projecting business as usual

Michael Fink / Rod Dyer Inc. (source) 
Artist: New York Port Authority
Title Of Album: Three Thousand Miles From Home
Year Of Release: 1977

source: http://www.israbox.com/1146359074-new-york-port-authority-three-thousand-miles-from-home-1977.html

"Named after the largest bus terminal in the U.S., New York Port Authority (NYPA) was an obscure funk/soul/disco band that was active in the Big Apple in the late '70s. The six-man band signed with Holland-Dozier-Holland's Invictus label in 1977, when its members included singer/bassist Reginald A. Brown, guitarist Melvin Miller Jr., trumpeter/percussionist Rodney J. Brown, keyboardist/trombonist Stafford M. Floyd, alto saxophonist John O. Hargrove, and drummer Monwell E. Lowndes. That year, Invictus released NYPA's debut album, Three Thousand Miles from Home, which was produced by Brian Holland and contained the single "I Don't Want to Work Today." The LP didn't sell, and in 1978, NYPA broke up without ever recording a second album. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi" source

Magna BSP, the Israeli company that made the "camera" that allegedly survived an explosion which blew the concrete off the metal in Fukushima, penetrated the American market in March 2009. It couldn't have been easier.


By the time a mid-morning break at an April 1 conference on homeland security technology in Newark took place, Israeli company representatives had shown off their high-tech technologies, and Magna had landed an American partner, AXCESS Technology Inc....
Partnerships like that were the goal of the half-day conference, which took place at NJIT: New Jersey’s Science & Technology University. Eleven Israeli companies had a chance to present their security products to an audience of about 40 mostly NJ-based companies as well as researchers and government representatives.

...The Israel Economic Mission, which organized the trip from the Israeli side, handpicked the Israeli participants with the help of the Israeli Export Institute, while NJIT officials selected the American participants.
All involved in the conference hoped partnerships would emerge. “The goal is collaboration among Israeli companies and American companies currently working in homeland security and homeland defense,” said William Marshall, vice president of military and government relations at NJIT.

Good to know that the NY and NJ port authorities are so accessible to Israeli companies, handpicked by the Israeli government:

The conference was part of a two-day program for the Israeli companies that included a meeting on March 31 with the Port Authority of NY and NJ, in which the Israeli businesses met with procurement officials and other representatives of each of the Port Authority divisions.
Both days were productive for Asher Gendelman, representing the Israeli company Agent VI, which develops products in video intelligence.
“Yesterday was about the end user, and today is about getting the product to market,” he said at the conference. He was thrilled that the March 31 meeting attracted key security personnel from the Port Authority. “Everyone was there. Normally, you can’t get them,” he said. At the conference, he pointed out representatives of some of the large U.S. companies like Sarnoff and Raytheon. “We see some different businesses, some of the 800-pound elephants,” he said.
Conference sponsors:
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • New Jersey-Israel Commission
  • America-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • ZAG S&W -- an Israeli / American law firm
  • Millennium Communications Group Inc.
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Again, this happened two years ago.

Jennifer Lake left us a comment about Magna BSP:

Magna was created within an Israeli technology development system called the "incubator network". Incubators are like mini 'silicon valleys', operated as private licensed franchises by the Israeli government to speed up investment and integration of new technical capabilities. Magna's Dimona incubator is licensed to a Life Sciences contractor, named Maayan Ventures, and the radar camera system was developed for sophisticated, and remote, "medical imaging". Presumably, this type of imaging can even be used with satellites as the U.S. GEIS (Global Emerging Infections System) seems to be adapting its network to collate this sort of data. Maayan Ventures owns at least 5 incubators throughout Israel.
Here's a link describing the relationship between the Dimona incubator "Maayan" (formerly called ATC and/or Rotem Industries) and the government: "ATC's companies operate according to the directives of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade Incubator privatization program.." www.incubators.org.il/h01000.htm --this merely clears up any doubt that Magna is an extension of the Israeli government. From there, we can see what kind of "systems" are disseminated by Magna's parent Maayan (80% owned by Maayan, and 20% owned by Rotem Industries), and take the Dimona chapter as but one example in a multiplex of "interests".


Magna is an extension of the Israeli government. In 2009 the Israeli government handpicked Magna and some other companies to participate in a NJ conference on homeland security. The New Jersey-based companies invited to participate were selected by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, with the stated goal of collaborating with Israeli companies. That was the point of the conference -- to HELP ISRAELI COMPANIES, which may by the way be extensions of the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT, get into our homeland security business, and to work with the port authorities. Coincidentally, Magna also installed the security system at Fukushima about a year ago.

Reported March 18, 2011 in Haaretz:


The system includes cameras and a warning system, enabling the facility's security staff to monitor anyone attempting to trespass onto the site or damage the perimeter fence. The security system was designed to guard the plant against any hostile elements seeking to seize radioactive material to use in a terrorist attack.
Among the 50 Japanese workers who have remained at Fukushima amid the unfolding crisis, in an effort to bring the facility under control, are two individuals who were in Israel about three weeks ago, where they underwent training to transfer the operation of the security system to the Japanese themselves.
"We still haven't been able to make contact with them, either by phone or e-mail," Magna CEO Haim Siboni said yesterday. "We know they're alive, but it's not clear if they are healthy due to the high level of radiation at the reactor, which is life-threatening."
...Although there is no access to the area, Siboni said the cameras from his company's security system - which were installed high up - were probably not damaged and likely captured the post-earthquake explosions at the site, as well as the impact of the tsunami.
Magna BSP was established by Siboni about 10 years ago and is owned by several partners. Based in Dimona, the firm employs 15 people, a number which Siboni expects to expand dramatically in light of additional orders Magna has received from Japan and interest shown by the operators of nuclear reactors in other countries. Its operations in Japan are conducted through a Japanese government firm.
"We have an agreement in principle with the Japanese that we will provide protection for all of the country's nuclear reactors," Siboni said.
Magna had planned to send additional security equipment to Japan next week. The Japanese have not asked that the shipment be halted, Siboni said, adding: "They are projecting business as usual."
Business is booming then?

remarkable coincidence



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the malignant flowering of curiosity

We can "know" something in the marrow of our bones, but can we prove it? No we can't. But by surveying the evidence, studying behavior, and drawing conclusions through inductive and deductive reasoning, we can detect and note PATTERNS.


Now we can see why there needs to be a flu psyop... ? If radiation -- POISON -- causes the disease known as polio, and that disease is substantially related to the disease known as influenza, and there's an "outbreak" of the influenza disease due to all the POISON in the environment.....? The disease cannot be tied back to the radiation. Thus a new scientific narrative is required, and a new vaccine. The flu psyop covers for the intentional (False Flag / "Act of God" / "Human Error") poisoning, and furthermore TREATS the poisoning with: MORE POISON! People, that is a win win win if we ever saw one.

Now we know that unspeakable amounts of radiation have been released into the atmosphere. Flu season in the US runs from fall through early spring. We will go out on a limb here and predict a really bad flu season, maybe even the horrible mutation they've been warning us would happen eventually? The West Coast will be hit very hard, but many important people will be spared. Just lucky we guess.

Why do we think such a thing might be possible? Because it fits the pattern of events that have already transpired, things we and others have been studying and writing about for the past several years.

The pattern of bad things happening and being blamed on the wrong parties. False flags.

Can we point to a pattern of testing on humans without their informed consent? 

Yes. Here are four books documenting radioactive, chemical and biological weapons and substances testing on US citizens, by the US government.

Between April 1945, scant months before the bombing of Hiroshima, and July 1947, the scientists of the Manhattan Project followed the construction of the atomic bomb with a chilling second act: medical experimentation on hundreds of unsuspecting Americans....But the radiation experiments did not end there, nor even with the end of World War II. The malignant flowering of curiosity about the effects of radiation on humans continued for three more decades. Until the 1970s, government scientists and physicians made use of unwitting Americans in order to discover the effects of exposure. Scientists already knew that radiation was dangerous....But scientists wanted to know more. What types of physiologic damage were caused by specific levels of radiation? So, in hospitals, schools, and other institutions across the nation, they administered amounts of plutonium, x-rays, gamma rays, and radium that far exceeded established tolerance limits... [From The New England Journal of Medicine, December 16, 1999, reviewing The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War, by Eileen Welsome]

Does anyone seriously think they STOPPED EXPERIMENTING in the 1970s??? Because our common sense tells us they most certainly have not stopped a damn thing. Experiments continue apace.

Jennifer Lake has also collected a lot of information about the secret testing on humans and animals that has gone on over the decades, under the rubric of Health Physics. See, for instance, this post: Was the Polio Vaccine a Radiation Experiment?

The military medical staff that had overseen the Manhattan Project reorganized in the era of Nuclear Testing and developed Health Physics to examine the effects of fallout and industrial use of radioactive materials. At that time in 1947, the document states, “many critical problems of far-reaching scope remain to be solved. Information concerning the method of production of these injurious effects in body tissues is almost completely lacking. No methods are available which might stop or delay the development of radiation injuries. No therapeutic measures are at hand….Such problems relate to the fundamental nature of living matter…”.
...The document goes on with recommending “study of casualty effects. Field study of fission clouds, possible injury to water supply, soil, and the like, human damage by population surveys…”  …and… “Feeding experiments using radioactive materials in the foods”… “…methods of determining the amount of plutonium, polonium, uranium, etc. that are fixed in the body” and to “bring to light entirely new problems with unknown hazards and unpredictable safeguards”… Large scale biological work is mandatory“.
In 1953, seven years after drafting the Health Physics document, the secret Wilson Memorandum shows the government finally giving itself permission to experiment on the population, despite the many decades of doing so less officially. The field testing of the Salk “IPV” vaccine began in 1953. This followed the “gamma globulin trials” of 1951 in Provo, Utah.

Can we point to a pattern of false causality on important matters?

Yes. Consider the assertion that Muslims hate us for our freedoms. Consider the assertion that two jets caused steel and concrete building to fall into their own footprints defying the laws of chemistry and physics. Consider the assertion that voting leads to substantial change. Consider how frequently we now experience  100-year floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes. Consider how frequently disasters and accidents are blamed on Acts of God and/or Human Error. In fact we are presented with false causality so frequently it hardly bears remarking upon.

Just imagine the narrative possibilities opened up by conducting secret testing on humans without their informed consent.

Multiple choice: What causes influenza?





What other possibilities exist?

Just imagine for a moment, what might happen if, say, a few people in some unspecified city contracted smallpox, which as we recently learned, is actually a disease carried by bedbugs. What would be the most likely explanation offered, when even one case of smallpox is considered a public health emergency? We give a 99.99% chance that it would be blamed on a group of people tied back to a country in the cross-hairs.

May 23, 2011 (CIDRAP News) – A World Health Assembly (WHA) committee that took up a resolution to destroy the remaining stocks of smallpox virus failed to reach an agreement today, despite a working group's attempts to find an acceptable solution.
Last December an expert group commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report recommending that researchers and regulators work together to find new ways to test smallpox countermeasures so that remaining stocks of smallpox virus can be destroyed.
Though smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s, the United States and Russia have kept supplies of the virus, and researchers have continued to work on vaccines and antivirals for use in the event of a biological attack.
In 1996 the WHA agreed that the virus stocks should be destroyed, but it has postponed the decision four times....Russia and the United States are pushing to retain their smallpox virus stocks in order to do additional research and are hoping to postpone setting a destruction date for 5 more years, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today. Other delegations supporting that stance were the European Union, Canada, Israel, Monaco, Colombia, and China, the report said.
However, about 20 other countries, many of them developing nations in Africa and Asia, said the resolution should call for the immediate destruction of the virus stocks, according to AFP. During today's deliberations in the main committee, Iran proposed a vote on the issue, Reuters reported. The move was unusual, because the WHA typically reaches its decisions by consensus, the story said. The other nations rejected Iran's suggestion and opted instead to set up a working group to reach a compromise.

Iran at odds with US, Russia on smallpox stocks

GENEVA, May 23 (Reuters) - Iran spearheaded opposition on Monday to a U.S. and Russian-backed plan to postpone fixing a date to destroy the world's last known stocks of live smallpox virus...."You could say Iran is using this issue," a source close to the discussions told Reuters on condition of anonymity. "But it isn't just Iran. It's more or less a division between the developed and the developing world."

Sec. Sebelius: Concern that smallpox virus exists outside "official laboratories"

"We are concerned that the smallpox virus still exists outside the official laboratories and could be released intentionally or used as a virus weapon," Sebelius said at the World Health Organization’s 64th assembly, reported AFP.

...According to the FDA, there are two licensed smallpox vaccines: Dryvax, which was manufactured by Wyeth Laboratories, Inc., of Madison, NJ, and ACAM2000, which is manufactured by Acambis, Inc., of Cambridge, England and Cambridge, MA. Also, the FDA said, on May 2, 2005, CBER licensed Vaccinia Immune Globulin, Intravenous (VIGIV) manufactured by Cangene Corporation of Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada; VIGIV is used to treat rare serious complications of smallpox vaccination.

BARDA awards $3 billion in vaccine contracts for eradicated smallpox

...Two biopharm companies are in a spat over a US government awarded contract to develop a smallpox vaccine, as the U.S. continues to refuse to submit to international arms control inspections of its “dual use” biodefense-bioweapons labs....It’s likely, though, that both Siga’s ST-246 and Chimerix’ CMX001 will be funded by the US government. BARDA Director Dr. Robin Robinson stated, “A critical component of the U.S. strategy for protecting the public against intentional or unintentional release of the smallpox virus is having two smallpox antiviral drugs.”

...With one-fifth of the nation unemployed, one has to wonder at the federal government using taxpayer dollars to fund vaccine development for a disease that has been officially eradicated....The claimed need to protect against smallpox appears to be a ruse for the development of its use as a bioweapon.

Or, alternatively, smallpox has been retained to JUSTIFY developing the vaccines as bioweapons.

In the unlikely event that an "intentional or unintentional release" of something take place, all sorts of drugs have been stockpiled by the government. FOR YOUR SAFETY OF COURSE.


  • "The medicine in the SNS is FREE for everyone."
  • "An act of terrorism (or a large scale natural disaster) targeting the U.S. civilian population will require rapid access to large quantities of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies."

  • "The decision to deploy SNS assets may be based on evidence showing the overt release of an agent that might adversely affect public health. It is more likely, however, that subtle indicators, such as unusual morbidity and/or mortality identified through the nation's disease outbreak surveillance and epidemiology network, will alert health officials to the possibility (and confirmation) of a biological or chemical incident or a national emergency. To receive SNS assets, the affected state's governor's office will directly request the deployment of the SNS assets from CDC or HHS. HHS, CDC, and other federal officials will evaluate the situation and determine a prompt course of action."  

So essentially, all that is needed now is a reason to JUSTIFY distributing all these "medicines." And actually, we'll just have to take their word for it. Because it may be "subtle indicators" that alert the health officials to the national emergency. In the case of smallpox, just ONE case would likely trigger millions of doses of vaccines.

And you wouldn't want to be the family that refuses to take the FREE MEDICINE offered by the government, putting everyone at risk of contracting SMALLPOX or something.... would you?


eat fresh produce

We noted the other day some stories about bedbugs in Vancouver.

Recently, a Vancouver neighborhood saw a spike in bed bugs, MRSA, and another antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria, VRE. Health care workers found bed bugs on three patients recently hospitalized with MRSA. They smushed the bugs, and analyzed the remains. Three of the bugs had MRSA and two had VRE. It's important to note that the bed bugs were found on infected people, and so they very well might have picked up MRSA from the humans, not given it to them. (If the bugs did pick it up, it's pretty much what they deserved.)

Bedbugs have plagued humans for centuries. Then, after a half a century of relative inactivity, the bedbugs suddenly started up again in the late 1990s. Hmm. Kind of strange. And of course, the bedbugs are harder to kill than ever. Scientists hypothesize what's up with that.

In the 1940s and ’50s, liberal use of DDT and other insecticides all but wiped out the pests. Scientists hypothesize that the few that survived proliferated—females can lay up to five eggs a day, and 500 during a lifetime—and passed along pesticide-resistant traits. Millions of bedbug generations later, scientists are finally zeroing in on how, exactly, bedbugs made their comeback.
Possibilities include:
  • thicker skin repels pesticides
  • faster metabolism repels pesticides
  • chemical blocking repels pesticides
  • Fort Detrick bio-engineered a bedbug that repels pesticides

Just kidding! The scientists didn't actually hypothesize about Fort Detrick. That was us.

However, it's interesting to note that bedbugs have become a real problem in the last decade. Bedbug infestations cause tremendous psychological suffering and can also result in people losing their possessions when they have exhausted their efforts and resources trying to eradicate the virulent bedbugs.

May 17, 2011: ABC News: Bed Bugs May Trigger 'Bedbug Psychosis'

Researchers found that bedbug infestation, and often the media frenzy surrounding the vermin, may increase the risk of mental health problems and exacerbate pre-existing psychiatric conditions.
"Bedbugs, mice, rats roaches -- they've bothered human beings, and they have been around for many many years," Dr. Evan Rieder, a psychiatrist at New York University's Langone Medical Center and lead author of the study, told MedPage Today. "But there's something about the sanctity of the bedroom and the bed and the fact that bedbugs are attracted to warmth and attracted to blood, because that's how they feed, that really violates something that's really personal to the human experience."
Ten people, ranging in age from 21 to 75, participated in the study, but the researchers presented a detailed review of six of the 10 cases at the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Honolulu. After a bedbug infestation, some participants experienced anxiety, depression, controlled bipolar disorder and monosymptomatic delusional disorder in which one imagines that bugs are crawling all over the skin.
For other participants, it didn't take an actual infestation to trigger anxiety and symptoms of paranoia. Rieder said some of them exhibited tactile hallucinations. Even though they did not have a history of an infestation nor a history of psychosis, the participants were convinced that bedbugs were crawling on their skin. Rieder said the swirling media coverage surrounding the vermin may play a part in the paranoia that surrounds this condition.

Let's recap here:
1. Bedbugs cause sever mental health problems for a wide variety of people.
2. Bedbugs feed on blood when people sleep, causing a severe violation of an essential human function -- sleep -- in one of the most personal spaces of the home -- the bedroom. In short, they freak people out.
3. The media frenzy exacerbates the paranoia people feel about bedbugs.
Look at it this way. If you wanted to destabilize a population, bedbugs would make a really great bioweapon. Extremely effective. Completely deniable. There is that mysterious gap from the 1940s to the 1990s. Why didn't the bedbugs bother people much for millions of bedbug generations? Why did they suddenly reappear on the scene in the late 1990s, suddenly extra difficult to kill?


We read about the bedbugs in Vancouver, and then we read Jennifer Lake's blog about polio and influenza. And in our research about polio and influenza we watched this video, featuring Desiree Rover (the woman in the top video), and around minute 13 she mentions cimex lectuarius, which are bedbugs. The video link will open to this slide. And we were stunned to learn that a Dr. A.R. Campbell, 1865-1931, conducted extensive research on smallpox, and he discovered that smallpox was caused by bedbugs. Furthermore, it did not spread person to person, or through the air, or through clothing, but it struck people with poor hygiene and vitamin C deficiency.

"In considering this malady, I quickly became impressed with two distinctive peculiarities of it, viz: Its being a disease of the winter and of the coldest climates, and that, as a rule, it is confined to the lower or filthy classes." Resume of Experiments on Variola, by Charles A.R. Campbell, M.D.

One would note at this link that a Russian scientist had arrived at the same conclusions as Dr. Campbell. One might also note the strong connection to poor nutrition and crop failures:

The most important observation on the medical aspect of this disease is the cachexia with which it is invariably associated and which is actually the soil requisite for its different degrees of virulence. I refer to the scorbutic cachexia. Among the lower classes of people this particular acquired constitutional perversion of nutrition is most prevalent, primarily on account of their poverty, but also because of the fact that they care little or nothing for fruits or vegetables. That a most intimate connection exists between variola and scorbutus is evidenced by the fact that it is most prevalent among the poor or filthy class of people ; that it is more prevalent in winter, when the antiscorbutics are scarce and high priced; and, finally, that the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox. A failure of the fruit crop in any particularly large area is always followed the succeeding winter by the presence of smallpox.

Very, very interesting reading.

Also see here: Infectiousness of Smallpox and here: Study test defrosted smallpox vaccine, just in case, NY Times, October 2002

The United States stopped smallpox vaccinations in 1972 because the disease had been wiped out in the Americas. Globally, it was eradicated in 1980, and most other countries also stopped vaccinating. An important part of the reason that countries willingly gave up vaccination once the disease was no longer a real threat is that the smallpox vaccine, more than any other vaccine, carries a significant risk of serious complications. For every million people vaccinate, 1 or 2 die, 15 suffer life-threatening complications and hundreds of others have serious skin rashes, infections or other problems.

One might further note the multitude of crop failures current and expected due to the many freak weather events. One might wonder just how long before one of these poor people in Vancouver or anywhere acquires smallpox from an infected bedbug, and then all hell will break loose. They would have a few different ways to play it, starting we would guess with: Everyone Must Be Vaccinated Immediately.

Who was Dr. Charles Campbell? Why has modern organized medicineforgotten his work?, by Walene James
...If Dr. Campbell and his work were common knowledge today, people would view the Bush administration's plan to vaccinate every man, woman and child in America against smallpox as the most medically illogical public health policy since blood letting.

...Even though Drs. Campbell and Watts and possibly others tried to publish their findings their work was ignored. However, it was Dr. Campbell who first called attention to the bedbug as the carrier of smallpox. I might mention that Dr. Campbell was recognized as an outstanding scientist of his generation, even being nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work on the value of bats as mosquito eradicators. Today he is all but forgotten. Few have heard of him and now smallpox is considered highly contagious and dangerous with no known cure.

Why is one doctor honored and the other ignored? When cimex lectularius was exposed as the carrier of smallpox, the manufacturing of serums had grown into a profitable industry and smallpox vaccinations had become a lucrative part of medical practice. The vaccination of every child had become an established practice. Many states had laws making vaccinations compulsory for school entrance requirements. When the cause and control of yellow fever was discovered, the vaccine for it had not been developed (It was developed in 1937).
Perhaps even more economically threatening was Dr. Campbell's assertion that a change in diet, not drugs or vaccines, could prevent the pocking or pitting of smallpox, even mitigating the severity of the disease.

It was called the filth disease. The invention of electricity and the washing machine was the cause for the great drop in smallpox seen in the 20th century -- not vaccination.

Vaccination is the the greatest crime against humanity. It is assault with a deadly weapon. The vaccine that the regime in Washington and the medical profession are planning to use on the American people has nothing to do with smallpox. It is probably a strain of the deadly 1918 virus that was falsely called the Spanish Flu and that killed more people than any other plague in history.


layers and layers of poison

If you prick us do we not bleed? 
If you tickle us do we not laugh? 
If you poison us do we not die? 
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? 
~ William Shakespeare

While contemplating the scope of the disaster that is Fukushima, we find it inconceivable that all this pollution would be unleashed into the environment unless there are antidotes to protect selected populations from the genetic damage. This line of research led to Prussian Blue and Peter Kawaja. Peter Kawaja connects back to Leuren Moret. Leuren Moret and Alfred Lambremont Webre connect to weather modification and the alien agenda. Weather modification and the alien agenda connects to all sorts of black budget R&D, and to the psychopathic, murderous mindset of the people in power, which brings us right back to Fukushima.

Here you can read about some other anti-radiation drugs and their connections to people like George Soros and Jerome Hauer. After 9/11, Hollis-Eden "shifted the company's primary focus to developing a nuclear antidote."

Developing, not discovering. Developing.
Jerome Hauer, a leading figure in the events of September 11, became a director of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals in 2004.
“Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a development-stage pharmaceutical company based in San Diego, California, working to become the world leader in the development of a new class of investigational drugs known as Immune Regulating Hormones (IRHs). The goal of IRH therapy is to direct, through controlling gene expression, the production of key cytokines and enzymes that re-regulate immune and metabolic functions”…
“Hollis-Eden’s political and scientific quest to get a potential BioShield drug approved and purchased by the federal government could serve as a road map for biotechs with similar ambitions. For Hollis-Eden, the road to Washington began at Ground Zero. Just days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001, Hollis said he received a telephone call from Navy Adm. James Zimble, a top military health official.”
This information fortuitously led us to the amazing Jennifer Lake's blog.

Among all this excellent research she has another entire blog dedicated to polio, and the real history of polio.

The secret of polio is hiding in plain sight if one but looks. In 2000, the US Congress held hearings for the testimony of doctors on the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. It must have been a near repeat of an event 50 years earlier when Drs. Biskind and Scobey stood in front of the Senators and told them what was crippling American kids –nerve poisons! Speaking on behalf of the GWS researchers, Dr. Howard Urnovitz happened to relate his graduate experience in the lab inducing polio in animals with chemicals or radiation.  Radiation! Why has no one else told us that radiation causes polio? The obvious answer is that we might dig into the record and find out that almost everything we learned about disease is a lie and we totter now on the brink of losing the last domain which we thought was truly our own –our genes and chromosomes. If the establishment choice of  ‘treatment’ is an indication of how we are being targeted for control, Dr Urnovitz’s words are right on the money. “It’s not the germs –it’s the genome.”

From the written testimony of Dr. Howard Urnovitz to congress in August 1999:

To put it simply, are we embarking on a course that will vaccinate people against their own genes?...On the issue of informed consent: Had my mother and father known that the polio virus vaccines of the 1950s were heavily contaminated with more than 26 monkey viruses, including the cancer virus SV40, I can say with certainty that they would not have allowed their children and themselves to take those vaccines.  Both of my parents might not have developed cancers suspected of being vaccine-related, and might even be alive today.  Government, industry, and medicine should embrace the ethical principle of informed consent about possible adverse reactions associated with vaccines.

As Jennifer Lake explains about the polio vaccine: "...the official historical record began erasing polio as quickly as possible in the mid-1950s in order to give the appearance of creating a successful vaccine –successful, not in the ordinary sense, but in the triumphant and heroic sense of the Greatest Medical Achievement of All Time!"

BECAUSE, what caused polio? RADIATION. And that fact needed to be covered up, so a NARRATIVE was created about polio and the polio vaccine.
The imperative of covering up the radiation cause of polio, and “racing for a vaccine” after 1945, is obvious in retrospect. The military-medical establishment put its top guns on the task. The anomalous propaganda and distortion of polio takes on a meaningful light with the knowledge that Operation Polio was integral to maintaining and advancing nuclear weapons. The Salk vaccine was a massive radiation experiment. See the Atomic Weapons page for the timing of this event http://polioforever.wordpress.com/atomic-weapons/
Mind blowing. In addition, we learn the close relationship between polio and influenza:

Polio and influenza have always shared a close relationship, more than just the interest and effort of the same scientists. They are nearly identical viruses –influenza virus being a double-sized version– sharing the same fundamental qualities with little difference in the symptoms of infection. We should be asking our doctors if influenza is also a disease of poisoning by chemicals and radiation. The evidence demonstrates that it is.

Now we can see why there needs to be a flu psyop... ? If radiation -- POISON -- causes the disease known as polio, and that disease is substantially related to the disease known as influenza, and there's an "outbreak" of the influenza disease due to all the POISON in the environment.....? The disease cannot be tied back to the radiation. Thus a new scientific narrative is required, and a new vaccine. The flu psyop covers for the intentional (False Flag / "Act of God" / "Human Error") poisoning, and furthermore TREATS the poisoning with: MORE POISON! People, that is a win win win if we ever saw one.

Now we know that unspeakable amounts of radiation have been released into the atmosphere. Flu season in the US runs from fall through early spring. We will go out on a limb here and predict a really bad flu season, maybe even the horrible mutation they've been warning us would happen eventually? The West Coast will be hit very hard, but many important people will be spared. Just lucky we guess.

Absolutely phenomenal research by Jennifer Lake, and lots of it. Please check it out.


pimping the suicide bombers

Condi says, "You have to act on the intelligence that you have."

And in that short statement, she names the game. Condi LOVES some good hot intelligence, and she knows where to get it, and how to pimp it. And don't you be giving her any attitude about that intelligence. It's worth every drop of blood that other people shed to pay for it.

A Haughty Fucking Bitch, if we ever saw one. And we have seen a few.

Condi repeatedly references the intelligence. The intelligence is like this magic black box with heroes inside, heroes like Jack Bauer. And every administration trots out the findings of these intelligence people, and uses these findings to justify killing people.

"Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas.
If it tastes like chicken, looks like chicken, and feels like chicken, but Jack Bauer says its beef, you better believe it’s beef.
Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.
Jack Bauer once won a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves.
Jack Bauer has been to Mars. That’s why there’s no life on Mars."


But REGRETTABLY, the intelligence turned out to be bad. But that is not Condi's fault. Nor does it seem to be the intelligence people's fault. They all did the best they could, see? Who could have imagined that the intelligence could be bad? So Condi and the Bush administration went ahead and ACTED on the (BAD) INTELLIGENCE provided, and then later, after millions of people have been killed maimed displaced or otherwise destroyed, she skips onto a teevee interview and ACTS like all that was perfectly ACCEPTABLE. Like YOU would have done the SAME EXACT THING.


Now Lawrence can't say this, because he gets paid the big bucks on teevee, but we can. The problem is that the facts are manipulated, the history is manipulated, and the intelligence is manipulated. Thus the entire threat assessment is bogus, and the actions -- meaning the destruction of several countries -- was never justified. And Condi of course knows all of this because she was on the inside of the machine, which is why she adopts this stiff, haughty demeanor. Because she resents having to be on the defensive. She finds that exceedingly insubordinate of Lawrence.

How easy is it to murder an individual person and get away with it? Maybe not that easy. How easy is it to murder people by the thousands and get away with it. That, my friends, is MUCH EASIER. It only needs to be cloaked in policy and done for "national security," based on the INTELLIGENCE PROVIDED. This is exactly what Condi takes great pains to explain to Lawrence. Even if some people have to die, it's always going to be worth it.

Condi says, starting before minute 4:00: "Nothing of value is ever won without sacrifice. Of course, the lives lost will never be brought back. But in Iraq, that is NOT a threat to invade its neighbors, NOT a threat to reconstitute its weapons of mass destruction, NOT a threat to pimp to play uh Palestinian terrorists uh as suicide bombers. That's gonna be a better Iraq, and a better Middle East. And so, in fact, uh I think that what we did in Iraq will be demonstrated by history to be an important part, an important pillar, of a new Middle East."

Yes she did say PIMP. According to Condi, Iraq will no longer be a threat to PIMP Palestinian terrorists as suicide bombers. We don't know about you, but gee whiz, oh phew. We were really worried about the Iraqis pimping Palestinian suicide bombers.....? When exactly was this ever a problem? Why exactly is she talking about pimping Palestinian suicide bombers?

Condi's balkanized "new" Middle East, click to enlarge.

And here's Iraq, the "better" Iraq that Condi thinks exists, with half a million people living in garbage slums surrounding Baghdad.


"We lived with injustice during Saddam, but now it’s worse," he said. "The government does nothing." ~ Thijel Ebrah, 58, father of five
"Those people need to pick up garbage because there are no chances to work," said the governor, Salah Abdul-Razzaq.

"In the future, those people will have to find jobs," he said. "That’s what we want, because they are a bad mark on our society." ~ Baghdad’s mayor, Saber al-Essaw

Condi dressed for work. She's still working it.

How loathesome is Condi Rice?
There aren't words.


wheel of misfortune - updated

Where will they come from next?
And where will they go?

UPDATE: More hyperventilating over the South American terrorist narrative, including the obligatory mention of the 1992 and 1994 Argentine bombings:

Argentine officials believe Hezbollah is still active in the TBA. They attribute the detonation of a car bomb outside Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires on 17 March 1992 to Hezbollah extremists. Officials also maintain that with Iran’s assistance, Hezbollah carried out a car-bomb attack on the main building of the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires on 18 July 1994 in protest of the Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement that year.
Plus check out this new bad guy, a Venezuelan of Syrian descent known as "The Turk" or "The Arab." Hot damn is that a trifecta? Three or four enemies in one?

Even ahead of the IISS dossier’s publication, the most shocking revelations into the global interconnectedness of Latin American governments and Middle Eastern terrorist groups have come from Walid Makled, Venezuela’s latter-day Pablo Escobar, who was arrested on August 19, 2010 in Cúcuta, a town on the Venezuelan-Colombian border. A Venezuelan of Syrian descent known variously as “El Turco” (“The Turk”) or “El Arabe” (“The Arab”), he is allegedly responsible for smuggling 10 tons of cocaine a month into the US and Europe – a full 10% of the world’s supply and 60% of Europe’s supply. His massive infrastructure and distribution network make this entirely plausible, as well as entirely implausible the Venezuelan government did not know. Makled owned Venezuela’s biggest airline, Aeropostal, huge warehouses in Venezuela’s biggest port, Puerto Cabello, and bought enormous quantities of urea (used in cocaine processing) from a government-owned chemical company.


Donde los clown pants? End update.


A13 has got an excellent post up about the possibility of Germany being 'in the crosshairs,' mentioning an excellent comment Mouser has left a few places:

"Putting the MSM announcements together, Europe is about to have a nuclear bomb set off. Which country of the G-20 is bucking at the bit of implementation of the NWO by zionist Rothschild and his crony banking families? Which country has endured over sixty years of being the 'bad guys' in the fake 6 million gas chamber holohoax? Which country has been paying repatriations (literally billions) to zionists and israel for something which never happened? Which country refused to be a part of the 'No Fly Zone' over non-IMF Libya? Which country refuses to put boots on the ground with NATO against Libya? Which country had a double rotar head-of-state helicopter accident as a warning three days sfter saying "no more" to Nitwityahoo?" (end snip)
The comments have more narrative possibilities from freethinker (click through for details):

An Iranian terror group associated with Al Qaeda are pissed off that their nuclear bomb-making plans have been stymied by Siemans and Stuxnet so take revenge by blowing up a German nuclear plant. Maybe they could use a 'Pakistani' nuke....Is nobody going to play 'Guess the Narrative' with me?

Well my (slightly) tongue-in-cheek effort was rather strained, I hadn't noticed (distracted by a wedding and death of a bogie-man) that the MSM were already laying the foundations of an Al-Qaeda-Morocco-Iran-Germany narrative.
Mm hmm. And let's not forget about the Philippines, and the Abu Sayyaf, which originated in Pakistan way back in the day.

See: foreshadowing

Security advisor: Abu Sayyaf to "disintegrate" after bin Laden's death

(Updated 5:18 p.m.) The al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group would "disintegrate" now that the international terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden is dead, National Security Adviser Cesar Garcia said Wednesday. At a press briefing in Malacañang, Garcia said the Abu Sayyaf, which is allegedly receiving money from al-Qaeda, has lost its "leadership, people, and logistics" to carry out terrorist attacks. He said a large number of Abu Sayyaf members in southern Philippines have already "lost their ideological beliefs."

Wait... wha?? It's not going to DISINTEGRATE?!?

CORRECTION: Abu Sayyaf threat in PH stays despite bin Laden's death

MANILA, Philippines—Al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, killed by US special forces in Pakistan on Monday, never set foot in the Philippines but he was an inspiration for terrorist groups, like the Abu Sayyaf, operating in the remote southern Philippine isles. On Sept. 11, 2001, when hijacked airliners slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—symbols of US economic and military might—armed men in the jungles of Basilan raised their guns and exclaimed, “Allahu Akbar (God is Great)!” They were members of the Al-Harakatul Al-Islamiya, or the Abu Sayyaf Group, a gang involved in bombing attacks and kidnap-for-ransom activities. Their jubilation was witnessed by several hostages they had taken from the Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan, the Jose Reyes Hospital in Lamitan and a coconut plantation in Tuburan. The hostages included the American missionary couple Martin and Gracia Burnham.


Well that's better. Boy that was SO LUCKY THAT THE HOSTAGES WITNESSED THE JUBILATION OF THESE TERRORISTS ON 911, huh?, because it keeps the NARRATIVE ALIVE. A little cottage industry has sprung up just from this one incident.

It's always very good to have certain things that happened ten, twenty, sixty, seventy years ago constantly brought up, while other things are so very conveniently forgotten. It's like listening to a record skip. It's that annoying.

Plus, plus people, there's always South America. We can't forget about South America.

Argentina Reaches Out to Iran Despite AMIA Charges, by Janie Hulse Najenson, May 3, 2011 in America's Quarterly



Let's see what she says.

The 1992 and 1994 bombings of the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) killing over 100 people in Buenos Aires remain fresh in the minds of Argentineans. This has been true in part because those responsible for the terrorist acts—including a few Iranian government officials—have not yet been brought to justice and the Jewish community, publicly supported by the current and previous Kirchner administrations, has relentlessly sought closure.
Let's rephrase that. She is saying that the Jewish community, supported by the current and past administration, has relentlessly sought closure. BUT those responsible for the terrorist acts, including some Iranian government officials, have not been brought to justice.
No justice, no closure, despite the relentless Jewish community on the case, with official support, keeping it alive in the minds of the Argentinians.

How can this be? How can the Jewish community, relentless and with official support, fail to hold people accountable for these 1992 and 1994 terrorist incidents?

Perhaps it has something to do with who is really responsible for those terrorist incidents? Perhaps it is just a lot more convenient to be able to bring these two incidents up over and over and over again, until people want to scream, than it would be to get to the bottom of it?

"The weapons could easily be smuggled into the United States. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization supported by the Iranian government and is no stranger to open hostilities. One need only recall the thousands of missiles and rockets the organization fired upon Israel in the summer of 2006, the many operations carried out in Lebanon and the bombing of Jewish sites in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994."

 "Iran’s longest arm stretches into Latin America. As of the early 1990s, Hezbollah had established a presence in the tri-border area between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This lawless zone enables the Khomeinist network to develop illegal financial activities and train and plan for terrorist attacks in the region. The 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center there are prime examples of Tehran’s terrorist activities and global reach."

...The 1992 attack killed 29, only 4 of them Israelis. Most of the victims were Argentine civilians and children. And the inquiries into the Argentine attacks cited as proof were cursory and marred by accusations of serious mishandling. Such as, for instance, that investigators ascertained that in BOTH CASES the explosives were inside the Israeli-controlled buildings, and did not arrive via truck-driving-suicide-bombing-Hezbollahniks.
That's right. The EVIDENCE shows something entirely different.
However, a technical report ordered by Argentina’s Supreme Court will find that the bomb was placed inside the building: “Court official Guillermo Lopez said that the investigation had ascertained that the explosives had been located on the first floor of the diplomatic headquarters. ‘The engineers established, with 99 percent certainty, the exact location where the explosives were and the quantity that was used.’” That conclusion is angrily rejected by Israel. [NotiSur, 8/16/1996] The case remains unsolved. [Ha'aretz, 3/17/2008]
Forensic Evidence - Critics will also argue that the forensic evidence suggests that the bomb exploded inside the building, rather than in the street. This will be the conclusion reached by Charles Hunter, an explosives expert with the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) who was part of the investigation. Hunter will quickly identify “major discrepancies” between the car-bomb thesis and the blast pattern recorded in photos. A report drafted two weeks later will note that, in the wake of the bombing, merchandise in a store immediately to the right of AMIA was tightly packed against its front windows and merchandise in another shop had been blown out onto the street—suggesting that the blast came from inside rather than outside. Hunter will also say he does not understand how the building across the street could still be standing if the bomb had exploded in front of AMIA. Investigators will find no conclusive evidence against any Iranian diplomat. The US ambassador to Argentina at the time, James Cheek, will comment in a 2008 article: “To my knowledge, there was never any real evidence of [Iranian responsibility]. They never came up with anything.” [Nation, 1/18/2008] Nevertheless, in November 2007, Argentina, with strong support from the US and Israel, will successfully persuade Interpol to issue arrest warrants against several Iranian officials and one Lebanese Hezbollah militant. [Wall Street Journal, 1/15/2008]
So ask yourself again, why does the Jewish community pursue this relentlessly, with official support of the current and previous administration, and yet never get any arrests of the people responsible? Answer: because they never want to get the people responsible. Because the explosives were IN THEIR OWN BUILDINGS, meaning the people responsible are Jews. Thus, it can not have happened that way. Instead they just want to repeat the FANTASY NARRATIVE over and over and over again, and let more and more time pass, so that no one will ever bother to go back and check, and eventually it will become baked in and that makes it real enough to build the next lie on.

It's important to appreciate the PATIENCE and PLANNING involved in setting these narratives up. It literally takes decades of accumulated lies, one on top of another on top of another. One must appreciate the PREMEDITATION inherent in creating such an elaborate narrative matrix. There have to be people with institutional memory in key positions in all these think tanks to effectively guide the fresh new talent, so that the narrative always advances in the preferred direction.
Back to AQ, where we read about the "very alarming" commercial ties with Iran :
More recently, however, there was a media stir instigated by a controversial Perfil news article on March 26 that accused Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman of brokering a secret deal with the Iranians to set aside the embassy and AMIA investigations in favor of increased commercial ties with Iran. Mr. Timerman did not outright deny the accusation, which ruffled feathers at home and in Israel where he was scheduled to visit a few weeks later. Tactful diplomacy and indirect denials during his official visit to Israel in early April helped smooth relations. Moreover, the newspaper did not provide evidence to back its claim and the issue has been publicly dropped. Nonetheless, the recent controversy calls into question the authenticity of the Argentinean government’s public displays of support for the AMIA cause as it more quietly seeks closeness with Iran.
It was announced by local media in April that Argentina will increase its sales of soy oil to Iran in 2011, despite political tensions resulting from Iran´s suspected involvement in the attacks. The sales to Iran will help compensate for the loss in exports to China resulting from a commercial feud in late 2010 and diminished Argentinean exports to India. Iran is Argentina’s principal maize importer and, in 2010, became the second-largest importer of soy products from the South American region.

Argentina is trading with Iran to replace lost sales to China and India. Argentina is trading with Iran "despite political tensions resulting from Iran's suspected involvement in the attacks" -- the attacks twenty years ago, for which no evidence against Iran was ever found. How big are those political tensions again? Oh they're huge.

About 2" tall. But we have a really good pump.

And it goes on.

On April 6, the Brazilian magazine Veja published an article claiming that there are more than 20 terrorists from Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaeda recruiting, raising funds and planning attacks in Brazil. According to the magazine, the Iranian Mohsen Rabbani, on Interpol´s most wanted list for his participation in the 1994 AMIA attack, visits Brazil occasionally on a false passport.
The chief prosecutor in the AMIA case, Alberto Nisman, is particularly alarmed by the Veja report. In an interview with the most widely read Argentinean daily newspaper, Clarín, Nisman explains that a false passport does not explain how the Brazilian authorities did not recognize Rabbani as his picture is in all the international capture lists put out by Interpol. Nisman was quoted by Clarín as saying ¨the Brazilian authorities could have detained him (Rabbani) if they just took minimum precaution.¨ Rabbani was the mastermind behind the AMIA center attack and, according to Nisman, his logistic coordinator Samuel Salman el Reda, had a safe-house in Sergipe 67, in Foz do Iguaçu. (the Brazilian side of the tri-border area). Nisman labels the situation ¨very serious¨ should the information about Rabbani´s travels to Brazil revealed by Veja be confirmed by his investigation.
The same day as the Veja publication, Rabbani participated in a friendly radio interview with Argentinean protest organizer and long-time Kirchner supporter, Luis D´elía. During their conversation, Rabbani denied traveling to Brazil on a false passport and claimed that he has been teaching in Iran since leaving his post as Cultural Attaché in the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1997. He also said he will not subject himself to the Argentinean justice system, calling the accusations against him ¨smoke curtains¨ for their lack of evidence. Rabbani argued, “Iran is guilty because it’s against Zionism, against racism and against the United States.”
Alberto Nisman. You can read more about him in these posts:

the Bangkok of Latin America
setting up the spotlight

He seems to be the official gatekeeper to make sure that this case never gets solved, no matter how much he bitches pisses and moans about it. No matter what happens, he just points to Iran.

The AQ article concludes with more Jewish organizations pushing the panic button:

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an international Jewish human rights organization, expressed alarm at the information published by Veja and immediately sent a letter to the Brazilian Foreign Minister, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, requesting a response to the article’s allegations and urging the government “to investigate the scope of the terror network and to move promptly to dismantle it.” Sergio Widder, the Wiesenthal Center´s Director for Latin America, quoted Brazil’s State Attorney, Alexander Camanho de Assis, who has warned that “there is a new generation of Islamist extremists in our country. It is imperative to confront this threat without delay.” As of April 25, the Center has not received any response from the government.
In March 2011, the Argentinean government officially recognized the Palestinian state as defined in 1967, before the Six Day War. This new policy shift together with the accusations of collusion with Iran raise doubts regarding the Argentinean government’s commitment to the anti-terrorism causes held up the Jewish community. Heralded as a leader of counter-terrorism in the Latin American region since the 1990s, the Argentinean government is now flirting with dictatorial, terrorist-harboring regimes like Iran. Yet Argentina is not alone as other South American countries, including Brazil, have also softened their stance toward Middle East dictators and have publicly supported the Palestinian cause.
It is clear that South American governments are more willing to do business and form strategic alliances with Middle Eastern governments. The question remains how this will affect international terrorism efforts within the region.

Accusations of collusion raise doubts. It couldn't be easier! Do the accusations have to be factual? No. Just accuse anyone of not being committed to the "ANTI-TERRORISM CAUSES HELD UP [by - sic.] THE JEWISH COMMUNITY," and you're done. The targeted government is now "flirting with dictatorial, terrorist-harboring regimes LIKE Iran." And Brazil too. Making nice with the Palestinians? Tsk tsk tsk.

Too many people getting out of line lately.

Time to make an example of someone?

Which country?

Which terrorist group?

Who will be the lucky winners?


fun with fruit nazi checkpoints

"Normal people must develop a level of patience beyond the ken of anyone living in a normal man's system just in order to explain what to do and how to do it to some obtuse mediocrity of a psychological deviant who has been placed in charge of some project that he cannot even understand, much less manage." Andrew Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology, p. 137

To wit, found at the COTO Report:

"This special kind of pedagogy -- instructing deviants while avoiding their wrath -- requires a great deal of time and effort, but it would otherwise not be possible to maintain tolerable living conditions and necessary achievements in the economic area or intellectual life of a society. Even with such efforts, pathocracy progressively intrudes everywhere and dulls everything." ~ Lobaczewski

In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, even to the lowest levels, become filled with people who have psychological deviations that CORRESPOND. The whole system becomes tuned to the deviants at the top. Intellect or professional skills cannot be taken into account when filling jobs. The main criteria for whether someone gets a job is whether the person will do the job as expected. Thus, an obnoxious, dull-witted authoritarian right-leaning type of personality is ideal to implement -- on the ground -- some of the communist-inspired schemes cooked up by obnoxious, devious, control-freak left-leaning types in the back rooms.

See, it really takes the full spectrum of ideological whack-jobs, working together, to run a society into the ground.

And it takes some people willing to resist. 4409 has done us a valuable service by demonstrating the reverse mind-fuck. Excellent job.

legal mumbo jumbo

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