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Recently a family member sent along a chain email containing pictures of American service people and Iraqis having fun together. Many smiling faces, happy children, etc. They are very nice pictures of normal people serving in the military and treating other human beings with dignity and respect. You know, behaving the way we expect all our service members to represent America.

But as we all know, some American soldiers murder puppies, humiliate Iraqis and toy with them for sport. That's the stuff they brag about anyway, as you've probably seen last week on YouTube.

Of course, right after these swell pictures comes a long scroll of text in HUGE BLUE LETTERS, suitable for a fourth grader, including the Pledge of Allegiance, demands for prayers, pass it along, pray pray pray, God bless our service people, pass it along, pray, prayer is very powerful, pass it along, etc.

But the thing that grabbed me were the accompanying juvenile graphics. Snoopy, Precious Moments, praying teddy bears, flags, Norman Rockwell praying children, and this one here.

Look at that. It's a heart, and a circle with a candle (with ribbon), a Star of David, and a USA. Maybe you didn't notice the Star of David because it's colored in with the flag, but there it is, plain as day, sitting right on top of the USA.

Anyway....I guess the point is that when you think US Military, the associations that should pop into your head are these: cute, holy, precious, innocent. OK? Never you mind about those sick ones tossing puppies off cliffs and stuff like that. That's just a few bad apples. You just keep associating the military with every good thing, and God will smile on you and on them, and all will be right in the world. Oh and by the way, Israel is a democracy. Run along now!

Government psyops, hard at work.

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