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Young Efraim has certainly garnered some attention. He’s called to testify before Henry Waxman and the House Oversight Committee. (Not that necessarily means anything…but still.) Also called to testify on April 17th are David Packouz, VP and Levi Meyer, GM both aged 25 and both of AEY. Dear Condi and Robert Gates have been asked to send representatives “with knowledge of the Department’s contracts”. This should be interesting.

Efraim has another website called AmmoWorks which specializes in reselling foreign ammo, a business filed with the State of Florida. The paperwork lists a Yeshaya Diveroli as secretary. The marketing style is…well, how shall I describe it…softcore porn?

Ammoworks has produced hundreds of millions of dollars worth of firearms, ammo, and tactical gear among other things for our special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ammoworks is a huge supporter of our troops and does everything in its power to not only insure a quality product but a product that functions extremely well in battle situations.

Huge supporter of the troops, whatever the hell that means. People sure do have some strange ways of showing the love.

I think it’s fair to ask, since Efriam, Levi and Yeshaya are definitely Hebrew names, are these gentlemen Israelis? If so, does that have any bearing on their amazing ability to secure lucrative government contracts after spending a grueling two or three years in the industry? And while I’m speculating, what do you suppose the media reaction to this story would be if their names had been Abdul, Rashid and Habib?

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