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A confluence of factors

Dick Cheney visits the Middle East, declaring his undying support for Israel among other things (like firming up the next steps). Fallon leaves his post March 31st. Meanwhile, an American nuclear submarine has joined other US ships in the Persian Gulf. American deaths in Iraq have reached the bloody milestone of 4,000. Osama bin Laden has risen from the dead (again, and pretty much in sync with Jesus!, wow good timing), and along with AQ#2 al-Zawahri calls for a war against Israel and the US. The 40-day mourning period for Imad Mughniyeh ends today, putting Lebanon on pins and needles. The US economy bravely dangles over the abyss with one sweaty palm holding onto the ladder swinging under Ben Bernanke’s confetti-dispensing helicopter. Let’s see…what else?

Well, you get the picture. It could soon be time for a false flag that will bring the world to it’s knees.

For much more pants-crapping fun, go read Winter Patriot.

Shiny happy people.

Cheney and Olmert

Bush dancing March 8, 2008