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Doesn't this say it all about domestic surveillance?

The RNC chooses Qwest to be their telecom provider of choice.

Qwest, you may recall, is the only telecom provider that failed to cooperate with the NSA on illegal domestic surveillance.

I'm sure that made them a bad telephone company at the time in certain circles. Bad bad bad. But now? Not so much. Now that the RNC wants some privacy, they have nowhere else to turn. They fall, sighing, into the private embrace of Qwest. Oh, what a relief! Those psychopaths Bush and Cheney can't eavesdrop on us planning to throw them under the bus! Phew! It's too bad we let them fuck up the whole country, but what the hell. We're moving on.

Reminds me of that saying...don't shit where you eat. It's too bad Qwest didn't tell the RNC to go screw.

Sorry to be crude today. The bitter irony just wrings it out of me.