inducing event. The reports of security lapses, possible bombs in the subway system, creepy predictive programming, and abundant symbolism in the structures and logo, all do point to a bad conclusion. And yet, what if nothing happens? What if the olympics come and go and.... there's no false flag? Remember that the Tavistockean social engineers love that stress & relief business. As we contemplate the very thorough circumstantial evidence that something