Dance of the Seven Veils

Another short installment in my ongoing series: What the %^&$ is going on over there?

I so appreciate American Goy explaining this:

You’ve seen the reports on TV about the fighting going on in Basra and the surrounding area? You do realize that the fighting is between two groups of Shia? There is no background given on American TV on exactly who is fighting whom and for what… American Goy to the rescue!

[go read it]

So now, when the NATIONALIST al-Sadr is fighting the PRO-IRAN Hakim and Prime Minister Maliki, who does the United States military support with aircraft sorties and armored cars?

Why, the pro-Iran Hakim and Maliki of course.

Repeat that FACT: American soldiers are dying for Iranian interests in Iraq. This is horrifying to the rest of the Sunni Arab world, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan… Because they want to LIMIT Iran’s influence in the region, unlike the Americans, who fight now to expand it.

So…do we hate Iran or do we love Iran? How does one reconcile the Bush Administration’s rhetoric with the reality on the ground?

Remember the Map of the New Middle East. For those who drew up the map (apparently the US military), everything must inexorably lead toward making it a reality. Most of the land surrounding the Persian Gulf falls under Shia (Iranian) control in the new map. That doesn’t happen without bloodshed because people don’t take kindly to having their country’s borders redrawn and their resources stolen.

So big heists like this require years of planning and much patience. How do they keep the people on board in the meantime and predisposed to accept the final outcome? Here in America they use the TV, the War on Terror, al Qaeda, etc. You know how they manage the long queues at Disney? It’s simple. They just give people something to watch as they twist and turn through the line. Same thing here.

Oh, and over there we just use our military.

Key word: use. Sick.

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