the free association game

And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is legion: for we are many.
Mark 5:9

When you organize your life around something, that is worship.
Millions of people willingly organize their lives around [WORSHIP] an invisible virus. 
They want to control everyone and make all people organize their lives around [WORSHIP] the invisible virus, too. 
That means take the damn vaccine and put your fucking mask on.
How far will they go? However far we let them.

Most of these people are unwittingly participating in
because they are PROGRAMMED by people on TEEVEE


Why don't more people have faith and organize their lives around [WORSHIP] God?
Because he's invisible, silly.

WHO is behind this mass psychosis?

They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. They live.

These demons are legion.
And they are everywhere among us.

THEY can see YOU, but YOU are not supposed to see THEM.
Unless you DO start seeing them, with your son-glasses on.
THEY don't like that One Bit.
THEY only like the game when YOU don't know any of the rules.

They fill the halls of power everywhere because they recognize and promote each other. Safety in numbers. The last thing they want is for some principled human getting promoted too high and 
Ruining Everything.

It's all going to be "RUINED" anyway, despite their Best Efforts.


titles & positions
as mentioned, they FILL the halls of power

Doctor wants to be 'scary to the public' and inflate COVID numbers, 'If you don't get vaccinated, you know you're going to die.' 

“So I just want to say we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful, we have to see something coming out: ‘If you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die,'” Rudyk said, laughing. “I mean let’s just be really blunt with these people.”

So there are the obvious things, like the evil that comes out of their mouths.

But there's much more.

body language
frequently arrogant, but can be very adept mimicking harmlessness until it's too late for the mark
(think Kevin Spacey as Keyser Soze at the end of The Usual Suspects when he drops the limp and gets away)


The demons study you, punish you, and reward each other.

awards and prestige markers
BIG fans of fluffing each other's balls to convince you how great they are while they make bank at your expense

Dr. Mary Rudyk receives community service award October 2020

separated at birth...?

appearance (yes, physiognomy is real)
that's why you're not supposed to notice

Dr. Mary Rudyk, a "woman to watch" October 2020

nothing weird here at all
nice plant dress, Mary
plants need water
If you happen to have a nice, prestigious job, you'd probably have access to many people willing to kiss your ass and give you information.

Remember Obama's portrait?

plants need water
water is information

clothing, jewelry and other signaling behavior
they really enjoy this in-your-face sort of thing
symbolism will be their downfall

how about a lovely devil fish or maybe it's a parasite pin and witchy necklace for the head shot?
darling, of course

The creature was a mutant protecting its food supply

gender bending
on a scale beyond imagining?

it's called:
Elite Gender Inversion
or Occult Transgenderism

do your research
it's nothing new

Go ahead, just zoom in there and see what you see.

Susan B Anthony, front row and second from the left, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two seats over, with executive committee members from the International Council of Women. (Credit: Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

International Council of Women, Washington DC, 1888, Seneca Falls Historical Site

Seneca Falls: Historic Gateway to the Finger Lakes


Remember Hunter's weird Finger Lakes tattoo?
I'm sure it's just another pesky coincidence.

Back to the ladies......

Anthony and Stan(ton)

SOURCE: very interesting article on how to "never let a crisis go to waste" circa 1868

"But Anthony wasn’t there to fight for the ballot—she was there to demand the release of a convicted murderer from prison. As she took the stage, she told the audience about the case of Hester Vaughn, a woman tried and convicted of murdering her own baby. But Vaughn wasn’t a cold-blooded murderer, Anthony insisted, she was yet another victim of a system that denied women their basic human rights."

The baby's skull was crushed by a blunt instrument. Clots of blood were found on the head. The abdomen showed signs of a severe beating. But Hester was the victim, see? The sentencing judge said that infanticide had become so common, it was time to establish the principle that death awaited women who killed their own children.

And there came Susan B. Anthony to defend poor Hester.
Because, you know, killing babies... it happens.

Susan B. Anthony "I had rather... make history than write it."



Transgender Racer Charlie Martin Making History


Honey Mahoneny: From competing in 'RuPaul's drag race' to making history in politics



MJ Rodriguez on making transgender Emmys history: "Respect my womanhood"

I could do this all day, but you get the idea.
The point is it's all connected;  it's very old; and it's very organized.

And that is why it will all collapse when enough people SEE, and get off their knees.

Put them on.


there's that damn stream again

UPDATE: 3 weeks later, Project Veritas starts dropping videos of whistleblowers re: the COVID vaccines.

A story caught my eye a few days ago (8/29) while perusing the Tore Says+ channel on Telegram -- a video of a woman talking about a truck full of Moderna vaccines crashing in West Virginia. 

This happened in the middle of the night, specifically at 1:44am at the 144 mile marker.... 

In West Virginia, the whitest state in the country and coincidentally Ground Zero for the opiod epidemic.


Here's the press release about the accident from the Monongalia County Sheriff's facebook page.

Lots of weird details, and by the way 50 gallons of oil and anti-freeze had spilled out and was "leaking TO a nearby stream."

We took the trouble to find this area on google maps and map quest, and it's in the middle of nowhere. I-79 north, Monongalia County, near the Marion County line. No houses nearby, and also no stream. Just a stretch of highway in the West Virginia countryside.

These are pics of the supposed wreck:

source - kind of miraculous how you really can't confirm a damn thing from these pics.
Airspace is restricted so no pics from above either. Sorry kids.

Also, according to assorted people weighing in on trucks, 50 gallons is way too much oil and anti-freeze for a tractor-trailer.

So we are going back out on the limb here and say that there was no actual truck wreck, and this is a fake news story to provide information to certain parties. And that's why the whole thing just kind of went away after a few days instead of turning into a Giant Drama with 1.2 Million Preciou$ Vaccines Almost Lost!!!

Is it easy to fake a story like this?  We think so. Lots of things are faked. Close the road for a few hours in the middle of the night, reroute the traffic, send some hazmat guys in to make it look good, keep the locals with drones away. That's a wrap.

So what might the message be and who would it be for?



And maybe it has something to do with One Mr. 44?

What else do we see? We see clowns at work.

Tim Pool from Fredrick, MD, tried very hard to whip the story up into a conspiracy after he demanded information from authorities and was promptly blown off. "Something bad just went down near Morgantown WV" (tweeted three days later). Timcast is a "resource for individuals who are interested in news and information without the filtering and overtones." Tim is a source for other clowns?

Mikael Thalen from Seattle, WA calls Tim out for being conspiratorial and assures readers that this was an "innocuous wreck". https://www.dailydot.com/debug/tim-pool-covid-vaccine-truck-crash/

New details offered, supposedly from HHS but I cannot confirm it anywhere, and no link was given by clown #1 or clown #2:

“A truck carrying 1.2 million doses of Moderna vaccine destined for Ghana had an accident on the way to Dulles airportWe understand the driver was taken to hospital but has since been discharged,” the HHS spokesperson saidCOVAX and its partner agencies wish the driver a full and speedy recovery and are working closely with the US Government to ensure disruptions to shipments of life-saving vaccines are as minimal as possible.”

Ghana needs 1.2 million doses? According to the WHO, from 1/3/2020 to 8/21/2021 Ghana had 118,266 confirmed cases and 1,017 deaths. 1,271,393 doses have been administered. 


About 32 million people live in Ghana, so looks like less than 4% want the vaccine so far. So force another 1.2 million vials on them? Seems a little over-kill, unless there's another reason it had to be Ghana. And that's very possible since it's West Africa. I guess we'll find out, or not.

Maybe it's me, but the tractor-trailer story doesn't add up in 3D. It adds up a lot better in 5D, in the symbolic [coded] language.


Meanwhile, let's go to the memory hole. Moderna's vaccine is made in New Hampshire by Swiss drugmaker Lonza. From there, looks like everything goes to Bloomington, IN to be filled, finished and distributed by Catalent and/or BAXTER.

Nowhere does it say which company is making this new & improved vaccine.
While H5N1 rarely infects people, experts fear it could mutate into a form that people could easily pass to one another, sparking a pandemic that could kill tens of millions and topple the global economy.
That's one way to finish us off.

Meanwhile, somebody appears to be hard at work mutating H5N1 into "a form that people could easily pass to one another, sparking a pandemic that could kill tens of millions and topple the global economy."

Coincidence? Hmm? This is exactly what the "experts fear."

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made "experimental virus material" based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company.

That company, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then disseminated the supposed H3N2 virus product to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Authorities in the four European countries are looking into the incident, and their efforts are being closely watched by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.

And coincidence again? That's what happened, eleven years later. Remember Jane Burgermeister?

Dianne Marshall has a post about it if you want to refresh your memory. 

And who is COVAX and its partner agencies, wishing the driver a speedy recovery? And why does the HHS spokesperson speak for COVAX?

Let's go to NPR health blog, called GOATS AND SODA naturally, who asked in May 2021, "What is this COVAX Program that the US is pouring millions of vaccines into?" 

(NPR's Goats and Soda blog funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
symbolism will be their downfall


Well, the US has to send millions of doses around the world, but it has to be done fairly. Joey Bribes doesn't want to use the life-saving vaccines as quid pro quos, so COVAX "ensures" that they are distributed according to the ScienceTM and the DataTM. This is a "turning point." Or at least that was the talking point back in April / May.

Of the just over 1.5 billion doses of vaccine administered so far, nearly 60% have been administered in 20 predominantly wealthy nations, according to statistics compiled by Our World in Data. [CLICK THROUGH FOR INTERACTIVE GRAPH - ED.]
And this global inequity in access to vaccines is exactly the situation COVAX was trying to avoid.
Which country's population was first in line to receive the 'life-saving' vaccines? Israel. 

Anyway, COVAX is a joint venture between the WHO, CEPI (Center for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation), GAVI - the Vaccine Alliance, and UNICEF. Founded in April 2020. 100% deep state. The idea being that COVAX would buy huge quantities of the vaccines from the manufacturers (create demand), and dole them out globally and "fairly." Funded of course by your tax dollars, and Bill & Melinda Gates, and UNICEF and the World Bank. 

Getting back to the crash... according to the clowns (and we cannot confirm), the HHS spokesperson relayed that COVAX and its partner agencies wish the driver of the crashed tractor trailer a speedy recovery and are working together with the US Government to keep disruptions of shipments of the life-saving vaccines to a minimum. 

That's one more little coded message.

When it comes to well-wishers, the president of the United States has few rivals. Donald Trump has used his public platform to “wish [fill-in-the-blank] well” more than 30 times in recent years. Sometimes, he does so earnestly. More often, he does so sarcastically to dismiss his perceived foes. 

The Washington Post and every other swamp creature knows exactly what it means to wish someone well, mmkay?


~~ in contrast, a crazy conspiracy from ~~

Steve Quayle: BEAST = Biometric Encryption And Satellite Tracking

October 15, 2009
Steve Quayle

"The Beast rises from its hidden depths of other world origins to first enslave and then devour its unsuspecting worshippers"

Although this is a great intro for a sci-fi movie, unfortunately its real. Based in Belgium the "BEAST" – Biometric Encryption and Satellite Tracking – is very well-funded and in total "ready" mode for the day when everyone left alive will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast as admission into the New World Order!

In the last 24 hours as I write this on 10/15/09, verification has come in from an Asian source that indicates "The bioweapon at the tip of the needle with the nanotech device is located there. It is part of the super-cray computer system located in central Europe".

'The Lucifer Strain'; as I am calling the genetically modified vaccines that are being forced on the public through a psychological operation that would make the greatest tyrants in history jealous has a more sinister side than most can embrace. Ten years ago I proposed that the ideal killing machine would be a genetically modified and altered vaccine that would be forced on the worlds population to 'HELP' them.

I stated for the record that the US military would be intentionally destroyed by its enemies and traitors within our own Government. I suggested that through enough obscuring of disclosure that a binary bio-weapon would be designed that would be initially injected into the soldier with the final injection being the 'finishing touch' through administering a secondary injection.

In the last 48 hours it was noted in the mainstream press, that the German Army is being given a different vaccine than the German people. Additional information received by us, stated that private military contractors – mercenaries – were being given a "safe vaccine" different than the one going to the people in the US and the general military. It is against the Geneva Convention to use people as guinea pigs, and many Nazi doctors were sentenced to death for just following orders! The most perilous times in history are upon us.

Don't just let these monsters poison you, destroy you, your children, your future and your lives. Do your homework. Read everything you can on vaccines and rise up in righteous indignation asking the right questions of all authorities.

File lawsuits, write Letters to the Editor, call in on radio and TV talk programs. Do something, do anything for if you fail to rise up legally and morally you will be permanently placed in a horizontal position – never to rise again!


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