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more stupid questions

UPDATE: 4/26/13 Living very near Boston, we have heard and read many things over the past few days. Things which do not add up. News from people we know about people in the hospital with serious injuries. And yet, we cannot find any videos or photos from the incident -- thus far -- to indicate where these other people were located at the time of the explosions. Given that the goal of the social engineers is to divide society, we see their hand at work. We understand they don't care about killing and maiming people, as obviously they do that all the time. But dividing society is another issue. They really want to divide the people in America. That's where the social engineers have had to get extra creative. Just killing Americans with Muslim terrorist brothers is more of a uniting thing for many Americans, and they don't want us united. In order to make it a Win Win Divide Bonanza, they have to do something a little different. Maybe throw in some fake perps, shopped photo

confusion factor 2

Sorry for the confusion. We did put a post up yesterday but took it down after an hour or so, because no sooner had we posted than we had doubts and did not want to make for more confusion. [forehead slap] This is what comes from rushing and using someone else's laptop and not having enough time to do things properly. The gist of our post was that one of the bombs may have been inside the building at 699 Boylston, based on our view that the Lenscrafter windows were blown out not in. But then, it could be that the bomb was on the sidewalk and the blast was directed more sideways along the face of the building. We just don't know. This is the kind of analysis that others are better qualified to make, and as more pictures come out showing where the injured were standing, perhaps that will become clearer. However it would still bear looking into who owns the building and we did happen to note that the location there at 699 Boylston has appeared on city documents looking to redo t