let us discern together

UPDATE: Absolutely shameless fearmongering.

In response to the 19-year-old Somali "terrorist" Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who would have gotten absolutely nowhere in his terror endeavors if not for the diligent help of the FBI setting him up as a patsy...

So far, "we keep getting lucky," says retired Air Force colonel Randall Larsen, the chief executive officer of the WMD Terrorism Research Center. However, he says, sooner or later, that luck will run out: "We just can't get them all."...
John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military information site, says Mohamud's arrest seems to be the result of "1% his inspiration and 99% FBI perspiration." He says the FBI's effort to disrupt and deter attacks seems to be working. However, he cautions that there will be another attack.
"Most of those they are catching, their main crime is stupidity," he says. "But we can't depend on the stupidity of the enemy forever." (USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-11-29-bombplot29_ST_N.htm)
The enemy's stupidity. You betcha.


An analyst writing from Tel Aviv, Victor Kostev, writes for the Asia Times: Teetering Asian Dominoes Test Obama. 

Shorter: Conveniently, depending on how Obama fucks it up, this Korean crisis might just allow Israel to get away with attacking Iran.

"Domestically, with the Republicans strengthened by the November congressional elections, we must watch for an increase of attacks on Obama's record of supporting allies. Internationally, both allies and enemies will most likely exploit this and increase the pressure on the American administration. ....Should a credible argument be made that he has abandoned an ally in the form of South Korea, Obama would find it difficult to either avoid responding harshly to Iran or stop Israel from attacking."
The author cites the latest Wikileaks dump.

  1. "Moreover, as it turns out from the American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks on Sunday, Kim Jong-il had some real reasons to feel irked and threatened."
  2. "There are signs that Israel is preparing to use the distant crisis to demand that the Obama administration do more about Iran - or at least acquiesce to an Israeli military strike. "[It is] necessary today, more than in the past, to stop and to topple this crazy regime, and to stop their proliferation and provocations," Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's right-wing foreign minister, said in reference to the incident. This comes on top of WikiLeaks revelations that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak already put the matter to the Americans in grim terms. [3]"
  3. "Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia would likely add their weight to that of the Jewish state, as they were revealed to have done by the WikiLeaks and other reports. This still outlines only the start of the potential ripple effect. The situation of several other American allies is already so bad that they hardly even need a Korean paradigm to despair. Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, for example, just went hat-in-hand to Tehran [4] and started a diatribe against Israel, [5] in an apparent sign that he is ready to toe the Iranian line if that is what it will take to ensure his survival." 
WikiLeaks: Making War Easier!


Separately, WikiLeaks also shines a spotlight on Paraguay.

US embassy cables: Washington worries that Paraguay harbors Iranian agents and Islamic terrorists.

1) Terrorist Threats and Activities (TERR-2) - Information on the presence, intentions, plans and activities of terrorist groups, facilitators, and support networks - including, but not limited to, Hizballah, Hamas, al-Gama'at al-Islamiya, al-Qa'ida, jihadist media organizations, Iranian state agents or surrogates - in Paraguay, in particular in the Tri-Border Area (TBA).

We were shocked, as you can well imagine. We have written many posts about Paraguay, so we knew this day was coming, and it would be hard to pick just one post, but the point B list of April 2010 still gets a lot of views.

To refresh our memories on Paraguay: the Bangkok of Latin America, and not for nothing, in which we learn about the Tri-Border Area, the Jesuits, Chabad, organized crime, government corruption, and human trafficking, not necessarily in that order. The average American doesn't hear about Paraguay, though it's an organized crime paradise. Why is that? Paraguay not ready to come out of the crock pot yet? Maybe soon.

Back in 2002, think tanks discussed the Islamic threats bubbling in South America.

After September 11th, the U.S.-led “war on terror” moved swiftly into Afghanistan. Once the heavy combat had diminished, speculation turned to what the next target would be. The Philippines, the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Yemen, Somalia, and Indonesia were all discussed as possibilities. Except for a few disparate stories, the tri-border region of South America received little attention as a locus of terrorist activity despite a recent history of Islamist terrorist activity. But this region, which already has a history of mass casualty Islamic terrorism, is also an area of concern. (http://www.nti.org/e_research/e3_16a.html)
Oh, the Philippines (Abu Sayyaf), check. Georgia, check. Yemen, check. Somalia, check. Indonesia, check.

Last but not least...the Tri-Border Area....

Board of directors for that think tank include Ted Turner, Sam Nunn, Pete Dominici, Richard Lugar, etc. See think tanks: where experts go to reverse engineer plans for world domination.
At think tanks, experts figure out how to get from point A to point B. First they decide on point B, and then they reverse engineer how to arrive there from point A. When insiders do this, they call it "brainstorming" or "war games" or "simulations." When outsiders do this, they call it "terrorism."
This explains how a list put forth in 2002 seems so very incredibly prescient in 2010. You see, that list was not a prediction, that was a plan. That list of countries was point B: places where terrorists (will definitely) cause trouble, (just as soon as we get our people around to it).

The Tri-Border Area is on the point B list. That's why we might pay attention to this area of South America -- a very strong contender for an upcoming hot spot. Probably guaranteed.
So the thread that ties everything together is Iran. Korea crisis --> twisted into a possible justification to attack Iran. Hezbollah --> supported by Iran. Tri-border area --> Hezbollah and Iran are there.

Basically, everything is arranged so that it can be made to fit Israel's agenda. No matter what.


As a result, despite all the focus on events in Asia, we still expect something to happen closer to home. 

Watch out for these South American leaders. The social engineers have been practicing for many years in Latin America.

UNASUR pledges to isolate governments from coups, fight drug trafficking
UNASUR summit in Guyana approves democratic protocol
In attendance at the summit were Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva of Brazil, Fernando Lugo Mendez of Paraguay, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Desi Bouterse of Suriname and Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia. Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay were represented by their Foreign Ministers.

Some of these leaders are likely to be working with the terrorists on the payroll.

You can read an extensive review of the book here.

What becomes increasingly clear to the reader of “Dancing with Dynamite” is that there are many striking parallels between the US and its southern neighbors: in South America, particularly Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay and Brazil, sharp conflicts are commonplace between left social movements and “progressive” governments that often only differ nominally from their right-wing predecessors. 

Many leaders tend to be big disappointments. Many indigenous people have lost their rights, their land, their livelihoods, to leaders who betrayed them to extraction industries.

It seems that certain indigenous societies share a similar fate over time. It seems that social engineers have long understood that in order to conduct effective social engineering, the first thing to compromise are the people who live close to the land, work hard, and have strong family units.

See: the social engineers
See: and one day the owner came home and was gravely disappointed
See: practical applications
See: above reproach
See: more indigenous people in the crosshairs


The US military has a plan for South America. We found an excellent article called Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU team up on counterinsurgency.

As it has done with great success throughout the past century, the U.S. military continues to find ways to use the academy and anthropological concepts to whitewash its imperialist actions in the service of U.S. corporate profits
SOUTHCOM and FIU teamed up on a "Strategic Culture" Initiative to host workshops and issue reports on the "strategic culture" of various Latin America countries.

...The use of the term "culture" in "strategic culture" studies is key, as it is the central organizing concept of anthropology. By reframing corporate-military strategy as "culture", FIU-SOUTHCOM intentionally draws upon the legitimacy and integrity of anthropology and other social sciences to depoliticize and bolster its case for military occupation of the Americas.

Once a country is branded as having a "culture of violence," which is a PROBLEM, security in the form of military intervention becomes a logical SOLUTION.

"More importantly, it treats humans — their lives, their culture, their behavior — as means to an end." (Camelot Revisited: The DOD's New Plan for Academia, 4/17/08)

The author, Adrienne Pine, who is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at American University, also brings up the Army's Human Terrain System, run by BAE Systems, the world's largest weapons supplier. We explored HTS links to BP and more recently, Victor Bout.

See: this disaster was brought to you by
See: he is supplying plausible deniability

We can't say for certain what our point is here, but there is a great big social engineering experiment going on all around us. Let us discern and not conflate.

It is going to come to some sort of climax and victory dance. And we hope the people of the world will be victorious.

To Love Another is a Heavy Cross, by Boris Pasternak

To love another is a heavy cross;
you are beautiful, without guile,
to discern your secret
solves the riddle of life together.
Spring hears the sounds of dreams
and the rustling of truth and its message.
Your family gave you firm foundations.
Your essence is as unselfish as the wind.
It’s easy to wake and start to see,
and shake off the rubbish from one’s heart,
and, then, live, clearly, without confusion,
All of this… it’s not so hard.


another kind of ring

Another ring has come to light: animal snuff films, also known as "crushfetish."

A lot of gratuitous killing takes place in the world, every single day. We know this. What makes a story like this so upsetting to people?

Snuff films expose the death cult in a particular way. It makes the death cult real. Showing people killing, enjoying it, selling it to other people who enjoy seeing such things. It is literally anti-life -- that is the essence that makes it profitable, the gratuitous nature of it.

There really is such a thing as a death cult. It's not hyperbole. And it certainly isn't restricted to China.

Bunny-crushing videos stir Chinese online anger

BEIJING — A group of "crush fetishists" has caused an online storm in China after uploading graphic videos showing attractive young Chinese women crushing small rabbits. In the widely circulated videos, several smiling women are seen in turn cuddling and playing with small bunnies just before crushing them as other giggling girls look on.

We learn:
  • The videos have caused people to conduct a "flesh search" for the girl. And they found her.
  • The search for the girl revealed a group of animal-crushing enthusiasts organizing and financing the videos.
  • The girls are paid to crush the animals.
  • The videos are sold to fetishists who get a sexual thrill from them.
In assigning blame for such depravity, we see some divide and conquer action.

The goal of making these sick videos is to make profit; they make the videos into DVD discs and sell them to foreign countries.
Ah, the damn foreigners again.

Unfortunately, people who devalue life can be found all over the world, including in China.

As far back as 1995 reports circulated about Chinese doctors eating and selling aborted fetuses (warning: photos).

Similar stories circulated again in March 2010 (warning: photos).

So let's not get carried away with the "we made the snuff films for sick foreigners" excuses. Evil does not discriminate. It comes in all nationalities.

We see the secrecy required to produce such things.

After the rabbit killing video was released to the public, one netizen talked to me in details about these videos of killing small animals and about the insider profiteering group. He said that he had monitored the group secretly for 6 month in order to expose them. Due to the group being very secretive and exclusive, he had no progress for while. After a long period of time, he finally obtained some chat records between the group members, images and also many videos of them abusing and killing various small animals.

We hear an explanation/rationalization from a fetishist. Let us note the logic here:

In a related chat record, an Internet user named “Sound of Heaven” expressed his view about the woman killing small animals in March. He said, 

“People who like Crush Fetish are not promoting and encouraging violence and murdering people, 

but it is an extension to SM, a state, crushed to death by a woman, a spirit of sacrificing oneself for her…”
He also questioned people who attempt to make law against animal cruelty are all vegetarians.

So how does that work then? We will try to understand. Mr. Sound of Heaven seems to argue that:

1) The Crush Fetishists are not promoting and encouraging violence and murdering people, and therefore they are not so bad? Because they agree that killing people is bad? And they don't do that? Unlike some other people?

2) The videos act out their feelings of being crushed to death by a woman? Dying for love? And this is an extension of SM -- sado-masochism? Watching girls kill innocent, furry, helpless animals helps Mr. Sound of Heaven get in touch with his own feelings of impotence? He relates to the innocent, furry, helpless animal being crushed? He feels the animal's pain? Or is it that he feels the girl's pleasure in crushing the animal?

3) If you eat meat you can't protest crush videos because killing animals for food is also cruel and therefore he conflates all killing of animals together? There is no difference whether one kills an animal to eat versus whether one kills an animal to soothe one's hurt feelings? So stop judging unless you are a vegetarian?

We think Mr. Sound of Heaven seems a little confused.


Allegedly, after being discovered by outraged Chinese netizens, the rabbit-crushing girl has come forth to apologize.

Allegedly, the girl is from a wealthy family. She is not a poor girl who had to work in order to survive. The videos were made several years ago. She is now married.

Who is “Rabbit-Abusing Girl?”

Within a QQ group for a certain class of a certain middle school in Leshan, there are many classmates who testify that the girl wearing white in the video is Huang Xiaoxiao. When attending high school, Huang Xiaoxiao’s family’s financial situation was very good, but she kept a low-profile, had a gentle personality, liked English, and liked keeping little animals as pets.

Why “abuse the rabbit”?

When looking for part-time work, her boss had her wear high heels and step on fruits, saying the video was to be published abroad. Afterward, the boss graduation changed the object that was stepped on to fish, worms, lobsters, and other living things, even threatening her that if she did not continue [to do the job, stepping on things], he would publicly release the videos onto the domestic Chinese internet.

She says the job caused her emotional trauma.

“Fan Fan” said, her boss at the time had her begin with stepping on bread, gradually leading to her stepping on insects/bugs, lobsters, and rabbits. All these years, she has been carrying this psychological burden. After the video came to light, she has actually experienced some relief, and is willing to go through Huaxi City Newspaper to apologize to all of the animals she has abused and killed in the past, and apologize to all of the netizens whose feelings have been hurt…
Relief? She also said she felt suicidal.

Some who identified her as a schoolgirl said she occasionally fell into a bit of a trance.

There was also a schoolmate who said that she would sometimes while talking suddenly widen her eyes in a daze, and was a little fei zhu liu [unconventional].

Childhood trauma causes dissociation.

She claims to have contemplated suicide when she was recently identified in the videos. She says that she fell increasingly under her boss's control.

“Fan Fan” said, she has loved raising little animals as pets since she was small, has previously had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, turtles, and fish. In fact, one of the cats she has now in her home was a stray cat that she had taken in. She too feels that abusing and killing animals is very perverse, but the deeper she got into it, it became impossible for her to break free from the boss’s control.

A lengthy excerpt of how she became involved with crushfetish videos :

Looking for a job online, she was told that she would be using her foot to mix salad

Huang Xiaoxiao said, in her fourth year of school, her classmates and schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs or internships. Her family doesn’t need her to work [they are rich], but seeing as how her schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs, she too submitted her CV onto the internet to save face, hoping to find work through her own efforts, and so her parents would not have to worry.

Afterward, someone calling himself Brother Ran called her, inviting her to go do video sales. The interview was held in a room near Tianfu Square, and the interviewer simply looked at her legs and approved her, adding that the job was part-time and that the nature of the job was very simple, using her feet to mix salad.

One week later, she officially started work—-wearing high heels stepping on fruit. “I felt it was very perverse, but the boss said it was for certain foreign perverts to watch, and it absolutely won’t be disseminated domestically [in China],” Huang Xiaoxiao said. Thinking that this may be a way of treating a disease/disorder, she agreed.

The first time she wore high heels, she even fell many times. While filming the video, the boss found several pretty girls that she did not know to accompany her, and even provided an English script, and pointed a tiny video camera at her. The boss asked her to pretend to be very happy, and if she did not look happy enough, they would have to redo it.

Behind the abuse and killing was the boss’s control

After stepping on fruit, the boss gradually changed the object being stepped on to toys, fish, worms, lobsters and other living things. Worms were the first thing she stepped on that was alive, and she was so disgusted that she vomited. So the boss demonstrated for her and threatened her that if she did not continue, he would make public on the internet the previous videos of her stepping on things.

On one hand she was afraid of her reputation being affected and on another hand she was also afraid of losing this job, so Huang Xiaoxiao endured her disgust and stepped [crushing the worms]. Afterward, every time she wanted to quit, she would be threatened by the boss, and would thus continue doing it. Huang Xiaoxiao said that the boss was very cunning/slippery, often changing the location of the filming. Sometimes it was hourly rental rooms, sometimes it was in the suburbs, sometimes it were rentals, but all of them had something in common: light pastel colored floors, a sofa, and a table.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she clearly remembers that the rabbit crushing video was made near Niuwangmiao on the First Ring Road, in a small room.

Huang Xiaoxiao revealed that the boss’s business was not limited to stepping on/crushing little animals and that in the north he also had a stepping on/crushing dog business. She also revealed that her income was not as high as “6000 yuan per film” as rumored on the internet. The first time when she stepped on fruit, she earned 100 yuan. For stepping on/crushing the animals, each time her income was 200 to 300 yuan. For crushing the rabbit, she got 400 yuan.

Fearful and terrified, her conscience felt imprisoned

Huang Xiaoxiao said, her final time was stepping on loach [a kind of fish], and after finishing she vomited fiercely. After a long time, the boss no longer contacted her. Her life had also entered the right track and she had gotten married with her loving boyfriend.

Her conscience was still filled with fear, always afraid that her disgraceful experience would be brought to light. These things were all done behind the backs of her relatives and friends, with none of them knowing that she had filmed animal abuse and killing videos.

These past few years, the one thing she couldn’t bear was others calling her a beauty. “Hearing people call me beautiful, I would instantly think of the things I had one done, and feel that I am a monster,” she said. She continued to have nightmares, always of being chased.

One day in 2008, she received a call from the boss, saying that the website had shut down. At that time, she thought that her conscience would finally be set free, no longer imprisoned, and she was happy for a while. She never imagined that the moment that should arrive would still arrive.

“My suffering is the animals’ punishment for me,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. This incident has exposed a trauma that she had suppressed for years, which is also a good thing, because it has allowed her a certain relief.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she had thought of reporting to the police before, to expose the gang behind the boss, but upon thinking about her having personally killed so may rabbits, that netizens already think she is a snake woman, she stopped. She was afraid that if she reported to the police herself, no one would believe her, and that the behind the scenes gang could not be caught…
Click through to read her apology letter.

She had not seen the video herself until last week. Look what she says:

Huang Xiaoxiao says, ever since she appeared in the video, she has never seen the video of herself. Yesterday, she saw the video online for the first time.

“Is that me? I looked simply insane, I looked so sick,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. She realized that there was an even larger profiteering organization behind the scene, and from this she decided to come forward intending to uncover/expose the gang behind the scenes as well as to prevent even more girls from being deceived. During this time, she has been unable to leave the house, not having the courage to face the people. It is because of this that she asked her high school schoolmate Mr. Wu to represent her.

A poll at the site shows that 76% of those participating do not believe her explanation.

Several commenters remark on her authentic smile while crushing the bunny, and that if she was upset, her micro-expressions would betray her true feelings.

"Looking at the videos it I can hardly see any feelings of regret/disgust/sadness. If there was any signs of disgust, we would have seen it in her microexpressions and body language."

"There is a perceivable difference between a fake smile and a real smile. In the video, due to the area around her eyes being wrinkled indicates that she enjoyed crushing the bunny to death."

These are important observations. We are not going to post the video. We will not watch it either. But if you want to, the video is here. We cannot remark on the authenticity of her expressions. Maybe she is lying, maybe not.

Several things should be considered:

The reality of sociopaths and psychopaths in all societies, roughly one in twenty people.

The reality of mind control, ritual abuse, multiple personalities, and the known practice of having children kill animals to make them dissociative.

The reality of people being lured into rings and then trapped. 

The reality of snuff films.

Whether this young woman is lying or not, this story opens a window into many things that the death cult would prefer people not be aware of. These things stop when enough people see them. The death cult stops when enough people see that it is real.

Read Dave McGowan.


off the hook

The other day Russia released Yair Klein from jail, where he has been detained since 2007, and he returned to Israel.

Who is Yair Klein? He is a former IDF colonel who trained paramilitaries in South America.

In 1987, with support from army officers, the traffickers imported foreign mercenaries from Israel and Britain to run a death squad school in the Magdalena Medio to impart the skills of the Israeli Special Forces and the British S.A.S. to the Colombian death squads. Retired Israeli army colonel, Yair Klein (last heard of in June 2000, when he was sprung from jail in Sierra Leone) transformed the peasant militias of the MAS into a professional killing machine. Reputedly, Carlos Castaño was Klein’s star pupil. By then, he and his older brother Fidel were paramilitary leaders in their own right. They had their own 150-man paramilitary army, "Los Tangueros," and ruled a fiefdom in the northern state of Córdoba from which they trafficked drugs, conducted a war in the banana fields of coastal Uraba that put one small guerilla faction, (the EPL) out of business, and perfected the art of parlaying services — protection, intelligence, and high-ticket assassinations — to create alliances, first with Pablo Escobar, then with the Cali Cartel.

In January 2009, Aangirfan reported on the connections between Yair Klein and Charles Taylor. 

We learn that years ago, Al Qaeda (the CIA) financed operations through the sale of diamonds. Some of the diamonds came from Sierra Leone. Charles Taylor and his associates traded the diamonds for weapons. Yair Klein trained paramilitaries with the weapons. The paramilitaries killed and maimed civilians who had to mine the diamonds.

The money from all this misery and suffering went to Al Qaeda, a creation of the CIA. Al Qaeda the terrorist organization.

People like Yair Klein worked in this circle as one of the key people training the paramilitaries who hacked off the limbs of civilians, including children.

Russia just released Yair Klein and he has returned to Israel.

Just to be clear. It seems that some people are still having a MENTAL BLOCK about who the terrorists really are.

The terrorists work with and/or for intelligence agencies. That means the CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc.

2. Sierra Leone and Liberia provided the opportunity for Al Qaeda (the CIA) to make money from diamonds.

Liberian President Charles Taylor (who reportedly had links to Israel and the CIA) was a friend of Ibrahim Bah, a Senegalese.

Taylor made Bah a general in the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a group which, in 1991, began trying to take over Sierra Leone.

The RUF was infamous for cutting off kid's arms and legs.
3. Bah was the official arms and diamonds broker for both the RUF and Taylor.

Simon Rosenblum, an Israeli businessman, was a member of Taylor's inner circle.

Rosenblum's trucks were used to carry weapons from Liberia to the border with Sierra Leone.

Retired Israeli Defense Forces Colonel Yair Klein worked with Simon Rosenblum.

From 1996 until 1999, Klein provided material and training to the RUF (the people who cut off kid's arms and legs) as part of a diamonds-for-arms operation.

Also involved were two other Israelis, Dov Katz and Dan Gertler.

In 1999 Klein was arrested in Sierra Leone on charges of smuggling arms to the RUF.

Those transactions went through Bah, Taylor's friend. 

Why did Russia release Yair Klein? Was that a favor to someone?

Charles Taylor was reportedly also a client of Victor Bout. Bout has been extradited to the US. It seems that Russia lost the struggle to protect Victor Bout, if Russia really had any intention of doing so in the first place.

Meanwhile, the US spends millions of dollars to fund the trial of Charles Taylor.

Here is a website devoted to the trial of Charles Taylor. The archives go back to 2007. This is like a miniseries. Despite the exhaustive coverage, a search for Yair Klein on this site turns up.... nothing.

We have all heard of Victor Bout by now, however.

Victor Bout is on the hook. Yair Klein is off the hook.

See: paramilitaries, a scourge on humanity
See: setting up the spotlight
See: al qaeda... in your HEMISPHERE
See: hold the narrative up to the spotlight


not your monkey - UPDATE

UPDATE: DHS releases internal memo about how to deal with people who don't like the TSA policy. Evidently the memo is classified but this Canada Free Press article relates the salient points.

The memo, which actually takes the form of an administrative directive, appears to be the product of undated but recent high level meetings between Napolitano, John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),and one or more of Obama’s national security advisors. This document officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as “domestic extremists.”
The introductory paragraph of the multi-page document states that it is issued “in response to the growing public backlash against enhanced TSA security screening procedures and the agents conducting the screening process.” Implicit within the same section is that the recently enhanced security screening procedures implemented at U.S. airports, and the measures to be taken in response to the negative public backlash as detailed [in this directive], have the full support of the President. In other words, Obama not only endorses the enhanced security screening, but the measures outlined in this directive to be taken in response to public objections.
The terminology contained within the reported memo is indeed troubling. It labels any person who “interferes” with TSA airport security screening procedure protocol and operations by actively objecting to the established screening process, “including but not limited to the anticipated national opt-out day” as a “domestic extremist.” The label is then broadened to include “any person, group or alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel disruptions at U.S. airports in response to the enhanced security procedures.
For individuals who engaged in such activity at screening points, it instructs TSA operations to obtain the identities of those individuals and other applicable information and submit the same electronically to the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, the Extremism and Radicalization branch of the Office of Intelligence & Analysis (IA) division of the Department of Homeland Security.


Gotta love the Facebook. Yesterday we see a few people posting and commenting about how hey, they'll opt for a pat down versus getting blown up, laDUH. Yes so actually these pat downs don't keep anyone safe. Actually the terrorists are on the payroll and the authorities generally manage to let them through to conduct the false flag terror operations which then justify all these humiliating procedures and so much more. These unfortunate terrorist incident lapses are generally "regrettable" and typically caused by "human error," and also by the terrorists always being so incredibly wily -- you have no idea, so everyone understands and it's such a bummer and some flunkie might get fired somewhere, but then we all agree (well not all of us) that unfortunately they need to ratchet up the security as a result and we move on, SAFER. Phew. But it would be unfriendly to call people ignorant on Facebook, your friendly social engineering laboratory, and at this point we think that anyone who is still so woefully confused at this late stage of the game can continue to be the government's monkey and knock yourself out.

If the terrorists do something, we follow. That's the game. Monkey see monkey do. A terrorist tries to put a bomb in his shoe. So you take off your shoes now because you could be a terrorist like him. There was a woman terrorist once, and she had explosives strapped under her breasts. So you let the TSA feel your breasts now because you could be a terrorist like her. A terrorist once had explosives in his underpants. You let the TSA feel your underpants now because you could be a terrorist like him. And so forth and so on. Powders and gels. Liquids. Nail scissors. Whatever. You are the monkey. The terrorists lead the game. Imagine the possibilities! They only have to try something once and then you have to FOREVER MORE submit to a check for whatever they decided to try, no matter how humiliating or ridiculous. The government says so. And if you don't like it, you are a bad fucking monkey.

If you have some dignity, you probably are not going to like this game very much. But Janet Napolitano says the game is on, like it or not.

"I think we all understand the concerns Americans have," Napolitano said at the Trenton train station. "It's something new. Most Americans are not used to a real law enforcement pat-down like that. As we move forward, of course we will listen to concerns. Of course we will make adjustments or changes when called upon, but not changes or adjustments that will affect the basic operational capability that we need to have to make sure that air travel remains safe."

SOME PEOPLE are NOT YET USED to being treated like criminals! So they're going to fix that. And of course they will LISTEN to your concerns, and then they will pat you on the head (and then the breasts, and then the crotch), and tell you to be a good little monkey and do as you're told. And by the way you better drop the fucking attitude.

Now what's really funny about this, not funny haha but you know, "funny," is that Janet appeared with Frank Lautenberg, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee.

Frank Lautenberg of the infamous Lautenberg Amendment.

See: death by hot potato

Frank Lautenberg is a Jewish Democratic Senator from New Jersey. The Lautenberg Amendment made special provisions to allow Jewish and Evangelical refugees to resettle in the US from the former Soviet Union, because Congress declared these groups "persecuted." The refugees don't need to show actual persecution to avail themselves of the special privileges. For more background, see this link.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Lautenberg Amendment, celebrating the fact that over 440,000 "refugees" have resettled in the United States from the FSU and elsewhere as a result of this legislation, which Congress renews each year.

By 2000, the "Russian" mafia had already been well established across the United States.


No. There are no coincidences. You can thank Frank Lautenberg for the "Russian" mafia spreading across this country for a couple of decades, which law enforcement dared not touch because of course, the "Russian" mafia is mostly Jewish. So it was a hot potato.

Frank Lautenberg helps with Homeland Security.

In the Homeland, criminals don't get touched. Only monkeys get touched.


i hear you woman

In Haiti's camps, civilians fight back against sex crimes, The Globe and Mail, March 28, 2010

Eight months later, what has changed?

TWO PERCENT of the rubble has been cleared in Haiti. 

Most of the money raised for Haitians by the people of the world sits in the bank accounts of charities.

Explain that to the schoolchildren who earnestly tried to help.

Is MINUSTAH going to respond to Charlotte Charles?

Will CNN respond to Charlotte Charles?

She is correct. This is war. War on corruption. Psychological war.

The resistance beings in your mind.

synthetic terrorism

On Friday we learn that a fake bomb made in the USA was responsible for a terror alert on a Munich bound plane from Namibia on Thursday.

When a suspicious package was identified at Windhoek airport in Namibia on Thursday, the flight was halted, the Munich-bound passengers delayed and news sped round the world that an x-ray scanner had been found with batteries attached by wires to a detonator and a ticking clock.
Today, however, a German government minister revealed the bizarre truth: the bomb was fake, manufactured in the US to test airport security. It was not yet clear who had planted "test suitcase", the German interior minister, Thomas de Mazière, said, but the one fact they had established was that the device had been manufactured by a US company that specialises in alarm systems. At no time were passengers' lives in danger.

Do you believe that it is "not yet clear" who planted the "test suitcase"? One would think they could answer that question given that they know the identity of the US company specializing in alarm systems.

Come now. Let us have the names. At least the name of the company that manufactures test suitcases...? No it's a BIG SECRET. That could be embarrassing. That could lead to some google-fu. So notice how that information stays protected by the media. Instead we are told it is "not yet clear."

The US transportation security administration (TSA) confirmed today that it was working with the German and Namibian authorities "to determine the origin of the device and the reason it was being transported on the plane".
Perhaps the REASON is simply to spread fear around the world....? To MANUFACTURE fear...?

According to tests by the German federal criminal police, the suitcase did not contain explosives.
German security experts said yesterday it was most likely that either US or African authorities were behind the test, following the discovery of several parcel bombs sent from Yemen to the US.

And yet Namibian authorities say something else.

Namibian police said neither the US government nor the German or Namibian governments were behind the security test. "It will be determined who deposited it. The governments of US, Germany and Namibia were not aware of the parcel," police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga told reporters. "It is devoid of truth that the US government put the device there to test how good the Namibian security is."
So who was behind the security test? And will they be held accountable? Or is it all going to be brushed under the rug?


Who is in Namibia besides the Namibians?

Namibia is a sparsely populated country with incredible raw beauty and mineral wealth. Namibia is the world's largest diamond producer.

Namibia has uneasy ties with Israel.

With the collapse of the Soviet system, politics has been transformed into a uni-polar world and it is difficult for small states like Namibia to go it alone. The best option, says Kaapama, is to partake in multilateral initiatives with regard to the Israeli/Palestinian issue.

Asked what benefits Namibia gets from such a relationship, Kaapama said the government strategy is to solicit foreign direct investment and that is perhaps why the country has entered into such an arrangement.

There are Israeli companies doing business in Namibia, notably LLD operating in one of our core sectors of the national economy - the diamond sector.

It is now easily forgotten in political circles that during the dark days of our liberation struggle, the liberation movement and activists in both Namibia and South Africa campaigned intensely against companies and countries that had economic and diplomatic ties with SA.
How Namibia supports Israel's Palestine Occupation, July 23, 2004:

By giving diamond concessions to a top Israeli company and by maintaining diplomatic contacts with the Israeli state, Namibia is actually sabotaging the struggle of the Palestinian people under the PLO and other groups. A few weeks ago, a top Israeli company, Lev Leviev Diamonds (LLD) and its numerous subsidiaries, were given 36 concessions said to be worth US$180 million by the Namibian government.

In fact, Lev Leviev was brought into the country and paraded by President Nujoma and his ministers as a foreign investor and as someone who would save Namibia from the jaws of De Beers and make the country independent and proud because LLD would be the first company to mine and process Namibian gems locally.

...The point is that Leviev is coming to extract and exploit our natural resource.What Nujoma, his Ministers and advisors (if he has any) seem to forget is that both the hippo and the crocodile can happily live in the same river and so will De Beers and the Lev Leviev Diamonds.LLD is one of the biggest sponsors of the Israeli state and Jewish activities worldwide.Leviev himself serves as the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities.It is therefore clear that by giving diamond concessions to this man, Namibia has turned its diamonds into "blood diamonds" - being used to maintain the Israeli occupation of Palestine. It is now totally forgotten that Israel was a big supporter of the then Apartheid State in its fight against independence for both Namibia and SA.And in terms of its brutality against the Palestinian people, Israel's methods of suppressionhave surpassed those of South Africa.
It's been a while since we've written about Lev Leviev and his connections to Putin, Chabad, etc.

It started here, while looking into the Saudi jewels, including a blue diamond, that went missing some twenty years ago and ended up in Thai high society. Several Saudis were killed trying to solve the case.

We see that Lev Leviev has diamond interests in Namibia.

What other Israelis are in Namibia?

We note that last week, the day before the fake bomb incident, Namibia dropped charges against an Israeli national for diamond theft.

THE charge against the Israeli national who was the only person so far to have been arrested in connection with the theft of diamonds worth millions of dollars from the NamGem diamond cutting plant at Okahandja was withdrawn yesterday. Ten weeks after being arrested and charged with a count of theft of diamonds, Erez Ben Shushan (47) is a free man again after Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa decided to drop the charge against him. Ben Shushan was working at the NamGem diamond cutting plant at Okahandja when diamonds worth close to N$20 million were found to have disappeared from a safe at the factory during the weekend between September 3 and 6....Ben Shushan, who is employed with the American company Lazare Kaplan International, which is a partner of NamGem, was charged in connection with the disappearance of 1 036 polished and uncut diamonds, weighing 1 713 carats and reportedly valued at US$2,64 million (about N$18,4 million), from the NamGem safe. He had been free on bail of N$100 000 since September 9.

Belgian diamond firm Lazare Kaplan International is controlled by Maurice Tempelsman. Both Leviev and Tempelsman entered the Namibia diamond cutting market in 2004.

The diamond cutting industry looks like perking up sharply in Namibia. Of the seven polishing firms in Namibia, at present only two are operating. Two newcomers are about to enter the sleepy market.
Lev Leviev is to begin production in Namibia's offshore after taking over some assets previously owned by the liquidated Namco. His firm, LLD Diamonds Namibia, plans to open a new cutting unit near Windhoek. It will be supplied directly by the diamonds produced by Leviev.
Maurice Tempelsman, the famous diamond dealer, who is close to De Beers, has just finalised a new technical and commercial cooperation deal with NamGem, the cutting affiliate of Namdeb which has been losing ground of late. Under this agreement Tempelsman's firm Lazare Kaplan International Inc will supply NamGem with uncut diamonds and pay NamGem to cut and polish them. Lazare Kaplan will then sell them on its own account.
The operation will lend impetus to NamGem and come as a relief to De Beers, which owns half of Namdeb-NamGem's parent company-and had promised the Namibian government to develop the cutting trade. This never came about, and now Tempelsman is stepping in.
According to Africa Mining Intelligence, these two new operations will compete head-to-head.

We learn from a November 2007 Global Research article by Keith Harmon Snow that Tempelsman has a long history in Africa and connections to the Israeli military.

The Israeli-American diamond cartels involved in Congo are seeking to displace the diamond interests in Angola run by Israel-American Lev Leviev and Maurice Tempelsman, top-level partners of the Angolan state diamond companies.
Belgian-born Maurice Tempelsman has a long and bloody history in Africa. When Congo’s first Premier, Patrice Lumumba, pledged to return diamond wealth back to the newly independent Congo in the early 60’s, Tempelsman, who began with De Beers in the 1950’s, helped engineer the coup d’etat that consolidated the dictatorship of 29 year-old Colonel Mobutu, and the coup against Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah; diamonds were at stake in each.
“I believe this was the beginning of what we now know of as conflict diamonds in the Congo,” says blood diamond expert and investigative journalist Janine Roberts, author of the book Glitter and Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel. “From then on diamonds would be extensively used to discreetly fund wars, coups, repression and dictatorships, in Africa.”
Maurice Tempelsman is Chairman of the American Jewish Congress, a Zionist pressure group that claims it works closely with the Israeli military. SEC filings show that LKI directors are high-rolling Zionist lawyers and investment bankers: one director belongs to the law firm that once represented President Kennedy—another Tempelsman friend. LKI is also connected to the euphemistically named United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The Tempelsman empire remains rock solid behind Leon Tempelsman & Sons, De Beers, and Lazare Kaplan International—supplier of Tiffany’s and Cartier’s diamonds.
...Since at least 1996, the campaigns of Russ Feingold (D-WI), who co-sponsored the Senate version of the U.S. “Clean Diamond Act” passed in 2003 have been heavily funded by Leon Tempelsman & Son.

We also learn more about Lev Leviev's connections:

One of ASCORP’s controlling investors, Lev Leviev, runs a global commercial empire that includes: Leviev Group of Companies; Lev Leviev Diamonds; Africa-Israel (commercial real estate in Prague and London); Gottex (swimwear) Company; 1,700 Fina gas stations in the Southwest U.S.; 173 7-Elevens in New Mexico and Texas; a 33% stake in Cross Israel Highway (Israel’s first toll road); and more. Leviev partner Arcady Gaydamak, an arms dealer, also reportedly works with Danny Yatom, a former MOSSAD (Israeli secret service) chief and security advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Leviev is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to Sandline International, a U.K./South African mercenary firm operating in the war-torn areas of Eastern Congo and Uganda.

Diamond are Israel's top export. Of course, Israel first IMPORTS ALL the diamonds from places like Namibia and Angola, where they get them real cheap and dirty.

Millions of blood diamonds from past and current wars remain locked in the vaults of the Belgian, Russian, New York, London and Israeli diamond bourses to insure the artificially high, monopoly-fixed, prices of diamonds.

So we have established the presence of Israeli oligarchs in Namibia with connections to Mossad and the Israeli military. And we already knew that Israelis are "experts" in airport security.

We think it would be very interesting to learn which American security company (a California company according to the NYT) prepared the real test suitcase, and how exactly it got on that plane in Namibia.

So far ONE person is being held, a Namibian.

The nation’s police commander, Lt. Gen. Sebastian Ndeitunga, said a senior Namibian aviation security officer had been arrested in connection with the mock bomb found Wednesday in a laptop case at the airport there.
But, he said, the investigation was just beginning into how the device, which was made by a California company to test airport security, ended up at an airport halfway round the world.
“We’re still trying to establish the motive behind this mess,” he said.
The officer was arrested after a review of closed-circuit camera surveillance, General Ndeitunga said. The suspect, whose name will be kept secret until Monday, confessed to some involvement in the case, the general said.
General Ndeitunga said the possibility that the security officer had accomplices had not been ruled out.
The general sounded angry as he told reporters on Saturday that the officer in custody had “tarnished the reputation of the Namibian security forces.”
“We do not consider this to be a joke,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Germans are busy looking for Al Qaeda terror suspects from Pakistan.

BERLIN — German law enforcement officials said on Saturday that they were looking for two suspected terrorists thought to be in or around the capital city in one of several investigations aimed at thwarting what the authorities believe are myriad plans by Islamic radicals to attack the nation.
They have information that two men entered Germany six to eight weeks ago from Waziristan, in Pakistan, and were awaiting delivery of detonators, perhaps from Turkey, to carry out an attack, a German security official said.
Aspects of this suspected plot were reported in several German news outlets on Saturday, including on ARD television, which said that the attackers “are rotating their accommodation, staying in the homes of other people, are living together, not using the telephone, not going to the mosque and making sure they are dressed in Western clothes.”
We might pause here to reflect on how they would know all these details.

And wait, that's not all they know. They know that the Islamic militants are connected to Dawood Ibrahim and are planning a Mumbai-style attack on the German Parliament building.

A group of al-Qaeda terrorists trained in Pakistani camps and assisted by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim are planning to storm Germany's Parliament in a Mumbai-style attack, a media report has said, prompting authorities to step up security of the building. Police have cordoned off the area around the historic Reichstag building housing Parliament here and heightened security after authorities received a tip-off that a group of militants were on their way to stage a Mumbai-style attack.

...The warning about the planned attack on the Reichstag came to the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) from a German Islamic militant, who slipped to Pakistan some time ago to receive training in the terrorist camps there and now wants to return to his family.
However, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere issued a separate warning about "concrete evidence" for an attack by Islamic terrorists at the end of this month on the basis of a second tip-off received by the BKA from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the magazine said.
The US domestic intelligence service warned that a Shiite militant group called Saif had entered into a pact with al-Qaeda to carry out an attack in Germany and two men dispatched by the group were waiting to enter Germany via the UAE on November 22 with Schengen visas, Der Spiegel said.
The FBI has identified Mustaq Altaf Bin-Khadri as the mastermind behind the plot and he is assisted in getting the men across to Germany by weapons and narcotics smuggler Dawood Ibrahim, the report said.

About a year ago, Aangirfan reported on Dawood Ibrahim, a gangster from Bombay, and David Coleman Headley.

Dawood Ibrahim, allegedly a CIA asset, has been linked to the 1993 and 2008 Mumbai bombings. Now the American David Headley, allegedly a CIA agent, has been linked to the same bombings.

The American David Headley, who is alleged to be a CIA agent, has allegedly been busy organising terrorism in India for some time.

Shiv Sena parliamentarian Vivek Pandit, has said that David Coleman Headley has links to the 1993 serial bomb blasts in India. (Which ex-minister put pressure on Ujjwal Nikam? )

The 1993 attacks on Bombay are believed to have been coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim, who allegedly works for the CIA. (MUMBAI AND DAWOOD)

We have since learned that people tried to report Headley's suspicious behavior to American authorities SIX different times, to no avail.

Because Headley is on the payroll.

All major terrorist attacks are state-sponsored.

If another major terror attack comes, and we expect so, it will be state-sponsored too.

Look to the usual suspects.


just a transporter doing his job

What is going on with Victor Bout?

According to Daniel Estulin it's a set up, and Bout doesn't know anything, he was just a transporter.

Of weapons.

Video via There Are No Sunglasses.

Estulin says several things we might agree with.

According to Estulin:

  • The idea that Bout's secrets will "shatter" the Russian Federation is Western propaganda.
  • Bout is a pawn in the global game.
  • The end game of this conflict is Russia.

That seems plausible.

  • Estulin has interviewed Bout about 60 times, 2,000 hours talking.
  • Estulin says there is little truth to the American government's case against Bout.
  • Estulin says the Russian government is not up to scratch against the Americans in this case.

Starting to lose me there on the Russian government being all thumbs compared to the US government.


Background on the Bout case.

Bout has been taken to a New York prison.

Experts say that the Manhattan detention facility where Bout was taken is a prison for white-collar criminals – people from business, medicine, legal backgrounds and educated mafia bosses, RIA Novosti reported.
Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff and the head of Gambino mafia clan John Gotti will be among Bout’s neighbours.
Prisoners are kept in double cells, and are fed mostly American hamburgers, the same as the guards. The prison has a library with books, magazines and computers, but no internet access.

Russian-American relations
The extradition will not affect Russian-American relations U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told journalists.
Bout is "Russian" mafia.


Technology is quite advanced.

"Merchant of Death, the book... Former West African Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, Douglas Farah and Los Angeles Times National Correspondent, Stephen Braun detail how a small circle of U.S. officials and international investigators worked doggedly to shut down Viktor Bout's arms pipelines, only to be trumped by Bout's ingenuity and by their own inability-and, in some cases, unwillingness- to confront the dark side of the new world order."
"The book ends on a rather desultory note; its last chapter includes this:
"Only the all-too-brief momentum shown by the American and European efforts to curtail Bout's operation in early 2000 and 2001 held out the promise of what might be accomplished if nations were to set aside their provincial interests and join in common efforts against the contraband arms trade. "
The interest in Victor Bout seems to have faded away and the efforts to bring him to justice have been in vain and seem to have ceased." Bout: where did he go?

Let's get real. The TSA is groping people who want to use airplanes, running citizens through radiation machines. They have cameras that can identify people miles away. These are just a few of the things they harass us with, that they admit to and in fact brag about. It is beyond me how anyone believes these incredible sob stories about the authorities trying so hard to find the terrorists on the payroll, before they strike. 
The tip-off about the potential attack came from a "foreign partner" and comes two weeks after Saudi Arabia helped Western authorities foil a bombing attempt by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The Yemen-based group concealed bombs inside computer-printer ink cartridges destined for Chicago synagogues and shipped in FedEx and UPS planes. The bombs were discovered in Britain and Dubai on Oct. 29. One of the planes passed through Germany's international airport on Cologne with the lethal cargo undetected.
...In addition to intelligence from the unnamed nation, Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office independently confirmed, based on investigations "of persons with ties to Islamist extremism... that Islamist groups continue to plan attacks in the Federal Republic of Germany."
According to Germany's Tagesspiegel daily, the United States is the "foreign partner" who provided the tip-off. Up to four Al Qaeda operatives were on their way to Germany to attack the popular Christmas shopping markets, according to Tagesspiegel, and expected to arrive Nov. 22 via India or the United Arab Emirates.

Uh huh. So we know how many operatives, and where they're going, and where they plan to attack, and when they are expected to arrive, and via which routes... and golly gee they hope they can stop them in time? Oh by the way they are Islamic extremists! Can't forget to mention that.

Can you smell the "regrettable," the "human error" when the terrorists manage to fall through the cracks next week or the week after that? Like they always seem to do? Even though you can't do ANYTHING without some authority knowing all about it? That's because you're not on the payroll.

And that's probably how Victor the Innocent managed to evade capture all those years, until he didn't, and now he's in jail with Bernie Madoff and John Gotti eating cheeseburgers, and relations between the US and Russia are A-OK.


March 2008: Did the FSB Betray Victor Bout?

David Dastych - In my first article, published on Canada Free Press on March 14, and then reposted on political Web sites in Britain, Switzerlands "Nachrichten Heute"and in the United States, I reported about the DEA sting operation against Victor Bout and also on some events from the past, involving him and other people.

A few hours only after the CFP publication, I received interesting documentation from Bucharest, Romania, which was published in part in my second article, posted on the CFP on Tuesday, March 18, 2008. A story recently printed in a Polish magazine Gazeta Polska provided more facts about international links of Victor Bout’s criminal network, including his business with Polish Military Intelligence, and also with Russian and Polish gangsters Semyon Mogilevich and Riccardo Fanchini (Marian Kozina). According to the Polish TV reporter Witold Gadowski, one of the high-positioned protectors of Victor Bout in the Putin’s Kremlin was Igor Ivanovich Sechin, known as an opponent of the new President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.

High connections, FSB and the mafia
On February 4, 2008 one of the most popular Polish TV documentary shows SuperWizjer of the private TVN network aired a sensational report entitled “The Russian Mafia, the Polish Government and Gas.” The documentary, whose authors were two Polish investigative journalists, Przemyslaw Wojciechowski and Witold Gadowski, was the result of their team’s 2.5-year work in many countries. The report stirred big waves in Poland, because it proved that the Polish Government was paying for the imports of Russian natural gas not directly to its producer, GAZPROM, but to an intermediary co-owned by the Russian mafia and “The Brainy Don”, Semyon Mogilevich.

One of the co-authors of that documentary, Mr.Gadowski, wrote a follow up story for a conservative Polish magazine “Gazeta Polska”. In the 2nd part of his article, entitled “Gas Stinking of the Mafia: Traces of the Death Barons”, Gadowski linked the recent arrest of Semyon Mogilevich in Russia to the arrest of Victor Bout in Thailand and to the election of the new President of Russia. The article is very interesting and I am going to quote from it several times throughout this piece.

“Officially, Bout fell into a trap arranged by American special services. But in fact he had been “pointed for a shot” in Thailand by the FSB [the Russian Security Service]. At the same time, FSB agents were hurriedly liquidating his base in Bulgaria…” [From another source, AIA: “The old ties have come into the limelight this week for another reason: Russian arms trader Victor Bout, who supposedly had excellent contacts to the Soviet and later to the Russian secret service, had delivered a load of weapons worth several hundred million dollars to Bulgaria just before he was arrested on March 6.”]

“According to the official version, Bout, looked for in the whole world, fell into the hands of the Thai special services…and was arrested with his accomplice, Andrew Smulian, when he tried to strike a deal to sell weapons to the Colombian FARC… But there is also another, closer to the truth version of Major Bout’s give-away. Somebody in the Kremlin has decided to wind up a protective umbrella over the most wanted international criminals. Mogilevich and Bout, used before in many actions, became useless ballast to the new ‘tsarevich’ – Medvedev.”

Following the arrest of Victor Bout, Mr. Gadowski e-mailed several of his contacts, knowledgeable of the Russian special services. One of the answers was symptomatic: “Igor Sechin, now one of the most important people of the top [Russian] leadership responsible for the management of the biggest state-owned oil company, Rosneft, which was built on the ruins of [Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s] Yukos, knows very much about Bout’s business. Sechin (a former KGB officer) was an interpreter of Portuguese language in Mozambique, where he met a fellow-interpreter, Victor Bout.”

Under the rule of the former President Vladimir, Putin Mogilevich and Bout were safe in Moscow. Now, when the President-elect Dmitry Medvedev is getting ready to do some “face-saving” in Russia, the old “kings” of the criminal underworld, serving the Kremlin as useful agents, are being dumped while new, still unknown replacements will take their place.

The Polish journalist quoted some opinions about Victor Bout:
Sergei P., a Russian businessman with a Western passport, a former AF pilot in Afghanistan: “[Bout] is a very brave fellow, he flies to the places that other guys would be scared to show up at, and he will always supply the cargo paid for.”
Douglas Farah, an American journalist who had followed Bout and other gun-runners for years, was quoted as saying: “Of course, Bout, who has armed rebels, criminals and terrorists from the Taliban in Afghanistan to the RUF in Sierra Leone to the FARC in Colombia, has always operated under the protection of Russian military intelligence.” (“Now The Fun Begins With Russia Over Bout Arrest”)

Farah made these comments on March 7, only a day after Bout’s arrest. An unnamed American investigative journalist e-mailed Mr. Gadowski: “Dear Polish Colleague, don’t mind the names, these are only pawns on a chessboard. Somebody else will replace Bout, who has made dirty arms-trading deals for Putin’s men. But you better watch your steps, as they could find a nice psychiatric hospital for you…”

Bout’s Polish trail
Not much is known about Victor Bout’s connections in Poland. Mr. Gadowski only wrote in his article that after the arrest of Mogilevich and Bout “in some Polish homes panic-buttons have been pressed, as both Mogilevich and Bout know the bank accounts, used by some Poles to collect money from suspicious transactions.” Who are these people? I have no proof to name them but there are many trails leading to some Polish businessmen and to former officers of the Polish Military Intelligence (WSI), who made fortunes on illegal trading in weapons, drugs and nuclear materials.

Bout’s air-services in Eastern Africa probably pushed out a Polish aviation business company, Joy Co. Ltd, from its base in Djibouti in the 1990s. The Russian cargo transports were offered much cheaper, and the Polish exporter lost its monopoly to sell or lease Soviet-made helicopters and planes to African governments. A clash of interests with Bout’s business dramatically ended for the Poles: top pilots and managers of Joy Co. Ltd died in a strange helicopter crash on East African desert and the company withdrew from Djibouti.

In 1996, Victor Bout moved his business HQ to Ostend (Oostende) in Belgium. According to Mr. Gadowski, his planes “transported narcotics for the Nayfeld brothers. In Belgium he also met a Pole, Marian Kozina, a.k.a. Riccardo Fancini. Bout moved some secret cargo transports for him…According to one of my informants, some Polish WSI [Military Intelligence] officers, working on foreign outposts, were also involved in some of Bout’s operations.”

At that time, the Russian-Jewish Nayfeld brothers, Boris and Benjamin, worked for an Italian mafia family, Lucese. A Polish mobster,Marian Kozina, using his father’s Sicilian name Fanchini worked for both the Italian mafia and also the Russian “Red Mafia” of Semyon Mogilevich. Known as “The Polish Al Capone”, Fanchini was one of the main “residents” of the Russian mafia in Europe. He was also suspected of being connected with killing General Marek Papala the chief of the Polish Police. In 2007 Riccardo Fanchini (Marian Kozina), a citizen of Belgium living in London, was arrested in Britain.

Dumping the “Baron of Death”
In a conversation with Peter Landesman at a Moscow second class Renaissance Hotel (2003), Victor Bout and his Syrian-born American partner, Richard Chichakli, tried to discourage the journalist from pressing them too much about Bout’s high connections:

‘’They’ll put you on your knees before they execute you,’’ Chichakli said. And Bout added, a bit later, ‘’My clients, the governments… I keep my mouth shut…If I told you everything I’d get the red hole right here.’’ He pointed to the middle of his forehead.

In a report, published in Belgium (2001), Victor Bout was presented as “the brain” of a large arms trafficking organization:

“Another Ostend-based company, which until 1997 was involved in arms’ smuggling, was NV Trans Aviation Network Group (hereafter “TAN Group"). The company was founded in 1995 and had its main office lodged in a totally new building at the end of the motorway from Brussels to Ostend. The parent company of TAN Group, AirCess is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and seems to perform a pivotal function amongst different aircraft companies trafficking in arms. The brain of the organisation is a Russian ex-KGB major, Victor Anatolevic Bout (previously referred to), reported to be now resident in Sharjah and undoubtedly on excellent terms with Russian and Ukrainian mafia and with former KGB-colleagues. As already noted, Victor Bout bought himself a luxurious house in a residential quarter of Ostend. His Belgian partner was a pilot, Ronald Desmet, resident in France near the Swiss border.”

After his true business had been exposed in the Belgian and international media, he had to leave Ostend and moved to Sharjah, but still in 1998 his illegal business via Ostend airport was not stopped:

“Crossing borders with extreme ease, the arms’ traffickers have truly multinational networks and pipelines… The Ostend operators, for example, reside in Belgium, collect their cargo from eastern European suppliers and deliver to clients across the world. Bulgaria and Slovakia are major sources of arms to be transported to war zones. Airports from where the arms’ transfer is organised or effected are mainly Burgas and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Bratislava in Slovakia, a number of Russian airports, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and the airport of Ostend. The arms are subsequently delivered to the Sudanese airport of Khartoum, to Sierra Leone, Angola, the Congo or other war zones. All the airports mentioned above are still visited by aircraft from Ostend.”

Later on, Bout fled to Moscow because the FBI, the Interpol and many Western secret services were hunting him everywhere. Why would he allow himself take a great risk and go to Thailand to make a deal with the (alleged) Colombian FARC guerillas?

The answer could be found in a most recent report, published by Bruce Falconer on March 18, 2008 and entitled “Victor Bout’s Last Deal”:

“The decision to use the FARC to target Bout’s operation was not without precedent. In 2006, the same DEA unit nabbed Syrian arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar, the so-called “Prince of Marbella,” at Madrid’s international airport after ensnaring him in a bogus multimillion-dollar deal to supply weapons and explosives to the FARC. Al-Kassar remains in a Spanish jail, awaiting extradition to the United States. The sting that put him there was almost identical to the one that would later snag Bout. How could the Russian, renowned for the care he took in ensuring his own security, have fallen for the same trick? …

In Bout’s case, another factor may have come into play, namely that the FARC really was trying to acquire the types of weapons and equipment he was known to provide.”

But even if Bout had some good reasons to sell Bulgarian IGLA missiles and other weapons to the FARC, “immediately available” at his stores in Burgas and Plovdiv, why his Russian intelligence protectors (and business partners) did not avert him of a possible trap in Bangkok? The only logical answer is the following: his high Kremlin protectors wanted to “dump” him. And they really did that…with the help of the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
This article was first published at Canada Free Press

David Dastych, 67, is a veteran journalist who served both in the Polish intelligence and the CIA; jailed in Poland by the Communist regime he spent several years in special prison wards; released in early 1990’s he joined international efforts to monitor illegal nuclear trade in Europe and Asia; handicapped for lifetime in a mountain accident in France, in 1994; now he returned to active life and runs his own media agency in Warsaw.


Interesting connections to Poland. We recall all those Polish leaders lost in the plane crash in April, the crash that was so mysterious.

Again, yesterday we read that the extradition is not expected to affect Russian-American relations. If so, that supports these conclusions from 2008.

Not sure what to make of it all but sensing a long arc.


legal mumbo jumbo

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