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how far is heaven, part 3

After watching Dr. Nick Begich's video a few weeks ago, we ordered one of his books: Controlling the Human Mind . This book informs us of the many decades of research, much of it classified, into mind control technologies. Essentially, energy is the invisible handle by which to control people: frequencies. Or, as we have read before, the NWO is wireless. Meaning: invisible. Invisible signals understood by our bodies. How does a woman's body know how to grow a baby? It just knows. In the same way, our bodies know how to respond to energy whether or not our minds comprehend anything about the science of it. See this pdf of the various frequencies and how they affect our brains. The invisible energy enters our body and affects our various systems.  When the limbic system was stimulated the patients vigilance weakened, they lost capacity to think, often they began to undress or grope and when the stimulation stopped they did not remember it. SOURCE The limbic system

Ron Paul and Economic Theories (and other backwards thinking)

This is a guest post by James at the Winter Patriot Community . The original can be read here. This post grew out of a discussion in the comment thread at our last post, BS Labs . ^^^^^^^ Many moons ago scientists thought the heavens revolved around the earth. They had fashioned theories and equations to verify this. But every now and then a planet would be observed moving backwards. How was this possible? Explanations were put forward and some involved very complicated maths to 'prove' how this was possible. Of course, only educated/trained and intelligent people could follow these explanations. So the average person of average intelligence and average education had no way of credibly arguing with these 'scientists'. But a critical foundation that these complex calculations were based on was wrong. There was one crucial piece of information, one crucial assumption that was backwards. And that was that the heavens, including the planets, revolved around th

BS labs

UPDATED with an amazing video at the end (we changed it to a link to the video), the story of Dr. Burzynski and how the FDA works tirelessly to make sure that you never, ever hear about his work on cancer.  ^^^^^^^ A13 has covered the Armegeddon Virus and the big "debate" over whether or not to publish the research, because some terrorists could get their hands on it, so it is an ethical question. EVEN THOUGH they totally admit that you can't reassort deadly viruses in CAVES. "These are not easy viruses to reconstruct," Professor Diane Griffin of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health said in 2005 . "You're not going to do this in a cave in Afghanistan." That's a half-truth. It's true that they don't conduct bioterrorism research in caves. The work is done in labs. Where are the bioterror labs? The Netherlands has some BSL-3 labs. How many BSL-3 and BSL-4 (even safer!) labs are there in

staff meeting

We have a problem. There are too many topics, and we can't write about them all. The utter crock of shit about Putin's supposed near-death political status and the "Arab Spring" coming to Russia... please see The Kremlin Stooge, who puts that neatly in a little brown paper lunch sack. The "improbable sounding plan" mmhmm of Saadi Qaddafi arranging a secret getaway home in Punta Mita, Mexico, to be neighbors with Charlie Sheen Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga , with the help of some spooky people arranging flights through US, Canada, KOSOVO and some unspecified Middle East countries , luckily unraveled just in time by Mexican intelligence agents, PHEW!, after some tips from "international partners." Kosovo, of course, being an organized crime clearinghouse under complete control of NATO -- and thus the OBVIOUS choice for a Saadi Qaddafi layover......? The little d

what the world needs now?

What a quaint idea from the old days. No, you know what we need now in the USA? We need to keep making the pits that power nuclear weapons. In fact we need to spend $6 billion dollars that we don't have on a plutonium lab, and we need to build said expensive plutonium lab on an earthquake fault. Damn fucking straight. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG???? Ideas brought to you by the same government that in 2004 decided that, rather than waiting for nature to spawn a deadly mutant flu virus, they should create one in the lab "IN THE NAME OF PREPAREDNESS." Now, rather than waiting to see if nature spawns such a hybrid, US scientists are planning to try to breed one themselves— in the name of preparedness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybr

mysteries of blogging

TB is a small blog. We are a staff of ONE, even though we call ourselves we. We means me, myself and I, plus occasionally my buddy James helps me or has a guest post. We have some teammates and joint blogs that we contribute to from time to time. But we have never gotten into followers or advertising or anything like that, so we have not done anything to try to make TB more popular, to work the dials and knobs. Think of it as a controlled experiment. What happens when you blog for years, hopefully of some quality, and do absolutely nothing with social media tools (twittering, facebooking, followers, etc.)? Well, what happened to us is we eventually got to have regular traffic in the neighborhood of 500 hits a day. Even still, the majority of visitors come in on a search and land on some old post, and never return. We estimate we have well under 100 regular readers. Not bad for thousands and thousands of hours of unpaid work, huh? It's all good. We are actually very pleased to have