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Evening in America

The economic downturn has broken through, at long last. People understand that we are in a recession. I don’t really do chart analysis (aka chart porn), but this one is special to me because I actually understand what it means. The red line represents what the government tells us about inflation. The blue line represents actual inflation. Look at the huge gap stretching way back to the Morning in America! Boy, does our government lie, or what?

Buy why? Why do they lie about this?

Because if they reported actual inflation, they would have to pay more money out in social security benefits, etc. to keep people whole. Businesses would likewise have to raise people’s salaries to keep them whole. These adjustments were once called cost of living increases. Isn’t that quaint?

However, as long as the government keeps pretending that inflation is ‘only’ 4%, when in reality it’s more like 12% and rising, they can force us to pay much more for everything without having to pay us more for anything. You can think of it as ’stealing’. When people steal from you, you become poorer. When the government and corporations steal from hundreds of millions of people over the course of decades, the population becomes impoverished. A poor population is easier to control and will have much less free time to do anything but work. Work and obey, and you might be allowed to live. Game over.

So if you feel like things are worse than reported, you are correct! Congratulations! Sorry, but we have no prizes today. Your reward is having your eyes open and twisting your head a little so you can who’s wearing the heavy boot that’s on the back of your neck. Now get back to work breathing in that dust and digging your own grave with your bare hands.